Drabble: Life Led by Moonlight
by KC

The curtains rustle in the cool night air. Harry lays his book down on his lap and puts his hand on the nightstand, curling his fingers around his wand. Through his window, the night looks like black velvet, swallowing up his candle light. He sits up a little more in bed. This wouldn't be the first time he's been attacked at night.

A pale hand slides into view, easing over the window frame. Sharp claws dig into the wood and something scuffs the wall outside. Harry smiles and leaves his wand on the nightstand.

After a few seconds of struggling, Draco pulls himself halfway into the room and drops to the floor on his hands and knees. Nearly a year of practice hasn't made him any more graceful at clambering through windows. The first few days, Harry had imagined him as a gothic lover floating over the ground and sighing wistfully at the stars. Only after Draco's first vampiric temper tantrum full of slurs against muggle-borns did Harry realize that Draco and soft sighs do not go together.

"Are you all right?" Harry asks.

"Mmf." Draco disappears from view as he crawls closer, reappearing at the foot of the bed and creeping towards Harry. He leaves a trail of dust and black marks on the blankets from the roofs and walls he's climbed.

"Feeling better?" Harry holds his arms open to him, letting Draco curl up on his lap. Full moon nights are the worst. Draco turns restless and antsy, forced to take long "walks" across other people's houses to satisfy his urge to roam and stalk. Harry worries that one day Draco will return with blood-drenched fangs, but so far his lover has controlled himself.

"Still hungry." Draco presses soft kisses to Harry's throat, advancing to small licks when Harry doesn't protest. His tongue lingers over the skin, tasting his pulse. He worships what he wants, Harry, blood, warmth, nuzzling and mouthing the vein. When his teeth graze the skin, however, Harry fists his hand in Draco's hair and gently forces his head back.


A soft snarl. Harry sees the blood-thirsty animal inside his lover's eyes, feels his raw strength as Draco tenses and sits straight, glaring down at him. Sometimes it's easy to forget the changes in his lover ever since a handful of Voldemort's vampires crept into the school. Love blinds him to his danger. The changes only accentuate what was there in the first place, though, and Draco's anger, though threatening, is still just that of a sulky spoiled brat.

"You know the rules," Harry murmurs.

The promise of blood calms Draco in an instant. He lets Harry turn him around and pull him back against Harry's body, holding him close with one arm while his wrist rises to Draco's lips. The familiar sting comes before his blood flows into Draco's mouth. Harry winces and shuts his eyes. It hurts, but Draco purrs and licks and curls up in satisfaction as if there's no where safer in the world. Harry knows someday he'll let Draco bite his throat and take as much as he wants, enough to end his human life and begin a life led by moonlight.

But not today. He just hopes Draco will let him wait a little while longer.