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Alex walked home from his meeting with MI6 on a chilly Saturday afternoon in October, musing on what Mrs. Jones and Alan Blunt had said about the new safety and security measures they'd put in place for him as a consequence of the recent Scorpia attack. He was examining the new form of ID that he had been issued by Smithers. The coating was made of a special material that revealed only basic information under normal conditions, but when held under an ultraviolet lamp which he also got in the form of an innocent looking pen, it would provide low level clearance information that identified Alex as a MI6 agent.

Smithers said that all agents had these types of IDs now, that it came in quite handy in those situations when the police or such personnel need to understand that it was imperative to secure the confidentiality of the victim, and that it showed that Alex was finally getting a little recognition, but Alex couldn't help feeling that it was a selfish maneuver to maintain their secrecy but not necessarily his well-being; what could an ID do? When and if he saw more then he might think differently. He sighed and replaced the duo to his wallet as he approached the house.

"Hello Alex." a voice not remotely familiar nor actually friendly but neither hostile called to him from behind. Alex's first thought was, who is this and how do they know my name?

He turned quickly, muscles tensed. "Do I know you?" he asked the tall, slim, dark haired man standing on the porch of the house next to his. The man made his way over to were Alex was standing who noticed that the man was well built and fit. Stretching out his cold left hand to shake Alex's he answered. "No. I'm your new neighbor. I met your guardian, who told me a little bit about you, today. It seems you and I both have a lot in common."

"I see."

"We should keep in touch and I'll call in on you from time to time just to see how you're doing." Alex nodded with some degree of masked surprise realizing that this was a bodyguard assigned to him by MI6 as another one of their safety precautions. The man had a way with introducing himself though; not even a name. As if reading his thoughts;

"The name's Ryan Devon."

"Well nice to meet you to Mr. Devon, I'll be sure to keep in touch."

Devon nodded and turned away and Alex headed up the walk to his house wondering what they did to the old neighbor but not really wanting to know.

He went straight to the kitchen to get something to eat seeing as that he hadn't had eaten since breakfast.

"That you Alex?" Jack shouted from the bathroom down the hall.

"Yeah." He answered while putting together a strawberry jam sandwich.

"Don't ruin your appetite alright, supper's nearly ready."

He peeked into the lone pot on the burner and saw a meal of macaroni and cheese for two.

"One sandwich won't hurt, besides I'm really hungry."

"Why?" she asked in a normal tone entering the kitchen "Didn't you eat the sandwich I gave you before you left."

"Well no, you see grilled cheese is too greasy for me if I want to keep in shape. I've got to keep my health up especially with this bloody ache in my chest reminding me that I just got shot." He took his sandwich to the table with a Coke. "And since I didn't want to be late I just told myself I'd eat when I got back but then MI6 interrupted in their perfect way and had me come over to their office so now is when I get to eat."

"I'm sorry Alex." Jack said guiltily as she turned off the heat under the steaming pot. "I should remember things like that, I 'm the one whose suppose to look after you but I forget those simple things."

"It's alright. I'd forget too sometimes if it weren't for the fact that this thing is always paining me."

Jack got down two bowls to share the food frowning. "Don't you have a prescription pain reliever for that?"

"I did but it's finished and there's no refill."

"Well I'm going to have to fix that." As she sat down with their bowls full, Alex noticed that she looked a little dressed up with more makeup than just the everyday lip-gloss and a nice looking outfit.

"You look nice." He commented "Going somewhere?"

"Thanks, I 'm meeting Patrick up at Hyde Park after dinner."

"Hmm Patrickā€¦ you mean that guy with the shrew nose and mousy hair?"

"Alex, be nice" she laughed "he may not be a hottie but he's much nicer than those stuck up blokes that always come around."

Alex merely raised an eyebrow but continued to eat.

Jack continued, "But first I have to pick up my car from the mechanic."

"Didn't you just have your car fixed not too long ago?"

"Yeah" she sighed "A month ago to be precise, but the thing with mechanics is that they fix your car in a way that makes sure something else will break in a short time so they can get more of your money. Now I have muffler problems."

Alex nodded sympathetically and they ate in silence for a while then Jack asked; "What are you going to do while I'm gone?"

"I dunno, study I guess, I have to catch up on my English."

"Why don't you come with us and study at the park? I feel selfish leaving you here with nothing but books for company and that strange neighbor. By the way do you know him, he sure seemed to know you."

"Somebody from work sent to baby-sit me."

"Oh, I see that's good; it will give me some piece of mind if someone's looking out for you. Anyway, you wouldn't get in the way and I think you'd enjoy it. It's quiet and peaceful, something you don't get much of."

"I suppose I will since you insist."

"Great! We'll go pick up the car after dinner and head over to the park from there. Fine with you?"

"Sure, but I need another sandwich, 'cause I was really starved."

"Go ahead; you're still a growing boy despite what MI6 may think."

The drive to the auto shop and to the park was uneventful at best and although Patrick Elton turned out to be much more entertaining than he was handsome, there was still nothing particular about that part of the evening to set it apart as memorable. However the trip back home was. As they left one of the parks' gates, the terrifying sound of machine gun fire rang out, initiating immediate panic among the other park goers nearby. The right side of the car was sprayed with bullets, essentially killing whoever was in the passenger seat as far as any bystander was concerned. But Alex wasn't dead at all. As Jack screamed and lost control of the vehicle, it swerved onto the sidewalk and was about to hit an innocent bystander; a woman desperately trying to scrambling out of the way while clutching her screaming infant to her chest, but they weren't going to make it unless Alex did something first. His instincts took over and he grabbed the steering wheel from Jack and told her to duck. Swerving to the right, he barely missed the woman but instead slammed into the fencing along the walk and collided with an oak nearby. The last thing he knew was Jack's screaming and his own before he banged his head in the dashboard with considerable force and blacked out.

When he came to, he realized he'd only been out for about 4 or 5 minutes because the emergency teams were just arriving. He looked over at Jack to see if she was alright but it didn't seem so; her head was bleeding and he couldn't see her other arm because of the mass of car door it was trapped in. Alex felt a terrible pang of guilt and worry when he saw her. He'd done that to her trying to save the other person and her child, for all he knew they could have still gotten killed anyway. His guilt suddenly turned to rage; he knew Scorpia was behind it. It was there fault this had happened. If they'd just leave him the hell alone none of this would have happened. If Jack died he was going to kill the unfortunate fool who was hired to do it with his bare hands.

Over come with rage he shifted hastily in an attempt to get his other foot free from the car door that had caved in from the force of the assault. But he felt his leg draw painfully across a protruding bullet dent. Noticing all the bullet dents in his door he realized that none had penetrated. Slowly two and two came together and he realized why he wasn't dead right now. Jack said she'd just gotten her tune up a month ago. That was genuine work, but then not long ago MI6 sent someone to sabotage her muffler so she'd have to get it fixed again but this time not only was her muffler replaced but his side door was reinforced with something to with stand gunfire. Something his uncle obviously hadn't been given or else he wouldn't be dead. Alex tried again to escape the crumbled vehicle feeling as though truly nothing was really as it seemed.

Trying to un-jam the door he heard and saw EMTs and fire fighters running over to him and one of them, when he saw the door moving and his face through the shattered glass, shouted to the others; "Thank God! We've got a survivor. Hurry we need to cut him out!" It occurred to Alex then that the vehicle must look decimated from outside. He just hoped that Jack was a survivor too. Two fire fighters removed the locking mechanism and pried the door off. They looked in disbelief at the bullet ridden car door and the relatively unhurt young boy that climbed from the car. Two EMTs came forward to wrap him in a blanket to ward off shock and because it was chilly out and asked if he could remember what happened and whether there were any others in the car too. "Yes, I'm fine. But my friend is in there." He stood up impatiently, remnants of his earlier anger still present. "I wasn't really hurt but my friend Jack is still in the car and I think she's really hurt. There was also a woman and her baby nearby; the reason we crashed is because I tried to avoid hitting them after everything went haywire." "Okay that's good you remember. Do you have any idea who might have done this?" One paramedic was dressing the gash on his head from the impact with the dashboard while a police officer questioned him. Alex anxiously watched the rescue workers working to remove Jack from the car as quickly as possible not hearing the question. "Son, do you know who did this and I need to know your name?"

"His name's Alex and I'll take over the answering from here." A now familiar voice spoke. Finally Alex saw a temporary vent for his built up anger. "OH! A bloody good time you decide to show up. Where are you when you're needed eh?! You get paid to drive behind your charge and stay safe is it? Is that it?"

"Alex, I followed you as soon as I realized you'd left but-."

"As soon as you realized I'd left!! You're bloody well paid to do this stuff; you're supposed to KNOW as soon as I leave! I'll tell you what, you're one hell of a bodyguard you hear me, just fantastic!"

"Sir?" the officer sternly questioned Mr. Devon while Alex stared at the wreckage that Jack was just being pulled from, tears of angry despair clouding his vision.

"Officer I'd prefer if we step away, this is highly confidential information that must be handled accordingly."

As the two men went some distance, Alex watched trying to bite back the tears as Jack was brought to the ambulance on a stretcher, her right arm invisible for all the blood it was covered in and her face pale and bloody, paramedics looming around her as she was wheeled into the ambulance.

"Its alright, hush now, she'll be alright. I can't say the same for her right arm there but she's stabilized and going strong, she'll make it."

Alex took some comfort in the words of the kind EMT standing next to him rubbing his back as he allowed the tears to come. At the moment when they'd pulled her from the car, he thought he'd lost her. But this woman said she would be okay and he saw the proof for himself; she wasn't awake but she was breathing and he didn't see any highly fatal injuries.

"You know, you're a hero tonight. Not one life was lost here, thanks to you the young lady and her son survived virtually unscratched, come see."

She guided him over to where the woman sat hugging her softly crying child to her body as she rocked and hummed a song to him. When she saw Alex her face literally lit up and she stood up to hug him too. After a moment she pulled away and looked at him tenderly. "You saved my life young man, mine and my son Michael's, and for that I'm eternally grateful. I don't know how you survived but I thank God for all our sakes that you did. If ever you need anything at all, I'm in your debt, just call."

Her little son tried to get a hold of his hair while she waited for his reply. Some how Alex got the feeling that she wasn't going to take no for answer and she was so kind and grateful that he couldn't refuse. So he gave her a grateful smile and said. "You're welcome ma'am, and I'll remember your words." She smiled and handed him a piece of paper with her name, address and phone number.

"Well I'm pleased to meet you Ms. Wentworth, my name's Alex."

"I hope we meet again Alex, I know there aren't many people in the world like you. Good bye." She left slowly picking her way through the shards of broken glass to find her car parked some where along the road as her little son waved to Alex over her shoulder. It gave Alex a nice warm feeling inside to see the happy safe look in people's eye when he helped them; it was a rare but happy feeling.

Four hours later, Alex was gently awoken by a nurse from where he'd been dozing on a waiting room sofa. He became instantly alert and asked if Jack was okay. "Ms.Starbright is doing alright but this is going to be an emotional time for her so it would be good if you could offer her some solace. She has been asking about you."

Alex nodded and followed her as she went towards the elevator.

"What exactly do you mean by an emotional time have there been complications?" He asked uncertainly

"She'd probably prefer to tell you herself."

They came to her door and the nurse who never said her name knocked lightly. "Come in" a tearful voice answered. The nurse gestured to Alex and left him alone.


Jack was laid back in the hospital bedding awkwardly using her left hand to wipe tears from her eye. Then she used the same hand with a watery smile to beckon him to come closer.

"Come, it's not contagious." He came up to her and hugged her.

"What's wrong Jack? I know you must be in pain and I'm so sorry because it's all my fault but I know something unexpected has happened."

She sniffled and smiled at him touching his cheek "It's not your fault Alex so don't say so."

"Yes it is Jack, they were trying to kill me not you and to make matters worse I caused the car to crash to save that lady and her baby that were in the way, that's why your side of the car slammed into a tree. I couldn't just leave them to be hit but now-"

"Alex I'm proud of you, you put them before yourself and I'm sure they're okay now. I don't blame you at all for what you did. Do you think I would be able to live with myself knowing that you sacrificed two innocent people to save me?"

"No, but-"

"No listen Alex, I know you feel guilty but don't be I can't stand it." She embraced him again tightly. "I want to know though, how did you survive? I heard the assault on your car door and you walked away from the scene, how is it possible?"

"MI6" He didn't feel like mentioning the details. It made him feel more blameworthy; he was spared because he worked for MI6 but because Jack's just a civilian she doesn't count. It infuriated him and she saw the anger cloud his eyes so she didn't press him.

"But Jack I need to know what's going on." Her demeanor immediately changed; although she tried to hide it he saw the tears well up in her eyes.

He took in her appearance more thoroughly to find out for himself; her bandaged head, the cast on her right foot, and then he looked to her right hand and saw what was the problem was, that the problem was going to be hard and emotional, that the problem was it wasn't there.

"I-I'm so so sorry Jack. This should never have happened. Never! That's it, they've gone too far. This is the last straw. We're not putting up with this anymore, NO MORE!"

Alex moved towards the door with a frightening vengeful look in his eyes, a look that said at this point he was capable and willing to do anything including kill.

"Alex calm down. There is nothing to be done right now I'll just have to deal with it, don't go and get yourself killed Alex."

"I already have Jack by doing what I do, this shouldn't have happened to you Jack and I'm not going to sit here and have you in danger of being injured again or worse because I have too many enemies when I'm damn well capable of doing something about it, okay? This maybe goodbye but at least you will know that I am doing everything in my power to keep you safe. I am not going to stand around and have Scorpia ruin anyone else's life when I can stop it. Mine is enough. "

"Alex please." Jack sobbed, "You'll be killed"

"You could be too Jack if I don't do something about this." He could not bring himself to turn to face her because he knew the look in her eye would persuade him to stay.

"But Alex you're just a child."

"Not anymore Jack, not anymore." He paused at the door handle but did not turn back. He hated to leave Jack like, that but he knew he had to do something. It couldn't go on anymore. Jack was without a right arm now, amputated from the elbow down because of his enemies. It was time to take a stance. Just as he left, two older folk, a woman and a man who looked distinctly like Jack looked at him with something close to dislike and entered Jack's room.

He left the hospital and charged off into the night toward his house through the light flurrying that had begun. When he approached the building, he found it surrounded by MI6 operatives stationed around the house waiting to bring him. Mr. Devon, who stood on the front porch, noticed him and gave a shout to chase him. Alex took off in the other direction, but he wasn't going to get far on foot unless he did something drastic. He sped toward the nearest busy street while some of the men jumped into their vehicles and the rest chased him on foot. When he reached the road he made a dangerous move and ran out into traffic, trying to avoid getting killed or causing an accident, by the time he reached the other side of the road he was still in one piece and he'd bought himself some time. But this little diversion and many others was hardly sufficient to get them off his back; for nearly half an hour the wild chase continued MI6 never letting up, no matter were he hid, they found him like bloodhounds tracking a scent. That was it. He was being tracked; somewhere along the way he'd been bugged with a tracking device.

Up in the expansive branches of his latest hiding place, he stripped down bracing the cold and checked every article of his clothing but found nothing. He dressed again thinking furiously, and then he remembered the ultraviolet pen he received with his ID and decided to check himself over with that; it was possible that they were not visible in normal lighting. Shining the pen on his hand to check the brightness, he was about to check his clothes again when he noticed a multitude of tiny black dots all over his left palm. He scraped one with his nail and it came off. Suddenly he remembered the prickly cold sensation he'd had when he shook Mr. Devon's hand. He hastily scraped them all off in disgust and quickly climbed from the tree. He could hear his pursuers making their way over to his hiding spot confirming his suspicions. He leapt from the tree silently and slinked away, knowing they would think he was still in the tree. Now he had to figure out were he would stay until the morning when he could organize his thoughts and act efficiently, after a moment of thought he concluded that perhaps Ms. Diana Wentworth could help him after all if she was still willing.

When Alex stepped up on the porch of Ms. Wentworth's Cape Cod after surveying the whole property, he had had plenty of time to think over how he would approach her in asking to stay the night. All things considered, he decided that he would act according to her response to having him turn up at half past midnight asking for a place to stay the night.

If she reacted with any degree of reluctance to see him at this time of night, he'd simply ask to stay on the back porch. However, if she were welcoming to him he would just ask to stay and leave it to her discretion.

It occurred to him to knock instead of ring the bell because the baby would be sleeping so he did. She appeared at the door on the second knock and was definitely shocked when she saw the young boy she had met that night standing shivering on her porch looking exhausted but determined not to show it.

"Goodness child come in side!" she exclaimed and Alex entered gratefully.

"Here, sit down right here and I'll get you a cup of tea." She guided him to her comfortable kitchen and took down a cup from the cupboard. "White, Green or Black?" "Anyone is fine."

"Sugar or straight."

"Sugar, thank you."

She filled the cup with hot water from the water cooler, stirred it and he handed it to him.

"You drink that while I get you a blanket and then you can explain."

"Thank you Ms. Wentworth, you're too kind."

"Call me Diana and there is no such thing as being too kind." she thought for a moment then seemed to snap out of it. "You just stay there, I'll be right back."

When she returned and wrapped him in the blanket, she sat down across from him with her own cup and began.

"Is it safe to assume that your mom was the one I saw pulled from the wreckage?"

Alex gave a small sad smile and shook his head.

"Jack Starbright has been my legal guardian since my uncle died some months ago and my parents have been dead since I was a baby. But now she's been seriously hurt in this and I can't go back to my house."

"You poor child. You must feel so lonely sometimes."

"You have no idea." he answered thinking about his true isolation.

"Well why are you being shot at? Was that an accident as in random?"

Alex knew it would come to this part but he couldn't figure out how to grace the subject. He couldn't really bring himself to lie to this kind woman. He ran his hands through his hair and pulled on his face from the stress of his heavy secret.

"No it's not an accident." he began hesitantly "It's well complicated and I'm really-"

"It's alright Alex you don't have to talk about it. I'm not here to pry and I understand somewhat how you feel because my husband used to do dangerous work and it got him killed not long ago."

"I'm sorry to hear."

"It's alright, he used to be a police officer but he got shot. I've learned that he's never really gone if I remember him always."

Alex nodded

"But how are you going to stay safe if these people are after you-or is it your guardian?"

"It's me. I've been staying basically safe for some time now. What I really need to do right now is lay low while the first part of my-company's- search for me is under way. They really aren't a people who inspire affection in a person under their jurisdiction."

"I understand. Well then, I'll help you anyway I can until you're settled. For now you can sleep in the guest room and I'll prepare you bag in the morning. Come on."

Alex was shocked, when had he come across a more amiable trusting body than this woman before him.

"I-I don't know how to thank you Diana, It's not like-"

"Alex, you saved my life, and my son's at that. I don't take something like that lightly, life is too short as we both know. Besides it wasn't an accident; you put yourself and your guardian in danger to make sure we were safe and look at the repercussions of that. Dishonest people just don't do selfless things like that. So it's the least I can do, okay?"

Alex nodded and headed upstairs with her feeling much heartened.

The next morning he was up bright and early -despite going to sleep at one o' clock am- and was fitted with enough food for a week including hot muffins for this morning and some basic equipment like an umbrella, some clothes from her late husband and 50 euros.

Then she sent him off with a word of advice: try and fit in.

"We have a situation in central London. A rogue high level MI6 agent is on his way toward airport and it is believed that he intends to reveal highly classified information to enemies of the UK. You are to retrieve the rogue agent whilst maintaining discretion and minimal injury to said agent. The agent is not armed, but he is aware of the fact that he is being watched he's also highly resourceful and unpredictable. All transportation depots west of A202 and south of A302 have been advised to notify the authorities if this individual is seen (here they were shown a picture of Alex) and detain him by any means necessary. The use of high potency tranquilizers is encouraged," after a second of listening through his earpiece the sergeant added "he's been sighted at Westminster subway station on A302. GET MOVING!"

"So let me get this damn straight, this high level MI6 agent gone bad whose trying to bring down the UK because he's mad is Cub? What is the government coming to? We hire kids to keep our deepest secrets now?" Wolf asked in disgust on the way to up to Westminster.

"Apparently they ran out of grown ups." Eagle provided

"All I know is that I don't have time to search for some irresponsible snot-nosed brat that MI6 made the mistake of trusting." Wolverine from the other unit that made up team Blue, commented gruffly

"That's colorful way to put it."

"Let's get this over with."

"I'm telling you I didn't steal this woman's handbag or anything else for that matter."

"Yes Officer, he did, he's just good at lying. Search him and you'll see."

Alex sighed in exasperation at his misfortune; why out of all the 14 year old boys taking the Tube right now did this old woman have to single him out to accuse of stealing.

"I did not take you're hand bag miss, you must be mistaken." he said slowly and deliberately.

"Yes he did."

"NO I did NOT!"

"Are you calling this woman a liar then?"

"If she is insisting that I took some damn pocket book from her when I didn't then I am!" "That's enough young man. I'd like to search your backpack please."

As Alex began to remove it he noticed that the man kept looking up towards the station entrance and he got a sudden urge to look up there too.

When he did, he saw eight SAS men hastily making their way down the steps and he knew they were after him. It was all a set up to catch him. Accuse him of robbery so he'll miss his train.

He shouldered the pack and bolted towards the next closest exit but they were prepared for him and closing the gap fast especially since the crowd parted to let them past but mainly got in his way.

When he reached a service ladder, he scrambled, up his pulse pounding in his ears. Why would MI6 have sent the SAS he hadn't done anything. They probably had something really unpleasant in store for him.

He was almost there when someone caught his ankle.

"Get back down here you little bastard." Wolverine tugged on his ankle until he lost his grip and fell. Then he grabbed him in a vice like grip while Alex squirmed like crazy.

"We got him." Tiger spoke into his mouthpiece.

"Stop squirming you little worm."

Alex did stop squirming, abruptly, but instead leaned forward and then slammed the back of his head into Wolverine's mouth with enough force to significantly loosen two of his teeth and knock one completely out.

Wolverine spit the tooth and blood out and shouted "Ahh! The little piece of shit! Get him!"

Alex lost no time going in the other direction even though he was seeing stars from the blow to his head, but Fox got in his way in the not too wide passage and blocked his escape. As Fox made to bind him without making the same mistake, Wolverine took aim with his tranquilizer gun and aimed for the jugular vein on Alex's neck that was fluttering like a butterfly.

Wolf realized what he was doing a second too late and by the time he could tell him to stop he'd fired. Alex's eyes widened in shock and pain, as Fox caught him before he could crumble to the ground, his eyes rolled back in his head and his body jerked before he went completely limp, the wound on his neck beginning to bleed profusely.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" Wolf yelled as Snake rushed to make sure he was still breathing and that his neural systems weren't spontaneously shutting down.

"He was acting like an animal so he got treated like one!"

"If you're gonna get bested by a child and then you through a tantrum over it then you don't deserve to be SAS!"

Wolverine clenched his jaw and nodded "Yes Sir."

"You don't shoot intramuscular high potency tranquilizers into a major vein ON A CHILD unless you plan to kill him which we were specifically instructed not to do!"

Then he turned to Snake and Fox, "How is he Snake?" Despite the fact that he told Wolverine that it was because they weren't to injure the kid why he exploded like that, he truly had a sort of respect deep down for the him ever since he saw him at Point Blanc and it occurred to him when they saw him standing by the train getting ready to be searched wrongfully, that there was either some major exaggeration or a mistake. If Cub were the high-level MI6 agent as he was told, he would not do something like that.

"He needs medical attention now. The vein wasn't ruptured thank God, because he'd apparently missed by a few millimeters but it was still nicked so his systems are shutting down from the strength Modecate. If it has knocked him this severely I have no idea how serious the side effects might be. But if it isn't diluted soon his heart will simply stop." Snake said in answer to his question. Fox picked up the child after Snake had carefully removed the syringe and bandaged the wound and they group moved out at a run.

Back in the vehicle, Snake worked on keeping the boy alive. Luckily he had a counter agent to the tranquilizer packed as a precaution against a mistaken shot. He administered that as they made their way toward St. Dominic's.

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