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"WAAA!" Nathan cried at the top of his tiny lungs. "What happened? Why am I so little? I wanna be normal! I'm supposed to be a congressman! I want it back!"

Little Peter, however paid no attention to his wailing older brother, instead he ran around the room, with his arms out like an airplane squealing, "This is so awesome! I can run around for more than five minutes! Nathan, come on, you gotta try this!"

They had both been turned into five year olds; Nathan in the suit he wore the night before shrunken to fit his new size, making him look a little pompous. Peter however looked like one cool little kid with his t-shirt and jeans.

Nathan sat down cross-legged on the floor, throwing a tantrum, "No! I don't wanna! I'm just gonna sit here 'til I get changed back!"

Peter now zoomed around Nathan, making noises much like an airplane, "Come on Nathan! Vroom with me!"

Nathan's bottom lip protruded in a pout, "No. I don't wanna. Vrooming is for little kids."

Peter stopped and squeaked with his little voice, and jumped up and down, "Don't you see it, Nathan? We are little kids! We can do anything we want!"

Nathan crossed his little arms in resolve his voicing whining as he missed his responsible life, "Well I don't wanna. I just want to be normal again. I miss my family!"

Peter stuck out his tongue, "Fine! I tried to cheer you up! You can just mope! Mopey! But I'm not gonna stay here. I'm gonna run around and have fun!"

Peter made for the door, but Nathan jumped up, "Wait! What are you doing?"

Peter pointed to the door and said in an obvious tone, "Um…going outside?"

Nathan made a face that showed how preposterous he thought the idea was, "You can't go outside, you silly head! What will people think when they see you?"

Peter did not see the problem, "That I am the most adorable little boy they have ever seen?"

Nathan made a face, "No! They will wonder where the adult you went and think something weird happened and next thing you know, I'm not congressman anymore! Instead we are being dissected and treated like children!"

Peter was not fazed by his older brother's hysteric proclamations, "Fine, you stay inside. I, however am gonna run and play wherever I want, and you're not gonna stop me!"

And with that Peter ran outside like a typical five year old, shutting the door in his brother's scowling face.


Parkman meanwhile was just waking up.

"Ma-att? Oh Ma-att? Wake up!" A way too squeaky voice called over the telepath.

He opened his eyes reluctantly, his head still hurting from hours of power practice and a hangover from drinking too much last night. Note to self, stop drinking after training.

With that reminder logged away, Matt sat up. What he saw was shocking. Next to him, was a five-year-old girl who had just called his name. Groggily he asked, "Did you just call me by my name?"

The small girl sighed heavily, "Of course I did! Finally you woke up! I've been trying for the past half- hour. How much did you drink last night?"

Parkman was quite confused, "Um, I'm still a little fuzzy, who are you?"

The little girl gave an exasperated sigh, "That's why I've been trying to wake you, Matt. I'm Molly!"

This news shocked Matt, "You're Molly? But Molly is 10 not five, you must be at least half her age. How did you get in here?"

Molly was obviously tired of having to explain to the hung-over man, "I am Molly! Listen, I think you did this! You're a telepath and your father could project stuff. I think you're training, drinking, and " here she pointed at the TV which was turned onto PBS kids, "your apparent lack of taste when it comes to TV, combined and turned me into a five year old."

Parkman stared at Molly as his own brain put all the pieces together, "I think you're right. Wow, you are one smart ten-year-old."

She smiled at the compliment and stood up, "Come on, we gotta see if you affected anyone else. Matt stood at her prompting. He now realized he never changed last night, so he was ready to go. He also saw that Molly had already gotten ready for when he woke up.

With a plan in mind the two headed to the door to find the other heroes, and see what state they are in.

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