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Riff's POV

I know what is under Master Cain's cold eyes. I know what is under that smile. I know what lies beneath.

It is dirty and beaten.

Pity no longer exists anymore. I can no longer pity my master. So much, I wanted to hold that child until he understood.

There is nothing to fear, I am here now.

I know what is under my master's words. My master's lies. I know him too well. But shouldn't I? He is the reason I exist. There is nothing I want more than to hold him in my arms, and tell him I love him, tell him there is nothing to fear.

Because I am here now.

He is so dirty and beaten. Broken and twisted. Cracked and deformed.

That is what is underneath my master's small smile, my master's cold eyes.

so fruitlessly do I try to fix him. So hard do I work and work. Because there is nothing else that matters. Just Cain and his broken form.

I know what is underneath. A poor little child. But I have no pity for it.

Just love.

And my only desire. My only wish. Is to take that child into my arms, stay up with him all night until no more tears flow. To tell him over and over, until he understands.

I am here now. I love him. He has nothing to fear.

I will not leave because of insanity. I will not leave because of curses or bad luck. No such things exist, as long as I have him. He's my only reason for living. His joy is mine as well. I want nothing more to see him happy.

To see him fixed.

I know what is underneath. I know master's smile. I know his lies when I hear them, yet I except them as truths, to him anyway. I know his cold eyes, I see their depths, because he showed me.

I saw underneath.

It was so broken.


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