DISCLAIMER: I don't own Digimon, but I do own the OCs introduced in this story and my other stories (except where stated). And I don't own Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy either, that belongs to the late Douglas Adams, who is sadly missed.

Well, welcome to the first in a series of side stories. Each of the side stories will be one shots, and hence will be a full story per chapter, although some may warrant two parts if needs be. They will show parts of life that really don't fit into the main storyline, but are still important, for example a less important event for a main character, or an event for a character not covered well by the central Saga. They are also to be more humorous, and yet will provide an insight into the world of Dimensions. Anyhow, to start off the series, here's an idea I've had for a short while.

Note: This story occurs between Powers and Evils.



Point of View

By Blazing Chaos

7TH JULY 2009

Nonaka Residence

17:01 JST

Rika was annoyed. Very annoyed. And an annoyed Rika is a problem. She managed to slam the sliding door into her house, catching the attention of her mother and grandmother, and Takato who was waiting with Guilmon.

"Erm…hi Rika…" Takato said nervously. "Bad day at school?"

"Worse than ever…the other girls continue to be bitchy as ever, I got a detention for flinging paper balls at the teacher, and someone stole my locker key." Rika complained.

"Looking forward to a new school after the summer?" Takato asked.

"You bet!" Rika replied.

"Well, anyway, I should get going…"


"I've got to help out at the bakery, I was hoping that we could spend some time together, but the detention sorta ruined the plan…" Takato replied.

"Oh…okay…"'Damn…' "See ya!" Rika told her boyfriend, as he left via the door. She frowned after he left.

"Ah, that's good Rika, we can go shopping!" Rumiko said happily.

"I hate shopping!" Rika replied annoyed.

"But we can buy loads of new clothes for you!"

"If you haven't noticed, I only wear jeans and this t-shirt!"

"Yeah, but they're the in thing!"

"I'm not going!"

"Why do you never want to do anything with me?!"

"That's it!" Rika yelled, heading to her room. Rumiko turned to Seiko.

"Mum, why does she always do that?"

"I think it's that time of the month…"

"You always say that…I think it's an excuse…"

Seiko sighed. Tensions seemed to always be high between her daughter and granddaughter, and she had simply learned to live with them.

Rika slammed the sliding door to her room, and fell back on her futon.

"Why does no-one understand me?" she asked out loud.

'Maybe because…'

"Shut it!"

Harmony sighed. Rika seemed angrier than usual at the moment, and nothing would stop her. Rika changed into her usual attire, throwing the school uniform across the room into a pile on the floor.

"Renamon!" Rika called out. Nothing happened, and Rika was now feeling vexed. "Where is she?"

Renamon finally appeared. She seemed slightly distracted. "Yes Rika?"

"Where were you?"

"Nowhere…"'Now Rika will think I am hiding something…trust Guilmon to distract me by choking on bread…'

Rika raised an eyebrow, but dismissed the thought. "Any bioemergence?" she asked. Renamon shook her head.

"No, it has been very quiet lately…"

Rika moaned. "It's so boring! Nothing has happened! Why is it so quiet?!"

"I do not know Rika…"

21:30 JST

"Will you leave me alone for a while Renamon?" Rika said, breaking the long quiet that had descended on the house. She had gone to have dinner, but despite her mother arguing with her, she refused to speak. The rest of the time she had spent in her room, looking through her cards.

"As you wish…" Renamon replied, vanishing into thin air. Rika headed across to her laptop and opened it up. A while later she had opened a word document. She wrote some words.

Dear Diary,

She sat trying to think of what to write. She sighed and put the lid down eventually, and then she turned to look back at her room. The blue orb on her cupboard alongside her digivice. A thought dawned on her. She picked up the orb and it resized in her hand. She looked at it.


'Ah, so now you're talking to me…'

'Quiet…I was thinking…could I use this orb to…like…control people?'

'In what way?'

'Like…to make them see my point of view…'

'Hmm…if you must…'

The orb glowed and expanded into the shape of a gun. It was an odd alien-like gun that seemed completely impractical. The gun was small, and seemed to have no point.

"What is this?" Rika asked, holding the device.

'It is called the Point of View Gun.'

'That sounds oddly familiar…'

'Look, I'll be honest; it's based on Hitchhiker's…'

'Uh…huh…how does it work?'


'Ouch…how can you shout in my head and hurt my ears?'

'I'm not sure…'

'Anyway, I think I'll test this…' "Renamon?" she called out.

"You called?" Renamon asked, appearing at the entrance to her room.

"Where were you earlier?"

"When do you mean Rika?"

"You know when I mean!"

"I'm afraid I cannot tell you…"

"Tell me!"

Rika pulled out the gun. Renamon looked on in surprise. "Rika, what is that?" she asked in fear. Rika grinned and pulled the trigger. A small ball of energy hit Renamon. She flinched.

"So, where were you earlier?"

"I was helping out Guilmon after he choked on some bread, and I was wrong not to tell you…"

Rika smiled. 'School tomorrow is going to be fun…'

8TH JULY 2009

07:00 JST

Rika awoke from a long sleep, to what she knew would be a good day. As the penultimate day of school, she would finally get her revenge on her fellow classmates. She stood up, and looked across to the point of view gun resting on her desk. She smiled, and walked over to pick it up. She looked at it and smiled, before looking across to Renamon, who had appeared.

"Good morning Rika…"

"Good morning Renamon…" she replied. "What did I tell you about coming into my room before I change?" she asked.

Renamon blushed in embarrassment, her normal concentration destroyed by a combination of tiredness and love from watching Guilmon sleep. "Sorry, my mistake, but…" she began to explain, before she was hit by a shot. "I was completely wrong to go into your room, I apologise…" she said, before vanishing into thin air.

Rika smiled. She began to change into her uniform, the same which had been thrown against the wall the day before. It was creased, but she couldn't care less.

"And if anyone complains…" she said quietly, looking at the gun and smiling. She strapped it to her leg underneath her uniform, and left her room, not before putting her D-Arc in her pocket along with a deck of cards. She strolled down the hallway casually and into the living room.

"Good morning Mum, Good morning…" Rika said cheerily.

"Don't be cheery on me; you have some explaining to do Young Lady!" Rumiko interrupted. Rika pulled the gun out, and fired it at her. Seiko looked on confused. "Yes, why haven't you told me before that you hate shopping?! You don't need to go with me; we can do anything you want."

"Rika, what is…?" Seiko began to say. Rika fired it at her. "Ah, don't worry" she replied. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"Ice cream and lemonade…" Rika replied. Seiko looked on curious, but then stopped.

Rika finished her ice cream. Her teeth felt cold, and she began to think that it wasn't such a good idea. Regardless, having finished her Lemonade, she hastily grabbed her satchel and bid goodbye to her mother and grandmother. She walked out the door, soon to be joined by Renamon walking alongside her.

"Hey Renamon, what's up?"

Renamon had an odd look on her face. "I'm sure there was something odd…but…no, can't think of anything…"


'Okay, then what do we have planned for today?'

'Oh, I have some great plans…first, my school, then my fellow Tamers, then…'

'The world?'

'…no, but good reference. Takato is who I am referring to.'



'The correct word is whom.'

Rika said nothing. She simply pointed the gun at her head and fired. Harmony laughed at Rika's reaction when nothing happened.

'Nice try…unfortunately for you, I foresaw this…'

Rika moaned. 'There's always one…'

Rika arrived at the school gates. She looked through at the oppressive boarding school she had attended for several years, and was thankful that she would not have to attend after tomorrow. She strode across the playground, girls avoiding her like a leopard strolling through a herd of cattle. She smiled happily.

"Ah, Rika, on the antidepressants again?" asked Ayla, speaking up. Rika turned to the brunette. She drew out the gun and fired it subtly. Ayla flinched. "No, of course not, I was completely wrong to insult you…"

"Correct…" Rika replied, walking into the school. Renamon, watching from a tree, raised an eyebrow at this.

'What was that?' she thought, before vanishing into thin air.

Rika walked into her large classroom and found her desk of the past few years. She sat down and placed her bag by her desk. She felt Renamon appearing at the back of the class, unknown to everyone.

"Welcome Class…today, we will be studying advanced algebra…" the teacher began, prompting groans from the pupils. Rika groaned the loudest, prompting the teacher to pick her out from the rest of the class. "Mrs Nonaka, do you have a problem with this subject?"

Rika stood up. "Yes I do…"

"And that is?"

"We've finished our exams; I get out of this stupid school full of snotty bitches and backstabbing cows tomorrow. Why do you add to my misery by insisting that we learn something that will never be useful?" she spoke confidently. Renamon and the teacher, along with most of the pupils, were surprised at this, and Rika received many glares for the 'snotty bitches' and 'backstabbing cows' lines. The teacher opened his mouth to speak, and Rika fired. The teacher paused, mouth open slightly, as if he were reconsidering his response.

"Okay then, I see your point…what do you wish to study?"

"Something that my fellow pupils will never understand."

"That being?"

"Me…" she replied, prompting surprise. "In fact, if you don't mind Sir, I shall teach the Class today…"

There were whispers passing around the class. The teacher thought again. "Okay then, go ahead…I shall go to the staff room…" he answered, leaving the room.

'So, what do you plan to do?' Harmony asked as Rika walked towards the board. Rika took the chalkboard rubber and wiped the board.

'Wait and see…' "Right, now, class…" Rika began, pausing for thought. "Point number one: I am not an angry bitch…" she said, writing notes on the board as she said it. "Point number two: I could not care less what you bitches think…Point number three: Yes, I do have a Digimon. Yes, I do fight. No, I am not a boy. Yes, it is fun. Yes, I am a Tamer. No, the name Tamer is not ripe for humour, nor some sort of sexual innuendo."

Rika paused to let it sink in. Then she waited a second, before continuing.

"Point number four: All of you and your petty, clothes and jewellery filled lives disgust me. Point number five: I was not adopted, I am my mother's daughter. Point number six: She is not too young to be my mother. Point number seven: If you mock me about my father, I will personally, not getting Renamon, my partner, to do so for me, rip you to shreds. Point number eight: I hate this uniform. Point number nine: I know that your lives are petty because I have seen far more than you can comprehend…" One of the girls sniggered. Rika fired the gun again, and they stopped. "Do you have a problem with the way that was said?"

"No, I was wrong to consider that as funny…" the girl replied.

Rika nodded. "Correct…now…for a new subject…" Rika wrote a large word on the board.


"Renamon…" she called out.

"You called?" Renamon replied, appearing out of thin air. The students gasped at this turn of events. Rika turned to the class, thoroughly enjoying her chance for revenge.

"As you can see, Renamon is not some disgusting beast, nor a freak of nature. In fact, if I am going to be honest, she is probably the…coolest digimon in existence."

Renamon turned to Rika, surprised about her actions. She began to speak telepathically. 'Rika, are you sure this is such a…?' However, another shot of the POV gun silenced her doubts. 'This is a good plan to get back on them…'

"And, if I'm perfectly honest, she could kick the crap out of anyone…anywhere…any time…as could I…"

"Ah, Rika, as over the top and aggressive as…" Ayla said. Rika fired the blast again, and she changed what she was going to say. "And perfectly justified to be honest. I mean, as a class, we are a bunch of backstabbing cows, particularly towards her" she said, looking around the class at her fellow pupils, who looked on with a look of disbelief. One of the pupils put up her hand.

"Yes, the girl with the hand up that I could never be bothered to learn the name of?" Rika asked.

"Yeah, I just saw that gun-thing in your hand…what is it?" she asked.

"Oh, this thing?" Rika said, pulling it out of her uniform. "Oh, this is nothing…" she said grinning, as she changed a switch on the top of the POV gun. The barrel changed shape and she pointed it at the class. "…really I suppose…" she finished, firing the blast at the whole class, taking in everyone. Renamon looked on in surprise.

"Any more questions…" Rika asked. Getting no response, she continued. "…good, then we'll begin…"

Rika held up a card and drew the outline of the card on the board, alongside an outline of the card playing layout.

"This is a creature card. It is your main type of card, they do all the fighting. Alongside them, you have modify cards that modify their power, given here, and give other abilities depending on the card. On the board, you have five areas, the Power Port for your Modify Cards, the Duel Zone for your Active Digimon, your Digivolve Zone for digivolving Digimon, and then your online zone where you put your deck and offline zone where you put cards that have been taken out of play. Digivolution is where you can increase a digimon's level, power and similar by changing their form. There are six levels of Digimon. They run Baby, In-training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega. There are also some odd levels, such as Armour, that can vary from the power of a strong rookie to an ultimate in strength. There are also three types of Digimon, Virus, Data and Vaccine, as well as a new one, Hybrid, which has its own rule. It's like rock-paper-scissors, Vaccine beats Virus, Virus beats Data, and Data beats Vaccine. Well, they can survive, but only if they have enough health." Rika lectured. She drew a diagram on the board of this three way triangle.

The pupils sat, seeming to take this in but not objecting. One raised their hand. Rika nodded, gesturing for them to speak. "Um…what type is Renamon?"

"Data" Rika replied.

"So she is weak to Virus, and strong against Vaccine then?" another pupil asked.

"Incorrect…" Rika replied. She wrote Renamon on the board, and drew an arrow that encircled the three types. "Renamon beats all three, every time!" she said, crossing through each of the types.

Renamon smiled at this, but was still confused. She watched Rika speak to the class, surprised at her incredible confidence, the lack of any real uprising from the class, and most of all, the gun. She made a note to check it out later.

12:30 JST

Lunchtime began and Rika dismissed the class. She rubbed the notes on the card game off the board, and various other notes on Digimon and herself. She strode down the corridor to the lunch hall, where she received odd looks from many. She looked around and dismissed the looks, considering whether to use the gun. She selected her meal, and left via the nearest exit, resorting to sitting under a tree in the shade outside. Renamon shadow-shifted to appear near her.

"Hey Renamon…"

"Rika, what is going on today?"

"What ever do you mean?"

'Nice and innocent…of course…'

'Shut it…'

"I have seen that odd device you have…it's like a gun…you were using it to alter your fellow student's minds…" Renamon answered.

"Very perceptive Renamon. But, try to see it…" Rika said, firing another blast. "…from my point of view…" she finished, as Renamon flinched.

"I see. The class has annoyed you for the past few years, and you are now getting your revenge. That seems reasonable." Renamon replied. Rika nodded.

"Glad to know you agree…"

Rika returned to her class, who had already reached the room. She faced the class.

"Now, I only have one thing left to teach you people…none of this escapes here…none of what I told you escapes your mind, you will forget it…got that?"

"Yes Miss…" came the reply. Rika grinned.

"Okay then, now, get out of my sight. Class dismissed…" she ordered, striding out of the room, collecting her belongings on the way.

"Huh?" came a reply from some of the girls in the room. Rika turned back.

"Any problems?" she asked.

"Well, we only just got back from lunch…" one of the pupils replied.

"Yeah, and the school day is over for us…good eh?" Rika replied.

"I suppose…"

"Good…" Rika added, leaving the room, and also leaving the room in confusion.

Nonaka Residence

14:01 JST

Rika arrived back at her home. She opened the door, to be greeted by her grandmother.

"Oh, Rika…did you get sent home?"

"No, I dismissed the class early…"

"What?" Seiko replied. Rika fired the gun again. "Oh, I see, that was a reasonable thing to do."

"I'm glad you agree…" Rika replied, heading to her room. She threw off her uniform, and changed into her usual attire, D-Arc and all. She replaced the gun on her leg, near her foot, and headed to the door. "Bye grandma, I'm going to the park…" she told her grandmother, who nodded unquestioningly.

Shinjuku Lower Secondary High School

14:19 JST

Rika arrived at the school which the other Tamers would continue to attend for another day. She walked straight past the gates, and into the school building. If anyone noticed, she simply zapped them. She eventually found the class she was looking for. Smiling, she opened the door.

"Good morning class!" she said happily, receiving scared looks from some pupils, and confused looks from the others. Takato was confused most of all. At the same time, Kazu screamed amusingly, and Terriermon pleaded with his partner to 'hide me'. Mrs Asagi stood up and faced her.

"Rika Nonaka, is it?"

Rika nodded.

"Why are you here?" asked Takato.

"Simple…" replied Rika, pulling out the gun from her leg.

"Christ, Rika, is that a gun?" Henry said surprised.

"KENTA, HIDE ME!" yelled Kazu. Terriermon ran. Rika ignored them and aimed at the teacher.

"…you'll come round to see my point of view soon enough…" she said, firing. Mrs Asagi flinched.

"Ah, I see. Sit where you wish in the class…" she instructed. The class now stared on confused, as Rika walked down to sit on Takato's desk. She looked at the board and smiled.

"Continue…" she instructed. Mrs Asagi continued to teach the class.

"Psst…Rika…what are you doing here?" asked Jeri.

"It's fun, why else?"

"What is that thing?" Kenta asked.

"It's a very useful tool…"

"What? Where did you get a gun?" Kazu asked.

"That's not something you need to concern yourself with…" Rika told him.

"But…" he protested. Rika fired at him, as Kenta ducked in surprise. Kazu flinched.

"I see your point of view now…" Kazu replied.

"Rika, what was that? Is that that orb thing?" Takato asked.

"If you'd care to follow me, I'll explain…" she told him, standing up off his desk and gesturing for him to follow. Takato reluctantly did so, as the class watched on. Once Takato had exited the room, Rika changed the gun setting, and fired it into the room, hitting everyone inside, as Takato watched on shock.

"What…was that?" he asked in surprise.

"It is called the point-of-view gun…and this is going to be fun…"

"What does it do?" he asked.

"It makes others see my point of view. Simply point…and fire…" she gestured, although not actually firing. "Now, Takato, are you doing anything this evening?" she asked.

Takato began to reply. "I have to help out at the…"

"No, Takato…are you doing anything this evening?" Rika asked again, stressing the words and pointing to the gun. Takato sighed. He decided that retaining his own point of view was preferable to being controlled by an odd device.

"No Rika…" he replied.

"Good, then come with…" she added, gesturing for him to follow.

'Takato, what the hell is going on?'

'I have no idea…' Takato replied.

'I think Harmony and Rika are up to something…'


"Oh, and Takato?" Rika said as they left through the doors of the school, turning to face him.


"Don't think I'm letting you and Chaos get off easily!" she told him, firing at him.

"Okay then…" Takato replied. Rika smiled.

'Oh wonderful…'

Skies above Tokyo

17:03 JST

Swords clashed, blue with red, and sparks of energy flew out like fireworks. A winged Rika pressed her sword against Takato's, trying to break through. Takato refused to let an attack through though, until Rika pulled out the gun and fired. Suddenly, Takato dropped his sword, and Rika hit Takato on the skin. The barrier he was using flared to block the attack, and Rika and Takato both paused to recover their breath.

"Nice…fighting…Rika…" Takato told his girlfriend, who nodded.

"You're not bad yourself…" '…at least until I used the gun, of course…'

'Right, that's it, Takato, you're not in a state to be in control, so it's my turn!' Chaos told his alter-ego. Takato's eyes flashed red, and Rika noticed.

"Ah, Chaos, sick of submission?" she asked.

"Seriously, what is your problem?"


"You are pissing everyone off…for no-one's benefit but yourself…talk about abusing your pow…" Chaos lectured, but he was interrupted by a firing of the gun.

"Now, what do you say Chaos?"

"You deserve to get revenge by abusing your powers…now I shall revert to Takato…" he replied, eyes flashing once again. Rika smiled.

Nonaka Residence

20:01 JST

"Thank you for joining us Takato…" Seiko told her daughter's boyfriend, who sat at the table with her daughter and her.

"No problem…oh, we're out of sauce…" Takato said, getting up.

"Don't worry, I'll get some…" Seiko said humbly. She got up and walked to the cupboard. Finding none of the sauce she needed, she headed along the hall to the cupboard. She collected another bottle of sauce, and headed back along the corridor. She noticed something, however, as she walked past Rika's room. An item glinted in the dim light. She walked across and picked it up. 'Is this…a gun?' she thought. Looking around the room for some kind of clue, she gave up and decided to ask later, since they had a guest at that time. She placed it into her bag, and returned to the table. "Here you go Takato…" she said, giving him the bottle.

"Thank you…" he replied humbly.

Matsuki Residence

20:56 JST

Takato stepped through the doors of the bakery. This caught the attention of his parents. "Takato Matsuki, where were you?" asked his mother.


"You didn't even call…we were so worried…" Mie said worried.

"I was just hanging out with Rika…"

His parents looked at him oddly as he headed up to his room.

"That was odd…" Mie said. Her husband looked at her, then up to Takato heading to his room.

"Hmm…" Takehiro mulled.

9TH JULY 2009

Nonaka Residence

07:00 JST

Rika woke up cheerily, happy that today was not only the last day ever at her snotty private school, but that she still had the POV gun. She changed quickly, and then headed down the corridor for breakfast. Having learned from the previous day, she decided to ask for standard breakfast. Having finished, she stood up.

"You'd better hurry dear; otherwise you'll be late for school…" Seiko told her. Rika nodded, and headed to her room. She found her digivice and cards, and placed them in her pockets. She looked to the desk for the gun. However, it was not there.

"What the hell?" she cursed. "Where is it?"

'I'm not sure…this is very odd…' Harmony replied. Rika looked at the time.

"I'm late as well…" she said annoyed. She sighed, and resorted to going without the gun. She walked out of the front door, biding goodbye to her mother and grandmother on the way. Seiko watched her daughter leave. She turned to Rumiko, and pulled an item out of her bag.

"Rumiko, I found this in Rika's room…" she told her daughter. Rumiko looked up from a magazine, and looked at the device in shock.

"But why does Rika have a gun?!"

"I'm not sure…it doesn't look like a normal gun…" she said, cautiously handling the device.

"Maybe it's something else…give it here…" Rumiko told her mother, who handed her the gun-like device. She looked at it. "It can't be a gun; it has no bullets…hmm…maybe if I press…" Rumiko said, pressing a button. A blast fired out of the gun.

"No, Rumiko don't just press lots of butto…it was a good idea to test it, wasn't it dear?" she said, as the blast hit her mid-sentence. Rumiko looked up in surprise.

"Mum, are you alright?"

"Of course I am dear, you're right, it isn't a gun…"

"Hmm…well, maybe I should try to go shopping with Rika again today…maybe ending school will make her change her mind?"

"Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea."

"Mother, are you feeling okay?"

"Of course I am, and that is a good idea."


15:55 JST

Rika danced through the streets, finally having finished her awful school. She had already thrown away many parts of her uniform, and the rest she planned to destroy in ingenious ways. She arrived at her house, and opened the door. She walked into the living room and shouted. "SCHOOLS OUT!"

Rumiko smiled and looked knowingly across to Seiko. She stood up and walked over to Rika. "Hello Rika…"

"Hello Mother…" Rika replied. She was about to head to her room, but she suddenly saw the device in Rumiko's hand. "Waaah! Where did you find that?"

"What is it Rika?"

"It's a point-of-view gun…it changes people's points of view to match your own…"

"Aha, so if I were to aim this at you, and fire, you would hold my point of view…"

Rika's face whitewashed. "Oh crap…" she cursed.

Makino Modelling Agency

17:05 JST

"She's not going to break my camera again, is she?" the cameraman asked.

"I'm sure you'll find that she does not misbehave at all this time…" Rumiko replied. The cameraman nodded, and turned to his set-up.

"And now Rika, smile for the camera!" the cameraman said. Rika did as he said, smiling in her now familiar dress. Takato chuckled quietly to himself, watching the events unfold. Renamon and Chaos had managed to piece together the pieces of the puzzle. Takato quietly walked over to the computer and placed in a memory stick. He tapped a few buttons and smiled.

Nonaka Residence

18:07 JST

Rika hid under the covers of her bed. Takato sat nearby, on the floor.

"Rika, are you okay?"

"Will everyone just GO AWAY?!" she yelled.

Takato sighed. He left the room, and walked down the corridor.

"Right, this one will go in my agency advert…and this one in all the teen mags…and this one…" she said, sorting through the pictures. Takato sighed, but he was glad that he could do at least something for Rika.

Rumiko moved away from the pictures to answer a call. Takato picked a drink up off the side table, and walked towards the table with pictures. He grinned.

'Well, never taken fallen on purpose before…'

'Knowing you, it won't be difficult.'

Takato nodded walked up to the pictures quickly. On uneven footing, he tripped, and the drink splashed all over the photos.

"NO!" Rumiko said surprised. Takato landed on the table.

"Whoops…sorry…" Takato said, trying to look as innocent as possible. He looked down at the photos. Most were soggy, but one was intact. He picked up the photo quickly, and placed it in his pocket.

"Don't worry; we've got the digital copies of them…" Rumiko told Takato. "…regardless…I've still got this…" she added, holding the gun, and heading down the corridor, Takato following irritated.

Rika had now left the bed and was typing on the laptop.

Dear Diary,

Okay, it sort of backfire…

Suddenly, Rika flinched. Rumiko smiled.

...my mother's interests in fashion are completely justi…

Takato grabbed the gun quickly while Rumiko wasn't looking. Rika suddenly snapped out of it.

STOP DOING THAT MUM!! she wrote.

"STOP DOING THAT MUM!!" she shouted.

Rumiko turned around to look at Takato with the gun. Takato fired it at her. She left down the corridor, and Takato entered Rika's bedroom. Rika had her head down on the desk, emotional. Takato placed the gun next to her.

"Rika…don't cry…I have a bargain to make…" Takato said enthusiastically. Rika turned round to look at him. "Here's the deal, I'll wipe your Mother and Grandmother's memories, and erase all digital copies of the photos using the Hazard Virus that I put on that photographer's PC.

"Okay…but what do you get in return?" Rika asked, wiping her tears.

"Number one, you revert the gun back to the orb and never turn it into the point-of-view gun again…"

Rika nodded reluctantly. "And the other thing?"

"You let me keep this beautiful picture of you…" Takato said, smiling and pulling out the photo from his pocket. Rika's eyes narrowed, and then she sighed.

"Fine…" she replied. She placed her hand on the gun and it returned to the shape of the orb. In return, Takato touched her computer, red sparks bursting out of his hands. His other hand fired red energy down the corridor.

"And so my end of the bargain is complete…" he replied, smiling. Rika pulled him into a kiss, which he returned.

"Thanks Takato…I'm sorry…"

"No problem…" Takato replied. "Now, thanks to you not letting me phone my parents yesterday, I am grounded for a week…I hope you're happy…"

"You know, my point of view gun would come in useful here…" Rika suggested. Takato shook his head and smiled.

"See ya later Rika…" he said, heading out of the door.

"Bye honey…" Rika waved farewell. She turned back to her PC, and finished off the diary entry.



Well, there we go, the first Extra-Dimensions story now complete. I hope you liked it; it was a great chance to have a storyline that could be shorter than others, and hence be humorous all on its own.

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Next time…

Secrets of love can never stay secret for ever, as Rika and Takato learn in 'Same Old, Same Old', the second Extra Dimensions tale, after which we'll be returning to the main saga.