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Author's Note: This is a 'What if' Fan Fiction on the Episode Dalek, on what if the Dalek chose not to die a coward's path. But instead live on. Of course, where would a Dalek go? To the Doctor of course!
"...I...Want...Freedom," whispered the Dalek as though it were afraid the words were a death wish.

Slowly, Rose nodded once.

It took them minutes to reach Level 01, the closest area to 'freedom', rounding the corner the unlikely pair; human and Dalek found themselves facing a sealed cavern of steel and concrete. Rose looked up and jumped slightly as the Dalek sent a bright blue beam from it's weapon stalk into the roof of the bunker. Bits and pieces of the bunk toppled out as a mid-sized hole appeared with sunlight filtering in, warming her skin. "You're out, you've made it," sighed Rose in relief. The Dalek remained silent, gazing into the hole it created. The sunlight blinded it's eye-stalk for a moment, before it's filters darkened it.

"I never though I'd feel the sunlight again," she whispered serenely, standing next to the creature that spared her life. Her life and the man that tortured it so much.

"How," began the Dalek tentatively, "...Does...It...Fe-el?"

Rose looked down at it for a moment in confusion, realizing it probably had never felt the sun warm it before. A hiss of mechanics inside the Dalek alerted her to decompression. The armor shifted, splitting the area where it's arms were. The ringed 'neck' split open as well, revealing a multi-tentacled creature inside. She saw a single lidded eye, with a dozen or so tentacles lying around it's main body. Above it was a brain held by a greenish sack attached to the machine. It raised a single pale green fleshy tentacle towards her. No, towards the sun.

Looking closely, she could see that it had blue veins and that it was seemingly awed at the feeling of the sun on it's flesh. The Dalek's mind was calm, content even. Rose bit back a thought of comparing this Dalek to a newborn child reaching towards the sunlight like it was, eyes bright with curiosity.

"Get out of the way!"

Rose turned around, surprised to see the Doctor with a huge gun in his hands and a determined expression etched upon his face. She stood there as he shouted again, "Rose! Get out of the way!"

"No," Rose replied with equal determination that akin to shock at the Doctor's actions, "Cause I'm not letting you do this!"

Confusion flitted across the Doctor's face for second before replying scathingly, "That thing just killed hundreds of people!"

"Then you have to point that gun at me first"

The Doctor continued to charge up the Fuel Rod Gun in his arms desperation creeping into his voice, "Rose. I've got to do this. I've got to end it! The Daleks destroyed my home; my people! I've got nothing left!"

"But," started Rose uncertainly, "Look at it." She turned to point at the exposed Dalek, as it continued to wave it's tentacles in the air, still awed by the sunlight.

Now officially confused, the Doctor lowered his gun a bit as he tilted his head for a better look, "Whats it doing?"

The Dalek turned its eye slightly to face the Doctor, raising another of it's arms to touch the sunlight. Rose interjected for it, "Its just the sunlight, thats all it wants." The Doctor shook his head skeptically, "But it can't-"

"It couldn't kill Von Statten," interrupting Rose, "And it...couldn't kill me. Its changing..."

"...What about you Doctor? What the hell are you changing into?"

He considered it for a moment, horror on his features as he pondered on her words before letting the Fuel Rod Gun drop, canceling it's power-up.

"...I," started the Doctor, "I couldn't..." He stopped again, unable to find the words to express himself, as he stared at the unlikely pair. The human defending the Dalek. He tried again, "I wasn't..."

He stopped and stared at the Dalek in wonder. It pulsed calmly, waiting for his answer as they both stared back at him.

"Oh Rose," he began, "They are all dead."

"Why," questioned the Dalek, as it was battered by a tsunami of unfamiliar emotions. The kind it did not want, the kind that gave it the shivers, the sadness, the wretched pain of despair, "Do We Survive?"

"...I don't know," answered the Time Lord honestly.

"I Am...The Last Of The...Daleks" it intoned.

"No, you're not even that. Rose did more than just regenerate you," the Doctor replied, "You absorbed her DNA, you are mutating."

The Dalek confirmed it with a wretched whisper, "I...Do Not Want..."

"Something new," said the Doctor in sudden sadness, "I'm sorry." Rose looked at him in confusion, "But isn't that a good thing?"

He looked down, "Not for a Dalek."

"I Can...Feel...So Many ideas," began the Dalek slowly, "So...Much...Darkness..."

Rose looked down on it with sadness, her lips quivering.

"Rose," it began, "...Give Me Orders"

"Order me to die."

Shock appeared on her face as he shook her head, "I can't do that."

"This Is Not Life," the Dalek said as the pain of sadness overwhelmed it, "This Is...Sickness. I Will Not Be Like You! Order my Destruction!"

She did not say anything, simply stood there emotionless.

"Obey," whispered the Dalek frantically.

Still Rose did not say anything.



She closed her eyes, as a tear leaked out and slid down her cheek, "Do it."

It fell silent, "Are You Frightened, Rose Ty-Ler?"


The Dalek felt kinship with her as it agreed, "So am I."

It closed it's eyes as it said it's race's most said word.


The parts exposing it began to shift, moving back into place as Rose ran back to the Doctor. She turned back to see it rise into the air and it's sensor globes surround it in a forcefield. In the Dalek's mind a choice was placed before it. Self Destructing would give it eternal peace, no pan of sadness or despair to plague it. But the other was a painful path that had the rewards of warm contentment and happiness on the course. Slowly it pondered on it's choice.

Seconds that passed turned into minutes as nothing happened. Finally the field dissipated and the sensor globes returned to their positions on it's body. The Doctor raised an eyebrow, " what?"

The Dalek's eye-stalk went blue as it turned back on, "I...Am...Afraid Of Death. But. I Think I Can Cope With This...Life. What Should I Do Now?"

The Doctor was shocked once, he was shocked again at it's words as his jaw dropped open in utter surprise at the Dalek's decision. Rose smiled warmly at it, joy prominent on her face, "Would you like to come with us?"

The Doctor turned towards her, dropping the Gun in his hands to the floor with a loud clatter, aghast at her offer, "Now hold on a second."

"Come With You?" asked the Dalek tentatively, "Is...This...Acceptable...To You, Doc-Tor?"

"What?" sputtered the Doctor as he looked at the Dalek with even more shock at it's meekness, "I...well..Suppose..."

Rose clapped her hands, "Its settled."

All the Doctor could do was stand there and sputter.

- - - - -

The Doctor prowled at the TARDIS's controls, adjusting this and that. He was muttering to himself as Rose and Adam stumbled out of one of the many rooms in the TARDIS. Adam was completely ecstatic about the time-ship's interior (He remembered saying his usual nonchalant catchphrase: "Its just bigger on the inside!") remarking on it's capabilities and such as Rose showed him and their guest the general rooms.

Ah. Yes, the guest. He scowled at the thought of that thing in his TARDIS.

"Is There A Pro-Blem, Doc-Tor?" asked the Dalek as Rose showed Adam the bathroom. The Doctor glared sourly at it as it glided up to him cautiously, careful to avoid pointing it's weapon stalk at the Time Lord. "Not really," said the Doctor conversationally as he turned a knob, "But it'll take some getting used to, on having you on bored."

"I A-Gree, Doc-Tor."

The Time Lord looked up in surprise, "What?"

"I A-Gree, Doc-Tor," repeated the Dalek, it's eye-stalk turning to look at him, "Nor-Mally I Would Be Screa-Ming Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate At You, But That Would Dis-Tress Rose Tyler."

"And if she were not here," he asked as the TARDIS beeped n Affirmative, "Would you scream Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate?"


He walked over to the other side, adjusting several controls at once, "May I ask why?"

The Dalek turned it's eye-stalk elsewhere as it replied, "You Will Tell Her."

The Doctor glanced up, but the Dalek was stubbornly looking at a bulkhead. He cracked smile, The thing is actually embarrassed.

This was definitely going to be an interesting beginning.

My first Doctor Who Fan Fiction. When I saw the Episode 'Dalek' I felt so sorry for that damn robot. Reviews please!