Twenty Things About Sasuke (By Uzumaki Naruto)

No matter what Sasuke says about who the uke is, Sasuke is way girlier.

Sasuke doesn't taste like vengeance and darkness, like everyone says. Nah, he tastes like cinnamon and burnt sugar.

It takes Sasuke hours to do his hair every morning.

He has enough clothes to rival Sakura.

Teme. Enough said.

Sasuke likes it when Naruto rides him. Naruto notices how he always moans louder when he does.

About the lube. Naruto would like everyone to know that Sasuke is a lying liar. And Sasuke has a flavored condom collection.

Sasuke is really possessive. Naruto once fed a stray cat some milk, and when he walked away he saw Sasuke kicking the cat. Don't worry it didn't harm the cat.

Sasuke doesn't control when they have sex. Naruto is a little bitch and he exploits that fact.

Sasuke is a pervert. He molests Naruto whenever someone looks at him; they're on a mission, after they train, when the Maaya and Sachie are at Uncle Kakashi and Iruka's house or when Naruto is reading. It's the Pavlov effect.

Sasuke cooks really well.

Sasuke buys a new pair of shoes every month.

Sasuke doesn't have a nipple ring. His is a bit further south.

It's a belly button ring, jeez.

Sasuke prefers rim jobs to blowjobs. But, he really loves blowjobs too.

His favorite childhood story is 'The Little Engine That Could' and he forces it on Maaya and Sachie.

Sasuke also collects lip gloss and nail polish.

Sasuke is allergic to shell fish. Naruto learned this during an infiltration mission that entailed a dinner party.

Sasuke owns more hair product than any kunoichi in Konoha.

Sasuke really does like sex after a day of training.