Author's Note: Yes, yet another One-shot by Unwritten. I'm mainly writing these for breaks from AIT, which, along with random AMVs I'm making, help me clear my mind to write it faster. It's a way to get random plot bunnies out of the clutter that is my mind so I can focus on the bigger story. Anyhow, this was written in about a half-hour and was an idea I got from reading Naruto and Sasuke's interactions after the time-skip, and wondering what the hell would hurt Sasuke the most. This is what I came up with. Enjoy minna.


Uchiha Sasuke wasn't surprised that the blonde had managed to sneak up on him. If there was one thing to be said about Uzumaki Naruto, it was that the demon-container could learn things faster than anyone he knew. It had been seven years since his defection – Naruto was accomplished at stealth now, sometimes even more so than Sasuke himself.

"Sasuke," Naruto's voice, Sasuke noticed warily, wasn't the same. It was deeper, somehow, and had a dangerous edge to it that had the blonde had never had in his presence. Somehow that made a part of his heart he had thought dead squeeze in pain. Sasuke pushed the emotion into the back of his head with a mental scowl – he had gotten rid of those ties a long, long time ago. Now was not the time for foolish softness.

He looked up and raised his eyebrows when he saw his one time friend. Naruto looked like he'd recently returned from battle – his long sleeved dark gray shirt and cargo pants were splattered with blood, and his sunshine blonde hair was matted with the same, as well as mud and grime. He had a long katana in his hand, and the edges were still dirty – an unusual mistake from Naruto, who had always shown such care for his weapons. Sasuke frowned.

"You come to persuade me again?" he asked indifferently, red eyes locked with exotic blue. Naruto gave him a strange smile.


Sasuke raised an eyebrow, surprised. Had the dobe finally gotten a clue?

"I came to tell you something important," Sasuke frowned at the edge that was still persistent in Naruto's voice. "Itachi is dead."

Silence was the best way to describe the next moment. Pure and utter silence. Nothing moved, and Sasuke himself barely breathed. His body felt slow and unresponsive, his usually stoic features painted over with shock. Then he could hear the blood rushing through his ears as red hot anger - who had dared to kill what was his?! – filled his entire body.

"Who?" he managed to snarl out, chakra gathering around him due to his blinding rage.

Naruto smiled again, still humorless and flat, "Me."

Sasuke's rage disappeared and he once again was shocked out of his life. He felt his hands trembling and his mouth was dry. Naruto had to be lying……how could such a dobe, such a stupid, incompetent, soft hearted dobe kill his brother, the man Sasuke couldn't kill even with all of his training from Orochimaru? Why would Naruto, the noble, empathetic person kill the one man the blonde knew Sasuke was driven to kill?

Sasuke croaked out the one question that hung in his mind, "Why?"

Naruto's mild smile, which had stayed on his face through Sasuke's shock, turned sharp. He stared directly into Sasuke's Sharingan red eyes as he said, "One reason, the only one I needed. You hurt me Sasuke, when you left and wouldn't come back. So I did the worst thing I could do to you. I destroyed your dreams of revenge. Itachi is dead, and he wasn't killed by you. And that will haunt you for the rest of your life."

And he was right.

Author's Notes: The ending is a bit bad, since I wasn't really sure how to cut it off neatly, but otherwise I'm pleased with it. Please leave a review.