Excited Protectobots

"Now are you sure you have everything?"

"For the last time yes!" Blades gave a long suffering huff. "Sheesh, you're worse than 'Aid!"

The medic in the corner pouted at his words. "I heard that!"

Hot Spot crossed his arms. "I just want to be sure. This is our first time out there and I don't want anything to go wrong."

"Relax, big bro," Streetwise grinned, practically vibrating where he stood. Now and then he would peek out beyond the lip of the Ark's entrance at the battle just at the horizon. "This is gonna be great, you'll see!"

"It's not supposed to be great," frowned Groove. "We're only gonna be called out if…"

"If they need their afts saved," Blades finished with a smirk. "No problem."

"Where's Wheeljack?" First Aid asked, nerves starting to get the better of him.

"Already on the field," replied his leader.

No one spoke again for a long while, too busy preparing themselves mentally. Each wanted to do well: for themselves, their brothers, their creator, and their friends. Each was a mix of afraid and excited, making the wait that much more unbearable.

Streetwise gave a reassuring smile to Groove who was looking more and more nervous as time went on. "Don't worry. We're gonna be awesome."

"You sure?" the scout asked, trusting the firm confidence.

"We've trained all three months of our lives for this," First Aid added quietly. "We can do it."

As though waiting for such a cue, their radios crackled to life, Prowl's voice cutting through their thoughts. "Defensor, we need you now!"

"You heard him, Protectobots," the young commander rumbled, standing up straight. "Let's get out there and show those Decepticons who we are!"

Together, the five brothers ran out from behind the Ark's entrance and onto the battlefield as one.

"Protectobots! Merge into Defensor!"