Itonami no Wakari

Summary: She's the girl that tried to hide her identity. Suddenly, she met him that changed her life completely. And it's him that broke her heart. And after a long 6 years they met again and he put back all the pieces of her broken heart. (SasuIno) No flames and don't forget to review.

"Beep, Beep, Beep" her alarm clock rung.

Ino's Point of View

I looked at the clock and it says 6:30pm


Dammit today is my first day in my new school.

And guess what? I am not excited.

My oya transferred me into exclusive school yesterday.

I got up from my bed and went towards the bathroom.

After a 20 minutes bath, I walked out in the bathroom and went down stairs to eat.

And saw some of our maids and my personal nanny Kaname-san.

Kaname's serving our family for 35 years already and she's my second mom.

My oya are always gone for business since they're running a big companies that our family owned.

I am 17 years old and I am a senior.

"Ohayo gozaimasu! Ino-hime, you should eat now since it's still early." Kaname greeted me kindly.

"Ohayo. Thanks for the food." I responded at them cheerfully.

After eating I bid my sayonara to her and she told me what she have to say.

"Ino-hime, here's the key of your car, your oya left early in the morning today cause they have work. And just call us if you're in trouble. Shiawase for your new school."

"Arigato Kaname-san, ato!" I exclaimed to her as I entered my brand new car.

"Ki o tsukete, Ino-hime." she said as she wave her hand to me as my car is moving away from home.

I am now parking my car at the school's parking lot.

I look at the buildings and I can say nothing but sugoi!

The school is perfectly better than my old one.

I entered the hallway and I am now looking for kouchou's office.

I knocked as sign of sonkei.

"Raikou!" she ordered so loud.

I did what she said.

"Konnichiwa, Yamanaka Ino desu." I introduced myself as I bowed my head.

"Douzo yoroshiku. Tsunade desu." she introduced herself.

"Douzo yoroshiku." I replied.

"Here's your schedule." She gave me a piece of computerized paper.

"Arigatou, Tsunade-sama."


I walked off from her office and looking for my first class.

It's GTA 2.. It's my favorite subject.

So it's block schedule today.

I have Period 1,3 and 5 today.

And tomorrow I have 2,4 and 6.

I let out the heavy sigh, this is it.

I knocked at the classroom's door.

"Come in." the teacher said kindly.

"Ohayo." I greeted him as I gave him the signing sheet.

He took it and told me that he'll give it back to me before the class ends.

"Ohayo, watashi wa Hatake Kakashi-sensei desu. Introduce yourself to the class." he defined himself.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Yamanaka Ino desu." I introduced myself nervously.

"Ino-san, you can seat beside Temari-san." He ordered.

He just said Temari? I knew her! She used to be my playmate when we were kids.

But why she's here? Isn't she supposed to be in college now? I mean she's older than me for like 3 years, don't tell me she flunked. She's still the same, never been serious in studies.

I walk towards the empty seat besides Temari.

"Yo, Ino, ohisashiburi!" Temari said loudly that's why everyone in the class can hear.

"Yeah, ohisashiburi, Temari-san." I smiled at her warmly.

"So you guys know each other? that's good." Sensei complimented on us.

"We used to be playmates before when we were kids." Temari said.

"Okay, enough with this conversation, I have a meeting, so you guys can do whatever you want and don't forget to do your homework for tonight on page 432-435. And Ino-san here's your signing sheet." the sensei said.

The sensei walked off.

"So, Ino, what're you doing here I thought you don't wanna go in exclusive school to hide your identity as a keishi?" she asked harshly, but that's the way she is.

"My oya forced me to go to this school, and I am still planning to hide my identity though and to do that, you should keep your mouth shut." I answered her, annoyed. That's the way we were since we're a kid. We talk harsh to each other but we never get offended.

"What's with that uniform and glasses, Ino? That's like too ugly for you, you look like in late 40s." Temari complimented.

Well I am wearing a 1 inch skirt above the knee. Beat me! I am not a slutty students that has 5-7 inches skirts above the knee. That is too skimpy.

"Thanks for nice compliment." I alleged sarcastically.

What's wrong with my clothes? I am just wearing this school's unform with except my skirt is an inch above the knee. And I actually wearing a contact not glasses but since I need to hide my identity and I need to disguise as a nerdy looking.

"You look like a geek, Ino." Temari insulted me.

I saw three girls coming towards me.

"Oi busu, nice ishou! what's with the baggy skirt?" the cherry head woman told me as she laughed with the other two.

What did she just say? She called me what? a busu?

I stand up in front of her.

"Pardon me, hitai-san?" I said as I grinned at her.

I saw Temari fell off the chair laughing.

"Your just new and your head is already big? What a shame, and I can tell you're just a poor woman that came here because of scholarship." she said harshly with anger in her tone.

"Oh yeah? If my head is big, your hitai is hundred times bigger. So, back off." I answered back.

Temari laugh harder.

"Remember this day, you bitch!" she warned me.

"Fine, I will remember this day and today is 11th of August, 10:23 in the morning, I won't forget that, in fact I am planning to write it on my diary." I affirmed her calmly.

They walked off.

I don't know that there's a lot of people watching us.

"gimme a five, Ino!" Temari shouted as I gave her a 'five'.

"Who is that girl anyway? What did I ever to her?" I asked Temari out of curiosity.

"That's just the way she is, she's mean to every person that she think is 'poor'. But don't worry about her. What's your next period anyway?" she asked back.

"I have an Advanced Placement Calculus next as my elective." I replied looking at my schedule.

"Just hang-out with me during break time, okay?" she said.

I smiled at her.

"Where's Kankurou and Gaara anyway? Are they going in this school?" I inquired fixing my bag.

"Only Gaara, Kankurou's in college." Temari stated.

"Oh I see."

"RIIIINNNNNGGGG!!" the bell rung so loud, it means Nutrition!

Temari and I hoofed towards cafeteria.

"Since it's my first day, it's my treat." I told her.

"Absolutely great!" she exclaimed.

After buying the food, we went into empty table.


The girls gone nuts for unknown reason.

"Temari? What happened?" I asked her, I am confused, obviously.

"It's because of basketball team. Almost all the girls in campus like them." she answered in bored tone.

"why?" I inquired once again.

"It's because they think the basketball players are hot and sexy, something like that." she responded in I-am-not-interested tone.

We finished our food.

"RIIIINNNNNNGGGG!" the bell rung again, signaling the nutrition was over.

We head straight to the GYM.

Banners, balloon and people are everywhere.

and I noticed, cheerleaders too. And guess what?

I saw hitai-san. Well I think she's the captain of cheer leading squad.

After 10 minutes wait, the basketball players entered the court and the women go nuts.

The two teams positioned.

And the referee whistled and throw the ball.

Well it's pretty boring specially the opponent of our school is a total loser.

They can't do anything against number 23.

Temari told me that number 23 is the captain. His last name is Uchiha according to the jersey.

The cheering never stops until the game ended.

The game ended in the score 132 to 37. Our school won obviously.

After that it's lunch, the game lasted for 2 hours.

Temari and I ate with the basketball players, cheer leaders, their strategist named Nara Shikamaru according to Temari, their coach Sarutobi Asuma if I am not mistaken, and with this girl name Karin.

Temari said that Karin is the president of Uchiha Sasuke Fans Club which 92 of girl population in this school were signed in.

And according to Temari, this Karin girl and hitai-san are the biggest rival in this campus because both of them LOVE Sasuke too much that both of them are worshipping him.

Temari and I are here because Gaara-kun invited us to join, since he is one of the player.

"So Temari, who's the girl beside you?" the blond guy with the whiskers asked Temari.

All of the looked at me.

"Oh she's my friend. She used to be my playmate when we were kids along with Gaara." Temari explained.

"" that Sasuke said as he stood up.

"where are you going, Sasuke-kun?" Karin and hitai-san asked unitely.

"Both of you are annoying, I need to get some fresh air." that Sasuke guy said.

After that, Karin and hitai-san get into arguments, blaming each other because Sasuke left.

"Gakusei desu ka? Inuzuka Kiba-sama desu and this is my dog Akamaru desu." the hooded guy stated proudly as his dog barked.

"Hai, gakusei desu. Yamanaka Ino desu, douzo yoroshiku" I replied as my phone rung.

"Excuse me." I said as I stood up and went to quiet place to answer my phone.

"Moshi-moshi? kochira wa Yamanaka Ino desu. " I picked up my phone.

"Moshi-moshi? Kaname-san? What happened? I am fine, yeah, I am at lunch right now, okay, yup, I am just gonna call you later. Bye. Arigato gozaimasu." I hunged up the phone.

I walked up slowly and I didn't notice the rock and guess what? I tripped on it.

"Ouch!"I shouted.

It hurts.. a lot.

My feet IS sprained.

"..are you fine?" a deep voice said as I turned my head to see Uchiha Sasuke.

"Yes, I am fine." I tried to stand up but I just fell off.

Thank goodness, that Sasuke guy caught me.

"You're not fine. I am gonna bring you at the Clinic." he said coldly.

"MATTE!, do you really want your fan-whores hate my guts? They would kill me if they saw us.." I told him

"Lunch was over. All of them are now in their class. No one will see." he stated in stoic voice.

"Fine. But how would you bring me there if I can't walk nor stand?" I canvassed.

"What the heck? You can't carry me in this way. It's.. embarassing." I said vulgary.

"How do you want me to carry you?" he asked, well he's annoyed.

No choice! He carried me in bridal-style! Well, he can't carry me in piggy-back cause I am wearing skirt.

As we got in the Clinic.

This girl called Shizune-san told Sasuke to put me down in the bed.

He did what she said.

"..I am gonna go now to my class." Sasuke said as he turned his back to me.

"Sasuke, right? Arigato for all the trouble." I told him.

"Don't mention it.." was the only thing he said.

He walked off.

Shizune-san giggled.

She's putting some ice on my feet.

"Are you a new gakusei?" she questioned.

I nodded my head.

"You know, you're lucky, you're the first girl he brought here in the clinic." she continued.

"He just helped me. Nothing special." I responded.

"You can't go to your last period, just call your parents or guardian to pick you up since you can't drive with that sprain. But don't worry it would be fine by tomorrow." she said warmly.

I thanked her as a sign of gratitude and called Kaname-san to tell the driver to pick me up.

Afterwards not more than 15 minutes, Kaname-san with the driver picked me up and we drove home.

At home, Kaname-san just let me rest for the whole day.



oya- parents

sayonara- goodbye

Shiawase- good luck

ato- later

Ki o tsukete- take care

sugoi- amazing

kouchou- principal or headmaster

sonkei- respect

raikou- enter

Konnichiwa, Yamanaka Ino desu- Hello, I'm Yamanaka Ino.

Douzo yoroshiku. Tsunade desu- Nice to meet you. I am Tsunade.

Douzo yoroshiku- Nice to meet you.

Uerukamu- welcome

watashi wa Hatake Kakashi-sensei desu- I am teacher Hatake Kakashi

ohisashiburi- long time no see.

keishi- heiress

busu- ugly woman

ishou- outfit

hitai-san- Ms. forehead

Gakusei desu ka- Are you a student?

Inuzuka Kiba-sama desu- I am the great Inuzuka Kiba.

Hai, gakusei desu- Yes, I am a student.

Moshi-moshi? kochira wa Yamanaka Ino desu- Hello? This is Yamanaka Ino.

Moshi-moshi- hello?

MATTE- wait

gakusei- student


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