Au Natural

A/N: I was watching the movie "Running Scared" (mmm MMM Paul Walker is FINE!) when I saw this little interaction between Paul Walker's character and his son. I thought it was too funny to pass over, so here I am…


Sasuke knew that he was being a bit much, and maybe he wasn't really being all that reasonable right now, but he just could not, would not, let his son into the bathroom.

At least, not when his mother was in there showering.

His five year old son was standing in front of him, eyes quivering in desperation, hands clutching the crotch of his pants as his knees bent in towards each other to hold in his oncoming "pee-pee". "Daddy, please? I won't peek, I promise!"

Sasuke felt his heart twitch a bit, and thought about stepping away from the door, which he was preventing his son from entering by holding onto the doorknob. As his fingers were about to slip away though, he heard his wife start to hum above the lull of the water and his resolve strengthened.

"You know the rules, no going in the bathroom when mommy's naked," he said.

He had never really gotten over how much he and his son looked alike, especially when they were annoyed. Those dark Uchiha eyes glared up at him, "but I've seen mommy naked before – it's no big deal!" the miniature look-alike piped up at him.

Naïveté was wonderful, Sasuke concluded, left eye twitching, if only he knew … "trust me on this one- it's always a big deal."

"What's a big deal?" said the distinctly feminine voice of his wife. Both the Uchiha males turned to look at the lady of the house. Tenten had stepped out into the hallway, clad in nothing but a towel and her wet skin.

"Daddy wouldn't let me pee!" screamed the brat as he pushed past her long legs to run into the bathroom, slamming the door in his father's face.

Tenten turned to look at her husband with disproving eyes. Sasuke on the other hand, was busying running his over her wet body – the towel was all but screaming to be whipped off. Sasuke especially liked how her calves looked right now.

"… he's just a little boy!" Sasuke tuned in just in time to hear Tenten finish lecturing him. "He's not some slobbering man with hormones – I'm his mother for crying out loud! That's my son!"

He smirked. "He may be your son, but I'm your husband, and I think it's only fair that I should be the only one to see you naked," he said, crossing his arms.

Tenten found no room for argument when she was about to launch into a scolding fit however, for she found herself pinned against the wall, towel mysteriously gone, and Sasuke's mouth effectively silencing her.