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Just letting you know that since this story was one of my first fan-fictions, you'll notice some of the writing is a bit... flawed, to say the least. Especially in the formatting of the dialogue. Please note this will change as you read on, and will become easier. After I graduate in December, I may have time to go through and edit my older chapters so they're easier to read, but no promises. Also, I will be doing some minor changes to some of the details in the story, but no changes will be applied to the major plot. (That way, this story and its sequel fit more tightly together.)

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Learning to Cope

Summary: The curse has just ended and the relationship between Kyou and Tohru is blossoming every day. Things seem to be going great until Kyou starts showing some strange behavior. He soon realizes how mature he's beginning to become and also realizes his so called mature "desires". Will things ever be the same between these two after one night of being a little too "close" with one another? KyouxTohru fic. Warning: Moderate sensuality in later chapters and a lemon (there will be fair warning beforehand). XD AND BIG SPOILERS SO DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE! XD Enjoy! Don't forget to review:)

Chapter One – Freedom, A Broken Curse

"I've never felt this way before. It's almost too much emotion that I can't handle. I no longer have to worry, to cry, and to be brought down by the very existence of myself. Finally, I am my own self, whether or not I miss my empty shell. The part of me that could never be . . .

"Why do we keep going on in this world when we know there was no hope to begin with? Well, we were wrong. There was a small, yet possible ray of light that shined on our kind and sent our demons to their graves. Away from hate, away from us, away from that sadness, and away from it all. And yet, I still cling on to that sweet sorrow that I feel now, knowing that I am allowed something I wasn't before. I can hold her close to me . . . . . . ."

Kyou smiled to himself and closed his eyes, taking in every moment. He was her's and she was his. That sweet, innocent girl he fell in love with almost two years ago.

Tohru was wrapped around him tightly, with her face burrowed in his bosom. Kyou took in her every movement, her every scent, everything. He knew that he could do this again and again, now that the curse was gone, but this moment was special. He wanted this feeling to go on forever.

He sighed and rested his head onto her's as he recalled the memories they had shared. The good and the bad. The day they had first met was the start of it all. Back then, he didn't even care. How odd was it that this girl, who used to get on his every nerve with her kindness, would save him one day?

Kyou couldn't hold back his tears and let them fall down his flushed face. He continued through the memories. The day she said she liked him, the day she accepted his other form, the days she cried, laughed, and smiled with him. Even the horrible truths he had shown her, he knew it was worth it.

It was all coming together; slowly but surely. But Kyou knew that moments like this didn't last forever, so, unwillingly, he let go of Tohru. She gazed into his eyes and he did so into her's. Both couldn't help but to close in on each other and lock their lips together into one seemingly eternal kiss.

Sorry that it's so short. Don't worry, the chapters will get MUCH longer! I know I said that I'd do some of my other stories first but I couldn't wait to put this one up!