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It wasn't that Dean had forgotten, that he didn't know. It was just that he hadn't given it any thought. Not right then. He couldn't have, not while icy tendrils of terror slipped over him at the thought of Sam dropping dead in an empty field while he slept miles away.

He gave it thought now, though. It horrified him a bit - caused a chill deep in his gut, one that didn't spread, but just sat there, heavy and still, reminding him.

There had been a girl inside that demon.

A girl that Sam had killed.

A girl that he'd spared half a seconds thought to when Sam confessed that he'd killed the Crossroads Demon. A girl whose name they didn't know, whose family had probably been sound asleep miles away when she had dropped dead in an empty field.

He had needed to save Sam. It was the only thing he could do. Dean had known for a long time that the things he was willing to do for his family could span the entire spectrum of right and wrong, known it could lead him down dark paths – and had accepted it as a necessary thing. It plagued him if he slowed down long enough to think about it, and tormented him if he let it.

So he didn't.

He kept his thoughts away from that, and glossed over the things that had to be done to keep his family safe.

And somewhere along the line he'd realized that Sam would too, recognized that his little brother was willing to span that same spectrum, willing to gloss over the things that had to be done to keep his family safe.

Sam was going to save him, he'd made that vow to Dean. It was a promise that terrified him; he knew that somehow his brother would keep it. Somehow Sam would save him, because their Dad hadn't raised men who didn't follow through on their word.

Sam would save him. He would research day and night and he would deceive the world at large if he had to, he would summon a dozen demons and kill trapped girls if he had to – he would save his brother no matter what it took.

Dean knew that, knew he would do the same for Sam.

And he knew that they would both gloss over what they would have to become in the process.