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The plan was that Brave, Anger, Knowledge, and Wisdom all had to concentrate in order to merge with Raven. Knowledge said that it was possible, but given the distance between them, it would take everything they had in order for it to go right and in their favor.

"Okay, ready?" Robin asked Brave and the others through the communicator. The other sides were back at the Tower, all in a circle around the communicator, which Brave was holding. They all nodded though Anger did so somewhat reluctantly. "Okay. Whenever you're ready Raven." He called over his shoulder. Raven was standing away from the others, making sure that if anything went wrong that they were a good distance away.

"I'm ready." Raven replied. Robin nodded, then signaled to the others to start. Raven and the others closed their eyes, concentrating on merging. They felt a slight pull, as if a small breeze was blowing through. Soon that breeze turned into a harsh wind. The harsh wind was soon joined by chimes. These chimes were so beautiful, yet it felt as if their skulls were cracking open. Thus ending in a headache so large that Asia would pale in comparison. They felt as if they were being lifted off the ground by an invisible force. The chimes grew louder and the wind grew stronger. It felt as if it was taking an eternity, when in reality it was only 10 seconds. The chimes and wind grew to an intensity that it felt as if was going to kill them. Then, as suddenly as the chimes and wind had started, they stopped. They felt as though they were one. Slowly, they all floated back down. Raven and the others opened their eyes at the same time, but instead of 5 different pairs of eyes looking at 2 different places, they were all Raven.

"Raven?" Beast Boy asked, walking up to her cautiously. "Is it. . .you?"

"Yes." It came out as a mix of all of them. She stared straight ahead, looking at them, but appearing to look through them as well. Her face was completely blank, devoid of emotions.

"And you are, how do you say, okey dokey?" Starfire asked.

"Yes." This time it sounded like her old voice.

"Okay, how do you feel?" Cyborg asked.

"I can't answer that." Although it sounded in her voice, it was as though she was a computer.

"Why not?" Beast Boy asked.

"Because there are too many emotions to run by on a specific one"

"Well, do you feel any pain?" Robin asked.

"No." A slight pause, then, "Except when I look at your face."

"Very funny Brave." Robin said smiling, glad to know that he hadn't lost his friends in this dangerous process.

"So, know that we know Rae's okay, what to we do now?" Cyborg asked.

"Rae?" Raven asked, actually looking at him. She blinked her eyes and tilted her head in confusion.

"Yea, what else are we going to call you?" He asked. Raven shrugged.

"I don't know," She said. "Super-chick?"

"Shut up Brave." Beast Boy said, but not unkindly.

"Shut don't go up so stick it." She replied. Her eyes flashed purple for the briefest of seconds, but Beast Boy caught it. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so, discourteous."

"It's okay." He replied, not really knowing what the word meant, but got a pretty general idea. "But we really should be getting to work on you fighting."

"I guess." Raven replied, but before she could say anything else, a giant fence came up in front of her, separating her from her friends.

"What the-??" She heard Beast Boy shout.

"What's going on?" Raven asked. She was looking around the room, trying to see if she could identify anything. She could not. There were no doors, windows, or cracks of any kind. Absolutely no exit. She was trapped, as well as her friends.

"It's time to fight my dear." Slade's voice rang out behind her. Raven turned, and there a few yards away from her, was Slade, in all his evil glory.

"What have you done to my friends?" She asked, ready to beat him right then and there if he didn't give her the right answer.

"They are in a room, where they will be able to see you fall to my power." Slade replied.

"Fall to you this!!" Raven said as she ran at him, ready to punch him. He easily dodged and punched her in the stomach, sending her back.

In Raven's Head

"Oh c'mon!! If I was in charge, I could have easily dodged that move!!" Brave shouted. She was at a screen that showed what Raven saw. There was a mike that made Raven say whatever was said into the mike. There were also many controls in front of her, but they were not very easy to understand. Some were simple, like ones that said RUN and PUNCH, or KICK. These were the ones that Brave used, but she didn't find one that said dodge. Resulting in Raven getting hit in the gut.

"Brave, we need to work together in order for us to win." Wisdom said. "It is not wise to just run into something without a clear idea of how it works."

"And we must make sure that every move we make can be countered, so we do not get hurt to badly." Knowledge said.

"Well I think that we should just beat him up so much that he can't do or say anything!!" Brave shouted, tinkering with the controls, eventually she found the one that said stand, and flipped the switch, the viewpoint changed on the screen, showing that Raven did indeed stand up.

"That's not wise." Wisdom said making Brave stop her tinkering.

"We have to work together." Knowledge said, also going up to the others who were near the control center.

"I don't care." Brave said as she continued her tinkering. Wisdom grabbed her wrist and forcefully stopped her. Brave wrestled from her grip, but Knowledge also stopped her. Soon they all got into a fight, except for Anger, who was watching all of this happen. She was standing off to the side. Finally, she sighed, and walked up to the still fighting sides. She wordlessly grabbed Brave's hair with her right hand, Wisdom's wrists in her left hand, and pushed Knowledge away with her right foot. After they were split up, she put Wisdom in front of the viewpoint screen. She then grabbed Knowledge with her left hand by the arm, now that her hand was free. She placed Brave in front of the controls, and Knowledge beside her, also in front of the controls. She then crossed her arms, waiting for them to object. They didn't.

"Yes, I see how this works out." Knowledge said, pleased that the issue has finally been settled.

"Yeah, well, let's get to work." Brave said.

"But what about you?" Wisdom asked Anger. Anger simply pointed to a strange machine that was set up behind her with her thumb. She walked up to it, seeing that the others didn't understand. She stood on the platform, strapped what looked like wrist bands, but had a wire coming out if it, to her wrist. The wristbands came out of the side of the machine. She did that with the other one as well. She then placed similar ones to her ankles, these coming from the bottom of the platform. Finally, she placed a helmet with many wires coming out of the top on her head. Once all of the machine's functions were attached to her, it made this beeping sound.

"Oh, I get it." Knowledge said. "She's the power source." Anger gave her a look that said 'What else would I be?'.

"Yeah, well now that we know how everything should go, let's get this baby running right." Brave said.


It may have taken a few minutes for the other sides to get set up right, but during that time, Raven had been on the ground. She got up when Brave hit the switch that made her, but Slade was fast in hitting her again, making her fall to her knees.

"How do you expect to win when you can't even stay up?" Slade taunted. Anger charged her up, and Brave made a move. Resulting in Raven sweeping her feet under Slade, knocking him down momentarily. Raven had enough time to stand up and back away from him. Slade got up, always keeping his eyes on her.

"So you can fight." He said. "Very well, now that I know what you can do, let's see how you can do on my terms." As soon as he said that, the ground started to shake. The ground beneath Raven and Slade rose from the ground. The were standing on a circle of rock. Once the rock stopped, Raven saw Slade jump onto a platform that was attached to the wall. It was a large platform, covered in dirt and had rocks setting upon it. She also saw that it was some hundred feet in the air. Raven jumped onto Slade's platform, since it wasn't all that far, then jumped onto the rock tower. Once she landed, she lost sight of Slade.


Back At The Tower:

Happy was sitting in her room on her bed with Love. The room was just like Starfire's, pink everything. The bed was in the middle of the room and was surrounded by fuzzy stuffed animals. They were talking about the newest fashions, fuzzy animals, and anything else of that sort.

"Hey, I've got an idea," Love said.

"Oh, what is it?" Happy asked, curiosity showing in her eyes.

"Let's play dress up!" Love exclaimed. They both squealed in excitement. That is until Happy noticed something.

"We don't have any dolls to play with." She was slightly disappointed.

"That's okay," Love said. "I'm sure Smokey's around here somewhere. We can use him instead."

"Yay!!" Happy shouted with glee. With that they got up and searched for Smokey. The poor soul.


Rude was sitting in her room, watching TV and drinking soda. Her room was filthy, to say the least. It had a bed in front of a medium sized TV, a couch that had stacks of clothes on it, both dirty and clean, and it had trash all over the place. Her room was dark, save for the light that was coming from the TV. She laughed as a comedian made a joke. She then belched, crushed the can, and chucked it over her shoulder.

"Ugh, I'm bored." She said. "I wonder what else there is to eat?" She got up with that comment and made her way to the kitchen. She walked up to a cupboard and opened it up. "Okay, what have we got here," She proceeded to rummage through when she found something. "Ooohh, cake." She pulled out a box of cake mix. "Ah, crap, I have to bake it." She said as she read over the directions.

"Oh well." She opened the box and took out the package of mix. She then grabbed a bowl and after opening the bag, poured the mix into the bowl. She then went to the refrigerator and got out 2 eggs. She set them on the counter, then turned back to the refrigerator, but went to the cupboard above it instead. She got out baking oil, put as she pulled it out of the cupboard, she heard a small cracking sound.

She looked behind her and found that the eggs had rolled off the table, where they proceeded to splat on the floor. "Oh, joy." She said sarcastically. She set the oil on the counter, then got 2 more eggs from the fridge, ignoring the mess on the floor. She got out some measuring utensils, not caring if they were right or not, then moved on to the next step. She filled a ¾ cup full of oil, when it should have been a ¼ cup. She poured the oil onto the mix in the bowl.

She filled up a 2 teaspoon. . . .spoon, with water, when it asked for tablespoons instead. Rude cracked the eggs over the bowl, getting the shells all in it. She mixed that with the other blend, then dug out a mixing spoon. Rude mixed it all together until it was moist. Deciding that it was a little too moist, Rude searched for some powdery substance. Rude found a bag of yeast to put it all in the mix. She pulled out a cake pan and poured the batter into the pan. She then set the oven on BAKE, then put the temperature up to 345, when it said to put it up to 325. She picked up the box, and read off of it.

"Bake for 30 to 45 minutes. Okay." Rude threw the box into the trash, then walked over to the couch. She grabbed the remote from the arm, then jumped over the back of it. There she turned on the TV and waited for her food to be done.


Timid was sitting in her room in the corner. Her room was dark and bare, save for a bed. The only light coming from a small window. She was talking to herself, and holding a doll close to her heart.

"He doesn't like us, he doesn't like us. I know he doesn't. Who would like someone like me?" She asked herself. The doll she was holding is a Beast Boy doll. "I'm mean, sarcastic, mean, rude, selfish, and did I mention mean?" She sighed. "Maybe if I apologize for all the times that I've been mean to him, he won't hate me anymore." With that she got up, got a pencil and a piece of paper, and started to write down her apologies.

"Okay, I'll apologize for the time I hit him in the head,"
Timid started, writing down HITTING HIM IN THE HEAD, next to number 1. "Uh, the time I called him a donkey." She wrote CALLING HIM A JACKASS down next to number 2. "When I told Cyborg that Beast Boy was going to play a prank on him, ruining his prank for Cyborg." SABOTAGING HIS PRANK went down next to number 3. "And then there was that one time. . . ." Timid continued on with the list, having to get more paper after she ran out of room.


Jealousy was standing in her room, a scowl written on her face as she threw darts at a dartboard. The dartboard had a changing picture piece on it. Her room was full of pictures of people from the Titans, X's slashed over the pictures. Some writing was on some of them. Like a picture of Terra had a slash mark with the words BLUE-EYED BLOND BITCH off to the side.

"Starfire." Jealousy said, and in an instant, Starfire's full body picture was on the dartboard. "This is for being the prettiest girl," She threw a dart at Starfire's picture, hitting her in the stomach. "This is for being naïve," The second dart thrown landed in Starfire's head. "And this is for just being you." Jealously threw all the darts at once, making them land in different places. One hit Starfire's arm, another on her leg, thigh, hip, mouth, chest, and neck. "Bitch." Jealousy said, walking up to the dartboard and collecting the darts. She then walked back to the spot she was standing before.

"Robin." The picture changed to Robin, and Jealousy started her weird ritual again.


"I'm tired of this stinkin' cage." Lust stated to no one. Lust was sitting in a cage in the basement. She was allowed to move around, but not by much. Raven would bring her food and water, but that was it. "I feel like a caged animal." She picked up her tin cup and banged it against the bars of the cage. "I want out of here!!" She screamed. She got no answer, of course. "Oh well." She said, sighing, and sitting down. "Back to work." She picked up a giant horseshoe filer and worked on a worn down bar.


Back With The Titans:

Beast Boy and the rest of the Titans were in a room surrounded by windows. Upon closer inspection, they found out that they were actually screens that showed Raven and Slade fighting. They saw as she tried to punch him, but got hit instead. They also watched as they were lifted off the ground by the ground itself. The screens moved to show the platform where Raven looked around for Slade.

"C'mon you coward!!" Raven screamed on the screen. "If you want to fight me, why don't you fight me already!!" She was answered by silence.

"I hope Rae'll win." Cyborg said, never taking his eyes off of one of the many screens.

"As do I Cyborg, as do I." Starfire said, also looking at the screens. Robin wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. Beast Boy looked longingly at the two of them, thinking that he may never be able to do that with Raven anymore. He sighed. Raven. She just had to win. Just had to.

"Hope if just wishful thinking." Beast Boy remembered Raven saying that one day. "But sometimes it's the only thing we have to comfort us." He now knew that that was true. He continued to watch Raven, hoping, praying, pleading. . . .that everything would be okay.


Raven continued to walk around the large platform, wondering how on earth she lost someone who wasn't even 7 yards from herself.

"C'mon you coward!!" She screamed. "If you want to fight me, why don't you fight me already!!" She then walked towards the wall, having no where else to look. She stopped, having reached her destination. "Humph. Typical." She turned back around, only to get almost kicked in the face. Almost. She was able to dodge just in time. While Slade's leg was still in the air, she bent down and swept her own leg under his feet, successfully tripping him. While he was still falling to his back, Raven came up, and using her elbow, slammed him in the stomach. Raven then jumped away, not wanting to be there if he got a chance to retaliate. She was squatting on a rock, having landed there that way. She watched as Slade got up, back flipping into the air and landing facing her direction. She picked up a rock and chucked it as hard as she could as he was landing, giving him no time to dodged. It hit him in the face. Hard.

"Oh yeah, now that's what I'm talkin' about!" Raven shouted proudly.

"I would beware if I were you, child," Slade said. "Proud-ness can result to cockiness. And you don't want to be cocky while fighting me."

"Talk about being cocky." Raven thought. "How could I be cocky if I'm not a guy?" She asked. She sat there even as Slade ran at her, using the move she used earlier. She stayed there until her was in close range, then she jumped up, her hands landing on his shoulders. She grabbed him by the shoulders, landed behind him, and threw him. He rammed into the wall, then fell down. Raven then ran at him, ready to punch him, but he grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her. Raven didn't make a single sound.

"I'm more flexible than you think." Raven said. Slade found that her arm went behind her back easily, and nearly touched her shoulder blade. Raven then kicked him in the shin, making him drop her. Before Raven had anytime to get away, Slade grabbed her. She struggled in his grip, managing to get nowhere. She then decided that if he wasn't going to let go, she'd make him. She grabbed her right wrist with her left hand, positioned her elbow, and hit him hard in the stomach. He let go of her and grabbed his stomach. But Raven didn't stop there. She then stepped on his foot as hard as she could. She then put her hand on her wrists again, and hit his nose. . . . .er, where his nose, should be, then she balled up her hand, and punched him in the groin. She then ran away and hid behind a rock.

"I need time to recuperate." She said quietly to herself. She placed her hands on her knees and breathed deeply, calming her nerves. She then looked back behind the rock. Slade wasn't there. She moved back behind the rock some more, only to bump into something that didn't feel like a rock. Slade grabbed Raven by the wrists, and, learning his lesson from before, threw Raven into a pile of rocks. He didn't let go of her wrists as he threw her against another rock pile, and another, and another. Slade then released Raven and threw her into another rock pile. Raven stayed there, her whole body in extreme pain. She managed to get up, as slowly as it was, as she heard and saw Slade walking up to her. She was halfway on her feet when Slade picked her up again. He held her over his head, then hit her hard to the ground. Raven bit her tongue to keep from screaming. She did not want Slade to see how bad he really was hurting her; she would not give him that pleasure.

"Go on my dear, I know how much you want to scream." Slade said tauntingly, he then punched her in the face. Raven stood up, as painful as it was.

"I won't give you that pleasure." Raven said, she spit blood out as she said this. Slade then tripped Raven, her falling to her face. That was it, she couldn't move, it hurt too much. She forced herself to try to get up on her weak arms. Slade stepped on her back with one foot, squishing Raven underneath the pressure.

"You're going to like being my apprentice." Slade said, leaning down and talking into her ear. "I know just how to make that demonic side of yours happy. And just think, you could eventually be the demon you really are." Slade picked her up and threw her into another rock pile. She hit her head against a rock, knocking her unconscious. "I guess it will take some time to make you apprentice priority." Slade picked her up and once again held her over his head. He carried her over to the edge. "But, now that I've actually seen you fight, why would you be even worth my time? You're low as dirt. No, you're lower than dirt, and someone like that should be out of everyone's way. Oh, and don't worry about your little boyfriend, I'll be sure to take special care of him." With that Slade tossed her over the edge. Raven was falling to her doom, and wasn't even awake to know it.

With The Titans:

"Raven!!" Beast Boy shouted, running up to the screen, he pounded his fist against the glass, but it did little if any damage.

"Raven please wake up!!" Starfire shouted, also going up to the screen.

"Oh, man, this is not looking good." Cyborg said, he was staring at the screen with a dreading look on his face. Robin stayed silent, his eyes widened in shock.

"Raven, please wake up." Beast Boy said quietly. He bowed his head, letting the tears that were falling run down his cheeks.

At The Tower:

"HEEELPPP!!" Smokey yelled as he ran through the Tower. He was wearing a pink frilly dress, had little booties on his paws, and tiny pink bows on his ears and tail. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that Happy and Love were still following him. They appeared to be carrying more dresses for him. Smokey ran as fast as his tiny boot-covered legs could take him. He ran down one hallway, then the next, then he came across someone's room.

It was Raven's, for it had a cat-door that he could go through. He quickly dashed into her room, praying that they won't find him. They ran right passed the door, from what he heard. Smokey breathed a sigh of relief, glad that he was able to get away from them, if only for a little while. "That was close." Smokey said to himself. He ripped the dress to shreds, then used his paws to swipe the bows off of his ears. He reached behind him and took off the bow on his tail. He then went and jumped onto Raven's bed. He curled up into a tight ball with his head rested on his paws, and closed his eyes.

"You know, running for dear life away from fashion crazed look-a-likes of your friend really tire you out." Smokey then drifted off for a cat-nap.


Rude was watching another comedian on TV, specifically Gabriel Iglesias.

"And for those of you who still don't know," Gabriel said on the TV. "There are five levels of fatness, fluffy is one of the levels. There's big, healthy, husky, fluffy, and DAMN!!" He screamed the last part in a funny voice.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha, now that's funny." Rude said laughing. "He is hilarious." She got up, walked over to the refrigerator, got a can of soda, and walked back to the couch. She opened the can with a sshh-click sound. She took a drink, belched, then settled into the couch more comfortably.

"I know that half the world right now thinks that our leader is the devil… and most of us would agree. He's not, ehh-he. I don't have to make fun of the president, he does it by himself. Okay?"

"Oh yeah, now this is what I'm talking 'bout." Rude said. She turned up the volume on the remote, completely forgetting that a monstrosity was baking in the oven.


Back With Raven:

Raven woke up when she felt a slight breeze on her body. She looked around and saw that she was falling of the some-hundred foot platform. She was falling at a dangerously fast rate. She maneuvered herself so that she was now falling feet first. She then wrapped her wings tightly around her, making a cocoon around herself. With great force she started the spin in mid-air, making herself fall faster.

With The Titans:

Beast Boy could only watch in horror as Raven started to descend to the earth at a faster rate now that she was spinning. When he had seen that she had woken up, he was somewhat relieved, but now he was horrified as she flipped in the air and did her little trick.

"Does she want to die faster?!" Best Boy asked/shouted. He couldn't take his eyes off the screen, nor would he. They had all tried to get out of there, but found it was futile. Now they could only watch their friend.

"Oh, I hope Raven knows what she is doing," Starfire's comment fell on deaf ears.

"Please, Rae, don't give up." Beast Boy said.

With Raven:

As Raven neared the ground, she did something nobody expected. She snapped her wings open, just like when she did it in the gym, and beat them as hard as she could. She flew to the top of the platform as fast as she could, which was pretty fast. Rage, anger, and hate fueling her as she flew. She heard Slade's little comment before he threw her, and she was going to make him pay for it. Raven flew above the platform, located Slade easily, and dive-bombed him. She did a flying kick (literally) in the air and when he turned around due to the sound, he got hit hard in the chest with both of her feet. Raven didn't give him a second chance as she then spiked her tail and, turning around and flinging her tail hard, hit him in the chest, stunning him. Her tail went through the metal armor, and pierced his heart.

"I guess you're not as cold hearted as I thought you were," Raven said, feeling the warm blood trickle down her tail. "Oh well." She ripped her tail out and watched as Slade's wide eye watched her watch him. Raven stood there as Slade fell to his knees, his left hand over his exposed and bleeding chest. Finally, he toppled over. He was dangerously close to the edge, so Raven just pushed him with her foot. He was sent careening down, just like she had been just moments before. Only this time, Slade was not coming back up. Raven stood there, watching him fall. She had a blank look on her face. Finally, the platform circles that they rode up on started to go back down. Raven hopped on one, and went down to join her friends.

With The Titans:

To say that they were shocked would be an understatement. They couldn't believe what had happened in just a few minutes. The finally snapped out of their trance when one of the screens popped open. It made a hissing sound as it rose back, revealing and opening. They all ran out, seeing that they were coming out right at the place where Raven was coming down. Her eyes met with Beast Boy's, and she jumped off the ledge. It wasn't that far up, so she landed on her feet easily. She took off running as Beast Boy did the same. The embraced each other in the strongest hug they could manage. Raven buried her head in Beast Boy's shoulder while Beast Boy rested his head on hers.

"I thought I was going to loose you," Beast Boy whispered, tears trailing down his cheeks. He was happy that she was okay and in his arms once again.

"I thought that I would never see you again," Raven replied. "I was so scared that I wasn't going to win." She was crying herself. She hugged Beast Boy tighter.

"I knew you wouldn't give up." Beast Boy said. The others walked up to their friends, seeing as now they should find an exit.

It only took a little while to find an exit. Once they were out, the saw that the were in the desert in a cave.

"Man, it's going to take us forever to get home." Cyborg complained.

"Mhm, not really." Raven said. She snapped her wings open once more, then took flight. "It'll be easier if we fly." She hovered for a little bit, waiting for the others to get going. Starfire lifted Robin up from the wrists, and Beast Boy turned into a pterodactyl and carried Cyborg. They all flew back to the Tower, hoping to go back to normal for a little bit and relax. . . . .

At The Tower:

The first thing the Titans noticed when they got home is that there was cake all over the main room. Rude was fighting the rest of it that was coming out of the oven with a wooden spoon.

"Get back you pathetic excuse for a cake." Rude grunted. Raven then felt a small headache, and all of a sudden, Knowledge, Wisdom, Brave, and Anger were standing in the room as well. The decided to wait until they were home, since they couldn't fly and it would complicate things further.

"Hold on Junkyard," Brave said, using Rude's nickname. She rushed into the cake and turned off the oven, making the cake-mutant stop growing. Just then Smokey came running into the room, wearing yet another dress. This time it was deep sea blue, and he had on a matching bow on his head. He stopped, panted, saw that Raven was home, and hid behind her legs.

"Baby-Doll!!" Love's voice rang out. "We have more things for you to try on." Both Happy and Love came through the doors, holding up various dresses and accessories.

"Leave Smokey alone." Raven said in an authority like tone. She reached down and picked up Smokey, brushing off the dress and bow. She then cradled him in her arms. "He's already traumatized enough."

"But we have more outfits." Happy whined.

"No." Raven said.

"Oh well," Happy then bounced off out the door. Love sighed.

"I guess I'll go too." She looked at Beast Boy with passion. "See ya later." She gave a small wave, then walked off as well.

"Well, Slade's dead, Raven and Beast Boy are going out, and the Tower's a mess." Cyborg said after awhile of silence. "Who wants pizza??" Without waiting for a reply, Cyborg dashed to the phone and dialed the Pizza Place.

"Well, while we're waiting for the food, let's get this mess cleaned up." Robin said, grabbing a broom. Starfire used her powers to break up the now rock hard cake-mutant. Raven used her tail to break it up, too, while Beast Boy turned into an octopus and picked up the pieces.

By the time the were finished picking up, the pizza was there. They all sat down to their own slices. Raven, Rude, Knowledge, Brave, and Wisdom had cheese, Anger, Happy, Love, and Jealousy had pepperoni. Anger was the only one who was eating the pizza with a fork. She was sitting across the table from Robin, Starfire sitting by Robin, Brave sitting by Anger. The others were scattered about the rest of the room. Anger stopped eating for a little bit, and brought up the fork. She looked at it as if she had never seen it before. Robin saw who doing this, and decided to try and get her to talk. He picked up his fork, in which he was eating a salad with, leaned toward Anger, and held up the fork so she could see it.

"Fork," He said, pronouncing it slowly. Anger looked at him, then the fork, then him again.

"Fuck," She said. Everybody looked at Anger, surprised that she actually talked, let alone said a curse word. Robin only smiled a little, knowing he should have expected it.

"It's fork." He said leaning back and taking another bite of his salad.

"Please, is there a certain reason why Anger does not talk much?" Starfire asked.

"It's because Raven said that if she ever lost her temper again, Anger won't live to see freedom again." Brave answered. Starfire gave her a questionable look. "Old Chicago here used to be chained to a wall. She would thrash about so much that the chained actually cut into her wrists and ankles. After the whole Trigon deal, Raven agreed that she would let Anger go, so long as she kept herself under control. So far she's been doing pretty well."

"Wow," Beast Boy said from the couch. He had been listening to their conversation ever since Robin said 'fork'. "Hey, I have a question," He turned to Raven, who was sitting next to him. She stopped in mid-bite, put her pizza down, and asked, "What?"

"How much longer will the transformation last?" Raven looked down, thinking.

"Approximately two more weeks." Knowledge said. She was sitting on the chair, eating her pizza with grace. (How you do that I have no idea.)

"Well," Raven said teasingly. She scooted into beast Boy's arms. He had to raise his pizza slice over her head so nothing would get on her, but he was okay with that. She wrapped her arms around him, her hand holding the pizza stretched out a little so as not to get any on him. "As long as you're there to help me, I don't care if it's two months." Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her. Then took a bite of his pizza while they were in that position.

"Finally, I'm out of that Godforsaken cage." Lust's voice rang through as she walked up to the pile of pizza boxes and took out a slice. Everybody, except Robin, Cyborg, an Starfire looked at Lust. Beast Boy gave Lust a weird look, then turned to Raven.

"You know, I wouldn't mind seeing you in that for two more weeks." He said.

"Ha, fat chance." Raven said, then she got out of her nice 'chair', and moved over to Lust. As she was walking over to Lust, Raven picked up what looked like a collar. She then strapped it to Lust's neck while the girl was turned around.

"Hey, what the-?" Lust asked, startled, then she found Raven standing just a few inches from her.

"I'll make you a deal," Raven said in a tone that said she meant business. "I'll let you stay free, as long as you stay away from Beast Boy, and get dressed." Lust thought about it.

"What if you're not there to monitor me?" She asked in a stuck-up tone.

"I don't have to be." Raven replied. "This collar is a locator device, it's connected to my communicator; Beast Boy has one as well, though his is a small watch; and anytime you come within a certain distance to him, I'll know about it."

"Fine," Lust gave up, seeing as she was playing a game that she would not win. "But what about the dressed thing? I am dressed."

"Not enough to be walking around in." Raven said. Lust thought about this.

"What if I wear a miniskirt and a belly shirt?" She asked.

"That's fine, I guess." Raven said. "But don't think I still won't be monitoring you." With that Raven went back over and sat next to Best Boy.

"So that's why you gave me this watch?" Beast Boy asked, holding up said watch. It was a normal watch with a brown purple strap that matched his uniform.

"Yes." Raven said.

"Huh," Beast Boy said looking at the watch. Raven thought that he was probably thinking along the lines of 'I wonder how they can get the numbers to go that small,' or 'Since when can I tell time?' Raven laughed quietly to herself as she thought of the last one.

"What's so funny?" Beast Boy asked, obviously hearing her laugh.

"Nothing," Raven said smiling. She looked over at Beast Boy. "I think I'm going to go to bed, join me?" She said the last part so the others wouldn't here. Beast Boy smiled his special smile. Without a word, he got up, took her hand in his, and led her to her room.

Raven's Room:

Raven and Beast Boy lay down in bed, spooning like lovers again. Raven tucked her wings in tight so her could hold her like he was.

"'Night Rae," Beast Boy said, kissing her cheek.

"G'night." Raven replied sleepily. They both closed their eyes, dreaming of better dreams. Of a nicer outlook on life. On their favorite things. Of spending the rest of their lives this happy with one another.

"Y'know Rae," Beast Boy said quietly.

"Mm?" Raven asked, though she sounded barely awake.

"You're a whole other you, and I love it."

"I love you too." With that Raven turned around and kissed him on his lips. Beast Boy kissed back just as passionately.

"I wouldn't mind another you though." Beast Boy said teasingly.

"Right, the more the merrier." Raven said sarcastically.

"I think so." Beast Boy then closed his eyes again, finally going to sleep and staying that way. Raven rested her head against his chest, she too going back to sleep. She figured that she would spend the rest of her nights in his arms. And she wouldn't have it any other way.


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