Author's notes: I am not claiming to be any sort of extremely knowledgeable entity about the time period that I'm placing this story in, but I've tried to be as accurate as I can. Some of the inventions are occurring before their time, the names and places of events(such as the world's fair) are changed for the sake of the story, and several characters have been invented in an effort to not use historical figures. I have tried not to create any more OC's than needed, and the central figures are those found in the comics, cartoons and movies. I'm also taking liberties with names found during this era. Such as Mikaela was not a common name at this time period and the word "Jazz" was not generally used. For the sake of not being confusing I've just left their names as is and at times pointing out the confusion. I've tried to be close to accurate with slang in general, but I know I'm probably not as close as I could be. If you're looking for hard core time period accurate writing, you might not want to read this story. As far as the transformers themselves I'm drawing from the different universes in comics and cartoons for back stories as well as bending them to fit the story, but the G1 personalities are still there. Thanks for reading!

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\Sir, we're sustaining massive damage to our aft-\ the voice over the comm was filled with static and hissing. It wasn't the waves that were damaged but the speaker. It was a wonder he still was able to communicate.

From where he was sitting near the nav com in the back, Bumblebee could see Sentinel Prime's first lieutenant scrambling to reroute the power of the defense shields. Of the original officers the first lieutenant , Goldstar, and Ironhide, the weapon's expert, were the last standing. The others had all been either damaged to the point of their bodies going into stasis lock or else their sparks had been extinguished permanently. The shields Goldstar was working on had already been rerouted twice in the past hour, and they were running out of avenues to send the signal through. Normally a raw recruit like Bumblebee would have been down in the hold trying to hang on for dear life and not on deck trying to keep the ship in one piece. As luck would have it he'd been up giving a report about his findings based on the scout ship's last transmissions when they'd been attacked. That had only been an hour ago.

The scout ship they'd sent out had suddenly lost it's signal due to magnetic interference on the planet's surface. Bee was the scout team's relay here on the ship, so he had delivered the information transmitted to Sentinel Prime himself. It had seemed like a reasonably nice planet, far better than the lifeless rocks in the rest of this system. The position of the third planet from the sun had caused biological life forms to spring up on it's surface, however none of them were intelligent enough to warrant notice. Their creed prevented them from interfering with a planet that was home to beings of a certain intelligence level and yet less technologically advanced. To ignore this in the past had subverted and nearly destroyed other cultures, it was a mistake few were willing to make again. But the beasts that inhabited this planet showed little signs of intelligence, large as they were. It was uncertain if they would eventually evolve and develop into something greater. However, the planet was rich in resources they could use to either make a new home here or repair and restock the ship's energy sources. Moments after Bumblebee had started to give his report, the Decepticon flagship, the Nemesis, had suddenly come out of warp behind them.

The main viewer crackled into life. Magnetic interference of a dozen systems on the fritz distorted the face of the Decepticon leader, "You won't survive this, Sentinel."

The armrest of the chair crumpled under one frustrated hand, "We had an agreement, Megatron. Was our collective banishment not enough for you? Could you not leave us in peace?"

Sentinel Prime glanced down at the planet below. The last reports from the scout ship had sounded positive. It was the first hospitable planet they'd come in contact with. All he and his people wanted at this point was to stop fighting. Megatron smiled, "This planet and its resources have been claimed by the Decepticons. You are trespassing; we are simply protecting our planet."

"Your planet!?" shouted a big angry crimson bot who had been running one of the weapons stations with his brother, "That's a load of-"

"Sideswipe, that's enough!" snapped Sentinel Prime. The twin bots lacked in discipline, he thought in dismay. Normally they wouldn't even be up here, but when the Decepticons had attacked they'd sent several waves of electronic disturbances through the ship, killing or severely injuring Sentinel's flight crew. He'd had to call up Ironhide's division from where they were working in Secondary Engineering in order to keep the ship's defenses running. The division was not exactly without experience, but they weren't the most battle ready either. "Megatron. If you did indeed have prior claim to this planet we encountered no beacon marking it as yours."

"Perhaps in your zealousness to take possession of the resources available you destroyed it?" Megatron ignored the outraged looks on the Autobot's faces, "This planet is ours and you will suffer the consequences for trespassing."


On the Nemesis the Decepticons manning the controls began aiming their weapons at the Ark as their leader cut communications with the enemy ship. The Nemesis was a large gray and black streamlined battle cruiser, bristling with weaponry. The main cannon was classified as experimental, and could penetrate a moon when fired at full power. The downside was it could only get off one shot at full power before overheating itself. An overheat could either cause a massive electrical overload in the ship, or it would explode and rip apart the Nemesis, it's crew, and any celestial bodies near it. Scrapper, it's creator, had cautioned that even repeated use could cause it to overheat, they hadn't been able to fully test it, not having anything to fire upon outside of asteroids. Asteroids could be tough, but they weren't enemy space craft with barrier fields and didn't provide Scrapper with the answers he needed to know. Megatron was unconcerned; the Autobots would be destroyed and flung to the far reaches of space long before the cannon could even come close to over heating.

Megatron raised a hand to his second in command, a sleek red and gray seeker. "Destroy the smaller ship first, let them be cut down slowly."

"But sir, that could give them time to launch a counter attack. I suggest that we fire everything at the Ark itself now, before they have a chance to recover."

"You worry too much, Starscream. There is no chance that they can recover at this point. Their ship is crippled. It's a transport ship, not like the Nemesis, they're no match for our weapons. I want to test the cannon at this range," the hulking grey mech gestured to his right, "Fire on the smaller ship when ready."

"Why are we interested in this planet anyway?" a blue and silver Seeker sitting near the back whispered to one of the three smaller mechs running the nav com.

The first spoke, his voice a strange echoed triad, "Only because the Autobots also want it. By their trespass they are open to our attack within the laws of Cybertron. To annihilate them any other way would break the treaty, and any hope of someday returning to our planet," The first Reflector went back to what he was doing and the third turned to continue, "Besides, the planet's resources are optimal. We can use them to refuel the ship and to build things we may need."

Thundercracker shrugged, "I'd rather have a fight one on one than sit here watching them get blown out of the sky. It's a bit boring letting the cannon do all the work."

All three Reflectors shrugged and the first spoke again, "It matters little to us. At least it means less to repair afterwards."

Further down the deck the bots in charge of weapons began flipping the firing sequences of the main cannon.

A huge explosion rocked the deck violently and ended all transmissions as the Ark's sister ship ripped apart in a massive burst of flame. The fire was short lived as the vacuum of space extinguished the fire. Bumblebee watched helplessly as the other ship, now with a gaping hole in it's side, went spiraling towards the ugly green planet below, the impact from the blast urging it faster. Tiny shapes were torn from the wound, tumbling helplessly in space, doomed to burn up on entry. What had been a sanctuary and home to many of the Autobots was now a smoldering wreck, descending rapidly towards the surface below.

Bumblebee's internal processors sped up, allowing him to process the emergency situation at a slower rate than normal and respond in kind. He saw in alarming amount of detail as the station where the first lieutenant had been working sparked and then exploded, ripping open the spark chamber of the helpless Autobot. As slow as his processor could make time seem, Bee's body couldn't compensate and react in time. Three of the consoles went at once and when the nav com in turn ruptured, he wasn't able to duck. Thankfully not everyone had that problem and a large blue and red wall shouldered him out of the way.

"That was a close one!" Bumblebee shuddered as he picked himself up.

Optimus nodded and patted out the burning debree on his shoulder. The other Autobots scrambled, trying to put out the small number of fires that had started on the wreckage and instruments. Ironhide grabbed the mangled frame of what was left of Goldstar and hauled it out of the way. The underside of the console was still intact and could probably still be used to reroute systems.

"Poor Goldstar, not a way ah'd like ta go," rumbled the dark red bot. The spark chamber and half of Goldstar's arm was melted to slag. Optimus wedged himself under the console, looking to salvage what he could in order to bypass the damage once again. Bumblebee was frozen in shock, watching the other ship break up on entry into the atmosphere below. All those bots...Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Kup... Ironhide gave the young scout a shake, bringing him out of shock. "Hey now, we got no time ta mourn now, get ta helping Optimus repair the console."

Bumblebee shook himself again and scrambled to cram himself into the space that Optimus had just vacated. Being smaller he was able to reach and repair the chords the other mech couldn't. The bombardment of the ship kept the deck shaking and vibrating beneath their feet, every few moments had them desperately clinging to the panels as the shields broke down further. With every roll of the ship the yellow mech prayed that his fate wouldn't be the same as Goldstar's had been.

"We've got a positive that the other ship is destroyed," reported the black and white mech called Prowl. He stood at one of the operations readouts beside the stasis locked body of another bot.

"As if we really needed a confirmation for that," said his partner, Jazz, shaking his head. He made a few notes on the screen, sending more power to the shields, "Sir? What are your orders?"

All optics turned to Sentinal Prime. The shock wave from the explosion of the sister ship hadn't just damaged the nav com and the console that Goldstar had been working at, it had also done a considerable amount of damage Sentinel. Parts were grinding together painfully and he was fairly sure that a large piece of the console was stuck in the wrecked part of his chest plate. The exposed wiring felt cooked and one of his optics was damaged enough that he could barely see out of it. The world was getting alarmingly dark and fuzzy, and his thoughts were becoming sluggish. The giant bot struggled to remain conscious.

Optimus recognized the signs of stasis lock coming over his heavily damaged leader. His eyes met the medic's, who nodded tersely. Nothing could be done at this point, Sentinel Prime was going to go into stasis lock any moment, too heavily damaged to even bypass it. Once in stasis lock he'd be helpless and the Autobots without a leader and without access to their most precious artifact, the Autobot matrix. The artifact was always carried inside the chest of their chosen leader where it lent wisdom and strength to it's barer. The memories and sparks of all the fallen Autobots would be gone if it was destroyed, "Sir, I suggest that you and the others head down to the escape pods."

All turned to look at the bold words spoken by the normally quiet mech. Optimus had a reputation for being a fierce fighter despite his predisposition to being a thinker. He had previously avoided being placed under command despite showing that he had a cool head for it. This journey had found Optimus doing a number of odd jobs, but most recently he'd found himself in the position of navigator on the Ark.

Prowl shook his head, "That's crazy, if anyone ejects they'll be sure to be shot down by the Decepticons."

"Not if we flip the ship and face them instead of trying to escape," offered the acting communications officer, Blaster. "With the way things are rigged right now we could reroute some of the power we were using for the shields into the engines real nice and quick, the weapons have enough power that we could cover their escape."

"I honestly don't see what we have to lose," Jazz shrugged, his hands ready to hit the buttons, "The ship's a loss no matter what. It may just be my opinion, but I think having some of the Autobots survive rather thanall of us die would be a better arrangement."

"Whatever you're going to do, do it fast!" snapped Ratchet, the medic, irritably as he put more patches on Sentinel Prime's chest. If he could contain the wiring and keep him from getting blasted a second time then Sentinel stood a chance of survival.

Sideswipe smacked his fist down on a busted screen, "But who's going to pilot the ship? They'd have to have frozen circuits to want to take a suicide mission like this!"

"It should be me," rumbled Sentinel. His spark ached and all he wanted to do was sleep, but he refused to give into the haze of stasis lock. So long as there was a chance he could give the escape pods a cover and get his people to safety he would remain awake.

"No," said Ratchet shaking his head. As the medical officer he alone held the power to order around the Prime himself, "I've put you and every other Autobot back together enough times to do it with all my sensors shut off, so far be it for me to refuse to let you go get yourself dismembered again. However, you've still got the Matrix inside you, and your chest plate is too damaged for me to open it and remove it."

"Just go, sir. We'll find someone else to pilot this wreck," Jazz looked at the older bot with growing alarm. Without the Matrix they'd be lost. The only comfort of losing a friend was that his spark joined the matrix and would be reborn eventually. Without that hope, the hazards of being an Autobot didn't seem bearable.

"I will pilot it," offered Optimus gravely.

"If anyone's going down in a blaze of glory today, it's going ta be me," Ironhide huffed. It was mock bravado, he didn't want his spark extinguished anymore than the others but the rest of his command and those left were so young. He'd lived for too long watching the young be cannon fodder in the wars and this time he could do something about it. He'd been something of a mentor to Optimus when the younger bot had first joined up, there was no way he was going to let him die and have all that work go down the drain.

"But you'll need a crew all the same," the blue and red bot pointed out.
"Why're you so pit bent on dying today, kid?"

Optimus smiled under his face mask, "Why're you?"

"Enough," Sentinel barked. Optimus had been part of Ironhide's crew before Sentinel had picked him to be the ship's navigator. They both recognized the younger bot's potential command, but had wanted to ease him into it, knowing Optimus's discomfort with the situation. Sentinel felt that if he could get Optimus over that here was no telling how far the bot could go. He had planned on making this a very slow moving plan, but events in the past hour had sped up the time table, "Optimus, I am promoting you to Commander and ordering you to pilot what's left of the Ark down Megatron's throat. The rest of us will rendezvous down on the planet after repairs. Blaster, have each pod check in with you once you reach planet side. You have your orders, may peace find you." With his last words his mouth plate froze up and the color left his optics as stasis lock took over.

Ratchet checked him over. Sentinel Prime was completely in stasis lock and would not recover until his internal systems had repaired him to a safe operating status, which could take decades. There were many things that Ratchet could fix, but once stasis lock took over it was better to let the internal systems do their job. Optimus called over to the two tall lanky bots that were busily helping to reroute the engines, "Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, take Sentinel and get out of here."

The yellow brother, Sunstreaker, made a face but complied. He was comfortable taking orders from Sentinel Prime and his lieutenants, but Optimus wasn't that much older than he was, and that chaffed a bit. Still, it didn't seem like a good time to voice his opinions. He and his twin gathered up their fallen leader and rushed out into the corridor.

Optimus watched them go then turned to the crew. His nerves were suddenly more on edge than ever. Why had Sentinel passed over the others and given command to him? He didn't know what he was doing other than probably getting himself killed. It was very similar to standing on the edge of a cliff with a faulty jetpack. Maybe it would work or maybe you'd get yourself and a lot of other people killed. The feeling choked him, but he fought it down and continued, "Blaster, can you get a hold of Wheeljack in Secondary Engineering?"

"Negative, Optimus, I just tried and can't reach Wheeljack or Perceptor down there."

There was silence for a moment as they considered what the fate of their friends could be, "You and Bumblebee go down there and see if you can help get any extra power to the weapons or engines. Once you're done, get to a pod and get out of here."

"Yes sir!" The two bots rushed out the way that the twins had gone.

"To stay will be death, I will not order or ask that any of you to stay beyond finishing the rerouting," Optimus spoke barely above a whisper, but somehow his voice carried to each of them.

The remaining five had fought along side each other for thousands of years. They had lost families, home and friends to the war and all they had left was each other. The bond of shared wounds and battles linked them together. Jazz folded his arms, "Well I always hate to break up a set. I'm staying."

"It's not like I was going to do something else with my afternoon," said Ratchet.

Prowl shrugged, "It's certain death, but the logical thing to do is make sure the job is done. The needs of the many-"

"Right, right, I've heard that b'fore, thanks," Ironhide made his way back to the station, grinning recklessly. "Orders Optimus?"

The blue and red bot's optics flashed, "Let's turn this ship around and show Megatron just what he's bitten off."


The elevators to the Secondary Engineering level were busted and out of commission. It was a good thing that Optimus had sent two of the smallest bots to investigate. Bumblebee went first, tearing holes in the wreckage when there wasn't enough room for him to pass. Blaster, who was far shorter still, slipped through the mess the yellow bot was leaving. This level of Engineering was just below and behind the main cabin of the ship. It was meant to be a back up system in case the ship had to perform an emergency separation, but with the fighting it was being used as a shortcut since main Engineering was almost completely blocked off by the fighting.

When they arrived at the opening to the compartment, the doors suddenly burst open in a jet of flame. It lasted only a moment then a medium sized grey mech with a face mask and wing shaped pieces on the sides of his head stepped through, dusting off his hands. He was flanked by a small red mech about Blaster's size armed with a small cannon mounted on his shoulder. Both were significantly blackened but neither seemed to have sustained structural damage.

"Wow, it does pack quite a punch!" said Wheeljack, the light panels on his head flashing blue.

"This is hardly the time to get excited over such things," replied Perceptor, trying to wipe some of the smudges off his chest and adjust the cannon on his shoulder.

Blaster ran almost headlong into them, "Where have you two been? Why aren't you responding to comms?"

"That's a fine way to greet two friends," Wheeljack snorted.

"Oh thank Primus you're alive, how's that?" Bumblebee shot back.

Perceptor stepped in, "Our comms suddenly ceased to work properly and when I went to get help, we found ourselves welded inside Engineering."

"Not working, how can they just not be working?" Their comms and the channels they ran on were part of their inner hardware. Despite the blackening on the surface, neither bot seemed to bear the sort of wound that would warrant their comm to fail. The only way that the messages could be stopped, short of the bot being disabled, was for the signal to be out of range or jammed.

Blaster cut in, "We don't have time to discuss this, we needs those engine so we can flip the ship, face the 'cons and cover the escape pods."

The four bots raced back into the Engineering section of the ship as Blaster filled them in on the current plan of attack. Wheeljack shoved a shattered piece of equipment out of the way and fished inside for the wiring, "I think we'll have just enough time to get this rigged before-"

Out of the darkness came two laser shots, narrowly missing the heads of the two science officers. "Where in the pit did that come from?!"

Bumblebee spun around and peered out into the near darkness of the room. Most of the lights were half busted and his auxiliary vision was giving him nothing in the way of targets. The most he could see was the slight heat signature of the gun blast moments after it was fired, not enough for him to get a bead on the shooter, especially if it was a Decepticon spy. He was a scout made for the retrieval of information, not a a honed warrior like Ironhide or the twins, his experience here was very limited. "Am I clear to shoot back or am I going to hit something vital and make us explode?"

Wheeljack glanced around, trying to find the source of the shooter while Perceptor dug around inside the wiring, splicing as fast as he could. The larger bot made a dive for the other console that needed rigging, dodging more fire, "Making things explode is my department, Bee. These two consoles are the only parts we need to splice to give Optimus enough power to flip the ship over so the front faces the 'cons. The way I see it, the rest of this stuff is going to explode soon after that anyway. Just keep whatever or whoever is out there away from here."

"Sounds like a plan to me," shrugged Bumblebee. He fired back at the last place he thought he saw movement and was rewarded with an angry hiss. Blaster peeled a few shots off in another direction, trying to corner the Decepticon spy and scored a direct hit, "I think I got him!"

After a few moments there was the sound of something metallic scrambling; then something engulfed Bee and brought him down. The yellow bot found himself fending off something heavy, black and filled with teeth, "AAARGH! It's Ravage!"

As Bumblebee struggled with the twisting and biting Decepticon, Perceptor managed to finish splicing and ran out to help his friend. Before he could get there, the ship began to roll as the auto-gravity flipped and the ship went end over end to face it's aggressors. The scientist smacked his head into the wall hard enough that his vision went out and he was down. Ravage, unconcerned with the tumbling, took the opportunity to latch onto the closest thing he could, Bumblebee's throat. With the added movement of the ship, Bee could feel the sharp burning pain of his throat plates coming loose and something being ripped from him. As the ship stopped turning he could see what he thought was his vocal processor come partially away in the beast's mouth. The only thing that prevented it from being ripped out completely was Ravage being brought down by the combined firepower of Bee's friends..

The pain was so great that his receptors started tuning it out. Bee could feel himself slipping into Stasis. The world grew hazy around the edges and slowly turned gray. It felt like he was being swallowed up by water and there was nothing he could do. Part of him was panicking and fighting it; this was the first time he'd ever been damaged so badly. He couldn't tell if he was dying or not. The last thing he saw before he went under was Wheeljack's worried face and Blaster's voice calling his name.

Amid the chaos of the escaping Autobots, the twin mechs carried their prone leader. Occasionally someone would stop to panic at the sight of the fallen bot, but inevitably they would be dragged off by a comrade into one of the escape pods. They could hear Prowl's voice over the internal com system instructing everyone to get to the escape pods as quickly as possible.

"Primus, he's a heavy lump," grumbled Sideswipe, nearly dropping Sentinel again.

"He's going to need a pod mostly to himself, he's just too damn big," Sunstreaker tried to shuffle Sentinel's weight so that it didn't ding his already dirty paint job. He looked down at the scratches on is arms irritably. The day had started out bad, gotten worse and now he was going to look grungy while dying heroically.

A row of empty pods loomed ahead of the twins. Sideswipe glanced down the hall, "I didn't know we had so many..."

"Or that there were so few of us left," his brother replied solemnly. Sunstreaker tugged on Sentinel's legs and led them toward one of the empty pods. With effort they managed to cram Sentinel in.

"Maybe we should be a little gentler?"

"Nah, it's not like he's going to be able to chew us out when he lands," said Sideswipe smiling. He looked at his brother, one brow raised. "You know, I don't think we'll fit in there with him."

Sunstreaker got the message and started looking around for some smaller bots.

"Still, it won't do to send him out by himself... " Sideswipe's gaze drifted to a small surly looking bot who was arguing with another equally small orange and blue bot.

"Brawn! Huffer! There's been an emergency. We've been called to the bridge to man the weapons stations but Sentinel Prime is in no condition to be left alone!"

"Primus! We're doomed!" wailed Huffer.

Brawn smacked him in the shoulder, knocking Huffer to the floor, "Will ya snap out of it? We need to keep our heads!"

Huffer picked himself up and continued to wring his hands, "I can't help it! It's in my programming!"

Sideswipe grabbed Brawn by the shoulders, "Brawn, I need you and Huffer to go with Sentinel Prime and watch over him while he's in Stasis!"

Brawn looked confused and managed to get a frustrated "What?" out before the much larger mech picked him up and threw him into the pod. Sunstreaker did the same with Huffer, tossing the other bot into the pod with gusto. The red twin didn't miss a beat and slammed a large black fist into the door panel, closing it. Brawn's panicked optics could be seen just above the porthole as he screamed, "No! Don't leave me in here with Huffer!"

The brothers waved farewell to the unfortunate pair of mechs then sped off back to the bridge.


If not seeing what was bombarding your ship with superior firepower was frightening, facing the object hurtling that firepower at you was even more frightening. The Ark wasn't built for fighting; it was built to transport its occupants safely throughout the galaxy and beyond. Still, its guns were no laughing matter and they were drumming a considerable beat on the Nemesis's shields. Optimus watched and waited as they continued to bombard their opponents with everything they had. He was surprised by how calm his voice sounded over the bedlam, "How many pods do we have left to be jettisoned?"

Jazz checked, there were no more pods registering active bots left save two, "We're almost clear."

One of the empty consoles blared out a warning, Ratchet barked out, "Someone lock that thing down before it gets us all killed!"

"Ah've only got two hands and they're both busy at th'moment!" Ironhide yelled back, trying to keep as many of the battered shields on-line as he could. The Ark was a reliable ship, but it wasn't a new ship even when they had left Cybertron on it. Every time a shield took too many hits it had to be partially rebooted as another shield slid in to take it's place, it was fine to fend off the occasional asteroid, but hardly logical for combat. Based on old technology it was on the list of things for Wheeljack to fix, along with some sticking doors, energon processors that kept spitting out oil, and recharge chambers that wouldn't stop locking in their occupants. At the time, there had been no anticipated attack. Fixing the shields had ranked fairly low.

The door was suddenly wrenched open and the twins came racing in. Optimus frowned, "I told the two of you to go with Sentinel Prime."

"Don't get your axle bent, Optimus," snapped Sunstreaker, locking down the shrieking console.

"We've got it covered," smiled Sideswipe as he helped Ironhide with the shields, "Besides, we couldn't stand the thought of having to tell generations of little Autobots about how you guys died bravely. Think of all the other great stories about you guys we couldn't tell! It's always bad luck to speak ill of the dead."

"Right, we can't tell sparklings about how the great hero Ironhide clanks in his sleep!"

"AH DO NOT," snapped the big bot.

"Anyway, we sent Brawn with him. He may be small but he's one of the toughest Autobots that's still functioning," shrugged Sunstreaker.

Prowl shook his head, irritation showing on his normally calm face, "Just Brawn is not enough."

"Well, we sort of sent Huffer too," Sideswipe muttered quickly.

"That's going to dowonders for Brawn's patience," snorted Ratchet as he flipped switches to add more power to the fading shields.

"We're clear! Optimus, that was the last pod," called Jazz.


Megatron was a good leader; he was a brilliant strategist and a brave fighter. He had always led his troops with confidence and assurance of victory. He'd won countless battles against rival Decepticon factions and Autobots alike. If he had one downfall it was that he often became over confident. When he ignored his engineer's cries about the main cannon possibly overheating he had thought that the Autobots would last this long. His overconfidence was about to cost him his victory.

When the cannon went, it didn't explode and destroy the ship like Scrapper had warned, but instead warped the metal ends of the cannon, fried the circuits of ever bot who was in recharge and shut down all but the very basic systems aboard the Nemesis. The soldiers scrambled to get the ship running once again, the floor rocking with every explosion from the Autobots guns no longer protected by the Nemesis's impressive shields. The sheilds were so well managed and advanced that the skin of the ship was actually very thin, rendering it faster when traveling in an atmosphere. Without it's sheilds and guns, the Nemesis became a very large and fragile egg about to be broken. Soundwave looked down at the list of deactivated assets, "Shields lost, weapons lost, life support failing-"

Even robots needed a certain amount of pressure and gravity to operate optimally, "The concentrated fire on our hull will break through in a matter of minutes!" shrieked Starscream as another blast nearly knocking him out of his chair.

"How much engine power do we have? Can we break away? The gravity of the planet is already pulling their ship down!" Megatron barked at his officers.

Scrapper did some quick calculations, "We have just enough to break away before we too are caught in the planet's gravity!"

"No chance we might just get caught in it's orbit and just float there is there?"
"The chance is slight, but with the speed we were going to catch the Autobots it's unlikely. If we fire our rockets now, however, we just may make it out."

"Don't stand there calculating, do it!" The engines flared to life and began to slow their momentum. If they could get far enough out of range they could repair the ship and get away, leaving the Autobots to their fate on the planet below.


"They're starting to pull away!" Sideswipe yelled in surprise. Maybe they would survive this after all.

"It's too late, we're already being pulled down to the planet and we don't have any power left in our engines to blast free," Jazz shook his head. The heavy shielding on the Ark could possibly withstand the g-forces as they entered the atmosphere even without their shield functional, but the impact would surely destroy them.

"Slag it! This isn't fair!" Sunstreaker slammed his hand through the non-functional screen in front of him.

Optimus frowned. If the Autobots were going to be wiped out, he was not going to leave the Decepticons to continue being a threat to all those who wish simply for freedom, "Brace for impact and turn on the tractor beam."


"We should have enough power left to bring them down with us, if the Decepticons want this planet so badly, I'm going to make sure they get to see it first hand."

The two ships roared down into the atmosphere, the Ark's systems finally failing after it succeeded into pulling the still crippled Nemesis after it. The engines on the Decepticon ship flared to life one last time, knocking it off course with the Autobot ship and sending it spiraling off to land in the depths of one of the many oceans that seemed to cover the planet. The Autobot Ark slammed into the surface, a thin crust on the surface helping to cushion the impact but sending the ship deep underground.

No one emerged from the crash, each crew too damaged to respond to their landing. The giant alien ships that had fought so fiercely were completely silent as the years passed by. Meanwhile the muddy green planet went through the stages of it's own growth, species living their lives and evolving into more complex beasts completely unaware of the ancient robots that lay deep under the surface of their planet. The automatic repairs would be taken care of on the stasis locked bots, but who knew how long they would remain dormant?