As she sat in her hotel room waiting for the time to pass all she could do was sit there and think about him. Waiting for him to come home, drunk every night and expect her to be his. He treated her like she belonged to him. And all she would do was sit there every night and wait for him to come.

There was nothing she could so about it. She had no more friends; she had no one to rely on anymore. It was just her and him. That's all she had. Every night she would dream about it all being over and not having to be his anymore.

All of a sudden the door swings open violently. There he is just standing there blond hair messed up along with his clothes.

"You bitch!" he screams.

The words just stay in the burned into the back of her mind just like everything in her life.

"I'm in a bad mood and I'm not gonna take your crap tonight," he screamed. "So just be a good little girl and do as I say and maybe it won't hurt as much."

She just sat there in bed hoping and praying that he will leave her alone for one night.

He slams the door shut and slowly walked over to her, his balance affected because of the amount of alcohol he had. As soon as he got over to the bed he grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up.

"Please," she whispered faintly.

"Aw look, it knows how to beg," he said as his hand came across her cheek so hard she didn't know what hit her.

She didn't say anything after that; she knew it would just provoke him more. He smacked her a couple more times until the blood started gushing out of her mouth and nose. It didn't stop from here. At the sight of blood she began to whimper. This made him go after to her even more. He began to punch her in the ribs. Then he smashed her face into the wall. She fell to the floor with great impact. She just lay there on the floor receiving hard kicks to the stomach and ribs. She was finding it hard to breath. Just then he picked up the lamp and smashed it down hard onto her. She felt the little pieces of glass rip into her skin. She was begging to loose conscious when she felt him lift her up and put her on the bed. There he stripped her of her clothes and stripped of his clothes. He began to rape her fiercely.

When everything was done he collapsed on the bed and she just lay there bleeding and in pain. She had no one to save her from him. She had no one to save her from the man who has been causing her all this pain. She has no one to save her from the man they call Edge.

She was broken. The person everyone thought was strong and brave was broken. Lita was broken.