3 special days

3 special days

The third special day…

(Chapter III)

-Happy birth day to you-

It was a busy day for the students of Alice Academy. Everyone was in the central town to buy things they needed for the week.

"Oh…New Year? So it's Mikan's b-day right?" Anna asked Nonoko.

"Yup! And that's why we're here at the central town to buy her a present!" Nonoko answered as-a-matter-of-factly.

"But what kind of gift will I give her?" Anna asked herself.

"It's your decision on what kind of gift you will be giving to her. Anyways, Mikan is not that picky about gifts so I will just give her that!" Nonoko pointed to a pink sakura pendant in one of the nearby stalls

"I see…Oh I know!" Anna walked happily at the stall which has many fancy bracelets

"This will be perfect for her" Anna and Nonoko admired the bracelet. It was a pink sakura leaves with yellow-orange fire symbol at the center of it. Then Anna looked at the price and suddenly let go of the bracelet in shock.

"I think I should get a better gift…" Nonoko sweat dropped. The price was Ř 500 ( A/N: the R symbol is a fake symbol of rabbits )

After 5 hours of their time to look for a gift that Anna will give to Mikan…

"Nonoko-chan what am I going to do? It's almost 6pm and still I can't find a simple yet good present for Mikan…" Anna sighed as Nonoko looked at her and smiled

"How much money do you still have there Anna?" Nonoko asked with excitement

"Umm…" Anna counted her money as Nonoko sweat dropped

Poor Anna…

"Ř 389 …why'd you ask?" Anna answered

"Well…" Nonoko pulled Anna to the store to the store where they have seen the expensive bracelet

"What are we doing here Nonoko? We have already gone to this place…" Anna asked Nonoko. Her friend just smiled at her and put the bracelet that cost Ř 500 at the counter. Anna raised an eye brow

"Anna, give me your money…" Anna agreed and gave her money to her best friend, who, in turn, willingly put out 111 rabbits because the money of Anna is not enough after that they paid for the bracelet.

"Nonoko…" the cashier smiled but someone suddenly snatched the money away

"Here's Ř 500" a cold voice said

"Natsume?!" Anna and Nonoko squealed in utter shock

"You brats. Why don't you two hurry up already?! You two aren't the only ones in this damn shop, so hurry up will ya?!"

"Well this is the Ř 500 we need" Nonoko nervously gave the money. Everyone knew all too well the consequences of messing with the infamous black cat.

"Now go away before I burn you both to a crisp." He said irritatingly. Both girls were displeased with his words but just decided to let it go. Heck, he did give the money they need anyways.

"Here…" Natsume handed a stone to the cashier. It was colored with white silky paint and at the center of it you will see a carved face of Mikan and a signature of Natsume on it…

"Ř 1,500 Sir…" the cashier smiled flirtingly at him as Natsume gave her the rabbits and walked away, ignoring the flirt, stone in hand.

"Slut…" Natsume muttered under his breath


12/31/07 8:00am

"Okay class! I have very good news to all of you…the new year of the whole Alice Academy will be celebrated in a resort!" Narumi-sensei happily announced to his students and twirled around while the students all sweat dropped, obviously creep out.

"Don't you like that? I like the idea…how about you Nat-su-me-kun?" Natsume glared at their gay teacher as Narumi continued smiling at him.

"You Mi-Chan? Like the idea like me?" Narumi asked Mikan as she just nodded exaggeratingly.

"HAI! I'm excited too!" Mikan cheered.

'Why is that stupid idiot not sitting in her chair?' Natsume thought. While looking at the brunette

Mikan was not sitting at her chair, because she was sitting beside Hotaru…

'Why's Natsume's looking at me? I'm getting uncomfortable…' Mikan thought and she suddenly had a flash back on what happened to them last time at the Christmas Party




"Hey…" Natsume called at the brunette, but didn't hear it. so he pulled her wrist and gave her a very sweet kiss…Natsume broke the kiss and smiled at Mikan a little

"Thanks…for the watch and for watching the play" Natsume said and left Mikan behind, flustered

"I agree with Nonoko and Anna-chan…" Mikan said and walked straight into her dorm


End Flashback…


Mikan shook her head and listened to what Narumi-sensei was saying while Natsume smirked

'Maybe she feels uncomfortable around me ever since I kissed her…' he thought and for the first time he didn't bring his manga (actually he forgot it in his room so he had no choice but to listen to his gay teacher…)

"There is a hot spring and a swimming pool in that resort and the whole resort has been reserved for Alice Academy so enjoy it! We will all meet at the gate at exactly 5pm don't be late! Especially you Mikan…

"So free day today to fix all your things!!" Narumi said and as he exited the room and ran through the hallways

"Sumire…" the fans of Natsume nodded at each other as a signal…

"Let's begin the plan minna" Sumire paged at her radio

"Roger that" They replied




Behind the bushes while Natsume and Mikan were kissing

"Sumire! Look! Natsume and Mikan are--"

"KISSING!!I will never forgive you Sakura you're dead" Sumire shrieked as they sweat dropped

"We'll have the plan later minna for now let's pray for an outing…"Sumire smirked

"Outing? For what?" One girl asked as Sumire's eyes shined

"We will leave Sakura behind! AHAHAHAHAHAHA" Sumire laughed like the witch that she is.


End Flashback…


"Hotaru, let's go back to our rooms now…" Mikan tugged Hotaru's shirt as Hotaru didn't let her eyes off her new invention

"Go ahead Mikan I have to finish this" Hotaru said as Mikan pouted

"Fine, but hurry up so we can fix our things together 'kay?" Mikan stood up and made her way to the door and suddenly…

"Hey…" a voice called her attention

"Natsume? Why are you here?" Mikan asked nervously

"Don't worry I'm not going to eat you yet" Natsume smirked as Mikan looked away

"Please leave me alone…for god's sake …and bring your lame jokes with you." Mikan said and started to walk away but Natsume grabbed her wrist and let his face get nearer to hers, while at the same time everybody has been looking at them including Natsume's fans and Hotaru, of course with her infamous camera

"Are you uncomfortable about what happened to us…last Christmas?" Natsume whispered but loud enough to hear the people Mikan's eyes widen and pushed him away

"Sha-SHUT UP!" Mikan ran fast and this time Natsume didn't grab her.

'She's fast.' Natsume smirked as he pondered on this thought

'That pervert…' Mikan thought, disgusted.

"YAY! It's my b-day tomorrow!! YAY!" Mikan suddenly jumped as she opened her door's room then plunged herself towards the bed, suddenly forgetting the very awkward situation mentioned above.

"Sigh…What am I going to wear tomorrow?" Mikan asked herself as she pouted

"I want to dress like a doll…" Mikan walked towards the closet and find a dress

3 hours have passed…

"Good girl Mikan…okay now that you've found a dress let's fix your things" Mikan said with no one in particular as she proceeded to hurriedly fix her things.

"Sigh…what a pain…" Mikan looked at the wall clock. The time says; 9:00pm

"Woah…time sure runs fast. Well, I'm going out for a walk. Oh wait! THAT HOTARU! She didn't come!" Mikan stomped her feet and threw a silent tantrum as she realized that her best friend hadn't come at all.

"Hmph…I'll just go to the fountain since it's already quite late." Mikan walked towards the mini garden of Alice Academy. There she saw a certain person sitting at the fountain

'Who's that?' Mikan thought

"Ano…I am Mikan…" Suddenly that certain person faced her

"Yeah…I already know that you're Mikan"

"NATSUME?!" Mikan shouted as Natsume laughed at her shock.

"Baka! Why are you here? You're supposed to be sleeping."

"Ah…um…I can't sleep" Mikan sit beside him.

"You can't sleep? I bet tomorrow you'll be late again" Natsume smirked.

"Meanie…" Mikan pouted as she dumped her feet under the water

"You…Why are you here?" Mikan asked while starring at the white shining moon

"Nothing just kinda bored" nothing

"Eh?! Bored? I thought you're too excited that's why…"

"Shut up, you're too loud."


After that Mikan became quiet, and with this Natsume looked at her.

"Stupid…you're going to make me carry you"

Yes, that's right. Mikan fell asleep good thing she didn't fall in the fountain. That would've been hilarious though.

"Jeez…"Natsume cursed and carried Mikan in bridal style.


Natsume was in front of the room of Mikan, He opened the door but…

"Baka!" Natsume cursed he tried again but then,

"You locked your stupid door!" Yes, Mikan locked it. And yes, Natsume was talking to himself, technically. Natsume looked at all the pockets but "I guess I can't help it…" Natsume looked at his watch; 11:00pm.

"Natsume? Is there a problem?" Ruka suddenly appeared

"Ah…Ruka do you know where Imai's room is?" Natsume asked as Ruka nodded.

"Why?" Natsume looked at Mikan.

"Ah, I see. Okay let's go, this way then." Natsume followed Ruka, who ran fast. Too fast that Natsume can't catch up because of Mikan. She might fall on the ground if he run too fast.

"Oi! Ruka!"

"Gomen nasai Natsume, on your right is the room of Imai-san!" Ruka shouted as he left Natsume

"What's with Ruka?" Natsume asked no one (he really has a weird fetish you know…)

"Seriously Mikan was as light as a fly…"


"Mikan…" Ruka muttered "I love you… but…"




"I Love you…Mikan" Ruka said as Mikan widened her eyes

"Ruka…" Mikan gulped as Ruka stared at her hazel eyes

"It's okay you don't have to answer now Mikan…but please…don't say no" Ruka looked at the ground.


"Eh?" Ruka was shocked.

"I'm so sorry" Mikan bowed as Ruka smiled.

"No…I was ready for that answer from the very beginning, but please do everyone favors…tell Natsume how you feel."

"Ruka…you know that I…have special feelings for Na--"

"Yes…oh…see you Mikan…"Ruka bid a goodbye and ran towards Natsume.


End Flashback…


"Why? Why am I feeling this way again?" Ruka argued with himself and suddenly a particular person made a fake cough that sounds like an elephant with a bad case of colds.

Yes. It was THAT bad.

"Imai? Mikan and Natsume--" Ruka asked, suppressing a laugh.

"I know…I left them alone at my room" Hotaru answered, ignoring the disturbing maniacal look on Ruka's face.


"Do you still love her?"

"…" Ruka's face became serious.

"Tch…it's been a year already since you confessed and had been dumped by Mikan" Hotaru kicked the stone as Ruka looked at her.

"You know?" Ruka asked, astounded.

Obviously, she did.

Hotaru rolled her eyes.

"FYI…I'm Mikan's best friend, besides, if she hasn't told me then I would've known from you through blackmail anyways." She then put her two hands to her hips

"Yeah…stupid me" Ruka laughed nervously as Hotaru shook her head.


The Next Day…


"PERVERT!!" Mikan screamed at the top of her lungs as Natsume covered his ears on time.

"What the?! I just came in to check if you're already okay! Screaming like that makes my ears bleed!" Natsume said angrily as Hotaru just sighed.

"You know what Mikan…Hyuuga brought you here while sleeping you should at least say thanks to him" Natsume nodded in agreement.

"He also ki--" Mikan covered here mouth for almost saying KISS in front of Hotaru.

"He also?" Mikan closed her eyes tightly as Hotaru sighed "Never mind… Mikan, go inside the bathroom and change" Hotaru stated as Natsume smirked while Mikan glared at him as she got inside the bathroom.

'So…Hotaru doesn't know about our kiss hmmm…'

"What's with the evil smile of yours Hyuuga" With that Natsume looked at her stoically.

"Nothing…I'll be going now" Natsume opened the door and ready to leave.

"Hyuuga…you should tell her about your feelings…I think she will not dump you" Natsume stopped in his tracks and faced her.

"I was thinking about…" He paused and coverd his eyes with his bangs "How I will tell her today." Hotaru smirked as Natsume shrugged and walked away.

"Natsume thank--…eh? Where's Natsume?" Mikan asked Hotaru but she just shrugged and gave a faint smile.

"Be ready for your biggest gift ever Mikan…" Hotaru said as Mikan raised her eye brow

"Eh? What do you mean Hotaru? Oi!" Hotaru stood up and left the brunette girl in confusion

"Weird…so weird" Mikan put on her back pack and left the room to. Of course she locked it but this time…

"I will never forget this key again…" she throws the key and catches it again then ran to Hotaru.

"Everyone's here already?" Narumi asked as he saw Hotaru and Mikan coming towards them

"Hmm…not that late okay so--"

"Sensei let's wait for Natsume-sama!" Sumire butted in as Narumi nodded


"They're already here…" Mikan raised her eye brow and pointed Natsume

"OMG! Natsume-sama's super HOT!" A girl said while she waved her hands to fan her as Natsume and Mikan rolled their eyes

"Mikan-chan this is our first time to see you…YOU'RE SUPER HOT AS SIZZLING!" the boys said while starring at her legs as Natsume walked towards her and placed his arms around her

"She's already mine…don't you know that?" Natsume smirked as Mikan widened her eyes and started struggling.

"What are you saying Natsume?!" Mikan asked angrily while glaring at him.


"Natsume what are you doing?" Ruka said angrily.

Really interesting…

"Natsume-sama?!" fan girls shrieked

"Want some proof?" Natsume asked everyone.

"Of course" they all replied very determined.

"Okay…" Natsume goes nearer and nearer at Mikan's face.

"Narumi tou-san help me!" Mikan shouted.

"Ah…ah minna-san the bus is already here let's go!" Narumi said trying to catch the students' attention but Natsume was just too powerful.

'Kami-sama please sends thunder and shoots Hyuuga!!' Mikan prayed as God heard her prayer.

"Hyuuga! Such a disgrace! Go inside the bus now!" Mr. Jinno said as Natsume smirked

That wasn't what she wanted but that'll do.

"Let's try this again when we're already at the resort" Natsume made a wide grin and let go of Mikan as she let out a sigh

"What about the plan Sumire?"

"We can't, Hotaru Imai is always at her side…"

"Yeah let's forget about the plan already, come on let's go inside the bus" Mikan heard this as she quickly got inside the bus.

'What's that plan about?' Mikan thought as she looked at her seat no. '10' she muttered at her thoughts

"Here! No. 10!" Mikan said as she pulled her self down and placed her things at the floor


"Na-NATSUME!!" Mikan shouted or should I say SCREAMED at the top of her lungs.

"What?" Natsume smirked as Mikan glared at him




"Yawn…oh I'm still sleepy" Mikan muttered under her breath as Natsume stared at her

"Why don't you sleep if you're sleepy?" Natsume asked as Mikan shook her head.

"I must NOT sleep because there's a pervert beside me" Mikan glared at Natsume while Natsume smirked.

"Then don't…it's not me who will suffer by not sleeping beside a pervert, right?" Mikan opened her bag and put up a pillow then put it between the two of them.

"Don't pass in this pillow or your dead!" Threatened the brunette girl as Natsume nodded with a smirk.

"Hmph!" Mikan went to sleep as Natsume listened to his iPod©

'Thank goodness she didn't have a different seat number or those perverted guys will touch her virgin body…what the! What am I thinking?!' Natsume thought as he shook his head.


"Oi!" Natsume shook Mikan's body as Mikan uttered.


"Oi! Wake up, we're already here…" Natsume said.

"Get out…I'll handle this" Hotaru cut in as Natsume sighed. Somewhat pissed.

"Well it's you, Imai so I'll leave her to you" Natsume said as he walked away.




Just as I thought…

"Hotaru!! Why did you do that?"

"If I didn't do that would you ever wake up?!"

"Of course! Why would I not wake up?"

"Well, Natsume's been waking you up for more than half hour!"

"Oh right…let's go okay?"

After they finished arguing, they went to the cottage to fix their things.

"Wow…" Mikan stared at the cottage in awe.

"Oh stop drooling, Mikan it's so disgusting…come on everybody's waiting for us" Mikan nodded as they walked towards the cottage

"Mikan drop those bags let's go to that area by the sea side! Everyone's there already!!" Anna and Nonoko stated happily as Mikan was being dragged by them err…also Hotaru.

"Guys Mikan and Hotaru's already here!!" Anna shouted.

"Let's get ready to start the…" Nonoko smiled.

"COUNT DOWN!!" they all shouted except for Mikan who was being passed around, Hotaru not paying attention, Natsume no interest…














"Wah…Arigato minna-san!!" Mikan cried with joy as her classmates laughed with her.

"Actually, it's not your b-day yet …" Ruka said as Mikan looked at him with a question mark on top of her head.


"You have…20.01 seconds left" Ruka said as the students separated in to two groups

"Happy b-day to you, happy b-day to you, happy b-day, happy b-day--happy b-day Mikan…." Natsume sang.

"Natsume?!" and the fireworks began

"They forced me to do this…" Natsume hide his blush while Hotaru got her camera ready.

"Oh don't be like that Natsume! We know you like it too!" Mochu said as they all laughed except for Ruka…well Hotaru and Natsume smiled but only a little and as for the fans…they didn't come.

"Stupid…here" Natsume handed her a box.

"Eh…what's inside of that box?" Koko smirked.

"Well maybe…" Mochu rubbed his chin by index and thumb finger.

"Polka dotted underwear! hahahaha" they said in unison as Natsume glared and put fire in their pants

"Shut up!" Natsume walked away as Mikan pouted.

"Look what you've done to him!" Mikan said as Hotaru touched her arm.

"Hotaru?" Hotaru gave her a teddy bear and ran away.

"Eh? Hotaru! Wait! Where are you going?!" Mikan asked loudly as Hotaru pointed at the hot spring garden.

"Aiyoh…Here, Mikan my gift to you…" Nonoko handed her gift as all of them gave her gifts too.


"Why can't I sleep?" Mikan said as she sighed and washed her face

"Maybe a little walk will do…" Mikan walked outside the cottage…she found it very cold yet comfortable outside as she exhaled in and out.

"Wow! As expected from a province…eh? Someone's still awake?" Mikan walked nearer to the fountain.

"Uh…classmate, don't you think it's too late to play with the water here in the fountain? And also it's very cold outside don't you think you might catch a cold?" Mikan asked looking very silly…

"That's why you are always in the danger zone of being harassed…"

"N-Natsume? What do you mean?"

"What if I'm a perverted old man who likes to harass skinny girls like you…"

"Well you are…but you're just not old."

"No time for being stupid baka…"


"So, He might rape you, idiot!" Natsume threw water from the fountain.


"What?" he threw water again.

"You! Okay you've gone too far I'm going to--" Natsume cut her with water.

"Big mouth…"

"Okay…prepare Hyuuga HYAAA!!"

Time goes by…time passed by…they sit beside each other looking so tired

"It's your fault if I'm going to catch cold tomorrow…"

"What tomorrow? Hello?! Later you'll catch cold! Stupid."

"Oh…hehehe well I'll go to my room now."

"I'll send you" Mikan looked at him

"Uh…um…I mean my room is just beside yours" Mikan looked at him with a smile.

"Haha! Come on let's go" Natsume took her hands as Mikan looked at them.

"Eh Natsume…"


"There's no need to be angry!"

"Okay! What is it already?"

"Thank you…"

"For what?"

"For…singing a happy b-day song, for spending my b-day with you, and for having fun fighting water against you…thank you" Mikan said as Natsume stopped.

"You're welcome…oh here's your room bye…" Natsume said as he walked away.

"Ah! Natsume!"

"What?! Oh…sorry" Natsume forgot to let go of Mikan's hands…stupid.

"Go in…and take a shower…good--"


"Oh…right so, go now" Mikan nodded and opened the door as Natsume walked slowly.

"Natsume…I…love you" Natsume looked back at her as Mikan pecked a kiss in his lips.

"Thank you, again…" Mikan was already on her way inside when Natsume pulled her to a passionate kiss.

"I said, you're welcome…I love you too" Natsume smirked as he pushed her inside her room and closed her door.

"Idiot…happy b-day" Natsume whispered as he smiled and walked towards his room


The Next Day…




"Oh…the two of you have colds huh…hmmm"

"What happened? I think the two of you are together last night." Natsume and Mikan shook their heads

"Ahem??" they nodded.

"tsk…let's go swimming guys."

"No thrill at all."

'We're together…but not last night, this morning' they thought in unison and laughed out loud.


Present time… (2010)


Mikan's POV

Oh…now I'm done with my three special stories, did you all enjoy it? Hehehe I'm glad to tell you the love story of my life in these three important days! See you again next time!

Normal POV

"Mommy Mikan! Hurry, Daddy's already home." A beautiful little brunette girl hurriedly said as her mommy Mikan followed her behind.

"Welcome home, Natsume…" Greeted the mommy Mikan.

"Oh…I'm back so, where's Kyle?" Questioned the daddy Natsume

"Daddy, Kyle's already sleeping don't disturb him anymore or else he'll cry" the little brunette girl chirped as they laughed in unison.

"Okay Kylie…come, kiss daddy" Natsume carried Kylie by him arms as Kylie kissed his cheeks.

"I'm jealous…" Mikan pouted as Natsume kissed her in her lips

"Happy?" Natsume asked as Mikan nodded and laughed in unison again…

(•.¸(•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´)
«´ •. THE END •´¨»
(¸.•´(¸.•´ •.¸)•.,)

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