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A/N: This is my first Bleach story. I just fell in love with Hitsugaya and Matsumoto. They are just too cute. Any way thought I'd dip into my creative side since there is so little HitsuMatsu luv out there. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Hitsugaya ponders on his place with Matsumoto.

His disposition grew somber as he stared down at his fukutaicho, sprawled unconscious atop the leather couch. One arm slung over her eyes while the other lay haphazardly over the edge with fingers loosely holding onto the neck of an empty sake bottle. With a frustrating sigh Hitsugaya quietly walked over to the couch. He took off his white haori and draped it over Matsumoto's prone figure. As he bent to retrieve the empty bottle from her hand he faintly heard Matsumoto mumble in her sleep. Hitsugaya stiffened as he deciphered her slumberous words.


Regardless that the traitorous bastard was killed so many years ago he still lived on in the hearts and minds of so many people, and one in particular. Matsumoto stirred in her sleep tossing her hand over the arm of the couch. Hitsugaya leaned forward to brush aside a loose strand of strawberry locks from her face, lightly tracing her smooth cheek as he placed it behind her ear. A contented purr escaped Matsumoto's lips and Hitsugaya had to resist the urge to run his fingers along her angelic face. Pursing his lips together Hitsugaya stood up and walked over to his desk to place the empty sake bottle on top.

Hitsugaya sat in his chair absently watching pale fingers of moonlight stretching across the floor, providing the only light into the darkened office. His mind grew reminiscent in the gloomy atmosphere, recalling a battle that had scared all of Seiretie and those involved. It was a war between the seekers of power and the defenders of peace. It was grueling and bloody. The very type of fight squad eleven and their Taicho reveled in. Many lives were lost on all sides. It had been on a night, similar to this very one, where the three conspirators met their end.

Tousen Kaname, former Taicho of squad nine met his demise by the hands of his former fukutaicho, Hisagi Shuuhei. A truly befitting end.

Aizen's death came from the striking blow from none other than Seiretie's own representative Shinigami, Kurusaki Ichigo.

Lastly, Ichimaru Gin, found his body impaled upon by Hyourinmaru. It was a fight Hitsugaya will never forget for as long as he lived.

His heart pounded against his chest as he pumped his short legs to go faster, desperate to reach the field where he could see her fighting for her life against an old friend. He could hear Haineko growl in the distance. As lazy as Matsumoto was towards paperwork she was the complete opposite when it came to fighting. She would give everything she had to win, to survive. Unfortunately in this battle her strength just wasn't enough, especially when it was a fight against someone who they shared a past with.

Ichimaru Gin was ruthless when came to battle. He too would give everything and does just about anything to win. Yet, as Hitsugaya observed, Ichimaru was holding back while fighting Matsumoto. Suppose a part of him regrets that such a situation had to come in between their friendship.

"Oh, Ran-chan how I will miss you," Gin spoke as he raised his Zanpaktou over his head, ready to deliver the final blow. Matsumoto's prone body lay in the blood covered ground, her Zanpaktou far from her reach. She did not beg for mercy but just simply stared sadly into her former friend's eyes. For that one moment pain flashed in them.

"Gin," Matsumoto whispered.

Hitsugaya roared his Zanpaktou into life managing to save Matsumoto just in time.


No words were said between the two men as they fought against each other.

In the distance the battle was slowly waning. Soon all that was left was the fight between Hitsugaya Toushirou and Ichimaru Gin, two very important men in Matsumoto's life. Wounds were inflicted, blood flowed, at neither showed any signs of quitting. To them this was more than just a battle for Seiretie, or the living world. This was a fight for the love of a woman.

Pillars of ice rose from the ground, blocking everyone's view of the battle. The sounds of metal clashing and the angry screams were the only noise in the air. Then finally all became silent. Matsumoto, who was being held up by Nanao, stood in fear.

"Yare, Yare, why fight Toushirou. She will never love you. It is I who holds her heart. Ichimaru Gin." He pointed his Zanpaktou and roared, "Ikorose!"

"That is a thing of the past, I will be her future!" Hitsugaya spat back. "Daiguren Hyourinmaru!"

"What's happening?"

Just as the words left her lips, the pillars of ice burst into dust like particles, leaving a cloudy sheer of white. Matsumoto narrowed eyes on the two silhouetted figures grew wide. They were less than a few feet apart but the tell tale sign of Gin's Zanpaktou, Shinsou was evident. The elongated Zanpaktou stretched across the distance, piercing through Hitsugaya's body its tip sticking out just a few inches.


Matsumoto disengaged from Nanao's arms and ran painfully across the field. Her fear grew the closer she got. Matsumoto came to a halt as the misty cloud lifted. It was clear that Gin wasn't the only one who had delivered a deadly blow. The icy fangs of Hyourinmaru bit deeply into Ichimaru's body.

Gin looked at Matsumoto one last time, the ever present grin still plastered on his face. "Looks like tis good-bye, Ran-Chan." With that Gin's body grew limp in Hyourinmaru's mouth, his Zanpaktou reverting back to its original state. Tears ran down Matsumoto's face as she looked upon Ichimaru's dead body.

"Mat..su..mo..to…" Toushirou's strained voice pulled her back from her trance like state. She rushed over to him, catching him before he fell to the ground.


Matsumoto cradled his body, his head nestled against her large bosom. She placed her hand on his chest over the wound, applying pressure to staunch the blood. 'There's so much blood,' Matsumoto thought as she held him in her arms. Tears fell from her eyes landing on Hitsugaya's face. He opened his heavy lidded eyes and with as much strength he had left, Toushirou lifted his hand to her face.

The tips of his fingers were cold as he traced Matsumoto's face. Running his thumb across her lips he finally spoke, "Rangikuuu…" his voice was faint and a small smile crossed his lips. Matsumoto couldn't help but smile as he said her name. It soon disappeared as the lights of his sea green eyes faded and his hand fell limp against the ground.

"TAICHO! TAICHO!" Matsumoto screamed, "NOOoo!"

She laid her forehead against his fresh tears pouring from her face, "Please Toushirou don't leave me too."

It had been chaotic but Unohana Taicho had arrived just in time, sweeping away Hitsugaya in Minatsuki's belly, her Zanpaktou.

The sound of rain pelting against the window pane pulled Hitsugaya from his roving thoughts. Absently he reached up to rub against the three inch scar on his chest. Shaking his head, had Ichimaru aimed just a few centimeters to the left towards his heart, Hitsugaya would have died along with him on that field.

'Damn that man,' he thought as he ran a frustrated hand through his spiked hair.