Chapter Twenty-Two



While Chance followed the group taking his kitten to the NICU, Ursula was wheeled into the recovery area. After spending an hour there, she was moved to her hospital room. Because she had endured surgery to deliver her kitten, she was placed in a private room so she could rest easier.

Meanwhile, Chance stayed in the NICU and watched as they put his new daughter onto a warming bed and hooked up some monitors to her tiny body. He was awed by how small she was. Once she was settled, he was allowed to come closer and touch her again. He smiled tenderly at her as he gently stroked her small face. He spent some time with her before sighing regretfully at having to leave her. He wanted to be with Ursula so left his daughter in the nurses capable paws and went to find his mate.

Pausing at the nurses station on the maternity floor, he found out what room she was in and strolled down to room three hundred five. The sun was going down and the dim light of it shone into her room when he opened the door slowly and peeked in.

Ursula was asleep. He walked into the room quietly and came up to the side of her bed, looking down at her. Her face had a pinched look even in sleep. It had been a long and exhausting day for her. What with the kidnapping and then enduring surgery, he wasn't surprised.

Come to that, he was just as tired. A comfortable chair was beside her bed and he sat down in it heavily. Reaching up, he took the paw closest to him and held it while they both rested.

It was some three hours later when Ursula groaned and opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was her mate who had stirred when she had and was now leaning his face close to hers. She could feel him holding her paw.

"Chance." She said softly squeezing his paw back.

"Ursula," He murmured softly, leaning over to give her a kiss.

She sighed as she returned it. Chance broke the kiss slowly, nuzzling her face before pulling back enough to look at her. He frowned a little and asked the question that had bothered him since he'd spoken to Dr. Gibson in her office.

"Why? Why didn't you tell me about your condition?"

Ursula didn't say anything for a moment as she looked into his eyes then she sighed and said, "I'm sorry I didn't want you to worry. I just didn't want you to think the loss you and Sarah had suffered was going to repeat itself in us."

"Oh, kitten I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was doing that. I can understand now why you couldn't tell me but I still wished you had." He chided her softly.

"I know, I probably should have told you."

"No, you felt what you were doing was the right thing this time. Besides, I guess it's my own fault too, huh?" Chance said, giving her a wane smile

"Yes, it was but I'm as much to blame as you. So I'll forgive you if you'll forgive me." Ursula said, reaching out her paw to caress his cheek.

"I do, but next time, please tell me. I don't want to be left in the dark again, okay?" Chance said, adding a proviso that caused her to raise her eyebrows in surprise.

"Next time?" She gasped…thought about it…then smiled softly, "Alright, I promise."

Chance grinned widely then leaned forward again and gave her another, more passionate, kiss. Slowly letting it go, he murmured, "I love you so very much, kitten. And thank you for giving me such a beautiful daughter."

"You're welcome love." Ursula sighed, so very happy things had turned out alright for them.

They remained close for several minutes before Ursula pushed him away gently. Chance was a little surprised and gave her a questioningly look.

"Alright, tell me what happened after Felina took me away." Ursula demanded, giving him a no nonsense look.

Chance sighed but gave her a quick thumbnail description of what had occurred. He told her how he and Jake had fought side by side with their counterparts to defeat Dark Kat. How DK had managed to explode a bomb in the tunnel that they just barely escaped from in time. They were certain Dark Kat had been killed since he'd been pinned against a wall when the bomb went off.

"All that's left is to find a way to send our doubles home again." Chance finished.

"So does Jake have a way to do it and if not, have you thought about getting Professor Hackle's help?" She asked.

"Well Jake has an idea how to do it but we've not had much time to talk about it. We were too concerned about you and the kitten. Now that everything is alright, we'll talk with our doubles and see what they want to do first then go from there." Chance said with a sigh.

She eyed him questioningly, "Is there some doubt they want to go home?"

"Honey, I don't know. We kinda got the impression that going home for them isn't an option. Remember, they are wanted criminals in their home universe." Chance said with a shrug.

Ursula sighed unhappily. "You're right. Even though they've changed their ways, their world doesn't know that and they could face a long jail term and a chance of death by their enemies in prison. Not a good future there."

Chance took her paw into both of his now, "That's what we're thinking so perhaps we can help them find a different world where they could use a pair of SWAT Kats."

She smiled wanly, "I certainly hope we can."

A gentle knock on her door, interrupted the two. As they glanced at the door, it opened to reveal Jake and Felina. The pair smiled warmly as they walked up to other side of the bed from Chance.

"Hey, Ursula. How're you feeling?" Jake asked.

"A little tired but other then that, I'm doing okay." Ursula said with a tired smile.

"Do you need anything, Auntie?" Felina asked, leaning over to kiss her aunt on the forehead.

Ursula smiled but shook her head, "No, I'm fine, thanks."

"Chance, we need to talk." Jake said quietly.

His partner nodded then looked back at his mate. "Ursula?"

She waved her paw in a dismissal gesture. "Go. I know you need to talk with your doubles. I'll be alright."

Chance smiled warmly then stood up, leaned over for a final kiss before turning to leave with his partner and Felina.

Felina paused at the door to say, "See you later, Auntie."

Ursula just smiled and waved, her eyes growing heavy as she headed toward sleep again.

But before she could, a nurse politely pushed past Felina and entered the room. Felina gave her aunt a parting look then let the door close.

"Good evening, Mrs. Furlong. I know you're tired but we need to do a couple of things first. Now, I know your breasts are probably getting rather painful right now. What I'm going to do is help you express some milk to give to your daughter in the NICU. Hopefully, you will feel well enough to feed her by yourself in the morning. So let's do this, shall we?" The nurse said cheerfully, helping Ursula to sit up a bit.

It took a good twenty minutes but the nurse obtained enough breast milk for two feedings. She took Ursula's vitals and checked her stitches, annotating the results on her chart.

"Okay, that's done. Dinner will be in another hour so get some rest." The nurse said warmly as she helped Ursula get settled then left her alone to catch a nap.

Meanwhile, waiting patiently on a rooftop not too far away, Dark T-Bone and Razor sat on the wing of the good SWAT Kats Turbokat. Dark Razor glanced at his partner in concern as he looked at the wounds on his partner's arms.

"Those look painful. How you holding up?" He asked mildly.

Dark T-Bone gave small 'huh' at Razor words then looked at his arms, "Stings a bit but I'll live." He grunted.

Dark Razor exhaled deeply, "So…now what?"

"What do you mean 'now what?" Dark T-Bone asked with a scowl.

"You ass......I mean what do we do now? We can't stay in this dimension. It'd be too much of a problem trying to explain why there are two sets of us and I doubt the whole 'they are our lost twins' is going to work." He growled sarcastically.

His partner grunted again then nodded. "Yeah, and we can't go home since our Feral will have our tails in jail. Nothing we say will change our past there."

After a long pause, Razor said, "Ya know what's funny?"


"I…I want to start over. I want a second chance at things." Razor said hesitantly.

"Me too, buddy. I want to do things over and have a life worth living. I…don't want to go back to the way things were before."

"Then maybe we can help." A familiar voice said suddenly causing the Dark SWAT Kats to jerk a little in surprise.

Dark T-Bone quickly stood up and jumped off the wing of the jet and hurried up to Chance who had appeared just behind his partner from the roof top stairwell followed by Felina.

"Ursula…is she okay? Did they make it? What about the kitten? Is it alright?" He asked anxiously.

Chance smiled and raised his paws to calm his double down. "Easy...she's alright. Felina made it in time and so did I. Our kitten is alright and her name is Winry."

His shoulders slumped in relief. 'Thank god.' Dark T-Bone thought. "Winry, huh? That's a good name." He said with a big smile, the first true one he'd had in a very long time.

"Thanks." Chance grinned back. "Okay, guys. Let's get you back to our hangar...we'll talk there while you clean up and get something to eat."

"Razor and I should go get your jet and take it to the hangar." Jake said.

"Good idea." Dark Razor agreed. His partner nodded.

"I'll go with you." Felina chimed in suddenly.

Jake blinked in surprise and blushed but said, "Sure, if you want to."

Chance snickered softly, turning his face away so Jake and Felina couldn't see it. Jake, Felina and Dark Razor headed back to the hospital while Chance and Dark T-Bone took the Turbokat. The flight to the hangar was made in comfortable silence.

Chance signaled the hidden entrance open and flew the jet in with skillful ease. Dark T-Bone had to admit, his double was good and he could be just as good if he worked at it more seriously. He would keep that in mind as one more thing to accomplish if they found a new home.

Once they came to a complete stop, they waited until the turntable took them to the hangar itself. Chance then moved the jet into another space to allow the turntable to go back down for the other jet.

Once he'd shut the engines down, he popped the canopy so they could jump to the floor. Dark T-Bone couldn't hold back the wince of pain hitting the floor caused him. His arms were beginning to throb more.

"Why don't you take a quick shower?" Chance suggested as he went for the first aid kit located near their lockers. He came back to Dark T-Bone's side and handed him something. "Here use this to cleanse the wounds then I'll dress them when you're done."

"Sounds good." Dark T-Bone said with a tired sigh as he followed Chance to the mini-bathroom Jake had installed in their hangar.

By the time Dark Razor landed their jet and it appeared in the hangar, Dark T-Bone was clean and redressed and sitting on a bench before the lockers while Chance treated his wounds. He was bandaging the last arm when the three walked up to them.

Chance looked up and said, "Jake, let Razor take a shower while I finish this then we'll talk."

"Good idea, Chance." Jake agreed then turned to his counterpart. "Follow me. I'm sure you'd like to be clean after the day we've put in."

Chance finished up and put his supplies away.

"Thanks." Dark T-Bone said softly.

"You're welcome."

The group chatted a bit about the day while waiting for Razor. Some ten minutes later Razor rejoined them.

"Let's go upstairs and order some food and sit down to talk." Chance suggested as he lead the way upstairs. Their shop was closed so no one would see them as they made their way upstairs to the living quarters. Everyone took a seat in the living room while Jake ordered dinner for all.

Dark Razor opened the conversation, "You said you could help us. How do you plan on doing this?"

"By using my dimensional radar that had gotten us to your dimension in the first place. I'm going to need Professor Hackle's help though to alter it enough to allow you to jump between dimensions rather than return to the one you left." Jake explained.

"Sounds siffy, will it work?" Dark T-Bone asked, not so sure about this plan.

"In theory it should." Dark Razor said, his face furrowed in thought.

"And if it doesn't?" Felina asked rather bluntly.

"Then they are stuck here…forever." Jake said honestly

No one spoke for a while as they digested this. Then Dark Razor spoke again.

"I'm willing to take the risk. T-Bone and I have caused to much trouble here to stay any longer." Razor said, coming to a decision.

"He's right, we can't stay here any longer than necessary. So let's just go with your plans." T-Bone said firmly, agreeing with his partner.

Jake nodded in understanding, "Okay, I'll call Hackle and bring him up to date."

Just as he'd finished saying that, a ringing noise reached them.

"Dinner's here!" Jake proclaimed. He got up and went downstairs to get their pizzas from the delivery kat. He carried it in and laid the boxes on the coffee table. "Milk alright for everyone?" He asked.

Nods and 'yes's' answered him and Chance got up to give his partner a hand. Very quickly they were chowing down. They were all hungry.

While he was eating, Chance said, "Since we don't know how long this will take, I suggest you guys stay here. You can use the bedroom upstairs though there is only one bed. There's the couch here too."

"Thanks for the offer." T-Bone said politely as he took another piece of pizza.

Chance just waved off the thanks. "Once I finish my food, I'm getting a shower then going back to the hospital to be with Ursula. You want a ride back, Felina?" He asked.

"Thanks, Chance, but I'll stay here a little longer." Felina said with a shake of her head.

Jake had finished and had already left for the kitchen to call Hackle.

"Alright, I'll see you guys later." Chance said as he finished his meal and headed for his bedroom to clean up and change clothes. He passed Jake returning from the kitchen and heading for the living room.

"Hackle agreed to help. He was shocked by the change of events, though." Jake said smiling in amusement.

"No surprise there." Chance said with a chuckle then disappeared down the hall.

"Did Hackle say when he could help?" T-Bone asked

"He said I could come over at anytime. He was quite excited by the idea." Jake told him.

"Then we'll start tomorrow." Razor said decisively.

"Perfect." Jake said then with the help of Dark Razor, cleaned up the living room. Then he grabbed a jacket and turned to Felina. "You ready to go?" Jake asked her.

"Yeah! See you guys tomorrow." She said lightly as she and Jake went downstairs and waited for the taxi he had called for them.

As soon as they left, Chance came out, bade the two doubles a good night and went down to the garage and took the tow truck. He cheated and put it into high speed to get to the hospital quicker.

The place was quiet now that the rest had left. Dark Razor looked over at his partner. "We'd better get some sleep."

"Yeah. I'll take the couch and you take the bed. No arguments." Dark T-Bone said stopping Razor from saying anything.

Razor sighed and shrugged, going down the hall for the bedroom with a bed while T-Bone got comfortable on the couch.

Jake and Felina's taxi arrived at the hospital twenty minutes later. They blinked in surprise to see Chance's tow truck parked there already when they had left before him.

Jake just snorted, "He used the jet engine on that thing to get here quicker."

"Well, I can't blame him, can you?" Felina smirked. Jake just shook his head and the two of them went into the hospital.

Reaching the elevators, Jake pressed the up button.

"Jake," Felina murmured softly.

"Yes?" He asked, glancing at her in puzzlement.

She hesitated and glanced away before speaking. "I…I just wanted to apologize for the way I've been acting toward you lately. I was...I was just shocked by Dark Razor's behavior at Dr. Gibson's office and unfairly felt you might act the same."

"I thought that might have been the reason. We are two completely different individuals because of the decisions we made at a crucial point in our lives." Jake said carefully. "I made the better choice."

"I realize that now. It was simply an emotional response to his behavior and the fact he was an exact duplicate of you in appearance. He was brutal but when I took the time to really think, I remembered you were never like that. So, I'm sorry!" She said with a sigh which he cut off when he pulled her toward him.

He pressed his lips against hers in a deeply passionate kiss. Putting all his feelings in it, he hoped to wipe all memories of Dark Razor from her mind

Felina was stunned at first and was unsure how to react but soon she was lost in the pleasure of it and was soon kissing him back with the same ardor. Jake purred happily as he felt her surrender. He tapped his tongue against her lips and she parted them to allow him entry.

Felina mewed in her throat as she and Jake's tongues dueled, her arms wrapped themselves around his neck as his moved to her waist. He moved one paw to the base of her tail, using his fingers to gently scritch causing her to jolt and her tail brush out. Things were heating up between them rapidly when the elevator pinged.

They pulled apart, startled, breathing heavily and faces flushed. They entered the elevator quickly, Jake pressed the button for the floor they wanted then they glanced at each other for a moment as the elevator doors closed.

"Felina," Jake murmured.


"I want us to go on as if we hadn't been interrupted by the Dark SWAT Kats interference. I'll prove to you I'm not like him and never will be." He said solemnly.

"I'd like that and, besides, I still owe you that date I missed." Felina said shyly earning her a smile from Jake.

Jake grinned from ear to ear. "It's a date then."

The elevator then pinged again as it came to the floor they wanted. They stepped out of the elevator, Jake taking her paw in his, and made their way down the corridor. Reaching Ursula's door they knocked then entered. Chance was sitting where he'd been when they'd first visited.

Chance looked up and over his shoulder as the door to the room opened, "Hey guys. Took you long enough." He smirked, keeping his voice low.

"Well we were only going at taxi speed." Jake snorted. His partner just grinned mischievously.

"How 's my aunt doing?" Felina asked softly as she glanced over at her sleeping aunt.

"She's was asleep when I got here and she looks okay, just tired." He said with a shrug.

"Well, I guess we'd better go then before they shoo us out." Jake said quietly.

"Sure, see you guys in the morning." Chance said with a nod.

They nodded back and left the room.

"Well, want me to call a taxi and have it take you home?" Jake asked as they rode the elevator down.

"Why don't you stay with me tonight? I'll give you lift tomorrow." She said coyly.

"Hmmm, I like that idea." He said, giving her a dark erotic look.

He smirked and nuzzled her face. The elevator pinged and they decanted at the lobby floor. Using his cell, he called a taxi and soon they were heading for her apartment.

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Chance settled down to try and get some sleep. He was glad this chair converted to a sleep chair.

Morning dawned early, as Ursula was awakened by the arrival of Dr. Gibson and a nurse pushing a wheelchair into the room. She sighed. This was one of the reasons she hated being in a hospital, the early morning wake ups by the staff. She pressed the button on her controls to raise the bed enough to be partially sitting.

"How are you feeling this morning, Ursula?" Dr. Gibson asked with a warm smile, glancing at a still sleeping Chance.

"A little sore but I'm okay." Ursula answered faintly.

Dr. Gibson nodded as she walk over to her patient's bed and began to check her

"Everything is healing nicely. Do you think you can manage a visit to your daughter? I'm sure she's just waking up and is very hungry." Dr. Gibson inquired.

"Oh, yes." Ursula said happily, ignoring her pain for the chance to hold her daughter again.

With the nurse and Dr. Gibson's assistance, Ursula carefully got out of bed and into the padded wheelchair. The nurse placed a warm blanket over her and prepared to wheel her out of the room when Chance startled awake.

"Wha…?" Chance said sleepily blinking

"We're about to take your mate here to the NICU. Would you like to join us?" Dr. Gibson asked Chance

"Oh yeah, you don't have to ask me twice." Chance said, shaking the sleep off and getting out of the chair. "Give me a second!" He hurried off to the bathroom then returned and followed them down the hall to the elevator.

They went a floor down and were soon at NICU doors. The doctor pushed the door open and the nurse pushed Ursula in with Chance right behind her.

She was rolled toward a warming bed in a corner. Their daughter was fussing as a nurse was changing her diaper. The nurse taking care of their daughter smiled behind her mask.

"Good morning. Here to see Winry? She's anxious to see you too." The nurse said warmly.

Dr. Gibson moved close and gently raised the baby from the warmer mindful of the wires still attached to her tiny body. The nurse behind her wheelchair quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it on Ursula's lap.

Carefully, Dr. Gibson gently laid Winry in Ursula's arms and helped undo her gown to allow the kitten access to her mother's breast.

"Here we go. Gently brush her face with your nipple…that's it…there she goes…" Dr. Gibson murmured encouragingly as Winry firmly latched onto her mother's breast.

"Oh, that feels so strange." Ursula gasped but then settled as it began to feel good.

"You'll get used to it…she certainly has. She has a good appetite." Dr. Gibson said with a smile.

Chance just watched in fascination and awe as his daughter sucked hungrily, one tiny paw laid against her mother's breast.

"We'll leave you alone for a while. Take all the time you need." Dr. Gibson said allowing the two new parents alone with their kitten.

As soon as Dr. Gibson and the two nurses had moved out of hearing range, Ursula looked up at Chance to ask, "Anything new happen while I was resting?"

Chance nodded and told her that the Dark SWAT Kats were willing to go with Jake's plan. Hackle had been contacted and was willing to help Jake and Dark Razor to alter the dimensional radar in the hopes of allowing the pair the chance to find a new home where they could have a fresh start. Meanwhile, the pair would stay at the salvage yard until they could leave.

"I want you not to worry. Everything is going alright so all you need to concern yourself is to heal up enough to be able to go home." Chance told her firmly.

"I will. Hope everything goes alright for them as well." She sighed. Chance nodded in agreement. The two fell silent as they watched their kitten feed.

Meanwhile, Jake and Felina woke early despite a rather vigorous night with each other. Felina drove them to Ursula and Chance's home where Jake retrieved his dimensional radar. Carefully setting it on the back seat, Felina then drove them to the salvage yard.

Taking it out of Felina's car, the two of them went in through the garage and up to the apartment where Dark T-Bone and Dark Razor were already up and having breakfast. Jake greeted them warmly, receiving grunts in return. Not morning people he could tell.

"When you're finished we'll get going to Hackle's place." Jake said then he left the room with Felina. Outside near her car again, they kissed goodbye.

"Keep me up to date with what's going on and I want to be there when they get ready to leave." Felina told him firmly.

"I will. Don't worry. Take care and be safe at work." Jake warned her. She just nodded and smiled as she got into her vehicle and left for duty.

It was decided to take the Dark Turbokat since it was on the turntable, so once everyone was secured, Good Razor was sitting in the jump seat next to Dark Razor, the radar held securely in his lap, they were soon heading toward Hackle's lab.

Razor alerted Hackle of their arrival so that the Professor would open his huge rolling doors to his jet lab. The landing pad was small and Dark T-Bone had to carefully VTOL down then taxi into the doorway without hitting the sides. He did it smoothly to his partner's relief.

Hackle was nearby and watching as the canopy slid back and Dark T-Bone, Dark Razor then Good Razor holding the radar jumped down to the ground.

The professor's mouth dropped open at the sight of two Razors. He'd been told about this but seeing it was incredible.

"Oh, my!" He said shaking his head as the three walked up to him.

"Kind of hard to believe, huh professor?" Razor said easily.

"That is an understatement, my boy." Hackle said then turned to Dark T-Bone with a frown. "T-Bone?" He asked.

Dark T-Bone shook his head, "I'm his double."

"Amazing!" Hackle muttered. "Well, let's get to work." He lead them to another lab.

Over the next few hours they worked on the device. It took longer than they thought, when time moved from hours to days and days to a week. They rarely took breaks except to eat and sleep.

Meanwhile, Ursula was kept in the hospital for a week while she recovered from surgery. Winry was doing so well that she was placed in a bassinet in her mother's room, no longer needing to be in the NICU. This made it easier for Ursula to nurse her and bond.

During this time, Chance's siblings and parents came to visit. They were excited by the newest addition to the Furlong family.

Finally, by the time Ursula and Winry were being released from the hospital, Jake had good news that the radar was ready too.

Ursula had been home only a couple of days when Jake told them the Dark SWAT Kats were planning to leave tomorrow.

The next morning, Ursula fed Winry then they all dressed and went to the Thunder Truck in her hangar below. They were soon loaded and on their way to Hackle's place. On arrival, they weren't surprised to see Felina's enforcer sedan parked in Hackle's driveway.

Parking next to her car, T-Bone helped his mate and daughter from the car then went to the front door and knocked. Professor Hackle answered it and greeted them warmly.

"Razor said you two were coming." Hackle said stepping to one side to allow them in.

"Are you doing well, professor?" Ursula asked, studying the older tom.

Hackle chuckled, "I'm doing quite well, Ursula. Now who this cute kitten?"

"Our daughter Winry." T-Bone said proudly as Hackle finger stroked the still sleeping kitten.

It was then that Felina walked from the direction of the kitchen to join them in the living area.. She greeted her aunt and T-Bone warmly and cooed at her new cousin.

Drawing back, she looked at them and said, "Everything's ready."

"Well, let's not hold them up any longer." Ursula said briskly. Felina nodded and lead the way back to the lab where the Dark Turbokat was parked.

Near the jet, the Dark pair were listening to Razor as he gave them instructions on using the radar. Dark T-Bone noted their arrival and tapped his partner on the shoulder. Hackle hung back as the two pairs approached each other with Felina and Ursula trailing close behind.

"So…this is it?" Good T-Bone said quietly.

"Yeah. Time to say goodbye. apologize for the things we put you through." Dark Razor said hesitantly, it having been a very long time since he'd done this.

"Apology excepted." Felina said giving Dark Razor a smile to show her forgiveness.

"T-Bone," Ursula called out to her mate's double.

Dark T-Bone jerked his head at hearing her voice then looked away, "Sorry, I…I don't know what to say."

"It's alright. We know you're sorry for what happened and my mate and I forgive you." Ursula said gently.

Startled T-Bone said, "We do?" Earning himself a swift jab to the ribs by Ursula. "Ow! Uh...yeah...we do." He grimaced and rubbed his side.

Ursula moved closer to Dark T-Bone, "Would like to hold her before you leave?" She said quietly offering her daughter to him.

He stared at her in shocked surprise. "Could I?"

He breathed, barely believing she would allow him to hold something so precious to her. Very carefully he took the tiny kitten from her arms and held it in his. He swallowed hard. He couldn't believe he was holding a kitten. He rocked her gently in his arms as he stared down at her.

"She so tiny." Dark T-Bone whispered in awe. Dark Razor eyed the small creature with bemusement over his partner's shoulder.

Winry woke suddenly and stared up at the big tom holding her. A wide pair of gold eyes studied him. Dark T-Bone was afraid she would begin to cry but to his amazement she cooed at him and reached out with her tiny arms while kicking her legs. He couldn't help smiling down at her before reluctantly giving her back to her mother. Winry giggled at her mother as she was handed over.

"Well…this is good bye. Take care of them!" Dark T-Bone said to his double in warning.

"Don't worry, I will. Good luck wherever you find yourselves." T-Bone said warmly to his double.

"Thanks, we're going to need it." Dark T-Bone said with a wane smile.

With that, Dark T-Bone and Dark Razor turned around and walked to their jet then jumped into the cockpit while T-Bone, Ursula, Felina and Razor moved away to a more safe distance.

Only when he thought they were far enough away did Dark T-Bone started the engines and prepared to leave. Hackle had the doors open and waiting for their departure. He taxied out and then went to VTOL mode to raise into the sky.

"Ready Razor?" Dark T-Bone asked looking over his shoulder.

"As I'll ever be. On the count of three. One…Two…" Dark Razor said counting down.

Below them, the five Kats turned away from watching the rapidly disappearing jet when a sudden bright, rainbow light filled the sky then vanished.

"They're…gone." Felina said, studying the sky once more.

"But will they make it?" Ursula asked softly, comforting a crying Winry with soothing words and purring as she nuzzled her kitten.

"I hope so. They do deserve a chance at achieving happiness in their lives." T-Bone said looking down at his mate and kitten.

"But if they land in a world that already has SWAT Kats?" Felina asked.

"Don't worry Felina. The dimensional radar will allow them to jump from dimension to dimension as often as they need to until they find a place of their own." Razor assured her.

"I hope it doesn't take that many times. Perhaps they will get lucky on their first try." Hackle said encouragingly. Then he looked at the four before him. "Now why don't you all tell me what's been happening around this city of ours that I've missed, Jake.....Chance?" He said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Razor blinked, "How…?" T-Bone could only gape as did Ursula and Felina.

"I may be old Razor but I'm not blind. Don't worry I don't plan on telling anyone who you are." Hackle said reassuringly.

"Thanks, professor. But let's go somewhere comfortable. It's a long story." Razor said shaking his head in amazement.

"I image so." Hackle said smiling as he lead the way to his living quarters with Felina, Razor, Ursula and T-Bone following.