Chapter 14: Finding Love

'Oh yes this was what he'd been searching for,' he thought deliriously as T-Bone sent him soaring again.

The kissing in the kitchen had moved to the bedroom and Feral was wrapped firmly in the arms he had desired for quite some time. This time T-Bone was dominant and Feral didn't feel any qualms about it, oddly enough, since he knew the tabby would let him switch if he asked but right now he wanted to be know the tabby truly wanted him and not because he felt sorry for him.

His attention was recaptured as T-Bone slid home in his now well used channel. He groaned and arched his back to allow deeper penetration. 'Gods it felt sooo good.' He growled. T-Bone found that sweet spot each and every time making him tremble and beg.

T-Bone groaned as he slid home in the still tight channel. They had been making love for some time now and it just got better and better. He found he wanted his kisses, his touch and, yes, his dominance when they switched roles. There was a deep connection there. One that had begun out of duty and pity to one of caring and perhaps the first blushes of love.

He felt complete in a way he never imagined. Fate definitely had a very weird sense of humor. Twining two such antagonists into lovers and mates. Course this was going to go over real big with his partner and Callie. 'Time to change the channel,' he thought ruefully as he let his mind be taken over with lust as he pounded his new lover into the mattress once again.

'Ecstasy...such wonderful ecstacy...' Feral mused as he stared at the ceiling some time later. He caressed the soft sandy colored fur that draped itself over his lower half. T-Bone was still sound asleep after giving him the most heavenly and intense loving he'd ever had in his life. The thought that they would do this many times without count in the future, gave him a contented feeling that eased all the horror he had experienced over the past year.

That wasn't to say they wouldn't encounter some major problems with the other kats in their lives once this became known. He sighed, 'Isn't that just life for you? Solve one problem and more rear their ugly heads.'

"What was that sigh about?" Came a rumbling voice near his stomach.

He looked down and saw T-Bone's head looking up at him. He really wished he could see his eyes. "Just realizing that my loneliness might be solved but now there's the new problem of the one's who care about us being upset about our new relationship.' He said quietly.

"Humph! That's putting it mildly." T-Bone snorted as he pushed himself up and moved to lay next to Feral's head on the pillow. "Anyway, don't let it trouble you. That's minor compared to what you've survived in the past year. We'll just deal with it as it happens. Deal?" He said nuzzling Feral's face.

Feral mewed softly with pleasure. "Deal!" He breathed the word as he turned his head and kissed his lover deeply.

The morning brought a feeling of comfort and joy. It might have sounded cliche but it had never been truer in Feral's live than now as he sat drinking hot coffee and eating breakfast with his lover sitting just across from him.

They had decided to tell the important kats in their live about their new circumstance rather than wait until someone found out by accident. Of course, the public couldn't be told. That was a kettle of worms they had no intention of letting out. The kats they intended to tell would understand if not accept very readily but the way.

Putting their dishes in the sink, Feral returned to the bedroom to finish preparing for work. When he came out he found that T-Bone had finished the dishes and was waiting for him. That made him feel so warm inside. The tabby came up to him and kissed him deeply as they held each other close.

"See you later, big guy!" T-Bone said with a smirk as he made for the balcony doors.

"Later, love." Feral murmured softly opening the front door and going out closing and locking it.

In his office, later that morning he was chipper and fairly glowed with contentment to the Sergeant's eyes as he came in with the report on yesterday's events.

The Commander glanced up as he walked to the desk and placed the report on it.

"Thank you. Please wait a moment, I need to speak with you." He told the Sergeant as he finished something he had before him. Signing the report he'd completed he closed the folder and looked up at the Sergeant.

"I felt it was important to inform of this matter before you found out by accident. You know how much T-Bone has meant to my returning to normal. That total emotional and physical support he gave me unflinchingly for this past year has been the most intense personal attention I've ever received in my life barring my kittenhood." He began earnestly.

"I'm sure some would say that it's natural for me to be grateful and to become rather close to the kat who was responsible for my return to life. And they would be right, however, certain things have occurred between us that have pushed us past just 'being friends'. I really couldn't say how it truly came about but we've found a connection far stronger than we'd imagined." He tried to explain then stopped uncertain how to phrase what he wanted to say.

The Sergeant eyed the suddenly tongue tied Commander with a knowing look.

"You've fallen in love. Yeah, I'm a bit shocked but I could see it happening like a pair of freight trains about to collide. At first I couldn't accept what I was seeing but eventually I couldn't deny that was what was going on. I have to say sir, that you two will have to be very careful how you interact from now on. If I could see it then sometime soon someone else will." He said sagely to Feral's slack jawed surprise.

Shaking his head, Feral cocked his head at the Sergeant in wonderment. "Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprise you might see it before me. You were outside it looking in but my nose was right there and it still took me a while to realize it." He said ruefully.

"That's usually the case sir," The Sergeant gave a snort of amusement.

Feral had to grin at him shyly. "Thank you for still willing to stay by my side through all this. It's been a hell of a ride and I'm so glad the worst of it is behind me at last."

"So am I sir. As for this new development, well, I hope it doesn't cause you more problems. I do know it does make you happy and more content and that's all to the good, in my mind. I admit, I have a healthy respect for those two miscreants. Their hearts are in the right place even if it is on the edge of the law." The Sergeant said with a sigh of resignation.

"Yes, you are right there," Feral said in agreement.

On the other side of town, Chance was trying to find a way to tell his partner about himself and Feral and wasn't having very good luck. Every attempt ended in him chickening out.

As they took a break at lunch time to grab some sandwiches and get off their feet, Jake eyed his partner seriously. He knew something was bothering him and that whatever it was he was trying to tell him about it but couldn't seem to find the courage to speak it.

Sighing inwardly he finished his lunch and decided to take matters in his own paws.

"Okay, buddy. Out with it! You've been stewing all morning trying to tell me something and its got you in out with more beating around the bush!" He demanded.

Chance looked at his friend in surprise. He blushed...he should have known...Jake was just too smart to keep in the dark for very long...that was why he was the gunner. Clearing his throat, he decided to just come out with it.

"Feral and I have fallen in love!" He finally just blurted out.

Jake just sat there staring at him. Then he shook his head in amusement. "That's what's got your tail in a twist. Crud, Chance, I knew that! Seeing you two together and how you reacted to each lately told me you had crossed from being tolerant allies to being lovers rather quickly. After what you two have been through over the last year, I'm not really too surprised. Though, honestly, I thought you'd just be very good friends but... it don't matter...what's done is done." Jake said shrugging his shoulders.

"Crud! Jake! I didn't think we were that obvious. I didn't even know that's what was happening until yesterday myself." Chance said in shocked surprise.

"Yeah, well I think the Sergeant and I were catching on that more was going on with you two. The dynamics of how Feral reacted to you was changing whether you or he realized it or not. Does he know who we are?" Jake asked seriously.

"No! It never came up. Surprisingly, he's never asked." Chance said caught off guard by the question.

"Well, that won't last long. If you two continue on then it will come up. I'm okay with it. I know he won't betray us now. He needs you to stay healthy and happy. I don't really think he'll let anything happen to that now." Jake said with certainty.

"No, he won't betray us. Somehow, I know that for certain. Thanks, buddy for understanding. It's kind of a strange situation. We'll have to keep it secret just like our identities. But it's worth! All of it, is worth it!" Chance said with conviction.

"That's good, buddy. Now maybe we can get on with our lives again, though with a slight twist to it. The enforcers won't be trying to tag our tail quite as much." Jake said with a grin.

"That's so very true." Chance agreed grinning back.


Another year has passed, Feral and T-Bone grew even closer and were soon living together in a hidden home that was close enough to the city for ease of getting to work but out of sight of the public allowing them the freedom to be with each other without having to look over their shoulders constantly.

Two months after moving in with each other, T-Bone let Feral see his emerald green eyes for the first time. Though surprised somewhat to learn the ex-enforcer was a SWAT Kat, it didn't trouble him as much as he thought it would. No nightmares plagued his sleep anymore. Peace was in his soul and joy in his heart. He had found his love and nothing else mattered.