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Bill stood opposite of Joe. Both trainers had two pokeballs in their hands.

"Let's go Absol and Mightyena!"

"I need you two! Zangoose and Sceptile!" Bill had Absol and Mightyena, and Joe had Zangoose and Sceptile.

"Okay Absol use shadow ball!" Absol fired a black orb at Sceptile.

"Counter with leaf blade!" the leaf on Sceptile's arm grew in size and glowed a green color, and it slashed the shadow ball, destroying it.

"Now use thunder Zangoose!" Zangoose launched a powerful electrical attack, hitting both opposing pokemon head on.

"Bite Mightyena!" Mightyena broke free of the electric attack and charged Zangoose, biting onto its neck.

"Help Zangoose Sceptile!" Sceptile jumped into the air, and launched a bullet seed. They hit Mightyena in the back, forcing it to release.

"Use water pulse Absol!"

"Use water pulse too!" Zangoose and Absol both fired blue orbs, one aimed for Mightyena, and one aimed for Sceptile. Both pokemon feinted.

"Okay, now use crush claw!" Joe ordered. Zangoose charged, raising its paw into the air.

"Use slash!" Bill countered. The two attacks collided, but both being normal types it didn't have much effect.

"Now use pursuit!"

"Get out of there!" Zangoose turned tail to run, but was caught by Absol, who slammed its head against it. The pokemon feinted. Bill raised his arm in victory. He had won.


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