Zandramas moved through the woods. She had a terrible headache. The alcohol was great for filling the awful emptiness on her heart since her god was gone, but it made her stomach fell as it were filled with rocks. Stumbling, she fell on her knees and threw out all what she had drank, trembling and moaning. When she had nothing more to vomit, she sat back down and wept bitterly. She begged for something, anything to put her out of her misery.

She jumped to her feet and run when something huge and black begun to descend from the sky right. It came plunging from the sky and barreled the trees getting on its way. The sorceress peered from behind the tree where she managed to hide once the noise was over.

Torak was gasping and his convulsing body finally relaxed. The pain was gone. He felt numb. He was dying and the mere thought filled him with sadness and terror.

Zandramas stopped on her tracks when the dragon roused its head and let out a hollow anguished cried. Then its head fell back down and it relaxed. She got close to its head, marveled at the sight of such a creature. Huge scars crossed its body, and yet nothing could have ruined the beauty of its strong body and brilliant red scales. She hesitantly reached with one hand and caressed its neck. The dragon's eye opened and she get closer.

Torak moaned and a cloud of smoke emerged from his beak. The grolim next to him seemed marveled and her eyes were filled with religious love. He was not going to die alone and in some way, the thought made him feel better.

The dragon started whispering and Zandramas; all bemused got closer to its muzzled and allowed the words to fill her mind and heart. It gave one last whispered and breathed no more.

Zandramas laughed, first mildly, then louder.

"Behold!" She screamed to the skies. "A new god shall rise!"