Chapter One



Author's Note: This is a sequel to my popular story "Different Point of View". Hope you enjoy this continuation of Chance and Feral's relationship. Ulyferal is my beta on this story as well.

Chance huffed as he climbed the stairs carrying a large box, following him was Jake with a box in his arms. Just as they reached the landing, Ursula opened the door.

"You two need any help?" She asked watching the two walk in and place the boxes on the floor near the wall in the kitchen where others were stacked. Callie and Felina were watching them from the living room.

"No, we got it." Chance said with a cocky smile.

"That's the last of it anyway Ursula." Jake told her.

Several months had passed since Chance and Ursula had begun dating heavily. As time went on and they grew closer, they were spending more and more time together. More often than not, Chance was spending the night at her new home rather than the garage.

Chance soon discovered he really didn't like being parted from Ursula and suggested he move in with her. She was stunned at first and didn't say yes right away. She had to think about having him so close with her secret as Valkyrie to keep. But she realized that she really liked waking in the mornings with him holding her, the rest would have to manage itself. If this was going where she hoped then she would tell him about her double life at that time. A few days later, she told him, yes.

Chance had discussed this with Jake, of course. He was surprised when his partner had no qualms about it.

"I expected it to happen sooner or later, Chance. You two have become really close and, heck, I hardly see you after work anymore so I knew it was just a matter of time." Jake said with a chuckle.

Chance blushed, "Yeah, I guess you're right. I have been spending almost all my free time with her."

"So if she says okay to this, you're going to have to have some way to be notified of trouble and to get back here fast. The first problem I've solved by making this special communicator for you. Sorta like the one we gave Callie. As for getting here fast, I suggest you take the tow truck. With its hidden jet engine you can get back here fast enough." Jake said handing his friend the device.

"Wow! You've been thinking ahead, thanks buddy. Using the tow truck is a great idea. I was afraid if I took a cyclotron, Ursula might eventually recognize it as the one the SWAT Kats use. But what if I get hung up in traffic or something?" Chance asked frowning in concern.

"Then you park it and I'll come pick you up in the Turbokat. You'll just have to keep a spare uniform in the jet at all times." Jake said easily.

"Perfect. Well all that's left is for me to ask her." Chance said smiling in relief.

And that brought them to this day, where Chance was actually moving in with Ursula. Finished with the unloading, Chance signaled Jake that he wanted to talk to him privately. Nodding, Jake followed Chance back down the stairs. They stood near the garage to talk without being overheard by the she-kats above.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Jake asked as he looked around the area. It really was a nice place Feral had found.

"It's about me and Ursula. Things are getting very serious between us," He began.

"Yeah, I've noticed that, remember, so why are you bringing it up again?" Jake looked at him puzzled.

"Because, if things keep going like they are, I want to ask Ursula to be my mate," Chance said seriously.

Jake's eyes widened, this was news. Chance had never been that serious about a she-kat before. It was obvious his partner had been thinking about this for some time.

"Well that's certainly a horse of a different color. You're really serious about this?" Jake asked in amazement.

"Yeah, I am. If we do get mated, I will have to tell her I'm T-Bone. I certainly wouldn't want to keep it a secret from her that wouldn't be right but it's your secret too and that's why I wanted to discuss this with you now before that happened, if it does." He said seriously.

"Okay, this was bound to happen to one of us eventually so it's not a complete surprise, what is a surprise is that it's you mating first." Jake chuckled. "I always thought it would be me. Anyway, I completely understand the need to tell your mate about the SWAT Kats. You're right, you couldn't possibly keep it from her. If you and her do get mated then you have my permission to tell her our secret." He said solemnly.

"Thanks, buddy."

"Hey no problem."

While Jake and Chance talked outside; in the house Ursula was sitting in the living room drinking soda with Callie and Felina.

When Chance had asked to move in with her, she'd sought out her new girlfriend and niece to let them know she was allowing a male to live with her but didn't say who it was and invited them over the day of the move. When they arrived that day, they were both stunned to learn Feral had been seeing the ex-enforcer, Chance Furlong, all this time. Considering their history, it was nothing short of amazing.

I thought you hated him, Auntie." Felina said, getting over her shock first.

"I didn't really hate him Felina. I just thought he and his partner were a pair of hot shots who never followed the rules. They surprised me though by taking care of the salvage yard far better than that idiot pair Burke and Murray. I still wouldn't have willingly met them if Callie hadn't dragged me out on that double date with them. That's when things between Chance and I clicked. The attraction was so strong it stunned us both. It's funny, but now that I'm female we get along better than when I was male. Weird!" She sighed shaking her head at fate's strange ways.

"So when did you two start going out with each other after that night at the club?" Callie asked, curious.

"At first we saw each other by accident. The Professor needed things from the yard and I was the one to get them. That's when Chance asked me on our first real date. I really thought it was wrong to lead him on so tried to keep him away from me but things kept happening and we just got closer and closer." Ursula sighed remembering her struggle to keep her distance from the tabby tom.

"It must be serious if Chance wants to move in. But, Auntie does he know who you really are?" Felina asked in concern.

"The day Professor Hackle told me I couldn't go back to my original sex, I ran into them. Actually, they nearly ran me down in their truck. I was soo upset I blurted out the truth. I thought my heart would never stop hurting from that look on his face." She said bitterly.

"So he didn't take it well?" Callie said softly.

"That's an understatement. Remember when you two took me out after I got that news?" Ursula asked. Both she-kats nodded. "Well, he was there getting drunk, when I went outside he'd spotted and decided to follow. The horrible things we said to each other...anyway he passed out and I took him home and that was the last I saw of him for a while. I've never hurt like that before," she said remembering that night with sorrow.

"Well it seems he's gotten over it and you've forgiven him since he's here now." Callie said.

"Yes, he came and apologized then told me he loved me." Ursula blushed at that admission.

"Oh Auntie, I'm so happy for you. It's about time you found someone. I've never seen you this contented before." Felina said smiling warmly.

"Thank you, Felina." Her aunt smiled warmly back.

It was then that Callie excused herself for a trip to the bathroom. When she heard the bathroom door close, Felina turned to her aunt with a serious expression on her face.

"I truly am glad you have someone so special but what about your secret. How are you going to keep Chance from knowing you are Valkyrie or do you intend to tell him?" She asked in concern.

"No. With the base completed and Chance working at the salvage yard during the day, I really don't think it will be a problem. If we become mated then I'll tell him." Ursula said.

"What if he discovers the base?" Felina persisted.

"The only entry to the base is through a hidden panel in a storage closet in the garage. You can't tell by looking at it that it's anything but a closet. Also there is a hidden security pad that you need a password and paw print to cause the secret door to open. I'm not concerned about his accidentally finding it. " She reassured her niece. Felina smiled in relief.

It had taken two months to complete the new underground base. James had been given to Feral as a permanent assistant since she needed help getting her battle armor on and he was available for medical emergencies as well. When Chance had been at work, she had transferred the armor, suit, motorcycle, and jet to her new base.

In that time she had also gotten her garage up and running. She was pleased with her life now and was looking forward to including Chance in it.

Callie returned to the room just as the guys returned. Chance walked up to Ursula and dropped down beside her, putting an arm around her shoulders then looking at the others.

"Any of you guys hungry?" He asked.

"How about we go out to eat?" Ursula suggested.

Everyone thought that was a great idea. Soon they were discussing where to go and finally settled on Italian food. Callie knew a great place. They got to their feet, put on coats and headed to their vehicles. Felina and Jake went with Callie in her car while Chance and Ursula went in the tow truck. While they followed Callie's car, Chance asked Ursula a question.

"How did Felina take the news about me and you?" He asked, curious.

"Very well! She's thrilled I've finally found someone who's made me happy," She told him leaning over and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Chance smiled lovingly at her. He had been a bit surprised to see Felina and Callie at Feral's place when they had arrived but was glad they knew about him and Ursula. She needed friends around to continue helping her adjust to being female. He was especially glad Felina knew. She would be a big help if Ursula ran into any problems with the enforcers or other problems he wasn't around to aid her.

"I'm glad too." Chance told her warmly.