"I doth be bored."

Daniel looked up, eyes wide, to stare at the woman twirling around in his chair in front of the computer.

"You 'doth' be bored?"

Vala nodded. "I doth be so incredibly bored, I'm talking in Shack-spearian."

Daniel blinked rapidly. "Uh…I think you mean Shakespearian. Where'd you hear of him?"

"I read Much Ado About Nothing."

Daniel dropped his pencil. "Really?" he gasped. Vala nodded.

"Yeah. Borrowed Teal'c's copy."

"Teal'c reads Shakespeare?"

"Apparently. He said Hamletwas his favorite. That one sounded a little too morbid for me, though."

Daniel shifted his weight, staring at Vala head-on now. "Did you actually understand any of it?"

Vala looked offended. "Yes! I like Shakespeare. I kinda wanna read Romeo and Juliet. That one seems to be a classic…but I've heard it's really sad."

"All Shakespeare works are classics," Daniel pointed out. "And of course it's sad, they both die in the ending!"

Vala sat up straight, looking surprised. "What? Daniel, did you just tell me the ending?"

Daniel opened his mouth to reply, but stopped, puzzled. "I thought everyone knew—"

"Everyone from Earth, maybe!" she exclaimed hotly. "The point, though, Daniel, is I doth be bored."

"Go read Romeo and Juliet, then."

"Why would I read something if I already know the ending? Especially that sort of an ending…"

"I still read it!" Daniel threw back. Vala laughed.

"Well, you're you."

He raised an eyebrow. "And, what, exactly, does that mean?"

Vala grinned at him before jumping to her feet. "Never mind," she said happily. "I just remembered I still haven't finished TheSilmarillion. I'll go do that."

"The Silmarillion?" Daniel echoed. "By Tolkien?"

Vala nodded. "Mm-hm. Is there another?"

"N—nooo…" he stuttered slowly. "Have you read The Lord of the Rings?"

Vala laughed. "Why, of course, Daniel! Who hasn't?" And she left the room.

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