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SUMMARY- "Evans you know you love me" "Love? Ha I despise everything about you! From you're stupid messy hair to you're dumb eyes to you're stupid Quidditch obsession. I hate you" "Well, you know what they say. Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession" "ARGH!"

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Chapter one

1st of September, 1979

Two muggles were standing outside the barrier, saying their tearful goodbyes to their seventeen year old daughter. Truthfully, they were worried. This was their daughter's last year going back to her school and she didn't seem happy about it. They knew she loved Hogwarts and she couldn't bear being away from it. And who could blame her; she DID live with Petunia Evans who was soon to be a Dursley.

"Bye Lily, we love you and have a great year!" Mrs. Evans said hugging her daughter.

Lily nodded. "I love you too"

"Make sure you behave you're self Lily and be good-"

"Write lots!" her mother said wiping her eyes.

Lily nodded again. "I will, I promise"

"Make us proud and NO boys!" Mr. Evans said and Lily grinned.

"Don't worry dad, I'll be fine"

"Lily I said no boys and that means strictly NO boys"

Lily nodded yet again. "I promise"

Mr. Evans sighed and hugged her. "I am so proud of you sweetheart"

Lily nodded and pulled away wiping her own tear away.

"I know and I love you both so much" she said and her mother hugged her again.

"We'll see you in nine months, promise" her father said and she chuckled.

"Yeah, that seems like a long time"

"Well you better go and find a compartment before they fill up"

"Don't worry about that I'll just share with Jules"

"I'm sure you will" her mother said smiling.

They had their last hugs and Lily watched her parents turn and leave the station and waved when they waved back at her. Lily sighed; she was all on her own now. Or so she thought…


James Potter stood watching a pair of muggles say goodbye to a girl with shoulder length red hair. They looked sad to see her go, and so did the girl. He noticed that the girl was wearing a red t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants. He also saw that she had black dock martins on.

"Make us proud and NO boys" he heard the girl's father say. James smirked. No boys… honestly she was seventeen and she could look after herself! The girl wasn't a baby anymore.

As soon as the muggles left, James made his way over to the girl.

"By no boys is that including me?"


Lily Evans jumped when she heard a familiar voice and turned around. A seventeen year old boy was standing there, wearing a black t-shirt that said; "without ME it's just AWESO" and a pair of grey jeans that fitted him nicely. You could tell he had muscles, they were practically bulging and he was wearing red all stars. His hair was jet black and messy, as always and his hazel eyes were sparkling mischievously from behind his round glasses.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Especially you, Potter"

He grinned. "So did you miss me over the holidays Foxy?"

"No, I didn't and stop calling me that" she replied and he gazed into her emerald green almond shaped eyes. If there was one thing he loved about this girl, it was her eyes. They lit up when she laughed, darkened when she glared and shone when she cried and sparkled when she smiled.

"Well that's too bad because I missed you… Foxy"

"Potter you know I hate that name"

"Yes, I know but I would call you Flower but since Sirius is using it I've decided against it" he said smiling charmingly at her.

"Mhmmm that's nice" Lily said, not listening at all.

"So how was you're summer, love?" he asked taking her trolley which had her trunk and her owl cage on top of it. James glanced at her owl, she was raven coloured and he knew for a fact her name was Midnight.

"Well it was okay I guess. Actually it was horrible. I had to go a WHOLE summer listening to Petunia talk about her boyfriend or fiancé I should say and saying how much she loved him and then there were the phone calls she had with him which I had to endure and oh yeah we fought a lot, I punched her in the nose… the usual and… why am I telling you this?" she asked as they walked over towards the barriers that hid platform nine and three quarters.

"Possibly because I asked you to, and plus it was the only way I could get you to say something NICE to me" James replied smirking.

"You really are infuriating you know that?" Lily asked staring at him.

"Uh, yeah I do. But only because you reminded me for what, the hundredth time?"

"Thousandth actually"


They walked in silence for a few seconds until they stopped and she turned back to look at him.

"You haven't asked me out once, are you feeling alright?" she asked feeling his forehead.

"Why, you miss it?" James asked batting her hand away.

"No, I just feel like saying no to you… again"

He chuckled. "Well you could always say yes, and we could go for a snog, a quickie even and-"

"Ew, stop. You're disturbing me as usual and you're forgetting that I'm not allowed to date boys"

"Daddy's little girl" he said smirking and she hit him on the arm.

"Shut up! I'm not a daddy's girl! I just respect what he says that's all"

"Well you are of age and you don't have to listen to him you know"

"Well I don't care what you think Potter"

"That's okay, I like em feisty" he said and grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"Yuck! You do realize that now I've got a disease don't you?" Lily asked wiping her hand on his shirt.

"Yeah look Evans I can't picture you believing in cooties" James said smirking.

"I wasn't talking about cooties you dumbarse! I was talking about rabies"

James burst out laughing. "You really do amuse me you know that?"

Lily ignored him.

"Are you coming or not? I would leave you here but if you miss the train you'd still have my things so… I'm afraid to say you might go through my personal belongings" she said crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

"By personal belongings you mean knickers right? Why didn't you say so?" he asked and tried to pry open her trunk.

"Stop it! You disgusting pervert!" she said slapping his hands away.

"Relax Foxy I was just joking!" James said rolling his eyes.

"Idiot" Lily muttered and stormed through the barrier without a backwards glance.


"Remus!" Lily said happily as soon as she got into the compartment. A boy with shaggy honey brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes looked up from the book he was reading and grinned. He tossed the book aside and got up.

James put her trunk up into the luggage rack and watched jealously as Lily hugged Remus.

Remus Lupin was both Lily and James' friend. Remus, along with James and two of their other friends were the famous Marauders.

Remus grinned. "Hey Lily! How was you're summer?"

They sat down and James sat opposite them, watching them closely.

"It was as normal as it could possibly be. Petunia… more Petunia oh and even more Petunia"

Remus laughed and James cracked a grin.

"Hey did you know that Lily missed me during the holidays? She was practically pining for me" James said and Lily snorted.

"Yeah right! Only in you're dreams Potter"

"We do a lot of things in my dreams… something's you don't even want to know about"

Lily was so shocked at what he just said that she sat with her mouth hanging open.

But then he laughed and she glared at him.

"That wasn't funny! You mentally scarred me!" she said and he just laughed and Remus joined in until Lily glared at him.

"Boom baby!" said a voice over at the door.

They all looked and saw a boy with short spiky raven coloured hair and mischievous grey eyes. He was a fellow Marauder of course!

"Sirius you ding dong what's with the hair? You cut off you're long hair!"

"I know! I decided on a change you know?"

"Wow! I mean… geez! You loved you're long hair! You used to go crazy even if someone touched it!"

Sirius shrugged, "Ah well. I like it short"

"It looks pretty cool mate" James said and Sirius grinned. He sat down beside James and looked at Lily.

"I saw Jules. She's coming this way. She's kinda cranky"

"What did you do Padfoot?" Remus asked grinning.

"Poor thing! She's had to live with you two all summer and now she has to live with you both at school!" Lily said and Sirius and James smirked.

"Oh come one Evans! I'm her brother! I'm three minutes older! Of course I'll annoy her! And Sirius well… he's just Sirius" James said grinning. Lily rolled her eyes and Sirius said; "That's right Flower".

The door opened and in stalked a tall girl with long jet black hair which was curly and sea blue eyes. She glanced around the room and her eyes met Sirius'.

"You tosser! You made my hair go blue!"

Everyone in the compartment laughed, although Lily made an effort and tried not to.

"It's back to normal now so why are you complaining?" Sirius asked wiping away tears.

"Probably because Alice changed it back for me! You are an utter and complete tosser and I hate you and you will pay for this Black!"

"How many times have you threatened him with payback and he's still waiting!" James said and Sirius nodded in agreement.

"Shut up James!"

"Don't worry Jules, just ignore him!" Lily said smiling.

"Ha Lily you can't talk because you don't ignore him!"

"I do too!" Lily replied and Jules nodded.

"Yeah you do sometimes…"

James rolled his eyes. "Quit talking about me! I am right here!"

"Oh my god, really? I hadn't noticed" Lily replied and James glared at her.

"Lily haven't you got a Prefects meeting to attend to?" Jules asked and Lily sprang up from her seat.

"Oh crap! I do to! I'm not even in my robes yet!" Lily said grabbing them out of her trunk.

"Wow guys, personal stripper alert!" Sirius said and laughed. James punched him on the head and Lily ran out of the compartment and ran down to the female toilets. She got changed in there, ran back out and ran all the way back to the compartment to grab her badge.

She opened her trunk and searched around for it and couldn't find it.

"Dammit! Where the HELL is it?" she asked and then she heard Remus snigger.

She turned around and saw that Sirius was wearing it on his chest.

"HI, my name is Lily Evans and I am you're Head Girl" he said and they all laughed, Lily included.

"Very funny now give it back" she said holding her hand out for it.

He shook his head. "Most of you don't know, but I am truly, madly, deeply in love with James Potter!"

Everyone laughed again, except Lily and she lunged for Sirius but he scrambled out of the way. James stood up and grabbed Sirius, pulled off the badge and handed it to Lily.

She snatched it from him without saying thanks and pinned it to her robes.

"Thank you James" James said and Lily glared at him.

"Oh, no problem Lily. Anytime" James continued and she rolled her eyes.

"Grow up" she said and grabbed Remus by the arm and took him outside of the compartment.

"C'mon Remus! I cannot believe you didn't remind me that we had a meeting!" she said as they continued down the train.

"Uh Lily-"

"Hey guys wait up!" James called and jogged after them after pinning his own badge to his robes.

"What do you want Potter?" Lily asked without sparing him a glance.

"You" he replied and gave her a cheeky grin. She glared at him and stopped in front of the Prefect carriage.

"Shoo now. Remus and I have business to attend to"

She entered the Prefects compartment and James and Remus followed her.

She turned around and saw him standing there.

"I thought I told you get lost!"

"I can't Lily"

"Yes you can now go!"

"The Head Boy has to give the Prefects the orders"

"Stop being a prat Potter! Remus is Head Boy! Remus tell him!"

But Remus took one look at her expression and gulped.

"Remus! Tell him!"

"I can't because he is Head Boy!" Remus managed to say and Lily laughed.

"Remus you butt munch! Tell the truth! Of course you're Head Boy!"

He shook his head.

The Prefects in the room were watching the three curiously and Lily turned to James.

"Potter give him back his badge! How much did you pay him to say that and to wear his badge?" she asked looking at the so mentioned badge that was gleaming on his chest.

He rolled his eyes. "I am Head Boy Evans!"

"No you're not because you can't be!"

"And why not?" James asked, his temper flaring.

"Because I said do! Nobody in their right mind would make you Head Boy!"

James shrugged and grinned. "Maybe Dumbledore was out of his mind when he gave me the position, but none the less, I am Head Boy"

Lily stared at him, slowly beginning to believe it.

Remus wouldn't lie about something like this to her, but WHO the HELL would make JAMES POTTER… the HEAD BOY!!!

She gasped, clapping a hand to her mouth. James grinned.

"James Potter, Head Boy… at you're service" and with that he saluted her and the Prefects laughed, including Remus.

"Grow up Potter!"

"I am! I'm growing up every single day! Every second actually!" he said and everyone laughed again except for Lily.

She glared at him. "Well it doesn't seem like it you egotistical jerk!"

"Now, now Lily you're scaring away the Prefects" he said which was half true; some were moving away from her.

She glared at him and then turned to the Prefects and gave them their orders.

"Anything you'd like to add, Potter?" she asked, practically spitting his name out.

"Yes actually. You see this sexy girl here everyone? Hands off she's mine so back off! Tell you're friends too!" he said pointing at Lily and the Prefects laughed and left.

As soon as the door shut Lily exploded.


The Prefects who foolishly waited to hear her yell out in the corridor fled, and who could blame them?

"No, actually I'm still in my right mind" James replied.


James smirked.


James winced. Maybe winding her up wasn't such a good idea.

"Lily-" Remus started and she turned on him and glared.

"YOU LIED TO ME REMUS!" She shouted and he winced.

"He wanted to tell you but I told him not to because I wanted to surprise you so… surprise" James said and Lily's face went even redder.


"I tried but you didn't let me get a word in" Remus said truthfully.







"It's called 'bitch' James" Remus said cutting in but the two ignored him.


Lily gasped. "I am not!"

"Are too! If I say you are then you are!"

"Well I'm not!"

"Well you are!"



"SHUT UP!!!" Remus yelled and glared at them.

"God! What is wrong with you two? You's will have to work with each other this year and no one wants to hear you're pathetic little shouting matches! Who cares? James is Head Boy so what? James don't stir her up! Just learn to WORK TOGETHER AND COOPERATE!" And with that Remus opened the door and left slamming it shut.

Lily and James looked at each other, feeling guilty.

"Sorry" they both mumbled and walked out, following Remus down to their compartment not speaking to each other the whole way.

People came out of their hiding spots and watched the two enter the compartment and then they all left to go tell their friends that it was safe.


Lily stared out of the train window. It was raining, little droplets of water coming down on the windows hard. No one spoke much, Remus read his book and Sirius and Jules were playing thumb wars silently. Peter Pettigrew, who was the last Marauder was sitting on his seat twiddling his thumbs.

James sat opposite her and was drawing something that she couldn't see. His legs were hunched up against his chest and his drawing pad was resting on his legs. Every once in a while he would look up at Lily and then go back to his drawing.

Lily's face was resting against the cold glass, hoping the train ride wouldn't last much longer.


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