Love Me or Hate Me it's still an Obsession!

Author; LilyHeartsJames

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The Last Chapter; EIGHT

James Justin Potter was sitting up in his bed reading the Daily Prophet and had a cup of coffee in his hand, positioned close to his mouth because he was about to drink it when he found something interesting.

Okay, maybe not interesting but something worth reading.

'Hey Foxy did you know that some Death Eaters have been caught?'

Lily Alexis 'Foxy' Evans stuck hr head out of the bathroom door and frowned. She had just had a shower and had a towel wrapped around her.

'No I didn't' she said walking in and James looked at her and almost gaped but Lily rolled her eyes when she saw him blush.

'Okay maybe it was a bad idea to come in here draped in only a towel where of course you would undress me with you're bloody eyes' she said turning around.

'No I wasn't-'

Lily closed the bathroom door and he sighed.

He wasn't really undressing her with his eyes as she had thought, he was just wondering whether she ever realized that she looked incredibly sexy draped in a towel with her hair sopping wet.

James shook his head and scolded at himself to get a grip. His eyes went back to the paper and started to read it further when there was a knock on his door and he looked up frowning.

'Er Foxy you know if you want to come in you can just come in… you don't need to knock'

The door opened and James dropped his paper.

Sirius was standing there look a bit uncomfortable.

'Hey' he aid weakly and James raised an eyebrow.

'Are you going to drink that coffee before it gets cold or not?' Sirius asked awkwardly.

James looked at his forgotten cup that was still in the air ready to go down his throat and then he skulled it.

Before James could say anything Lily walked in from the bathroom, fully dressed this time.

'Hey I was just wondering about those Death… Eaters' Lily stood there awkwardly as she saw Sirius standing there.

'A few went to Azkaban, a few gave the Ministry information and then went into hiding and some got away' James told her and she nodded.

'Okay… well I think I'll um… just go hide the knives'

She walked past Sirius out into the kitchen and he shook his head. Lily stood behind Sirius mouthing something to James who raised an eyebrow and Sirius turned around and Lily ran back into the kitchen, mumbling something about how she couldn't find the orange juice when it was actually on the counter.

Sirius turned back to James and said; 'Prongs I'm sorry'

James sighed and closed his eyes.

'We didn't mean for you to find out like that…'

James stood up and stared at him. 'I'm sure you didn't'

Sirius sighed and closed the door.

'I really am sorry… that we didn't tell you. We were going to today actually… but last night happened and-'

'Look Sirius I don't care anymore… okay so maybe I do I just…'

'What?' Sirius asked as he sat on the bed and James sat beside him.

'I guess I'm a little… jealous'

'Oh… look mate I'm not into that sort of thing but-'

'Smart arse… No I mean… I'm afraid that you'll forget about me and we won't hand out like we used to and stuff…'

'Are you crazy? You must be out of you're mind!'

James blushed a bit.

'James… you're my best mate! My brother even! You've been there for me through everything! You helped me get away from the loonies who called themselves my family! You helped me get a real family!'

James grinned. 'Okay I forgive you but… do you think you ask for my permission?'

Sirius rolled his eyes. 'Can I please date you're little baby sister?'

'Yeah okay, but on two conditions'


'You can't snog in front of me'

'Okay! I mean… thought you were into watching that sort of stuff…'

'Ha ha, funny. And number two… the four of us have to hang out in Hogsmeade together for awhile and then we can go off and do our own things with whoever we want'

'Deal. And erm… is you're person going to be Evans?'

'Maybe… maybe not' James said slyly.

Sirius shook his head and held out his fist. 'Bros over Hoes?'

James laughed. 'Yeah'

They bumped fists and then stood up and walked out into the kitchen where Lily was sitting there looking bored.

'Okay please tell me you's have made up and Sirius is allowed to date my best friend'

'Yep… and er… yep' James answered and she grinned.

'Okay but first Sirius needs my permission'

They laughed and Sirius looked at her.

'Can I-'

'Yeah I guess. But if you break her heart then I'll break you're penis'

Sirius laughed and then froze.

'Er… what?'

'Just joking' Lily replied pinching his cheeks and then skipped ahead out of the Dormitory.

'Dude she's freaky!' Sirius said walking out after her and James just laughed.

'Yeah I agree with you there… mate'

Sirius grinned and they walked out together, talking about the up coming Quidditch match.


'Jules! Jules!' James hurried after her in the hallway and she stopped and glared at him.


'I'm sorry'

'That's nice to know' she snapped and stalked off.


James felt a hand on his arm and he turned and saw Lily standing there.

'It'll be okay. I'll explain it to her for you and then everything will be better'

He smiled. 'Thanks Foxy. But I think this is something I've got to do'

Lily smiled and shrugged. 'I can't even give her a tiny hint?'

James laughed.

'C'mon Miss Evans I'll walk you to breakfast'

Lily grinned and they walked off towards the Great Hall.


'After you' James said stepping back and opening the door for her.

'Thank you' she said as she walked in and James followed her down towards the table where their friends sat. Jules was sitting apart from them and Lily stopped to talk to the other three and said hi and then walked over to Jules. She sat down opposite her and glanced at James and saw him watching her.

She looked at Jules who had her head down and was reading a magazine.

'Hey buddy' she said softly and Jules looked up and offered her a small smile.

'How… er are you okay?'

Jules sighed and closed her eyes.

'I don't want you to talk to James'

Lily laughed and then paused.

'Oh you're being serious…'

'Yes. Besides it doesn't matter does it? I mean you hate him'

Lily stared at her, and nodded.

'Um… yeah I do' she said softly and then glanced at him.

James was eating toast and laughed at something Remus said and then saw Peter smile. Sirius chucked a bit of toast at Remus and the boys burst out laughing.

'Lily… Lily… Lily!'

Lily turned and looked at her friend who was watching her closely.

'Come on… let's go to Hogsmeade'

Lily nodded, 'We'll have to wait out by the doors for ten minutes'

Jules shrugged and got up and Lily followed suit. She walked off and Lily followed her. When she past the boys she made eye contact with all of them except James who grabbed her arms.

'Where are you going?'


'LILY!' Jules was glaring at her from the doors and Lily sighed.

'I'm sorry I have to go' she broke out of his grasp and turned and walked over to Jules who said something to her and Lily nodded and said something back and then they left. James glanced at Remus who was also frowning.

'Probably girl talk or something' Sirius said shrugging.

'I don't think so' James said more to himself then the others.


It was beginning to get colder and colder by the minute and Lily pulled the scarf tighter around her neck as she and Jules walked around the aisles in Honeydukes looking for sweets, or in Lily's case, chocolate.

She hadn't expected to be tapped on the shoulder quite so suddenly.

She turned around and saw James standing there and he too was wearing a scarf.

'Hey' he said smiling and she returned the smile.

'What are you looking for?'

'It's Honeydukes James… you know, a sweet shop?'

James laughed and said; 'I had no idea. What I meant for is what are you looking for exactly?'


'Ah… I thought so'

Lily smiled and turned back to look at all the sweets when she suddenly sneezed.

'Bless you' James said taking her by surprise.



'You' she said turning back to look at him.

He grinned when Jules suddenly called her name just as he was about to say something.

'Sorry I have to go' Lily said and started to walk off when James said; 'she doesn't want you to talk to me does she?'

Lily turned back and frowned.

'No! Of course not!'

James cocked an eyebrow.

'You're not a very good liar you know'

Lily nodded. 'I know'

'Well… I guess you'd better go see what she wants and I'll see you around'

Lily nodded and he turned to go but she grabbed his arm.

'James… I'm sorry. I'll see you later' he shrugged and left the store and she went over to Jules.

'I thought I told you not to talk to him'

'I'm sorry… but he started talking to me and-'

'Lily… it's not that hard to do. The next time he tries to talk to you just ignore him, or walk away'

Lily nodded and Jules picked up a jar of cockroach cluster.

'What do you think of this? It's new'

Lily shrugged. 'I wouldn't eat it'

Jules watched her for a minute but then moved on to the next row.


'Hi Rosmerta! Could I please get two Butterbeers?'

The barmaid smiled and nodded and grabbed what she ordered.

Lily handed Rosmerta the money and grabbed the bottles and turned and nearly screamed.

James was standing there and he smiled at her.


She nodded at him and closed her eyes.

'Lily, are you okay?'

'I'm fine! Why wouldn't I be?' she started to leave but James grabbed her arm.


'I've got to go'

She broke out of his grasp and walked off over to Jules without looking back and Jules smiled at her.

'You see? It's not that hard' Lily passed her the Butterbeer and then sat down with her back to where the Marauders sat.

Lily started to drink her drink when Regulus Black caught her eye. He was looking annoyed as Snape and a few others sat there talking to him in hushed voices and she rolled her eyes.

'What happened on you're "date" with Regulus?'

Jules looked at her curiously. 'Well…'

- Flashback

Jules went and sat down at a table in the Great Hall. It had been transformed. It no longer had a podium and crowds of people, it just had small tables for two every where. The tables were obviously accompanied by chairs.

Five minutes had almost passed when Regulus Black walked up to her and looked a bit nervous and apprehensive.

'Hi' Jules said and smiled.

'Hi…' Regulus sat down opposite her and they looked at each other for a bit until-

'Why did you bid on me?'

Jules looked a bit uncomfortable and then said; 'it was a joke…'

Regulus's face saddened and then she said; 'I'm sorry I was just trying to annoy Sirius. I didn't think I'd end up going on a date with you and-'

'Look if I'm wasting you're night then we can just leave and forget about it'

Jules shook her head. 'No, no it's fineHonestly'

He stared at her for awhile without saying anything.

Jules watched him a realized that he looked remarkably like Sirius. Except Regulus's hair was long, and Sirius had cut his. The reason he got it cut was because he didn't want to look like his brother anymore then he already did.

Regulus's eyes weren't the happy and bright grey like Sirius's were, they were more cold and sharp.

'So what do you want to talk about?' Jules asked and he shrugged.

'How's Sirius?'

Jules frowned. 'He's fine. He's really, really happy'

Regulus's face tightened. 'Right'

'What abut you? Why do you stay?' Jules asked curiously.

'I'm only fifteen'


'And I'm not a blood traitor like Sirius. And besides… I have no where to go'

Jules pitied him and then he added; 'I don't want to leave anyway. They treat me better then they used to. When Sirius was living with us he was treated as if he was the king. But then again he was the heir. Mother and Father ignored me. But when Sirius got into Gryffindor and started hanging out with blood traitors and half breeds and Mudbloods they decided he wasn't going to be good enough and so they started favouring me. Giving me everything thing they gave him'

Jules watched him carefully.

'But I do want to get out. I want to leave. I… I want to get away but I'm only friends with the type of people that are like my parents. And they've already lost one son; they wouldn't want to lose another'

'Why did you just tell me all that?'

'Sometimes it's easier telling one person instead of you're whole world. But you cannot breathe a word to anyone about what I told you just now, not even my brother'

'I won't… I promise'

Regulus nodded and ordered a glass of water and Jules ordered a Butterbeer.

'You could come stay with us'

Regulus shook his head. 'I can't'

Jules and Regulus looked at each other and she smiled at him, and he only half returned it.

-End of flashback

'So what did you guys talk about?' Lily asked and Jules glanced at Regulus who was watching them closely.

'Nothing much. Just how he likes being in Slytherin' she lied and Lily nodded, although she knew it wasn't the truth. Lily saw James walking over to the bathroom and looked over at them and caught her eye but hurried off.


'Hey Jules! I haven't spoken to you in awhile'

They looked up and saw Jacob Wood standing there, smirking.

'Wood. What do you want?' Jules asked and he slid into the seat next to her.

'I just wanted a word with you' he glanced at Lily but she sat glued to her seat, arms folded and glaring at him.

'Anything you say to me can be said in front of Lily'

He sighed, annoyed.

Lily took a sip of her Butterbeer and he said; 'I miss you. I want to be with you again'

Lily snorted, 'what did you're girlfriend dump you?'

He glared at her and she returned the look.

'I'm sorry I hurt you. I was a prick and I'm sorry'

Lily rolled her eyes.

'You're out of you're league don't you think?' said a voice behind Lily and she turned around to see Sirius, Remus and Peter standing there watching them.

Wood stood up and stared at Sirius.

'No, but you definitely are. Don't you date Purebloods?'

'Unless you're incredibly ignorant you should know that Jules is a Pureblood. Not that it worries me'

Lily smiled.

'I meant the ones that only care about blood… you know the ones in Slytherin'

'Well Jakie-poo you can't exactly say much because you slept with one' James said when he reached them.

Wood glared at him.

'I came to talk to Jules, now if you don't mind-'

'Talk to her, or get into her pants?' Remus asked and Wood frowned.

'Talk to her'

'That's a first' Sirius muttered.

Lily smirked.

'Well Jules, what do you say? Wanna give me another chance?'

Jules raised her eyebrows. 'No I don't'

Wood stood there looking disgruntled.

'Lily… what about you? Want to give me a chance?'

'Hmmm… let me think about that one' Lily said in mock thought.

'Okay so I thought about it' she said after a few seconds.

Wood grinned at her.

'That's great! I knew you'd say-'

'No. I don't want to give you a chance' Lily said and the others roared with laughter at Wood's red face.

'Why not?'

'Because I can do better' Lily told him.

He snorted, 'better? Like who, Potter?'

'I'd rather date him then you. Incase you haven't noticed he doesn't go around pressuring girls into having sex with him and then try to get one of those girls to go out with him after he hasn't talked to her in weeks and then when she rejects him he wouldn't ask out her best friend right in front of her after telling her how sorry he is'

Everyone stared at her, but none of them looked happier then James.

'Fine. I don't need you anyway'

'Likewise' Lily said and he stalked off and slammed the door.

Jules stared at her.

'Wow Lily! You sure showed him!'

Lily grinned at her.

'At least he's gone that's the main thing'

She laughed and high fived her.

'Would you ladies care to join us at our table?' Sirius asked and Lily looked at Jules who looked uncomfortable.

But before Jules could say no, James said; 'Sure they do!' he smiled at Jules and then he said; 'We'll be over in a few minutes. You guys go warm up the seats'

Lily shrugged and then got up and followed the other guys over to their table.

'Jules I'm really, really sorry'

She looked at him and shrugged.

'If you want to date Sirius then you can. I just… don't want to see you two snog in front of me okay?'

Jules rolled her eyes. 'Come here you over protective walnut' and he laughed and pulled her into a tight hug.

'At least they're back on good terms' Remus muttered and Peter nodded.

'I thought they'd never put aside their disagreement' Peter added and Lily glanced at Sirius who smiled at her.

'So Lily, when are you and James gonna get you're act together?'

'I'll get the drinks' Lily replied and got up and went over to the bar and not noticing Remus following her.

'Six Butterbeers this time please Rosmerta' the barmaid laughed and said; 'you on drink duty Lily?'

Lily smiled. 'The only way to get around awkward questions'

Rosmerta smiled and passed her the drinks and as Lily was about to pay she said they were on the house and left before Lily could protest.

'Need help?' Remus asked grabbing three bottles and Lily grabbed the other three.

'Let me guess, you came over to teach me a valuable lesson?'

Remus smiled at her.

'How long have you liked James for?'

Lily's jaw hit the floor.

'What? I don't like like him in that way just as a friend that's all'

'Right. Well you have to tell him someday otherwise you might not get another chance' he smiled and walked off in front of her and she stared at him as she followed.


It was absurd!

How could she like James? True she liked him as a friend but… like, like?

She glanced at James who was drinking his Butterbeer and listening to Peter tell him about what he was doing for Christmas.

He caught her eye and winked, and surprisingly her heart began beating much, much faster. She couldn't look away, his eyes were enchanting somehow and now her heart was thumping against her chest and she wasn't sure whether they were hearing and just ignoring it or if they could hear it at all.

Lily forced herself to look away, so with an effort she tore her eyes away and looked around.

She saw Remus smirking at her and Jules and Sirius were sitting closely and were talking to each other quietly.

She looked back at Remus who raised an eyebrow and said; 'Something bothering you Lily?'

That sly… werewolf! He had done this deliberately! He knew exactly what she was thinking about and it was because of him that she was even thinking about it in the first place!

'Remus can I talk to you?'

He shrugged and together they stood and left the table.

She grabbed his arm and dragged him away over to a more private area. She saw James watching them suspiciously.


'Why what?' Remus asked frowning.

'Don't play dumb with me Remus Phillip Lupin! You know exactly what I'm talking about!'

'Oh! Did you want to borrow some money?'

'No I did not and you know that! You know very well what I dragged you over here for!'

'Lily I'm not into you in that way I'm sorry'

'If I didn't know that you were joking I'd slap you right now! Why did you have to go and say that?'

'Say what?'

She glared at him.

'Say that I like James Potter!'

'Because you're in denial'

'DENIAL? What the hell are you smoking? I'm not in denial about anything!'

'You were staring at him'


'So why would you stare at him the way you were if you don't like him?'

'I wasn't staring at him'

'You admitted it'

Lily groaned. 'Okay maybe I was staring at him but what does that-'

'You were looking at him as if you were seeing him for the first time as who he really is'

'Excuse me?'

'Lily why can't you admit that you like him?'

'Because I don't like him! He's just a friend!'

'Oh. Well I guess that's a good thing because he's going out with Sabrina Clearwater from Ravenclaw later'

'He's what?' Lily asked angrily.

'He's going out with Sabrina Clearwater… you know the Prefect from Ravenclaw?'

'I thought he liked me'

'Yeah so did I'

Lily stared at him.

'You mean he doesn't like me anymore?'

Remus smirked. 'Why do you care?'

Lily stared at him. 'I don't! I'm just… surprised that's all'

'Oh… right. You like him don't you?'

'No I don't'

'But you're jealous'

'I am not!'

'You like like him don't you?'

'No I definitely do NOT like him!'

'Okay, if you say so. But heads up, the person that you supposedly don't like like is coming over'

'What?" Lily asked turning and saw James walking over.

'Have fun' Remus muttered slyly walking off.

He past James and winked at him which James found pretty odd.

'Okay so obviously Butterbeer is too strong for our friend Remus and we shouldn't let him near it' James said stopping beside Lily who just looked at him.

He smiled at her.

'Are you okay? You look pale'

'Are you going out with Sabrina Clearwater?'

James frowned. 'The Prefect from Ravenclaw? No, why?'

Lily frowned and ten glared at Remus who smiled and waved at her.

'Stupid Lupin' she muttered darkly.

'Lily? Is everything okay?'

'Yeah… except Lupin'


'He told me you were going out with her. Anyway it doesn't matter'

'Okay if you insist. Are you going to come back and sit down?'

'Nah I think I'll sit at the bar'

'What else did Remus say?' James asked looking worried.

'Nothing. I just feel like sitting there. You can go and sit with them if you-'

'It's okay, I'll sit with you'

She smiled. 'Okay'


Lily burst out laughing at the joke James had just told her.

'That was good! Tell me another one!'

James shrugged, 'This is one Sirius told me. There are these three frogs and they all get arrested. The first frog goes to court and the judge says; 'what have you done?' and the frog said 'I was blowing bubbles' and the next frog comes in and the judge asks him what he's done and he says; 'I was blowing bubbles' so when the next frog comes in the judge says; 'Let me guess you were blowing bubbles too?' and the third frog says; 'No I am bubbles'

Lily sat there and laughed. 'Geez where does Sirius get this stuff from?'

'Joke books' he said as Lily wiped tears of laughter away.

He smiled at her and she smiled back.

'So do you know any good jokes?'

Lily shook her head. 'Sadly no'

He smiled at her and she smiled back.

James loved Lily's smile. He had loved it since the first time he had ever met her. She had dimples in her cheeks and he thought they were gorgeous.

'You have a nice smile you know'

Lily blushed and he grinned.


'I like you the way you are Lily so please don't change'

Lily stared at him. 'I won't I promise'

He winked. 'You'd better not. Otherwise I'll have to kick you to the moon and back'

She laughed. 'Right as if you'd ever do that'

He smiled. 'True'


'So Lily… interested in anyone at the moment?'

Lily raised her eyebrows. Her and Jules were sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room and the boys were sitting on the floor in front of the fire.

'No I'm not. What about you?'

Jules stuck her tongue out at her and they laughed.

Sirius stood up and walked over to Jules and sat on the arm rest of her chair.

She grabbed his arm pulled him onto her lap and wrapped her arms around his waist and he laughed.

Lily smiled and got up and took Sirius's spot on the floor next to Remus and James.

'So James interested in anyone at the moment?' Remus asked him and James glanced at the red head for a brief second before saying 'No. No one'

Lily watched him as he stared at the fire and felt a stabbing pain in her chest.

So it was true, he didn't like her anymore. At least Remus got one thing right.

'Actually I was thinking of asking out Sabrina Clearwater, you know, the Prefect from Ravenclaw'

Remus nodded slowly whilst watching Lily closely.

'What about you Remus? Interested in anyone?' Peter asked and Remus shook his head.

'Nope. You?"

'Actually there's this girl in Hufflepuff…'

Peter went off into a rant but James wasn't listening.

He had heard Lily when Jules asked her if she was interested in anyone and her answer had been no. So of course he had said no. If Lily didn't like him then he shouldn't say he liked her. She would probably laugh at him and that would hurt too much.


James Justin Potter loved sitting outside in the grounds late at night. He sat underneath the beech tree, and was drawing the half moon reflected in the lake. He had just begun to draw the ripples in the water when a drop of water hit the back of his neck. He looked up and sighed. He put his drawing pad and his pencil back into his bag and got up and put a protective charm around it. He however went and sat back where he had been sitting and looked at the droplets of rain fall out of the sky and land in the lake.

It was when the thunder struck that he jumped. He hadn't been ready for it, and even though he sat and watched the lightening flash across the sky he couldn't help but wonder why Lily was afraid of it.

It was beautiful. A yellow bolt of lightening streaking across the sky and then the crashes of thunder…

He could hear footsteps and as he looked around he could see a blur of red making its way over to him.

Lily Evans was soaked and as she neared him shouted; 'are you crazy?'

James said nothing as she came and sat beside him.

'Why are you out here sitting in the rain? There's lightening and thunder!' They had to shout over the thunder and rain hitting the ground.

James just shrugged. 'Why are you?'

Lily couldn't help but smile.

'I was looking for you actually because you weren't anywhere in the castle. So I looked out the window and saw you out here and decided to join you'

He nodded and they looked out at the lake.

More thunder and lightening struck and James saw Lily jump.

'Let me ask you something. If you're so scared of it then why are you out here?'

Lily took a moment to answer.

'Because when I'm with you I feel safe'

James looked over at her, surprised.


Lily looked at him as well and said; 'I don't know. I just… feel safe because I know you'd protect me no matter what'

He couldn't help but smile.

'I actually thought you were off snogging "Sabrina" in a broom cupboard'

His smile faded. 'Did that thought bother you?'

'Surprisingly yes'

James's eyes widened and she blushed. Even in the rain you could tell her cheeks were a rosy red.

'And why's that?'

'Because all day I've been fighting something. Although actually I think I've been fighting something for awhile. But Remus helped me realize what it was. And I found out that I care about you'

James frowned at her. 'And you only just figured that out now?' she could see he looked hurt.

'Jesus Christ! Okay I lied! I found out that I like you. A lot'

James was grinning from ear to ear now and Lily was blushing worse then ever.

Rain was pouring down on them but neither noticed. They were both soaked to the bone.

'Okay listen. If we sit out here any longer we'll get pneumonia so-'

Lily was cut off as James pressed a finger to her lips.

She frowned. 'Er what are you-'

'Can I kiss you?' he asked and she stared at him.

'You've kissed me so many times and didn't bother asking me and now you're asking?'

'Well if you don't want me to-'

'Of course I bloody want you to I was just saying that… mmmmpf!'

Lily closed her eyes as James's lips against hers gave her some sort of warmth in the cold rain.

They sat there, ignoring everything around them until-

'OI! Yer two! What the hell are yer doin? Yer's will get sick!'

James waved Hagrid, the Game Keeper away and he shook his bushy beard.

'Oi! This aint a bloody good time fer this stuff! Yer to get back ter the castle and-'

But Hagrid was stopped by a silencing charm from Remus who was standing there with Sirius, Jules and Peter, all under a humungous umbrella.

Hagrid looked at them and Remus lifted it.

'I say we go to you're cabin and have a cup of tea while these two er… finish off' Remus suggested and Hagrid smiled, even though you couldn't see it you could tell.

'Ah well it is abou' time don' yer think?'

'Yeah, we think so too' Sirius said as they all walked towards the Game Keeper's cabin, Sirius and Jules holding hands and Remus, Peter and Hagrid in the lead.

Lily pulled away from James and smiled.

'That felt good'

James laughed.

'Yeah that definitely topped all those other kisses'

She nodded in agreement and they sat in silence for awhile.

'Go out with me Evans'

Lily smirked.

'If you insist'

'Oh trust me, I am insisting'

James pulled Lily closer to him and kissed her head.

'Any chance of that broom closet offer?' Lily asked shocking him completely.

'Any chance of some more making out in the rain?' James asked and she grinned and shrugged.

'I guess I can squeeze you into my tight schedule. I have to meet Wood in half an hour'

'I don't think you'll be seeing anyone but me Foxy'

Lily sighed. 'How unlucky'

'Shut up and kiss me you fox'

So she did.


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