Summery: Deidara, Itachi and Hidan form the 'Best Friends Forever Club' as an excuse to cause mischeif in the lives of Akatsuki. Contains yaoi in the forms of: SasoDei, KakuHida, ItaKisa, ZetsTobi and then PeinBlue.

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The Best Friends Forever Club

Chapter 3: A Game for the Whole Family

Re-entering Itachi's bedroom from where he had changed in the bathroom, Hidan found Deidara was still laying on the ground - holding his stomach in pain from his previous laughter.

"It's your fucking turn, 'Tachi." Hidan announced as he sat on the ground next to the wheezing blonde.

"Hn." Itachi replied simply, grabbing the familiar small box next to him which held the previously written dares and sliding his hand in, selecting a piece of paper.

"Read it aloud, un!" Deidara enthused, bobbing his head excitedly from where he sat.

Itachi cleared his voice and read his dare aloud, "'Express your love to the next person that enters the room, by resiting your favourite love poem to them.'" The Uchiha gave a flat glare to the other occupants of the room.

"Well that's not so bad, un." Deidara told the oversensitive boy, flipping his long blonde hair over his shoulder.

"Depends on who the next person to walk through that door is." Hidan snickered under his breath, to which he received an infamous Uchiha death glare.

"Hey, 'Tachi! You in there?" An all-too-familiar voice yelled suddenly from the other side of the door, causing the boys sitting inside to jump, eyes wide as they looked to the door.

Itachi winced at the unpleasant nickname the voice had called, knowing immediately that he had recognised the person it came from.

"Un! He's in here, Kisame!" Deidara then replied, giggling lightly as Itachi turned to him with wide, murderous eyes, "Come on in, un!"

Before Itachi was able to express his hatred for his fellow Akatsuki-nin - who had so rudely announced his presence - the door had slammed open, no doubt leaving a large hole from where it had collided with Itachi's wall, and a large blue figure was revealed - leaning against the door post.

"Hey 'Tachi!" Kisame greeted with glee, "I've been looking for you everywhere. Me and Zetsu just made lunch, so come eat! Oh, and there's enough for everyone, so Deidara and Hidan should come as well."

Hidan smirked in response to the happily grinning shark-man, as he told him; "Sure, but before we go, Itachi has something to tell you, Kisame." As Deidara broke out into another giggle fit.

With a sigh, Itachi walked over to his blue partner, preparing himself to speak. He looked up at Kisame, and they locked eyes, as he began to recite;

"'Laying on my back, I glance at the sky,

Watching the clouds slowly pass me by.

I close my eyes, had fallen asleep again,

Back when I was younger, playing pretend.

We walked along a path, defined as love,

From all the men, you were sent from above.

You came to me, gave me your heart,

Ever since than we have never been apart.

I could see us laughing, swimming in the white sea,

No one around us, left alone so perfectly.

Hand in hand the way it always would be,

Me loving you, you loving me.

We walked together for many hours,

Together us two, felt the world was ours.

You gave me everything that you could give,

Told me I was the reason, you were to live.

We made love between the sheets,

Your every touch, had made me weak.

I would not want to be anywhere than here,

Holding me so close, wanting to be so near.

I could see my face glowing with smiles,

For you are the reason, my life is worthwhile.

The teardrops had fallen on my face,

I had awoken lost in my own place...'"

As Itachi's voice died away, finished reciting his poem, he was followed by awkward silence. After a moment, in which Kisame remained perfectly still, the shark-man eventually spoke;

"... T-that was... Beautiful!" Kisame exclaimed, feeling his cheeks burn slightly into a light purply-pink hue on his blue skin, the only indication that Itachi's words had touched him.

"Un... That's what I call art!" Deidara sobbed over-dramatically, as he leaned on Hidan's shoulder, tears running down his porcelain cheeks - much to Hidan's apparent disgust.

"Oh my Jashin..." Hidan spoke over his blonde friend's sobs, "That was fucking awesome, Itachi." The Jashinist expressed, feeling his cheeks also burn, a certain stitched man on his mind.

"Thank you, now shall we go eat?" Itachi announced, coughing awkwardly.

"We shall, un!" Deidara replied, tears gone at the thought of food, as he wiped his eyes on his sleeve - before grabbing Hidan's cloak and pushing him through the door.

As Itachi went to exit the room too, a blue hand lightly touched his chest - stopping him in his tracks.

"What was that all about?" Kisame questioned, one eyebrow raised questioningly.

"I'll explain it at the dining table." Itachi replied, smirking lightly.

At the dining table, Deidara went to sit down before he realised something, and turned to his friend. "Oy, Hidan, do you reckon Sasori and Kakuzu are gonna' eat with us?" The blonde asked nervously.

"Oh shit!" Hidan exclaimed, realising what Deidara meant, "Probably... all right, I'll go explain to Sasori, and you should go explain to Kakuzu, so they don't get mad at us, ok?" The Jashinist asked.

"Ok, un!" And with that, Deidara set out to find Kakuzu, and Hidan to find Sasori - both with the purpose of explaining to them the game they had been playing.

As Itachi approached the table, the Uchiha took the seat usually left for him during their meals, with Kisame siting directly next to him.

"So?" Kisame asked expectantly, leaning in eagerly towards his partner.

Itachi sighed as he explained in a bored tone, "It was a game."

"A game?" The shark-nin questioned, raising an eyebrow skeptically, "What was the objective of this game?"

Itachi flicked dirt out from under his fingernails, avoiding the shark-man's eyes as he continued; "I wrote down some dares and put them in a box, you had to pick one out and do it." He monotoned.

"Oh, that's awesome! What was yours?" Kisame asked excitedly, grinning wide.

Itachi snickered as he told the larger man, "To express my love to the next person that walked through the door, with my favourite love poem."

"And that was me?" Kisame questioned gleefully, giving a short chuckle.

"Ironically so, yes." Itachi replied quietly.

Before Kisame could question Itachi on why it was ironic, Hidan walked into the room with Sasori trailing behide him. The Jashinist pulled up a chair alongside Sasori, who took his usual seat.

Deidara walked into the room moments later, looking to Sasori as he sat next to him, a light pink on his cheeks. Kakuzu gave Hidan a quick glare, as he then too sat down next to him.

Zetsu soon came out of the kitchen with Tobi bouncing beside him, as they laid down the food and plates.

"Dig in!" Tobi announced loudly, giving the group a gleeful smile.

"What about Leader!?" Zetsu's darker voice demanded, "Yes," His lighter side then agreed, "It's rude to start eating without everyone present, first."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Zetsu-San! Please, forgive me!" Tobi whimpered in apology.

"Whatever,"Zetsu's darker voice replied dismissively, while the white side smiled as he continued; "Tobi is a good boy." Calmly attempting to settle the young boy.

Tobi simply grinned in reply, wrapping his arms around Zetsu's neck as he hugged him tightly.

"Are we interrupting something?" A female voice questioned with a humorous tone, smirking lightly as she walked into the room, her spiky-headed partner following closely beside her.

"Hidan, Deidara - I've heard some complaints of you two fondling fellow Akatsuki members, is this true?" Sir Leader asked casually, taking his seat at the head of the rectangular table, his blue-haired partner sitting at the other end.

"Un! But it was a game!" Deidara responded quickly, waving his hands in front of his face dismissively, hoping the man would not become angry with them.

"It is true, sir," Sasori agreed readily, "Kakuzu and I just found out then."

"Hn," Konan, otherwise affectionately referred to as 'Blue' by some of the members, asked the blonde Akatsuki member, "What is this game then, Deidara?"

Itachi jumped in to explain it instead, after receiving nods of approval from the other two game-players, "Well, as you all know - Me, Deidara and Hidan, long ago formed a club-"

"The Best Friend's Forever Club, un!" Deidara interrupted enthusiastically.

Itachi coughed, slightly embarrassed, "Yes, that. Anyway," The Uchiha continued, "The theme for this week's meeting was daring, so we made up a game where I wrote down some dares and put them in a box, and we all would individually take one out and perform the dare."

"I see," Pein pondered these words, "Well," He then decided, "This seems like a interesting game, I think we should all play it together, yes?" The Leader of Akatsuki announced to everyone.

"That's a great idea, Sir Leader!" Zetsu enthused, his double-toned voice seeming happy to oblige.

"Yay! Tobi wants to play!" Tobi yelled, agreeing readily with his Zetsu-sempai.

Itachi sighed wearily, "I guess its decided, then," He stated, "Everyone meet in the lounge room after dinner, and we'll start where we left off."

After dinner, everyone but Itachi had retired to the lounge room, as the Uchiha had left to retrieve the box containing the written dares. When he returned, Itachi sat himself next to Kisame and quickly announced the starting of the game.

"Zetsu, you can go first." The Uchiha monotoned, holding out the box expectantly to the plant-man.

"Fine!" Zetsu's dark voice responded in an unnecessarily angry tone, before the softer side continued; "Okay." Itachi then passed him the box, "Thank you."

"Oh, and you must read it aloud." Itachi informed everyone.

"Hn. 'Kiss the shortest man in the room'." Zetsu soon realised what the message meant, as he blushed furiously on his white side.

"Well, I think that would be Tobi, right?" Hidan questioned to everyone, a smirk evident on his features.

"Un!" Deidara agreed, giggling, "Go ahead then, Zetsu-san!"

"What's a kiss?" Tobi asked innocently, looking around the group questioningly.

"Oh, dear..." Kakuzu sighed with worry, smacking his forehead with one hand exasperatedly.

"Well, you see, Tobi... it's when two people... put their lips together." Blue replied softly, trying to delicately explain the matter to the young man.

"Oh!" Tobi exclaimed triumphantly, before he frowned,"... I don't get it."

Pein sighed loudly, obviously exasperated with the man's lack of understanding. "Sasori, kiss Deidara. Ya' know, so Tobi understands." He commanded casually.

"What!?" Sasori yelled, eyes wide, "Why me?"

"Just do it!" Pein demanded, throwing a book at the redheaded man.

Deidara was now blushing deeply, as Sasori rubbed his head and leaned over - pushing Deidara's long blonde fringe out of the way, as he slid his mouth closer to the boy's - hesitating for only a moment, before pressing his lips to the blonde's soft ones.

The group watched in awe, as the blonde and redhead became carried away with the act, as Deidara soon placed his arms around Sasori's neck - the puppet master then placing his arms around Deidara's waist. Sasori pushed Deidara to the floor then, their mouths never leaving the other's as the redhead climbed on top of his partner. It seemed they had forgotten that the rest of the Akatsuki was watching, until a shocked voice interrupted them-

"Hey, you two! stop it!" Pein yelled at the two as they stopped and quickly separated - sitting awkwardly next to each other, "I said kiss, not make-out!" He told them in a scolding tone, adding under his breath; "Kami... you're gonna' give Tobi nightmares..."

"Ok, do you understand now, Tobi?" Blue asked hopefully, giving the boy a soft smile.

"I think!" Tobi replied, grinning widely.

"Ok then, get on with it, Zetsu." Pein demanded, slightly irritated that the dare was taking too long.

Zetsu blushed deeply, as he leaned over to the young blushing boy, moving Tobi's mask slowly off of his face. To the surprise of those gathered, it seemed that besides the odd coloured scarring of his skin, Tobi was quite good looking. Zetsu leaned closer then, and planted a small kiss on the boy's lips.

Giving a sigh of relief from the tension of the room, everyone turned eagerly to the resident Uchiha.

"Ok, who's next, Itachi?" Pein asked eagerly.

Itachi sighed, rolling his eyes as he turned to their one female member, "Blue, would you like a turn?" He asked, looking over to the origami master.

"Sure thing." She replied with a light giggle of excitement.

Zetsu was handed the box by Itachi, who passed it to Tobi, as it was then passed along the circle until it came to Blue.

"Thank you," She told them, before reaching into the box and selecting a piece of paper, she then commenced to read it aloud, "Ok, my dare reads..."

- v.freak