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Mohinder turned to see who had called to him and saw Elle leaning against one of the firefighter style poles. She had what could only be called an evil smirk on her five year old face.

"Um. Yes?" Mohinder asked the little villain he hadn't met yet. His eyes darting over to where Adam was showing off his invulnerability to Molly by jumping off the monkey bars repeatedly.

"You are Mohinder, right? The scientist who is trying to 'cure' us, right?" She asked with little quotations marks in the air.

"That is the theory." Mohinder clarified, flinching as Kensei hit the ground for the fourth time in a row.

"That is fascinating." Elle said, slinking closer, not noticing his preoccupation. "I think science is hot."

Mohinder looked at her quickly almost as though he thought he misheard her and also as though he thought she was insane, "Hot? Really? You really are strange. What did you say your power was…"

"Elle, " she finished his sentenced before answering his question, "And I have control over electric charges."

"Fascinating," Mohinder stated.

Just then from behind Elle she heard a quiet "Psssst!"

She looked quickly when she saw Mohinder looking at Adam climbing the monkey bars again and saw Sylar crouched in the shadow underneath one of the playground platforms.

"Will you excuse me?" Elle said to Mohinder.

"No, not at all, I really must be going." And he slipped away to stop Adam from jumping off again.

Elle joined her fellow villain underneath the p[platform and hissed, "What? I was just about to reel him in!"

"Reel him in? I thought I was your boyfriend!" Sylar hissed back turning whiny.

"Of course you are! I didn't mean it like that, silly! I mean I was gonna zap him so we could get him alone and to some lab somewhere and get us back to normal. But now I missed my shot!" Elle whispered to her five year old boyfriend.

"Oh." Sylar simply stated. "Oops. Sorry bout that. What should we do now?"

"Hmmm…I dunno. Should we work on getting more minions or cookies first?" Elle asked, her little face contorted with concentration.

"Maybe we could get some brians?" Sylar asked, his little voice quivering with hopefulness.

"Ew. No brains. If you want this relationship to work, you have to lay off on the brains." Elle scolded Sylar.

"Fine." Sylar said, his shoulders slumped in resignation, "Then lets get some cookies."

"M'kay. I know a guy who can help us get some. Come with me pumpkin." Elle said and the two evil masterminds crept out of their hiding place unaware that Peter had been sitting invisibly on the platform they had been under.

"Oh no." Peter whispered. "I have to warn somebody!"

Then he ran off the platform and visiblized again.

Meanwhile elsewhere on the playground…"Watch this Molly!"

"Kensei! Don't you leap off one more time!" Mohinder scolded.

"Oops…too late!" Kensei laughed as he fell…again.

Dun dun dun.

Kensei falls down again.

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