Summery: Deidara, Itachi and Hidan form the 'Best Friends Forever Club' as an excuse to cause mischeif in the lifes of the Akatsuki. Contains Yaoi in the form of; SasoDei, KakuHida, ItaKisa, ZetsTobi, and then PeinBlue.

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The Best Friends Forever Club

Chapter 1: Red Hair

Hidan's shoes created a light thudding as he rushed quickly down the hall, speeding straight for Deidara's room. He quickly opened the door, slamming it shut as he leaned against the heavy wood, breathing frantically.

"You get everything, un?" Deidara asked excitedly, bouncing on his bed in eager anticipation.

Hidan nodded, a large smirk creeping onto his features as he lifted a large backpack from where he held it in his hand.

"Let's go get Itachi!" Hidan announced, remembering Itachi's orders to report straight to him as soon as they had gathered everything - after all, the Uchiha was the one who had come up with the plan.

"Un!" Deidara replied, nodding enthusiastically.

They quickly bolted from the room, rushing down the hall and through the lounge, past the kitchen to the other side of the lair, where Itachi sat calmly in the room he shared with his large shark-like partner.

The two excited Akatsuki-nins knocked loudly on the Uchiha's door, barging in to the room without waiting for consent.


Itachi turned from the desk he sat at to glare at them for daring to intrude on his work, as he scribbled down new tactics for upcoming battles in a small book fashioned typically with the infamous Akatsuki red clouds. The Uchiha settled down, however, when he realised who it was.

"That was quick." He told them, sarcasm all too noticeable in his tone. "Do you have the needed supplies?"

"Un!" Deidara replied, smiling wide.

"Fuck, Itachi, do you have any idea how hard it was to find the leather hot-pants?" Hidan asked, lifting the backpack he had been carrying in his hand and emptying it out on Itachi's bed.

The contents splayed onto the sheets of the bed, while the three men examined the objects Hidan had collected. One pair of tight black and red hot-pants, obviously of a size that could fit any of the three men; a bra that they had bought from a cheap convenience store; and three sports-cups to protect their (A/N: -Ahem-) private area's, in case any of the acts they were about to commit would lead to them being assaulted 'down there'.

Itachi seemed satisfied with the contents Hidan had brought, "Good, now shall we start?"

"Okay!" Deidara replied, jumping up and down in the middle of the bedroom excitedly.

"Well, Deidara, you can go first then." Itachi declared, handing Deidara a box he had made and filled with many small pieces of paper, on which were written dares the Uchiha had come up with. This had all started when the three men had began to consider forming a weekly get-together, which Deidara had decided, quite publicly in front of the entire Akatsuki, would be called the 'Best Friends Forever Club' or 'BFFC' for short, much to Itachi's protest. They were still having the T-shirts made.

Deidara reached inside the box, his eyelids closed tightly as he pulled out a small fold of paper which would be his first dare, reading it aloud.

"Find a ginger haired boy, un, and get close enough to whisper in his ear 'I wonder if your ginger all over?' Un." Deidara blushed deeply as he lifted his eyes from the paper.

"Ha! Sucks to be you, Dei!" Hidan mocked, grinning widely.

"Er... Do I have to?" Deidara whimpered to Itachi, who simply nodded.

"Come on, Dei!" Hidan then replied trying to reassure the blonde, "You know you have a thing for Sasori," He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, "This is the exact push you need!"

With a large sigh from the ex Iwa-nin, the three left Itachi's room, walking into the lounge room where they knew Sasori was currently reading his a novel, sitting in the only armchair the room housed, which the puppet master had grown to favour.

Deidara looked to Hidan and Itachi, who then nodded in unison. With that, Deidara braced himself, and began to walk over to Sasori - slightly swaying his hips in a way that he hoped would assist in seducing the redhead.

The blonde boy watched Sasori as he sat calmly, eyes half-lidded. A few awkward seconds passed before the redhead noticed Deidara, peering over the cover of his book for a moment before asking simply;

"What is it?" Slight irritation laced his tone, as he felt unappreciative of the distraction from his book.

"I was just wondering, un..." Deidara replied, making an effort of his voice sounding low and husky, trailing off then as he pushed Sasori's hand that held his novel aside, and straddling the redhead, sitting comfortably on his lap.

The blonde then leaned forward, as Sasori's eyes widened at the close proximity between them. Deidara hesitated only slightly, smirking to himself, before turning his head to whisper in his Danna's ear;

"If you had red hair all over, un?"

Sasori quickly turned a deep red, shocked still by the blonde's question, his mouth agape.

Deidara grinned triumphantly then, lifting himself off of Sasori and quickly making his way over to Hidan and Itachi, who stood outside the lounge room, and patted Deidara on the back when he emerged once again, all of them desperately trying to restrain from laughing while quickly returning to Itachi's room, the blonde boy blushing fiercely.

Sasori was still, as he sat wide-eyed and staring off in the distance, not having noticed that he had long since dropped his novel on the floor next to him.

"Oh, my..." The puppeteer mumbled to himself, his cheeks reddening as he realised the implications of his partner's words.

Back in Itachi's room, Hidan was currently rolling on the floor, suffocating from his shaking laughter, as the Uchiha smiled, reassuring Deidara that he had done well.

"Okay, Hidan, it's your turn." Itachi told the Jashinist, having to yell over Hidan's laughing just so the man could hear him.

He stopped laughing then, and replied, "Bring it on!"

Itachi complied, passing the box to silver-haired man. Hidan rummaged inside the box with his eyes closed, quickly picking one piece of paper and removing it from the depths of the box, bringing it into his sight.

Immediately, the Jashin-worshipper's eyes widened, as he shook his head furiously, shouting;


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