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Chapter 13:Overloading Powers and Domestic Spats

The Professor wanted me to try therapy. He said, based on my "strong reaction downstairs," I obviously had some past trauma to work through.

Bull pies. It's none of his business.

He said Rogue was fine. That's she'd be better than ever in a few days.

I said yeah right. So that was someone else screaming then?

He said therapy would help me work through my anger issues too.

I concentrated on keeping my mind blank, and thinking absolutely nothing to block the Professor out.

"Coffee . . ." Professor Xavier sighed.

"What happened to Benny?" I interrupted hastily. Professor raised an eyebrow at me. "His back," I explained quietly, tucking my chin.

He steepled his fingers and gave me a sharp penetrating stare. "I think," he said slowly and deliberately, putting emphasis on every word. "That if Benjamin has not told you himself, then it is not my place to do so."

I scowled at his desk.

"I expect you to see Miss Jean every Wednesday at 3:30," the Professor stated. "These counseling sessions will provide a double purpose. Jean will also try to help you train your powers." He began organizing his papers, this last statement a clear dismissal.

I made my way to the kitchen, and sullenly kicked a chair out of my way. It wasn't my fault I freaked out in that chamber of horrors! One of my friends shrieking and howling like she was dying, and he wondered if I was upset!

Meh. Mrs. Jean would see soon enough that I didn't need counseling. I'm perfectly fine. I've always been perfectly fine.

I blasted a red wave into the sky, using a visor Mrs. Jean let me borrow.

"No, no!" she scolded. "You're not even trying to hit the targets! You need to be trying to hit the targets, that's what they're there for!"

"I am trying!" I fibbed. She arched an eyebrow at me.

"You know it isn't wise to lie to a telepath, right?" she asked me, leering at me with that eyebrow of doom. I sent her a mental image of me bleaching her clothes. Her face hardened slightly.


A small disk launched itself at me. I ducked out of the way.

"Use your powers!" Jean commanded. Five more spun through the air at me.






The pops were the ones I hit. The random assorted noises I was making were the ones that hit me. Needless to say, I came away after that therapy session bearing bruises the size of grapefruits.

And of course, when people asked me what on earth happened, I just smiled nastily, and said, "Therapy with Jean. She has a innovative new style, too!"

Mr. Scott shook his head in what seemed like despair.

Professor Xavier sent me a look that said, "You're not helping matters!"

I smiled. Smiling is good for the soul.

Jake is a sweetheart. Plus, he's gorgeous. I say this, because he helped me out in a really tight spot in the danger room.

This nasty humanoid robotamabob thing was about to stomp on me. This stupid practice visor I was wearing was stuck in the almost closed position, and the blasts weren't enough to even make it wonder if it should tangle with me.

It was probably laughing.

So I get a brilliant idea. Why not just take the stupid thing off, and let loose? Great idea. Except it got caught in my hair. I tried blasting anyways, but the beams were redirected by the visor to straight into the ground in front of me, leaving a bit of a hole.

That I almost fell into.

And so Jake does this perfectly wonderful thing of morphing into a tiger, leaping the broadening chasm, taking out the robot thing, and knocking me away from the hole I was teetering into.

I thanked him very nicely. By drooling on his shoes. Or in this case, paws.

He did this neat thing were he gave me this tigery smile and said, "you're welcome," in the tiger's roaring voice. Jubilee said he was actually baring his teeth and growling at me to get me to stop drooling.


What is with Mr. Logan and cannons, anyways? I'm going to nick a tube of burn salve the next time I'm down there, like in five minutes, and keep it in my room for convenience's sake.

Kitty had a major hissy fit in the dangerous room, or whatever it's called. Mr. Logan said she wasn't using her potential, and she got all snippy.

"What if they need you to phase more than one person at a time during battle, Kitty? What then?" he growled.

"At least I'd be there for the battle!" she fired back.

Logan stood up very straight, and looked her right in the eye. Taking his cigar out of his mouth, he tapped the ashes out onto Kitty's head, and then walked away.

And I came away with a very interesting question. What battles?

I sat down in Dr. Hank's chair, mulling over the question. Sure I understood that we'd have to fight people to survive every one in a while. But battles was a big word.

I turned to Dr. Hank. He might explain it to me. But then again, he might just hem and haw, and use big words that he knew I didn't understand.

Ah well. It's worth a try

"Dr. Hank?" I asked, tugging on his sleeve. He "Mmphed," at me half-heartedly. Truth be told, he was probably sick of seeing me every stinking day.

"What would Mr. Logan mean if he happened to say something about battles?" I asked. I absently scratched the back of my hand.

"Well, it would mean exactly what it sounds like," Dr. Hank said, sounding mildly surprised. "We do have to fight on occasion to protect ourselves."

Hmm. Something didn't quite ring true with that last statement. I scratched the back of my neck.

Dr. Hank turned around to present me with the last of the burn cream, then paused, the almost empty tube slipping out of his hand, and his mouth falling open. He stood like this for a minute.

"What?" I snapped, feeling self-conscious. I leaned over to pick up the tube, reaching out with my hand . . .

"Oh God!" I screamed, snatching my hand back.

"What happened?!" I shrieked.

"Your powers are beginning to really manifest," Dr. Hank said tiredly, rubbing his face with his furry hand.

I had sprouted long blue fur all over my body. It was majorly thick on my arms and legs, although the underside of my arms were almost bare still. I was afraid to look and see what had happened to my hair.

I stumbled backwards, backpedaling frantically. I knocked over a tray, and landed on my butt, scissors and surgical knives scattering around me.

"How come I keep getting the blue furry guys' powers?" I demanded.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to walk into a room full of people when you're blue and furry, when you had not been so previously?

Didn't think so. Especially when my eyes were still glowing red. Now there was a rare treat.

"Hey, are you the monster that lives in my closet?"

"Ack! Scott and McCoy have bred!"

Hardee har har.

But don't worry, it didn't last too long. I ran into the girl who had the ability to change her skin color (this time on accident) and the fur started FALLING OUT in clumps.

Oh, you haven't even the slightest clue how disgusting it is. It got in EVERYTHING! People who were all the way across the room were complaining about blue fur in their soup.

Jubilee nicely suggested that I stand over the garbage can while I was shedding at this inhuman rate. RB just told me that if another clump of blue fur turned up in her sandwich, she was gonna shove it up my ass.

I stood over the garbage can, thinking resentfully how stupid I must look. Look everybody, it's She-Who-Sheds! Or maybe Shedding Girl! Beware, or she'll clog up your vacuum cleaner!

I started yanking clots of hair out, gritting my teeth. Small sparks danced on my palm. The fire in my eyes was gone. Mr. Scotts powers had deserted me, replaced by Jubilee's.

I began to get a little freaked out. Just yesterday I wasn't able to use my powers at all. Now I was mimicking other powers left and right, before I even got a chance to use them, they were replaced.

The last of the hair came off, leaving me slightly bloody, and leaving the garbage can completely full.

I muttered resentfully at Jubilee and RB, who were laughing uproariously. Jake patted my arm sympathetically, only to get popped by a tiny firework. Jubilee stopped laughing then, and just started looking territorial. Apparently, she didn't like sharing her powers.

My skin was gray again. I decided to use "changes skin color girl" 's powers. I cautiously attempted to change my skin tone peach. Instead, turned a bad spray-on suntan kind of orange. RB laughed. I shocked her in the butt.

My hair was still blue. I turned it black, it's normal color, but then I had a thought. How would blonde look on me?

Just like that, my hair was a nice banana peel kind of blonde.

Jubilee and RB stared. "Well?" I asked.

RB took out her camera-phone and snapped it. "Look for yourself," she said, handing it to me. I considered breaking it, but forgot about that once I saw the picture.

God, I looked fake. I looked like RB. But there was something attractive in the shallowness. It looked safe.

Looking closer, I noticed I had forgotten to color my lips, they were the same burnt orange as my skin. I changed it to bright red.

RB bumped my shoulder playfully. "Looking good, girlfriend!" she laughed. I felt my skin change back to ordinary, leaving the spraytan blonde behind, and replacing it with the ability to change IQ's.

I began banging my head on the table.

"What happened?" RB asked. I continued to bang my head. Then I had a wicked idea. I pointed at RB, and almost instantly, she was drooling and shaking her hands.

"Coffee!" Jubilee cried.

"What?" I asked innocently. "I like her better this way!"

I was creeping around trying to avoid people. You have no idea how exhausting it is to go through a million powers in one day. I was wobbling a little, I was so tired.

"I'm sorry, Remy, I just can't!" Rogue was shouting. I stopped, curious. When had Rogue been allowed up? And what couldn't she do?

"I just broke up with my boyfriend! You're not supposed to try to grab a girl on the rebound like that!" she snapped.

A deep masculine voice started speaking. "Remy is not picking chere up on the rebound," he said, sounding offended. "Remy might be wrong, but you do not look overly traumatized by your breakup," he pointed out.

"That's not the only thing," Rogue snapped. Lowering her voice, she went on in almost a defeated tone, "It's mostly my powers."

"What? Strength and flight?" he said teasingly.

"NO!" she shouted, exasperated. "The-the other thing," she muttered, sounding shamed.

"We can work past it. Xavier's a smart man, Remy be sure he'll help."

"Oh yes. An illicit romance between a grown man and an eighteen-year old, I'm sure he'll just love that!"

Point one for Rogue.

Remy huffed irritably. "Do you want to work through this?" he shot.

"No - I mean yes of course. I just don't think we'll be getting any help from that department."

"If I'm not good enough—"

"What do you want me to say, Swamp Rat?" Rogue demanded. 'That I love you? That your eyes give me thrills? That I don't want you to leave? Is that good enough, or do you want more?"

"Chere—" Remy tried, but he was interrupted.

"Don't you chere me! Do you want me to beg you? Because I'm not going to. If you want, you can hop along for the ride, but Rogue stops for no one. Either you step in stride, or you find another pretty face. I'm not going to be anybody's doormat ever again!"

By now they had moved far enough away that I could only hear them when they were shouting. I hurried along my way, thinking deeply about what I had just seen, while settling in on the staircase.

If anybody could handle Rogue in this unpredictable state, I was pretty sure it was Remy. He looked like a force of nature.

I spread my blanket over myself, and proceeded to sleep as well as I could with my head below my chest level, and a stair digging into my back.

Travelling Army Brat

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