Truth or Dare on a Lazy Day

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This is my first Fanfic, and I hope you all like it! Don't be to mean with the criticism though!

-Bella's House-

Bella Point of View

"Edward! Quit it!(Hahaha) Quit tickling me!"

"No way love. I'm bored and there is nothing to do. You are such a human! Why are you crying?"

"Because I can't stop laughing!"

"Fine Bella, but you have to find something else for us to do."

Edward Point of View

Oh how I love my Bella and all of her human problems. I am going to miss her clumsiness so much. I hope she comes up with a good idea to do today.

-The Cullen's House-

Alice Point of View

"Oh! Yes! I love Bella's idea. It is going to be so much fun! Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper! Come here! Bella has an idea and you are all in on it!" Hmm, I am surprised she decided to come up with that. But I might need to go buy some black nail polish. Hahaha.

Jasper Point of View

I wonder what Bella thought would be a good idea that made Alice so excited? She is never this excited when it is just me and her. I wonder if I need to Google some new things.

Rosalie Point of View

"What's the big idea Alice? What is Bella's plan? And will this mess up my hair?" God help her if her idea messes up my hair.

Alice Point of View

"Uh-huh Rose. I will let Bella tell you herself. And Jasper? Don't even think about going to Google to look that up."

Emmett walks into the room, his hair a mess and his eyes a golden color.

"I just finished eating, anybody want seconds?" he said laughing.

"Why didn't you tell us? I would have went with you!"

"Oh, sorry Alice. My bad" Emmett said.

Damn him and his need for not telling us when he goes to hunt. I hope he knows that he is not the only vampire in this family. I turn around to leave the living room and Jasper grabs my wrist.

Jasper Point of View

I grabbed Alice's wrist before she had a chance to leave the living room. I wanted her to tell me what Bella's idea was and if I should go hunting or not. Surely it can't be horrible, she is just a human. Her mind can't come up with many things, can it?

"Alice, dear, what is Bella's big idea? And don't think about not telling me. If there was ever a chance to prove your eternal love for me, this would be it."

Alice Point of View

I can't believe he pulled that! Eternal love, he knows I love him! Oh quit guilting me!

"No Jasper, you will have to wait and let Bella tell you herself just like everyone else."

I heard him murmur some very inappropriate things under his breath. He let go of my wrist and I started up the stairs to my room. When I got there, in exactly 2.7 seconds, I headed straight for my closet. If we were going out in public, then I definitely need to change my clothes. I flipped through my rows of clothes, looking for something else to wear.

"No, nope, uh-huh." Ugh, nothing looks good! Then I saw it. A pink halter top with diamonds all over it. I could pair that with a dark denim-washed miniskirt. Anything would look better then this. I looked down at myself and shuddered and what I was wearing. Jasper's old T-shirt and a pair of cheerleading shorts. Hm, I might have to go shopping later!

Bella Point of View

Edward said that I just needed to talk to Charlie to see if I could go over to his house. That really is the only place where we could all do this. So, I started down the stairs to find Charlie before he went to work. I found him on the couch, watching TV.

"Hey Cha- I mean Dad. Would you mind if I went over to Edward's today? There is food in the fridge, so you won't go hungry." I heard Edward upstairs chuckle.

"Well Bells, Billy had invited us over to La Push tonight to have dinner, but I will just tell him that you won't be there. I will be back later tonight" Charlie said.

I turned around and started up the stairs when I thought, "Why don't I have Charlie tell Jacob something?" I thought abut that and wondered if Edward would care.

"Hey Dad? Would you mind telling Jacob to come over tomorrow around 4?"

Charlie looked deep in thought, then said "Sure Bells, I could do that."

I thanked him and ran upstairs. Edward glared at me and expressed his disgust for Jacob. I had completely forgot that Edward could read Charlie's mind, so obviously he heard that I asked.

"Why did you ask for that mutt to come over here? You know how I feel about him love. He is only trouble for you."

I sighed. "Yes Edward, I know how you feel about Jacob, just as I know how he feels about you. Now, do you want to go back to your house or not? I am sure that Alice has seen what my idea is and is just dying to get started."

Almost right after that, Edward threw me on his back and jumped down and out of my window. He started to run and I closed my eyes. Before I even had time to feel sick, Edward put me down and started walking towards the house. When we opened the door, the entire Cullen family, excluding Carlisle and Esme, were waiting in the living room. Alice ran up to me, grabbed my wrist, and dragged me to the middle of the circle that the Cullen kids were in.

"Ok Bella, now tell everybody what your wonderful idea is," Alice said, a little too excitedly.

I took a deep breath then said, "I think we should play truth or dare."

Well, there you go. The first chapter. I will try and update as much as possible!