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You know I think I'm going back to plan A.

Because I think if I were to apparate the hell out of here, it would prolong my life expectancy by at least an hour or two. I'm not one for muggle music, but the other day I was in the muggle music store with Harry and I heard a song that fits the expression on Hermione's face right now perfectly.

And the name of said song was BITCH

And why do I think that song describes Hermione's expression?


The non-verbal death glare she's giving me right now is telling me that she's has quickly gone out of the bride from hell mode and has now entered bitch mode.

And all the while, she's doing this, without removing her smile. If I live, I need to take tips from her, she's good.

I looked over to double trouble, who looked like they were trying their best not to fall over laughing. I on the other hand do not find this situation the least bit funny, considering it will probably end with my untimely premature death. And as I have already told you, I've decided I'm too young to die.

I looked back to Hermione, keeping an expression on my face that clearly says, I-don't-have-the-foggiest-idea-about–what-is-going-on.

This in turn caused Hermione to give me a glare that clearly said. I'm going to kill you

My legs winced and I know if my eyeballs were able to wince they would have done so. You know Hermione is a gifted person. She can study for an ungodly amount of time and love it, she can look at Ron eating and not get sick, she can lie under way of the Cruciatus curse, she can spend nine months and one day camping with my daft brother and Harry and not kill them, she can duel death eaters with one hand tied behind her back, she can help rid the world of the nose less wonder, but most importantly she can give you one look and without opening her mouth, let you know the exact time in which your life will be extinguished.

That takes talent, if she wasn't going to be my future murderer, I would make her a pie.

Anywho, the bride from hell reached Ron and I clenched my legs together so that both were touching my wand that I had cleverly stowed in my tights. Only one part of my body needs to touch my wand for me to apparate, but damn it I'm making double sure. Ron was still standing there straight as a board and Hermione was waiting for him to take her hand.

I looked over to George and saw him mouth in to the wire "Take her hand and I'll give you cake."

Ron's eyes somehow went wider and he reached up and all but jerked Hermione to him.

Sweet Merlin!

Hermione turned her body so she could hand me her bouquet and when she turned I could feel the heat radiating from her body. I reached out my hand trying my hardest not to make eye contact with her. Because I just know somehow she'll develop the powers of a basilisk and kill me right here, with one glance. I took the flowers and immediately went back in to my position, keeping my smile fixed.

Hermione turned back to face Ron.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today-" said the Vicar."-to celebrate the union of Ronald Bilius Weasley to Hermione Jean Granger in Holy Matrimony…" But the rest of his sentence was lost to me, because I spied Mum.

I've got a feeling if she could hop over that pew and kill me she would. The look she's sending to me says: You-just-wait-until-I can-get-my-hands-on-you.

My legs winced again.

She then turned her glare on Fred and George.

Fred tried to look baffled and George…well he just looked like George because he was still feeding Ron his lines.

Mum then turned to look at Harry, who was keeping his face as happy as possible, which I consider an incredible feat, since he's facing Hermione and I know she's giving him the death glare from hell.

I took the chance and surveyed the room. Besides mum (and now dad), the only people who look like they know something is wrong, are Charlie, Percy and Bill. Thank god they put the muggle wire thing, in Ron's right ear, that way the crowd doesn't see it. I'm guessing the reason Mum and dad know something is wrong, is because they raised us and they can see straight through our fake smiles.

Damn it.

I darted my eyes back to the' happy couple' so that I was looking at the back of Hermione's head. I could see the curls on the top of her head twisting.

My legs winced again and clenched my wand on their own accord.

"Does anyone present have any objection to this man and woman being wed?" said the vicar.

Percy, Bill and Charlie turned to look at the crowd as to tell them. 'Do it and die.' No one said anything so they turned to face the front.

"Do you Ronald Weasley take Hermione Granger to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?"

I clenched my wand tighter with my legs.

"Say I do." mouth George. "And you get food."

"I DO" yelled Ron, through his clenched smile.

The hair on Hermione's hair twisted in to a new pattern and Mum simply looked livid.

Fred and George were still trying not to laugh, Harry kept his happy smile on his face and I'm just thanking Merlin for muggle technology.

"Do you Hermione Granger take Ronald Weasley to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." she spat out.

"The rings please." said the Vicar.

Harry reached in to his pocket and pulled it out to hand it to Ron.

"Take the ring Ron." said George in to the wire.

Ron reached out to take it but he missed.

He tried again.

He missed again.


This went on for two more tries until Harry grabbed his hand and placed the ring in it.

The hanging curl on Hermione's head morphed in to something that looked like a snake, ready to strike at me, and Mum had the same look on her face she had, right before she killed Bellatrix.

"Ronald repeat after me." said the Vicar.

"Listen to him." mouthed George.

"With this ring I thee wed." said the Vicar.

Ron looked at the vicar and said. "With this ring I thee wed."

"No! No" whispered-shouted George. "Tell that to Hermione."

Another curl morphed and joined its counterpart and I could have sworn I saw fire erupt behind Mum's eyes.

Ron looked dumb struck but turned back to Hermione and said. "With this ring I thee wed."

The vicar cocked his head to the side a little and I began wondering what color I should dye my hair when I go into hiding.

"Place the ring on her finger." said the vicar.

"Do it" mouthed George.

Ron grabbed her right hand and put it on her thumb.

"No! No!" mouthed George. "Her left ring finger!"

Ron looked dumbstruck again, but he obliged George's request.

Another curl morphed and the three of them began coiling together.

"The other ring please." said the Vicar.

I undid the little ribbon on my bouquet that contained Ron's ring and Hermione turned around. If regular human glares could kill, I would be dead right now. I slowly lifted my hand to give her the ring and tried my best not to touch her, because I know her skin is poisonous to me.

She glared harder, took it and faced Ron again.

"Hermione repeat after me." said the vicar. "With this ring I thee wed."

"With this ring I thee wed." she said.

The individual curls grew bigger, giving Hermione the allure of Medusa.

My legs winced again.

"Let her put the ring on your finger Ron." mouthed George.

Ron nodded and Hermione slipped his ring on.

"By the power invested in me I now pronounced you husband and wife. Ronald you may kiss your bride."

"Kiss her" mouthed George.

Ron nodded grabbed Hermione and kissed her on her right eye.


"NO! NO!" shouted George. But this time he didn't whisper, he yelled it. "Kiss her on the lips!"

We are all going to die.

"Do you ever wonder what your life would be like, if you got enough oxygen at birth?" I mouthed to George.

He ignored me.

The crowd darted their eyes from George then to Ron.

Harry by now was sweating like he was at the burrow when my brothers tried to kill him. Fred was biting his knuckles to hide his smile. Mum was being held down by dad. Fleur and Luna were wondering what the hell was going on. Percy, Charlie and Bill had their heads in their hands and I was mentally checking what things I needed to bring with me, when I go in to hiding.

Ron shrugged his shoulders, grabbed Hermione by the head and all out snogged her.

The crowd stood up and began clapping, I on the other hand am devising a plan to get myself the hell out of here without having to suffer the wrath of one Hermione Jean Weasley.

The crowd has their eyes on the Happy couple so me apparating the hell out of here should go unnoticed right?


Ron finally stopped kissing Hermione like it was the last time they would ever snog and the vicar said. "Ladies and gentlemen I now present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley."

Everyone clapped harder and George mouthed in to the wire, "Take Hermione and Leave."

Ron nodded, grabbed Hermione and hauled her down the aisle.

The music started back up and Harry walked forward to take my arm. "What the hell was that?" I whispered to him, as we were walking.

"Fred came up with it. When they were at the shop they grabbed one of everything and brought it with them."

We passed by Mum and I made it a point to walk faster.

"What was in his ear?" I whispered-asked.

"A little speaker and George had the microphone."

A what?

"A what?" I asked.

"Muggle thing." said Harry.

No shit, I am smart enough to work out, that, that was a muggle object.

"How come you didn't inform we of this plan when we were in the loo?" I asked, through my fake smile.

"Because I didn't know about it, the reason Charlie and Bill came in to the lavatory, was to inform me of it." He retorted.


We kept walking.

Hermione and Ron had turned the corner and in to the hall.

She's waiting for me I just know it. I slowed down our pace and began reaching under my blue dress of death for my wand.

"Ginny what are you doing?" snapped Harry.

I glared at him through the side of my head.

"Getting my bleeding wand." I snapped back. "I'm not going down without a fight."

We neared the large double doors and I had the sudden urge to run like hell. Call me a coward if you want, but you would do the same thing if you were in my situation.

We went through the doors and turned the corner, I braced myself.

But I didn't see them.

Harry looked at me and I looked at him.

I turned around and I saw double trouble; Luna and Fleur on their arms.

This is bad.

I know Hermione Weasley is waiting for us somewhere; she'll use stealth tactics against us.

We continued down the hall with double trouble behind us. I darted my eyes back and forth looking for traps or wands sticking out behind curtains. But I didn't have to, because as soon as we reached the door of the dressing room of doom, the bride from hell stepped out.

"IN!" she shouted pointing at the door. Both me and Harry winced and I think I heard double trouble wince.

What if I don't want to go in? I am of age-

But I stopped my inner retort when I saw fire erupt behind Hermione's eyes.

I looked at Harry, he looked at me and the both of us stepped in to the dressing room of doom. Ron was lying on the couch; smiling at the ceiling. Double trouble, Luna and Fleur came in behind us and Hermione slammed the door. She waived her wand to put a silencing charm on it. And I just waited for it.


My legs winced, my wand winced, my shoe winced and I'm pretty sure the paint on the walls winced.

"EXPLAIN!!!" She finished.

"It was an accident. I…I-" but I was cut off by the door opening.

Mum was leading up the front followed by Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, Percy, Charlie and Bill.

My full body winced this time.

Mum slammed the door shut, looked at everyone in the room, and I'm guessing she sensed my weak retort just a second ago because she rounded on me.

"EXPLAIN!" she said.

Shit I thought, if Mum could read my mind she would accio soap in to my mouth.

I looked at my counter parts for a bit of help, but they were looking elsewhere.

The traitors.

I might as well explain and hope that my death is a quick one.

"Well it's like this." I started. "When we found Ron at Malfoy Manor he was acting a bit weird, so we took him to Harry's flat for a calming draft, but I accidently gave him a sleeping potion, Percy tried to make an antidote but we needed nettles for it and Harry was out, so we went to the Apothecary to get some but the shop was closed because the owner came to the wedding, Fred and George went to the shop to see if they had any, but they didn't, so we went to Hogwarts and got some from Slughorn, we came back to Harry's flat so Percy could finish the antidote, we gave it to Ron but he had a reaction from all the potions he had, had, so he began to laugh uncontrollably, so we took him to the church because we were out of time and while I was in here getting ready, Fred and George gave Ron Brat-less potion to make him behave, and they also gave him a muggle speaker thing so George could tell him what to say and the rest you know, because you saw it."

I let out a breath and swatted at a bug that was flying around my head. Everyone besides my brothers and Harry gaped at me.

The room was silent besides this damn bug that keeps trying to land on me.

"YOU WHAT!!!!!!" shouted mum and Hermione together.

"Fascinating!" said dad. "I didn't know muggles had communication devices that small."

"Oh" said Luna. "I thought A Wrackspurt had gotten him."

"It was all an accident." I said. "The wedding went okay, so everything is fine right?"

This was the wrong thing to say because a second after I said it, Hermione lunged at me.

But Harry was too quick for her, I guess Auror training keeps you on your toes. He grabbed her shoulders to restrain her.

"Hermione calm down." He said.


I'm not even going to mention the using of the whole name.

Oh wait I just did.

I ran behind the little couch Ron was on. "Hermione it was all an accident." I said.

"Accident!" roared Mum. "You over dosed your brother! How could that be an accident?"

I was out of options so I did the only thing I could do to turn the heat off of me. I played the five year old card.

I pointed to my brothers and yelled "They helped too!!!"

It was childish I know, but I'm out of options and as I have said; I'm too young to die.

Mum rounded on my brothers and started an arsenal of yelling.

I'm exactly 7.6 feet from the door. Harry's invisibility cloak is 3.2 feet from my current position. I could use stealth tactics and crawl over to my things and get it, while everyone is paying attention to mum's yelling. I could wrap it around me and run like hell. Then when I reach the hall way, apparate the hell out of here. Then I could take a port key to America. When I get there I'll owl Harry, so he can join me.

Yes that's what I'll do.

I had only made it 1.2 feet when Mum caught me.


"And you Ginevra Molly Weasley! Why is my kitchen demolished?"


"I..er..well..I" I said.

How the hell am I going to explain this to my mum?

Well mum we demolished your kitchen because your sons think Harry stole my chastity so we had to use the table to bunker down.

Yeah that will go over well.

I opened my mouth to try and stall but Harry beat me to it. "It's my fault Mrs. Weasley."

Mum turned to look at him and the look on her face was utter shock. Like she couldn't believe the man could do anything wrong.


Bill, Charlie and Percy suddenly removed their looks of horror from Mum yelling at them and they all looked at Harry like they want to throttle him.

Harry stuck his hand in his pocket and began playing with something in its depts.

Mum looked at Harry, then to my brothers, then to Fleur, then to Hermione.

"What's going on here?" said Mum.

I glared at all of them and non-verbally told them 'Tell and die'

Charlie obviously ignored my non-verbal death threat because he asked Harry. "Why did you turn over mum's table Harry?"

The bastard.

Didn't Harry clear this up back at his flat? Yes I thought so. Well I guess this is going to get ugly because I'm going to hex Charlie all the way to Scotland and back. I had just reached up my gown, when Harry walked straight up to Charlie.

Oh man Harry looks pissed! He didn't look this pissed when he offed the nose less wonder. So he's really pissed.

"Charlie" began Harry. "Didn't you notice something when all of you were trying hex me?

Charlie shook his head, I reckon the glare Harry is sending him has him out of retorts.

"Didn't you notice that I didn't try and hex you back, or fight you? I just mainly tried to protect myself, right?"

Charlie just nodded. I guess he realized the man who killed the most evil wizard ever, is with then killing distance of him.

"Well I thought it would be bad manners to do so in front of Ginny."


"Why?" said Charlie.

Harry really looks angry; I've never seen him this angry and why does he not want to Hex my brothers in front of me?

I guess Hermione has caught on too, because she placed her hand on his shoulder and asked "Harry what's the matter?"

Harry turned from Charlie and looked at Hermione. "I'm pissed at this lot-" he pointed to my brothers-"because they have foiled every attempt I have made to ask my girlfriend of over two years to marry me."


I snapped my head up so fast, I know I'm going to have whip lash.

Mum, Mrs. Granger, Hermione, Luna and Fleur all gasped in delight.

Bill, Percy, and Charlie just gaped.

Ron just smiled at the ceiling.

Dad and Mr. Granger smiled and Fred passed George a galleon.

I on the other hand am in complete shock.

I stared at Harry, he stared at me. Then he reached in to his pocket and pulled out a small box.

I'm still in shock.

"This isn't how I planned to do this." He told me. "I had planned to ask you at dinner last night but I never got the chance too." He gave Charlie, Bill and Percy a sharp look and told them. "The reason I laughed at that stupid joke was because the joke included someone getting proposed to and I found it ironic. And the reason I didn't hex you was because I thought it would be bad manners to hex you in front of her, when I was about to ask her to marry me."

I'm still in shock.

He opened the box, took out the ring, walked over to me and took my hand.

"Ginny I love you; you're my everything. You're the reason I get up every morning. You're the reason I'm able to get through my day. The nine months I spent away from you was hell. Not just the things that happened made it hell, but the fact that I was away from you and didn't know what was happening to you made it hell. I used to take out my map at times just to make sure you were okay. I never told you this, but the hardest thing I've ever had to do, was walk away from you without saying goodbye that night before I walked in to the forest to face Voldemort. You were the last thing that crossed through my mind before everything went black. Though I didn't think about it at the time, but you were one of the main reasons I came back. I knew I couldn't leave you in a world controlled by that bastard. The day I kissed you in your room was the best day of my life, because that was the day, you became a part of it. I might be the boy-who-lived, but you're the woman who showed me how."

He got down on his knee and I felt my heart flutter.

"Ginevra Weasley, will you marry me?"

My heart just stopped a little and tears the size of gobstones are falling from my eyes.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing would come out so I did the only thing I could do.

I lunged at him, knocking him on his back and all out snogged him right there.

I could hear Hermione, Fleur and Luna jumping up and down, and I knew Mum was crying her eyes out.

Harry broke his lips away from mine and said. "I'll take that as a yes then?"

"YES!!! You fool" I yelled.

Harry smiled, grabbed my head and snogged me. After our snog fest was over he took out the ring and placed it on my finger.

Then everyone converged on us, well everyone but Ron that is, because he was still smiling at the ceiling. Wait, no actually I think he's coming around because he just tried to sit up a little.

"Her-my-oh-knee" he croaked.

"Ron!" shouted Hermione and she went to his side.

"What happened?" he asked.

He looked around. "What time is it?"

Harry looked my uncle's old watch. "It's twelve forty five mate."

Ron sat straight up. "WHAT!!?!" he yelled. "The wedding! I've missed it. Hermione I'm so sorry."

"No Ron you didn't, we're married."

He looked baffled. "What?" he said.

"It's a long story Ron." I said.

Ron looked at me, then he saw Harry and then he looked angry.

"YOU!" he shouted, pointing at Harry.

Sweet Merlin!!! Must we explain this again and again?

"Ron" said Charlie. "It was a big misunderstanding. We just assumed things that were..er..not true."

Damn right they did.

"Oh" said Ron. "But could someone please explain to me what the hell is going on."

"Language Ronald!" shouted. Mum.

Only Mum would scold someone's use of language at a time like this. The poor bloke went out of it not married and when he finally got his senses back he was married. She could cut him some slack.

Anywho, I'm getting married!! Harry asked me to marry him!!! So that's what he'd been trying to tell me all this time. Oh my god!!! I'm getting married. Me and Harry are getting married. WOO HOO!!!!!

"Alright everyone, we need to get to the reception hall, everyone is waiting." said Mum, as she dabbed her eye. Everyone nodded and we left the dressing room of- well not of doom, but just the dressing room.

The reception was awesome!!! I finally got something to eat, thank Merlin. And I finally got my dance. Though I did tread on Harry's feet a couple of times, I don't think he minded much. All my brothers and Harry had a nice chat, they told him they were sorry and they finally realized I'm grown. All though they did threaten him with death if he hurt me, I guess they're always going to be like that.

Mum forgave me for demolishing her kitchen, though she still doesn't know why. Thank Merlin.

Hermione and Ron actually laughed about the wedding; you do have to admit it was funny.

And I for one, am going to have a chat with Harry about eloping. Screw this shit.

All and all I'd have to say this has been an eventful, night/morning/afternoon. And I'm just glad it's almost over, so I can get some sleep.

Anywho, I just spotted Harry sitting at a table. "Hey" I said, taking the seat next to him.

He lifted his head from his elbow and smiled at me.

"You need to get some sleep." I said.

He yawned and nodded his head.

I looked at him and giggled. Yes, Karma will always pay you your due.

"Harry" I said.

"Yes Ginny?"

"Your elbow is in the butter dish."


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