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A/N: The time frame for this is the Christmas in HBP

If I had only known what was going to unfold today, I would have never gotten out of bed. Okay, scratch that because I know you are rolling your eyes at me and saying "Yea right Ginny."

You're right I would have gotten out of bed because if I didn't Harry and I might not be together. So there, I admitted it.

But it was embarrassing, okay?

I mean what would you have done?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed this was going to happen. If you would have told me yesterday that this was going to happen today, I would have told you, you were mad. Any who enough of my rant back to the story.

I got out of bed late on Christmas Eve; the fact that I tripped and fell on my bum going down stairs should have been an indication that today was going to be a bad day. But me being the idiot I am, paid no attention. When I arrived down stairs I found the kitchen empty, all except for mum.

"Morning dear." she said.

"Morning mum where is everyone?" I asked.

"Outside" she replied. "Having a snow ball fight I expect."

I beamed, the yearly Christmas Eve snow ball fight was the high light of my year and my git brothers were about to get it for starting without me.

"Is everyone done with the lavatory?' I asked.

Mum nodded and told me she was going out to watch and my breakfast was on the table. I quickly ate my eggs and toast and went upstairs. When I was going up I heard a noise from up above. I figured it was Ron's ghoul since everyone was outside, boy was I wrong. I went in to the lavatory, removed all of my clothes and placed them in the dirty clothes bin. Just as I was turning on the water I remembered that I forgot to grab my clothes from my room. I mentally slapped myself and right here ladies and gentlemen is when it all went downhill.

I cut off the water, grabbed a towel from the rack and placed it around my body. I closed the door behind me and walked to my room holding the towel around me. Mum had obviously came in to my room at some point and cleaned because I couldn't find a bloody thing. I finally managed to track down my clothes after several minute of searching, so I turned back and headed to the lavatory.

Okay right here is where I should have stopped and ran, but I didn't.


I reached the door grabbed the knob and pushed. And instead of finding an empty lavatory as I expected, I found it occupied by none other than Harry Potter.

Okay so Harry was in the lavatory. No big deal right?


The boy was completely naked. Yes, naked as in no clothes on at all.

The both of us stood there frozen for a second. I was mortally horrified and I knew my eyes were as wide as saucers, as were his. My brain was screaming at me to run, but my legs would not move. Harry snapped back in to reality and hastily grabbed a towel to cover his self.

As he made the move to grab the towel, I did the first thing that popped in to my idiot brain purely out of instinct. After living with six brothers for many years, I have on occasion walked in on them while they were in the lavatory. And what do you do when you walk in on your brother?

You cover your eyes with your hands.

I covered my eyes with my hands.

But guess what?

The towel that was around me was only staying up because I was holding it with my bloody hands.

So what did the towel do?

It fell to the floor along with my clothes.


I made a move to turn around so I could run, but that's when it hit me that my towel was no longer around me. Actually the rush of cold air hitting my naked body a second before should have told me that critical piece of information, but sadly by brain was taking a break.

I grabbed my towel, put it around me and I ran for it not meeting Harry's eyes. I ran straight to my room, slammed the door and quickly dressed, forgetting about getting a shower.

Oh my effin goodness I just saw Harry naked and what's even worse is he saw me naked! Harry Potter the boy who has been my crush since forever, the boy who made me stick my bleeding elbows in butter dishes just saw me naked.

I want to die, I want to die.

How am I going to look him in the eyes after this?

That's it! I'm not leaving my room ever again, I'll live in here and mum can bring me my meals.

Wait… damn, school!

Well I might not be able to stay in here forever but I damn sure won't be leaving this room today.


Oh my god it's Harry.

"Y-yes" I said.

"Er…are you okay?" he asked, from behind the door.

Am I okay? Am I okay? What kind of bloody question is that? Am I okay?

He just saw me naked of course I'm not okay.

What is he playing at?

Anger suddenly flared in me. Though I don't know why, the boy was just checking on me. I should have been mad at myself because I was the bloody idiot who opened the door. But we Weasley's have a temper and those two facts were nowhere near my thought process, in fact I think they were probably in the English Channel.

Anyway, I was mad. I could feel my face getting hot and my ears started tingling. This was not going to be good for Harry. All hell flew in to me as I opened the door.

A fully clothed Harry jumped back and that's when I started my rant.

"Am I okay? AM I OKAY?" I shouted. "What kind of bloody question is that Harry James Potter! You just saw me naked. Of course I'm not okay."

He merely looked at me so I continued.

"Are you so thick that you would ask a girl that?"

Now this is the point where I got wrapped up in my rant and was no longer paying attention to what I was saying.


"UGA! How would you feel if the person you fancied since, I don't know… forever just saw you naked?"

I kept going not noticing Harry's eyes widening at these words. And then he bloody smiled at me, he bloody smiled at me!

"What's so funny?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Do you realize what you just said?" he asked.

I gaped at him, if I could do magic outside of school, he would be in trouble. Then as I was replaying my rant in my head, it hit me. I just told Harry that I fancied him.


My eyes widened in shock as I looked down and I thought I was going to pass out.

Can this day get any worse?

First I woke up late, I fell on my bum, my brothers start the snow ball fight without me, my eggs were cold, Harry saw me naked and now I've just told him I fancy him.


I finally looked at him and what's this?

He was smiling. I was confused. Why was he smiling? If anything the boy should have thought I was loonier than Luna. Maybe he was on the verge of laughing at me.

I would not blame him if he did. My mind zoomed in to over drive as I imagined Harry on the floor, in front of me grabbing his sides laughing at me. I must have spaced out because suddenly Harry was waving his hands in front of me.


I came back to earth and just looked at him. I wanted to run. I wanted to run and pretend none of this ever happened. Living in Canada sounded good right now. Hell living with Phlegm sounded good right now—wait she's staying with us.


I noticed his smile getting bigger and bigger and I also noticed it was not an ordinary one. It was one of pure joy and his eyes were even sparkling.

"Actually Ginny, I do know what it feels like to have the person you fancy see you naked."

I started at him. What did he mean by that?

He looked up and said one word. "Mistletoe"

I looked up and saw the little arrangement hanging from my door frame. And with that he closed in the gap between us and our lips connected. Our kiss was sweet, it made me forget everything, in fact if you would have asked me my name at that moment I wouldn't know.

We broke apart and I couldn't help but smile at him. Harry on the other hand was positively beaming; he looked like all his dreams had come true at once.

"This has been an eventful day." he said, smiling.

"No kidding." I said.

I don't know why, but all of the embarrassment from earlier, just went away and to my surprise I found that I didn't care anymore. But as of right now I'm thankful none of my brothers saw any of it. Because if they did, they probably would have hexed Harry in to next year. Then I of course would have had to break a few rules and hex them.

"How about we forget about our mishap in the loo and go join the snow ball fight?" I asked.

He nodded and I went to walk past him but I stopped because he grabbed me and pulled me in to his chest.

"Happy Christmas Ginny." he said grinning down at me.

"Happy Christmas Harry."

He captured my lips again.

We never did make it to the snow ball fight.

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