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Welcome to the preliminary rounds of the Sinnoh League! We have some of the top trainers gathered here today so we can watch them compete for the chance at the title of POKEMON MASTER! Today, we will have a series of singles matches that will determine who actually gets into the league. Can our first two trainers step up?" The announcer blasted on the loudspeaker. Charlie nervously walked up to his side of the arena. He looked down at Roserade.

"I… Hope we win…" He said. Roserade smacked him on the back. His opponent walked up to her side of the arena. She looked confident, and it was clear she had been there before.

"Let's go Zangoose!" She called, throwing out a pokeball. Charlie looked down at Roserade. It didn't need to be asked twice. It jumped out in front of its trainer, ready to do battle.

"Okay Zangoose, start things off with crush claw!" The girl cheered. Zangoose, with tremendous speed, zipped over to Roserade and raised its paw, ready to attack.

"Solar beam!" Charlie countered. Roserade fired a light-green beam of light instantly. The attack hit a surprised Zangoose in the stomach, knocking it backwards.

"But how?" Was all the girl could say. Charlie pointed at the sun. The girl shook her head.

"It wouldn't of charged that quickly, though. That went so fast it was like just another attack." She said. Charlie held back a smirk. He had trainer Roserade to charge quickly in order to defeat Roark. But then, Roserade was a budew. Now, Roserade could perform a quick solar beam in pitch black. Charlie smiled.

"Use magical leaf!" He ordered. Roserade leapt into the air and fired a barrage of glowing light green leaves. The girl took one look at the and countered.

"Zangoose, use thunder on all of the leaves." And Zangoose did just that. The fur that covered its entire body began rubbing together. Light yellow sparks began dancing along its coat of fur. And then, without warning, it fired a powerful blast of yellow electricity, destroying the leaves.

"Now use flamethrower." The girl ordered. Zangoose threw its head back, and fired a jet of fiery red-hot flames towards Roserade.

"Psychic!" He ordered. Roserade's eyes glowed a bright white, and it threw out its arms, stopping the flamethrower seconds before it connected. Then, slowly, the flamethrower rose into the air. It began to shift and change form, until it looked like a dragon made of flames. Charlie's opponent took a step backwards when she saw the flame dragon that was made from her own pokemon's attack. Zangoose could only stare, too. Charlie grinned.

"Use solar beam!" Roserade, though still focusing on its psychic attack, fired another light green beam at the distracted Zangoose. It hit the normal type in the side of the head, making it fall onto its side.

"Don't take that! Use water pulse on the flames!" The girl commanded. Zangoose looked up, and without even sitting up, fired a clear blue sphere of water at the mighty fire dragon above it. Charlie just laughed as Roserade made the dragon evade the attack. The clear blue water went on to hit some people in the audience, making many of them scream.

"Hey, that's the risk you take by coming to an event like this. Hahahah…" The announcer burst out laughing. Charlie turned his focus from the scene above to the battle, and saw Zangoose swing its paw downwards, where it connected with Roserade's skull, making it fall forwards on its face. Surprisingly enough, Roserade did not lose its concentration.

"Leaf storm," Charlie groaned. Roserade obeyed, conjuring up a swirling tornado of glowing bright green leaves. It picked Zangoose up, and sent him swirling into the air.

"Now, use psychic!" Charlie called. The fire dragon arched its head, and flew a Zangoose, who was still in the air from the leaf storm.

"FLAMETHROWER!!!" The girl screamed at the top of her lungs. Zangoose fired another jet of red-hot flames, but it seemed to get swallowed whole by the fire dragon. The dragon finally got to Zangoose, and collided with the normal type. Zangoose became surrounded by the flames. The smell of burning fur replaced the smell of popcorn, candy canes, and hotdogs. Zangoose let out a loud, painful screech, making the entire stadium grow quiet. This alarmed Charlie.

"Roserade STOP!" He ordered. Roserade nodded, and waved its arms. The flames instantly vanished, and Zangoose fell to the floor. The girl was shaking when she saw her pokemon's state.

"Give up. I've won this battle. I don't want to have to hurt Zangoose any further." Charlie said to her. She glared at him.

"No way! I worked too hard to get here, just to lose to some rookie before the tournament even starts! We don't stop until we drop!" She yelled.

"It looks to me like you have dropped! Just look at poor Zangoose, he can barely stand!" Charlie called back. The girl lowered her head. Charlie could see a tear fall from her face. Zangoose saw this, and stood up standing firm. Burn marks covered its body, and it had a particularly nasty cut above its left eye.

"Zangoose… you want to keep fighting?" The girl asked her pokemon. Zangoose nodded.

"Okay then, use shadow ball!" Zangoose fired a black blob at Roserade. The blob kept shifting around while if flew at the grass type.

"Solar beam!" Charlie called. Roserade fired another light green beam, but this one connected with the shadow ball, causing a huge explosion, and creating a ton of dust. Charlie couldn't see anything.

"Shadow claw!"

"Get out of there!" Charlie could hear a loud tussle going on in the dust, but Roserade was knocked out of it.

"Roserade…" Charlie sobbed. Roserade slowly got up. The dust settled, and Charlie saw Zangoose standing there, a giant grin on its face.

"Now use flamethrower!" Zangoose tried obeyed, but it winced for a second before firing the attack. Charlie took advantage of that second.

"Solar beam!" The jet of red flames and the light green beam flew right past each other. Zangoose was hit directly in the chest by the solar beam, while Roserade was hit in the stomach by the flamethrower. Both pokemon were knocked off of their feet. Both were laying down on the ground, unmoving. The ref looked from one pokemon to the other, wondering who he should declare the winner. Zangoose stirred. Charlie became nervous when he saw Roserade wasn't moving at all. Zangoose got up, much to the delight of the girl. The referee raised up the red flag.

"Roserade is… getting up?" There was a loud gasp from the crowd as Roserade slowly got up. It glared at Zangoose.

"Zangoose, use crush claw!"

"Roserade, magical leaf!" Neither pokemon moved. There was an eerie silence as both trainers realized their pokemon were only getting up to make their trainers happy. The girl closed her eyes and began laughing.

"That was a good battle. I hope we get to battle again someday." She said, as she walked up behind her Zangoose and wrapped her arms around it.

"I'm throwing in the towel. I can't stand to see Zangoose go through anything else." She said. Charlie smiled at her.

"Hey, that was a good battle." He said, returning Roserade.

"And your winner, Charlie, from Sandgem town!" The announcer roared over the loudspeaker. Charlie raised an arm in triumph.

"Now get out of the arena so we can have the next battle." The announcer growled. Charlie hurried up and left the arena.

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