Itonami no Wakari

Summary: She's the girl that tried to hide her identity. Suddenly, she met him that changed her life completely. And it's him that broke her heart. And after a long 6 years they met again and he put back all the pieces of her broken heart. (SasuIno) No flames and don't forget to review.

Ino's POV

"This would be a good vacation." I heard Temari commented loudly.

I walked out. All of them are looking to me.

Temari followed me.

I heard Temari warned Haruno-baka.

"Haruno, if I were you, watch your mouth."

We entered to our room.

Temari spoke:

"Sugoi! Ino, this room is koudai." (Koudai - Amazing)

"...kind of"

I put back my eye glasses cause it's disguising time again.

"Ino! Dame-yo! Don't put back the glasses." (Dame-yo - You shouldn't do that)

"They're here. I need to do this."

"Wakaranai. Why do you need to hide your real identity? What's so bad to be a keishi?" (Wakaranai - I don't understand, keishi - heiress)

"I wanted to be respect not because I am a keishi, I wanted to be respect because I am."

"Wakatta. But I beg you, don't wear those glasses." (Wakatta - I understand)


I removed my glasses.

"Let's change to bathing suits. They're now swimming in the beach."

I looked outside the window and saw them swimming and some of them are playing beach ball.

I am wearing a purple two-piece with shorts.

And Temari too, she's wearing a yellow swimsuit.

"Temari, we forgot to buy a sun block."

"Yeah. But I think Haruno has a sun block, we can have some sun block from her."

"You're kidding me, over my dead body; I'd rather to have sunburns than to ask her for some sun block."

"I figured that out. I am going to ask Gaara if he brought one."

Temari dialed Gaara's number.

"Oh Gaara, yeah... Onegai... we forgot to buy sun blocks... yeah... what color is your bag? The red one? Oh... okay... what's your room number? 234... fine... Sayonara." (Onegai - please, sayonara - bye)

After she hung up the phone she turned to me and say:

"Gaara has one. Can you get it for me?"

"Why would I get it? You get it."

"But Ino, I need to fix my hair first."


"Gaara's room is...uh...'s on the red bag..."

"Fine I am gonna go now."

I went to second floor and looked for 243.

There it is.

I didn't bother to knock cause I know Gaara wasn't there cause he's outside, playing beach ball.

The door is close but it isn't lock.

I opened the door and entered.

I saw Sasuke lying in the bed while reading.

"Nanda-yo?" He asked me. (Nanda-yo - What do you want?)

And he stared at me like I am a dirty whore.

I looked at myself. I forgot that I am just wearing a two-piece swimsuit with shorts.

"Is this Gaara's room cause I need to get something from his bag?"

"...getting what?"

"A sun block."

"...His room is on the other side."

"This is 243, right?"

"...his room is 234."

I blushed.

"Gomenasai." (Gomenasai - I am sorry)

I was ready to go outside as he stopped me.

I looked at him.

"Nani?" (Nani - What?)

"...We need to study; it's less than a week for the tougi." (tougi - competition)

"Kichigai! I refused." (Kichigai - You are crazy!)

"...You have no choice."

"Yada!" (Yada - no way!)

"...We have to..."

"You didn't bring your calculus books here, did you?"

"...I did."

"Fine but... after 10 problems, I am outta' here."


We started answering those annoying problems.

"Sasuke, what do you have for the third problem?"


"Oh okay. Sasuke?"


"Why are you not having fun with them instead of reading books here... alone?"

"...I need silence."

"You should make me go back to my room first, y'know, I need to at least change my outfit, I am just wearing a swimsuit with short, it's kinda uncomfortable especially I am in guy's room."

"...if I let you, you would run away."

"You didn't trust me, did you?"

"...I do trust no one."

"What did you get for number 10?"


"I got that too... I finished up to 10 problems, can I go now?"


I stood up.

My flip-flops are so slippery that's why I slipped.

Thank God, Sasuke caught me... but he's out of balance that's why I still fell in the floor...with him.

He's on top of me. His right hand is supporting my head.

The door opened, revealing Temari, Haruno-baka and Karin.

All of them were shocked.

"I-ino." Temari started pointing at me.

I noticed that our position is quite awkward. And I blushed so furious.

I pushed Sasuke away.

"Yariman!" Sakura and Karin shouted at me in unison. (Yariman - You whore!)

"Ino what are you doing with Uchiha? Why you guys in the floor? Why not in bed? And you should at least lock the door if you guys are doing something."

"You misunderstood it. I just fell back and he caught me and he was out of balance."

Sasuke is just quiet.

"Honto?" Karin asked with I-don't-in-believe-you tone. (Honto - Really?)

"Sasuke, say something,chikusho!" (chikusho - dammit!)


"Yamanaka, you're a yokuiu-yo!" Haruno-baka exclaimed angrily. (yokuiu-yo - bullshit)

I walked out and Temari followed me.

I went into our room.

"Ino? Daijoubudesu ka?" (Daijoubudesu ka - Are you okay?)

I wiped my tears.

"Daijoubou." (Daijobou - I'm fine)

"I believe in you, don't worry about it."

"Arigato." (Arigato - thank you)

"Did you see Haruno and Karin's expression, it's like it's the end of their world."

Temari laughed.

I just smiled.

"It's dinner y'know. I am so damn starving." she told me.

I nodded and we went downstairs into dining room.

The dining room has a pool on it.

"The foods look delicious." Temari commented.

All of them are on the table already.

Karin and Sakura glaring at me to death.

I took a seat on Sasuke's side because it's the only seat that is available.

"Itadaikimasu!" (Itadaikimasu – It's in Japanese culture to say that word before you eat)

"The food is so yummy." The Chouji guy said.

Well he eats a lot.

While eating I saw someone coming toward us.

I choked my food.

And that someone is my otosan. (Otosan - father)

"Temari, my otosan's here. Tell him that I ain't here."

I whispered to her and she nodded.

I stood up and went in under the table immidiately.

I heard my otosan questioned Temari.

"Temari, where's Ino?"

"Oji-sama, nice to meet you. Ino just left, she's gonna go to the...the other hotel cause...she had figured out that you were here... maybe...maybe you should...leave her alone... cause... she doesn't wanna see you...because of last...night..." Temari said in nervous tone but I can tell she's trying not to be nervous. (Oji-sama - uncle)

"Is that so?"

"Hai..." (Hai - Yes)

"Tell her sumimasen for me..." (sumimasen - sorry)

"I would tell her."

"Domo..." (Domo - Thanks)

I could tell my otosan left.

I revealed myself from hiding under the table.

"Temari, arigatou, if you excuse me, I am gonna go to the room now... I don't feel like eating no more. And I wanna be alone... You can have the whole room, I am gonna take another room."

Temari nodded.

I went to booking section of the resort and asked for another room.

I have new room at the fifth floor.

I tried to sleep but I can't.

I love my otosan, it's just that I don't wanna see him because of what happened last night.

My okaasan, I used to love her but now, I hate her guts completely!

Okaasanthought that I like luxurious thing like she do! (Okaasan - mother)

And okaasan thought that I was her puppet.

I can't sleep.

I looked at the clock and it's 3:30 in the morning.

Maybe nice walk on the beach won't be that bad; that's why I went outside to go to have a walk.

I went to the beach to have some nice walk.

I saw someone sitting in the sand alone.

I walked up to her.

As I getting closer, I figured out it was a guy with long dark brown hair not a woman.

"Why are you up so early?" I asked him.

"Cause I want to."

He's Hyuuga Neji, one of the basketball player. We barely talk.

Actually he barely to anyone.

"Oh okay."

"You own this place, right."

He asked me unexpectedly, well not really, his tone is as if he's stating the fact.

"Are you asking me or your pointing out the fact?"

"Both." He said.

"Learn how to use question mark."

I responded.

"Learn to answer immediately."

He answered.

"How do you know?"

"I have a feeling you're hiding something, Yamanaka."

He told me emphasizing my last name.

"What are you, a psychic?"

"You pretended."

"Pretended what?"

"That you are not a keishi." (keishi – heiress)

"Do I need to tell you why?"

"You're not obliged to."

"You know how to keep a secret, don't you?"

"I am not a big-mouth type person."

"Neji, right? How do you know that I am a keishi?"

"I saw your oya once attended my oji-samas birthday, my oji-sama introduced me to your oyaand when your otosan went here looking for you, I recognized that it's him." (oya - parents, oji-sama - uncle)

"So who's your oji-sama?"

"Hyuuga Hiashi."

"Oh. He's one of my otosan's friend. I thought he's your otosan, you guys look alike a lot."

"My otosama died in plane crash when I was 3. And ojisamas taking care of me, ojisama and otosama were twins."


I said.

"It's not your fault."

I giggled.

"At last, I talked to you,."


"It's fun to be with you. You're funny. Since we're now friends, why don't you get my cell phone number?"

"Achiike-yo." (Achiike-yo -Get lost!)

"Damatte-yo You're so mean, I am just kidding, I am not a type of woman who'll give my cell phone number to a guy. I'll wait for him to ask me." (Damatte-yo - shut up)


He gave me his cell phone.

"Why are you giving me your phone?"

"Store your number."

"What the heck, you really are funny, aren't you? Just a minute ago you said 'get lost' to me when I was kidding about the cell phone number."

I gave him my phone too.

"Neji, you too, store your number, for me to sure that you won't prank call me, I am not answering private calls."

"I am not that kind of low-class person that will prank call you..."

"Shitteru, I was just kidding again. Have you even heard the word joke? Jeez." (Shitteru - I know)

He stood up.

"You're gonna go back to your room?"

I asked. Staring at the beach.

"...Iie..." (Iie - no )

"So where are you going?"

"I am getting something to drink."

"What are you getting?"


"Can you get me one too?"

He nodded and walked up.

"Domo." (Domo - thanks)

"INO! INO! Where are you?" Someone called me loudly.

I figured out it was Temari.

"Temari, I am here!" I waved to her.

She runs towards me.

"Where have you been? I went to your new room and you weren't there, you made me worried a lot."

"I can't sleep so I decided to walk and I saw Neji so I joined up to him and we kind of talked. Sorry for making you worried."

"You're with Hyuuga?"

"Uhuh. Actually he already knows the truth about my identity."


"He knew my otosan. But he told me he won't tell anyone so it's fine."

"Oh okay, where's Hyuuga?"

"Getting something to drink."

"I have something to tell you!" Temari said excitedly.

"What happened?"

"I like someone."

"Who? Tell me!"

"I like Nara! The strategist of the basketball team."

"How? Why? I mean why so sudden?"

"It's because I was looking for you, right? Then I went to your new room in the fifth floor and your door was locked and I was banging the door and the person's in the other room went out because he was annoyed to me because I was banging the door. And I told him I am looking for you and he offered me some help. That's why; he's so sweet even though he's a lazy ass."

"Kami, Temari, calm down, if he's still looking for me? Where's he?" (Kami - God)

"Speaking of him, I don't know. Well maybe, I am going to look for him."

"I am gonna stay here with Neji, okay?"

"Oh sure, jana..." (jana - later)

She said and run off excitedly.

And I saw Neji coming towards me with two coffees.



We sit to the sand.



"Have you ever felt that you rather to be poor but you have a complete and happy family than you are so rich but you have a not-so-good family... which makes you sad?"

He shook his head and said:

"...Try to be happy where you are."

"But Neji, you can't fool yourself."

"...Wakatta..." (Wakatta - I understand)

"I want to get it to the point... let's be friends... after all you knew 'bout my identity..."


"I'll take that as a 'yes'."

I stood up.

"I am gonna go now. Domo. Are you gonna stay here?"


"Where's your room?"


"Oh okay. Sayonara."

I started to walked out to went back to my room.

I entered to the elevator cause I am too lazy to use stairs.

As I am in the elevator, it stopped at 2nd floor.

The elevator opened and Sasuke entered.

Here you go again, an awkward silence because of what happened not so long time ago.

It's fifth floor, the elevator's door opened, as I stepped out he hold my arm.

I looked at him.

"Ge-ge?" I spoke with anger at my voice. (Ge-ge - what?)

"Let's meet tomorrow at my house to study."

"Baka-janai! Don't talk to me anymore! You owe me an apology because of earlier." I said as I jerked off my arm. (Baka- janai - You are stupid!)

I stepped out.

I hate him.

I head on my room.

And slept.

My phone rings...

I looked at my phone.

It's Temari.

I answered the phone call sleepily.

"Moshi-moshi?"... It's early... Yeah... Can I just go there later? Please... I barely slept... yeah... I know... please... fine... yeah. You people are now swimming? Fine..." (Moshi-moshi - Hello?)

I stared at the clock, it's 9:32am.

Sigh. I got up from bed and washed my face and changed my clothes to a tee shirt and short, underneath my clothes are my swimsuits.

I tied my hair leaving some of my bangs.

I went downstairs and head on the beach.

"INO! Ohayo!" Temari shouted as she waved her hands. (Ohayo - Morning!)

I sat down beside Neji.

"Hey, ohayo! Why you're not joining them?" I asked him.


"I know you will grunt."

Not so far away, I saw Sasuke, sipping some coconut juice while reading some book.

I heard Neji spoke:

"You like Uchiha, don't you?"

"I'd rather die. I hate him."

I said as I crossed my arms.

I stood up and went to Gaara.

"Hey, can I borrow your sun block?"

I asked Gaara.


He said as he gave me his sun block.

"Arigato." I said as I went back to Neji.

"Hey! Here!" I throw the sun block to Neji.

"...What's this for?"

"Put some and let's swim."

"...Heck no."

"You will swim."

"...Make me..."

He dared.

"Is that a challenged?"

"...You decide."

I get the sun block from Neji.

I removed my tee shirt revealing my swimsuit in front of Neji.

I put some sun block on me.

"Like it or not you will swim, Hyuuga Neji."

"...I will?"

"Yes. You will."

"Give me a good reason why I will swim."

I removed my hair tie.

"I want you to enjoy this awesome life."

"...Oh yeah?"

"Oh I know why?! The almighty Hyuuga Neji can't swim!"

"...What was that?"

"You can't swim."

"...Are you mocking me, Yamanaka?"

"You think so?"

"...Get lost, Yamanaka."

"Okay, let's play a game."

"...Heh, sure, you choose the game, Yamanaka."

I thought about something that Neji sucks, well he sucks asking a question.

"Fine. I will ask you a question and your answer must be a question too, and vice versa. The first one, who'll answer without a question mark: loses."

"And what are the consequences?"

"If I won, you will swim. If you won, do what you want."


The game begins.

I was the first one:

"Why don't you wanna swim?"

"...Why would you care?"

"Is it bad that I care?"

"...Why don't you swim alone?"

"Maybe, I don't wanna?"

"...Why me?"

"Because maybe I think you're hot?"

"Get Lost!"

"Oh Neji, I won, I was just kidding in the last one. You will swim with me. You have no choice."


"I will see you later. I am gonna ask Temari if she'll come."

I went to Temari, well she's with Shikamaru.

They are alone.

"Temari, wanna swim?" I asked.

She excused me and talk to me privately.

"Ino, Watashitachi-dake-nishite-yo!" (Watashitachi-dake-nishite-yo - Leave us alone.)

"Sumanai. Jana!" (Sumanai -Pardon me, Jana- see you later)

I run off. I am so happy for Temari.

She likes him a lot. Go for it, Temari!

I went back to Neji.

I saw him, half-naked; well he wears shorts up to his knees.



Naruto and Kiba walk towards us.

"Hey Neji, are you going to swim?" Naruto asked, amazed.

"...Isn't it obvious?" Neji replied, annoyed.

"Neji, this is surely miracle." Kiba said, amazed like Naruto.

"Ino, you look so hot with that swimsuit and your hair is down." Naruto complimented.

"Thanks... I guess."

"Naruto, we should tag along with Neji and Ino." Said Kiba.

"Wait, let's ask Sasuke-teme too!" Naruto alleged excitedly. (Teme - Son of a bitch or bastard)

I can't say anything. Hope he won't tag along.

Naruto went to Sasuke and dragged him to us.

"Hey, look teme will come along too..." Naruto said.

Sasuke looked at me.

I spoke out:

"Baka ka... Kochi minai-deyo!" (Baka ka... Kochi minai-deyo - Stupid asshole... don't look at me...)

Naruto and Kiba laughed.

"Wow, Ino, you must be a legend, call Sasuke a stupid asshole… its classic..." Naruto commented.

"Oh wait, Ino here's your credit card; I forgot to give you this." Kiba said to me as he gave me my credit card. (Remember? Look at the last chapter to figure it out.)

"Oh okay."

Sakura and Karin went to us.

"Sasuke-kun, is this whore, still whoring you, huh?" Karin asked.

"Heh, you wish!" I said back.

"Burakumin... back off" Haruno-baka said. (Burakumin - Low class, poor)

I smirked.

"Namaikiiun-janaiyo!" I said and walked out. (Namaikiiun-janaiyo- Don't be so cocky.)

I decided to go home before I beat their shits.

I went back to Temari.

"Temari, we're going home."

"Demo…" (Demo -But)

"No buts! Thanks to Sasuke's fan whores, we will go home early."

"Where are they?!" Temari exclaimed ready to start a fight.

"Ochitsuite! Let's just go." (Ochitsuite – Calm down)


We went to our room and packed our things.

After that we head on to my car and drove off to go home.

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