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"A human?!!!!" Emmett's voice was incredulous. Carlisle nodded, his hand gripping Esme's. He motioned towards the room where the human was.

"But that's impossible." I murmured, my eyes trained on the door. Rosalie nodded in agreement. Carlisle shrugged.

"She came to me, saying that the vampire who got her pregnant," I heard Emmett's skeptical snort, "that he had mentioned us before. Something about how we were one of the biggest convent next to the Volturi. She wants help." I looked at Jasper who stood quiet beside me, Alice's hand on his arm; a look of thoughtfulness on his face. Before I could read his thoughts Jasper spoke them.

"She knows so much about our world. She could have only learned it from a Vampire. Her knowledge alone is enough to ensure her death by the Volturi's hands. Even if her tale of pregnancy by her vampire friend is false, we should still protect her from the Volturi's wrath." Jasper had spoken. His thoughts were usually the most insightful next to Carlisle's. We all acquiesced.

"Edward, I wanted you to check her thoughts. See if she is really pregnant by a vampire, even though we have already decided to protect her."

"Okay." I agreed, turning to enter the room.

"Alice, you go with him. The rest of you should go hunting. It won't be easy to have a human this close in proximity to us on such a regular basis." Everyone nodded, separating to do as Carlisle recomended. Alice and I entered the room.

The first thing I noticed was the scent that filled the room. It was so much more fragrant than any human scent I had ever encountered. Delicious… it called to the monster in me, begging me to satisfy the burning thirst in the back of my throat. I stopped just in front of the door. Any closer and the human could have found herself dead. Thanking god for my control, I looked around the room. On the bed sat one of the most beautiful humans I had ever seen. Her face was heart shaped and inexplicably innocent; filled with wide eyes and full lips. My eyes traveled down, taking in the slight bump of her belly; she could only be about two months pregnant. She looked up at Alice and I; a smile spreading across her face. She looks totally unafraid…Alice's thoughts brought me out of my inspection of the girl and reminded me of what I was supposed to be doing. Shaking my head back and forth I quickly searched the room for the human's thoughts. Nothing. I felt my eyes widen. What the hell? Alice, unaware of my plight, took a step toward the Impregnated girl. She's just a child… this was true. She couldn't be older that seventeen and there was a childlike quality in the girls welcoming brown eyes. As if she had seen nothing of the horrors in her world; but according to her, it was quite the opposite.

"Hi! I'm Alice! This is my brother Edward!" I always felt that when Alice spoke I could almost see the exclamation points. The girl smiled at us and stood up, reaching a hand towards Alice. Her scent flew around the room, and I gritted my teeth.

"I'm Bella; Bella Swan." Alice looked at her hand in shock for a few seconds before shaking it. I waited for the surprise to cover the Bella's face as she felt the cold, hard texture of Alice's skin but it never came. Struggling, I tried to penetrate the abyss that was the girl's mind. Still nothing… I had no idea what was going on. Normally I had to block out the thoughts of others to retain some sanity but now, even as I strained to hear her thoughts, Bella's were blocked from me. Alice looked over at me, her eyes showing her surprise at the girl's forwardness before she turned her gaze on Bella's stomach. Bella saw this and smiled.

"I know that you don't believe me. I hardly believed it myself. After all the times James complained that it was impossible for him to have kids I thought that maybe I had been raped by a human in my sleep." She laughed, a gorgeous, tinkling laugh; but there was an edge to it. "But I was perfectly awake when James did that to me." Alice gasped.

"This James, he…" Bella nodded a sad smile on her face. Alice's face was contorted with pity. Even when the thought of a Vampire raping a human was ridiculous, I couldn't help but believe her as Alice seemed to. She had this purity to her. And even when my ability seemed bunged by her mind, all her thoughts could be read through her highly expressive eyes.

"That's horrible." Alice gushed. I nodded. Bella tried to smile bravely at us both, but her bottom lip wobbled.

"I...I know that I may seem like a lying intruder into your life but I…. oh god. I just didn't know what to do. James left and… I've seen his strength; his speed…. If his baby had one hundredth of it there was no way I was fit to raise it alone." She dropped her head to her hands and sat back on the bed. Alice, who had nodded in sympathy throughout Bella's outbreak, moved to comfort the crying girl. I urged to do the same but knew that a step in her direction could cause a lapse in my waning control. Instead, I chose to smile encouragingly at her from afar. She looked up at Alice, who was rubbing an ice cold hand across Bella's back, and smiled embarrassedly at her.

"Oh, I'm so sorry."Bella mumbled. Alice shook her head vehemently.

"I can only imagine what you have been through. I promise you, you are safe here." Bella looked at her reverently. Then she shook her head.

"Thank you so much but…. Well... I didn't come here for my safety. I put no real value on my life. But my baby… I love it already." She laughed; the real thing this time. "I guess it's the whole mother thing. I just want the best for it. That's why I came." Alice grinned at her.

"You have no idea of the honor our family would take in helping you raise your child." Alice giggled in excitement and a picture of a little baby roaming our house flashed through her mind. Bella smiled at her tangible enthusiasm. Then, in an unbelievable movement, Bella hugged Alice. Alice was still for a moment, frozen by shock, before she proceeded to hug Bella back.

"Thank you so much Alice; and you Edward," She looked up at me shyly and then she laughed. "I was so scared when I met Carlisle at the hospital. I had no idea what I would do if he did not believe my story; if he turned me away. And then I was frightened that you wouldn't like me...that you would proclaim me a liar. I had no one else to turn to. But your family… you are the kindest people I have ever met... Thank you so much!" Alice was practically in tears (well not really, as she couldn't cry. None of us could.) And her smile looked about ready to break off her face.

"You are so welcome Bella!" and like that, Bella was welcomed into our family.

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