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Bella had been with us for a month now, enough time for the townsmen to notice her presence and to require an explanation (she was officially Alice's dead brother's wife, come home at last). Esme was quite taken with her. We all were. She made it known that she required no pity, but she wasn't too proud to ask for help. Still, you could see the jealousy when one of us had to open a jar for her (holding it far away to make sure that we didn't catch a whiff of the disgusting human food) or lift a car so that she could get her keys which had fallen under it( her stomach quite prevented her from sliding underneath). What she wouldn't give to not be dependent on us. What she wouldn't give to raise her child by her self. It was obvious that she felt like the intruder, which only added fuel to Rosalie's fire. Okay, I shouldn't say we all liked her. Rosalie still looked at her like scum. But even Emmett had fallen for the cute, fragile human with the unbelievable reactions. Alice was head over heels. As for myself…well, I didn't know how I felt.

Right now we both sat on my couch, her staring at the rug and me gazing at the glass wall on the left side of the room. The rest off the family had gone hunting, leaving me designated babysitter as I had already gone last week with Jasper (he, of course, needed all the hunting he could get with Bella in such close proximity).

"Edward?" I turned quickly away from the window I had been looking out of and looked intently at Bella, taking in her quizzically titled head. I smiled lightly.

"Yes?" She blushed slightly and I steeled myself against an over-stuffed arm. Easier every time I thought as I felt myself relax. Resisting the bloodlust was getting less and less complicated... Now I could stand beside her, and not reach out to grab her neck and suck her dry. No… Now I just wanted to.

"Bella?" I asked when she didn't pose her question. She looked up at me. We had become close over the month. Outsiders usually band together and Bella and I were no different. I knew things about her that probably no one else knew ( like that her favorite color was green, a deep dark green… the color of her mother's eyes… and she would kill to have met her father just once). I also knew that the question she was going to ask was probably personal because she bit her lip the way she always does when she's going to say something uncomfortable.

"Can I ask you a…a personal question of sorts?" she garbled, her face turned towards the tan/gold carpet of my floor. I chuckled under my breath. See?

"Of course." I whispered, staring her in the eyes. She reddened and looked even further down, mumbling something.

"What?" I asked.

"I said it would be a lot easier if you would stop dazzling me." I laughed in earnest remembering the first time she had made this claim. I had been chuckling at her, she had fallen down the steps and into my awaiting arms, and she had yelled at me. Well, tried. Apparently my "dazzling" distracted her from the task.

"Would it be better if I turned around?" I asked jokingly… only to be more amused when she nodded. Doing as she bid me, I turned my body to face the glass panels.

"Okay…Okay, I was wondering…well you know how everybody else has a 'mate'?" I nodded slightly. "Uh, I was… How come you don't?" she rushed. I flipped back around and leaned back to look at the ceiling, thinking.

"I guess it's because I'm complete within myself. There's no one I've met that I would wish to become bonded with on a higher level than sibling, friend or parent wise. I don't think I'll ever meet such a person." I finally murmured.

"Oh." She said, her voice small. It sounded almost as though there was a catch in it… I looked down at her again only to see the tears flowing down her face.

"Bella? Bella…" I asked, horrified. Had I made her cry... why?

"S-ss-orr-y…oh g-od. I'm such a crier. I can't believe I…" she stopped speaking. Tenderly…tentatively…I reached over to wipe the tears off her face. She gasped slightly and looked up at me, her eyes holding all the surprise she felt.

"Bella, honey, why are you crying?" I watched her mouth fall open. Then, shaking herself she answered me.

"I was just thinking about my mom." With a lie. I knew her well enough to be able to tell. She wasn't very good at it. I frowned at her, but let it go as I heard the family pulling into the drive way. Bella struggled to a standing position with my help, careful of her growing belly. Together we walked to the door to greet the family.

Rosalie was the first to walk in, making sure to give poor Bella her customary glare. It was harder today than ever before.

"What's the matter?" asked Bella, seeing Rosalie's extra annoyance as well as I did. Rosalie glared again before saying simply

"We picked up another desolate stray." And then she stomped on to her room. Stray…? Then I saw her. She was a deep brown, almost black, under the normal chalky pallor, like a wet brown stone patted lightly with chalk dust. Her eyes, Deep red with a strange ring of molten silver around them, stood out against a soft delicate face full with voluptuous lips, high cheekbones and a small nose. She was probably the most beautiful vampire I had ever seen and yet in the back of my mind I couldn't help comparing her to Bella. In my eyes Bella had no competition.

I shook myself away from the troubling thoughts and focused my eyes on the "Stray" as the rest of my family filed into the house. She looked around the room her eyes slowly setting on Bella. I saw a familiar urge light in her red orbs and I took a protectoral step in front of the human. Almost in succinct with my movement the light died within the blood colored irises and was reinstated with sorrow.

"I'm sorry." She spoke in a low melodic whisper, the kind that would send shivers up any human male's spine. "I try to repress it but…it's hard at times. I haven't had much practice…and her blood smells so sweet…" Alice patted her back in pity. Eboni wants to convert Edward! Isn't that great?! Alice's mind spoke out. I turned to look at Bella, only to see her eyeing Eboni with suspicious eyes. This did not escape Carlisle's notice. He nodded once to Jasper who proceeded in leading everyone into the living room. I noticed that Bella walked at the back of the procession, as far away from Eboni, who was being dragged to the sofa by Alice, as possible. Standing beside her, I whispered comforting words into her ear.

"You need not fear, you know. I can always protect you." For some reason my words came out less casually than I meant them too. Bella's brown pools met my eyes and she bit her lip. I struggled to keep my mind on her words and not how plump her mouth looked when she did that. Lust! What a…human emotion. As if human feelings were catching.

"It's just I feel as though I have met her before… but I know that If I had ever truly met her I would be sure of it." I nodded in agreement.

"She does seem unforgettable." I murmured, looking at the afore mentioned. Bella eyes bore into mine and then she looked down… but not before I saw a touch of sadness flash across her countenance.

"Yes," she sighed in an almost defeated way, "she is very beautiful." I opened my mouth to explain that it was more the silver rings around her eyes when Carlisle, standing in the middle of the room, spoke.

"Bella and Edward, I'm sorry. I know we owe you an explanation, especially to you Bella." He tried to catch the pregnant girl's eyes but she kept them on the floor. Edward, is she afraid? At Carlisle curiosity I taped into Jasper's thoughts but to my surprise the only emotion coming from Bella was intense sadness. I didn't understand. How frustrating. But I loved her to much to let her suffer, no matter the cause…. Loved her? No No, that just slipped out. I mean that I felt too protectoral of her. I ran what was becoming my motto through my mind again and again… she's human, she's human, SHE'S HUMAN. But for some reason that did not seem like enough to just brush off my uncouth feelings. I cleared my throat, both as a distraction for me and as a way to grab everyone's attention.

"I think we can wait to get the tale tomorrow. It's been a long day and I am sure Bella would like some rest." I said. At this Bella's eyes lifted off the ground and she sent me a bemused look. I felt another curious pair of eyes on me and turned to see Eboni swiveling her disconcerting gaze between Bella and I. Inquisitively, I floated towards her thoughts. Hmmm, he sure seems to cater towards her feelings. I wonder if they are mates. Well as mated as they could be…she is human. Mmmm, she sure smells like it. But if they are mated than how does he feel about the…. for some reason when she noticed my eyes on her, her thinking changed to randomness about the furniture. Almost as if she knew what I could do…had Alice told her? My thoughts on her transition of thoughts kept me from studying the actual subject of said thoughts for which I was grateful. Carlisle, who was staring intently at me with his thinking carefully guarded, finally spoke.

"I feel as though the entire family should know before we retire for the night." Bella glowed at her inclusion in the family and in response happiness at her happiness flowed through me. I didn't know how long I was going to be able to deny what I was feeling. If it was so obvious to an outsider….

"Whatever you would like Carlisle, of course." Bella said, agreeing to Carlisle's option. Upset for some reason I couldn't really comprehend I turned to sit on the couch, unconsciously dragging Bella by the hand with me and sitting her beside me. I ignored the looks that this received and motioned towards Carlisle to start. With a sigh he began.

"Let's make it a long story short. I am sorry Eboni if I do not do your tale justice." Eboni shook her head in a way to show she didn't mind. "Hunting today, we came across Eboni in the forest. Of course we were suspicious, but eventually she explained herself to us. Her past, alike to Jasper's, occurs in the south within the Vampire wars. She is an escaped Hecori." I am sure my face lighted in recognition. Within the wars of the south, as we had learned from Jasper, it was well known knowledge that love was the strongest feeling and that love could make one do the unthinkable. It is also wide knowledge that during the transition from human to undead you automatically attach your heart to whoever requires it of you. While you scream in pain your creator can simply say "Love me and I will make the pain go away" and you agree, you promise to love them….of course. For some reason, promises made during transition ALWAYS come true. Another mystery of our kind. The vampire that comes into creation with the promise of love in their frozen skin is called a Hecori. Treated as the scum of the wars, like the prostitutes in the human society, they were used to carry out major dirty work in as Whorish fashion. And they did it because their love asked it of them. "Eboni became tired of being used and so she escaped. In her indecision of where to go, and she knew she had to distract herself from the thought that she was leaving her love, she remembered something that her trainer had mentioned to her jokingly once. She didn't drink as willingly as the others and he had teased her, asking her if she would rather drink animals like the nature shunning Cullens." At this we all grinned. Well, everyone except for Eboni and Bella.

"And so here I am." Murmured Eboni, taking her story into her own hands. "He never really loved me, I know that. But it is hard to think of anything else but your love for them. I am glad to have thought of your family when I did." She seemed emotionally connected to her words, but for some reason she was thinking of how nice Esme's dress was. How…strange.

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