Just a little fic, since we need more Ace fic.

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The Rat was bored. Lord Fear had ordered him to spy on Mark. So far all the kid had done was sit around and watch that box thing. What was so interesting about it, anyway?

He decided to move somewhere where he could get a better look at the thing and see what the fuss was about, hopefully without getting noticed.


Lord Fear wasn't happy.

"So you didn't find out anything? Useless Rat!" Lord Fear blasted the Rat with Staff Head. The Rat flew back, hit the wall and flew out of the room.


Well, he had told the truth. He hadn't found out anything about what the Lightning Knights were up to. But he did find out something else. He would have told Lord Fear, but he thought it needed more investigation first.

He was back at Mark's house. He wasn't spying on Mark this time. He was watching the box thing which he now knew was called a 'TV'. He couldn't believe they didn't have these things in the Sixth Dimension! It was so interesting and informative. Especially that 'Star Trek' thing. He was going to have to warn Lord Fear about those Klingons.