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She doubted that there was anything she could take to neutralize her throbbing headache. She should have run like hell when Juushiro asked her to lend a hand with the Aizen situation. Had she known it would take years, she would have told him to go straight to hell. Of course the moment she'd step foot into Soul Society, she should have known it would bring nothing but drama to her trouble free life.

Trouble in the form of an orange haired Royoka with a big ego and an even bigger heart. Yoruichi smiled at the thought of her lover. No one should have to be away from their heart's desire for months at a time. It was almost criminal, detangling from the warm limbs that had been wrapped securely around her, leaving their bed before dawn, and what was worst, having her shower interrupted by her horny bed mate. He made leaving just that much harder. It was exhilarating, going from the chaser to the chasee.

She was exhausted, hungry, and a hot bath with scented oils was her only thought. Reaching out her senses, she didn't feel Ichigo's reitsu or any other spiritual pressure for that matter. Yoruichi really wished for him to be home. She guessed she should be celebrating, it wasn't everyday that one made captain…twice. The 9th needed a captain since the previous was now one of the turncoats she'd been ordered to hunt down. Though the order/ personal favor had been requested directly from the captain-general, Juushiro's smile had been so telling that she had no doubt who'd orchestrated the whole ordeal. But still it was Yaama-ji that asked and the former Shihouin heir never could resist the old man. Especially since it seemed he had forgiven her.

Her reinstatement caused a deafening uproar which hadn't been expected, most calling her a traitor, and deserter. The challenges were as numerous as the number of shinigami in her unit who threatened to resign. Her lieutenant was among the masses. Many had thought it only fair the Shuhei take over as he was already second in command when Kaname fled. It was only right that he should succeed. She'd gone to the old man but he did offer any help, she had to snuff out insubordination on her own.

Then came that challenge, and Yoruichi had to threaten bodily harm to any who leaked a word of it to Ichigo, for if said Royoka turned ally had found out, he would have cheerfully cut every other person in half for giving his girlfriend grief. And really, she had enough shit to deal with without her Ichigo going hollow on Shuhei's ass. The Goddess could handle her own lieutenant.

They had confronted her collectively with Hisagi at the head, as their champion. In no uncertain terms, the 9th division as a whole stated that they wouldn't allow some old, weak, traitor, coward, bitch to take over their division. And to that the former outlaw responded in a crystal clear voice filled with malice and contained fury.

"Just who in the fuck are you calling old?" And so she challenged them all. An entire division against one. Zanpakuto's against a pair of bare hands. Simultaneously, she dared them all to come at her.

Hisagi, who was the first to move, was out before his sword made it from the sheath. The whole bout lasted all but two minutes as that was the amount of time it took to down any resistance. After everyone present received a thorough pounding, the new captained roused her second in command, and beat his ass some more. If she had hoped that would quiet complaints, Yoruichi was sorely mistaken. Now she was nothing more than a violent thug who'd crushed her whole squad and rearranged their lieutenant's pretty face without permission. Everyone made it sound as if she came in whooped every body's ass then left. And if that wasn't enough, having to listen to Retsu shriek about the over flow at fourth head quarters had her itching to return to the living world thus breaking her arrangement with Yaami-ji. That old sly bastard knew the hell she'd endure, yet refused to lift a finger to quail the gossip. Really, some of the things that were said made Kenpachi look like a freaking Buddhist pacifist in comparison. But she had indeed proven her strength at least that was a start. And just when it seemed the new captain finally made some leeway, the Shihouin clan decided to start in.

After everyone in her unit were healed, or at least mobile in one way or another, the captain-general called a meeting that was mandatory for all captains and subordinates, only the gate guardians were exempt. With Yamamtto's permission she addressed the masses in the court yard. The captains stood shoulder to shoulder behind the old general, while their seconds stood front and center of the units. After smiling sweetly at her worse for wear unit, she thought it best to start her meeting.

"For those who don't remember or haven't heard of me (yeah right), I am Shihouin Yoruichi." She gave a slight bow while grinning pleasantly. "Former commander of the military, and recently I have been granted captainship over the esteemed 9th division." She gestured grandly to the bandaged group on her left. "Since I have assumed my new role, there are a few among you whose behavior have been unbefitting of officers and shinigami. I don't need to remind you that insubordination not only reflects poorly on you, but your captain as well." She paced before them calmly.

"Appearances, that's neither here nor there, however the reason for calling this meeting is to inform you that these actions will cease starting this moment. I will not be disrespected, or ignored, or demeaned a second longer." Yoruichi's tone turned deathly silent as her voice and demeanor lost all warmth.

"This is your first and final warning, if I receive a memo so much as a second later than requested, you'll take a much needed detour to fourth before I return you to your captain.

An immediate corrective action will be completed and hand delivered to the Captain General by yours truly. I don't need to explain that any shinigami lower than the rank of lieutenant can only receive three throughout his or her entire career, before being dishonorably discharged from service." At the crowd's horrified expressions, Yoruichi remembered that this wasn't the direction to go.

"Oh come on guys! We don't have to love each other, just be courteous and respectful. Failing to do so will certainly lead to: incarnation, the loss of your position, zanpakuto, and soul chain. So are a few harsh feeling really worth all that?

Really, I think we all can get along just grandly. If you have any questions, please feel free to come to me. My door is always open for all discussion. Are there any objections?" Yoruichi allowed her voice to harden just a fraction. "My Captain-General? Good Captains? No, well then you are all dismissed with the exception of my division." It was time to pour salt on the wound. What! She deserved to be a little petty sometimes. "Those of you unable to stand will sort and color code mission reports and division expenses since the 9th started. All others have been volunteered to assist our fellow units with their housekeeping for the next two weeks. That is after our own division is rendered spotless of course. Any comments? Good, get started please." There wasn't so much as a mummer of protest as her squad left the arena.

'That went well' she thought while watching the last of them exit. With the thought thanking Yaama-ji, she turned to face the old captain only to nearly avoid having an outright heart attack as she met golden eyes identical to her own. She completely missed Yammatto's amused smirk. Oh how was she gonna escape now? A wave of old shame washed through her with the force of a tsunami, and Yoruichi dropped her gaze to the floor. Looking up suddenly, she grinned like a maniac, feeling like Kisuke for a moment.

"Hi Dad!"



In the recent months, that word had never failed to send a pang of crippling longing through her entire being. That and the color orange. After shuffling around her keys to find the right one, she quickly unlocked the door, tossing her heavy bags and packages over her shoulder. She should have known it would be trouble when her father showed up at that meeting.

'Fuckity fuck fuck fuck' Youruichi thought. Out loud. As her father stiff golden gaze froze her to the spot in which she stood. Visiting the compound had been the most uncomfortable, degrading experience of her life. The nobles racked her over with a fine tooth comb, criticizing everything from her slouching, man-ish demeanor, to every chipped nail and barely visible split ends. Her captain's cloak had sent her mother into a thirty minute tirade that left her ears bleeding. Hence the twelve kimonos, matching slippers and obi included.

'Along with jewelry, and hair combs, and hair trinkets, and gloves, and one never knows when they'll need a veil. And oh dear, those are not proper under garments. The hardly cover anything and your entire backside is exposed. What are you sleeping in? You really do need to proper sleeping gowns and robes. Do you have any Shihouin effects in your flat? It is you duty to display your heritage for all who visits.'

By the time it was all over, Yoruichi's entire wardrobe had been refitted, she had a suit case full of makeup, and a Shihouin effect to cover or display on every wall or corner of their apartment. Their apartment.

She hadn't mentioned Ichigo once during her entire stay, and while the hospitality of the Shihouin house was great, it didn't come without a price.

Quickly walking through the door, she tossed the packages to the floor with just a bit of resentment. Securing the last lock, she nearly jumped out of her skin when a deep voice called her attention.

"Good evening Captain." She turned quickly, coming face to face with her smirking and clearly amused housemate. His smirk turned into a full grin when he realized that he'd scared the living hell out of her. Either he was really good Ichigo thought, or she was really distracted. Once she gained control over her heart beat, she took in his an appearance then nearly gave herself another coronary. Dressed in a pair of black silk lounge pants and nothing more, she unsuccessfully tried to will her eyes away from his chiseled chest. Taking in every hard line of his muscled torso, recognizing all the similarities from before she left, but there was something more. Her lover looked manlier, more bulky with muscle. Nearly rubbing her thighs together with anticipation, Yoruichi quickly her moved eyes to his face. He stared back at her with those warm cinnamon orbs; there was no doubt what was running through his mind. Ichigo's eyes roved over her entire form, she could feel them. Unconsciously, he licked his lips slightly biting his sensually plump lower one. She had to think fast because she knew that look, the one that without a doubt said 'undress NOW'. After fighting down the fist sized lump in her throat, she inclined her head, returning his greeting politely.

"Good evening to you. You look…(ravishing, delicious, sexy, fucktastic) "Well." He responded in kind, both wondering all the while why a cloud of discomfort lingered between them. It seemed to be more or less coming from his lover as Ichigo himself, couldn't hardly wait to fill his hands and mouth with her. Looking away from him, she cursed the thought of her duties not only to Soul Society, but to the Shihouin clan. Life would be changing for them very soon.

"Five months…I expected you back a week ago." Looking at her turned face he frowned while trying to decipher her mood. They had been away from each other for far too long, Yoruichi should have been literally ripping their clothes off the moment she walked through the door. Deciding that there was too much space between them, Ichigo slowly made his way to her.

"Didn't you get my missive? I had It hand delivered by messenger." Ichigo locked his eyes with hers, and Yoruichi couldn't find the strength to look away, she couldn't even if she wanted to. Why did this have to be so hard? She just wanted to fall into his arms and lose herself, forget about Aizen and her family and Soul Society. Instead of standing there acting cold and distant to the only person she felt no annoyance towards.

"Ink on a piece of paper is a poor substitute Captain Shihouin. You're gonna have to do a lot better than that." Laughing at his semi- serious comment, Youruichi's eyes widened when he shunpoed, now standing directly in front of her. He reached out to stroke the soft skin of her cheek. "Do you have any idea how much I missed you?" Closing her eyes at his silky touch, her breathing hitch as her lover lowered his hand.

"Not as much as I've missed you, love." His thumb caressed her neck briefly before his mouth joined in, planting kisses and sucking on the delicate flesh. Yoruichi moaned deeply, her hands greedy for anything in reach. Pinning her against the door, Ichigo's mouth moved lower to her chest, kissing the swell of her breast hungrily. Wanting to but not daring to rip her custom made uniform, his hands unclasped the small hooks at the neck of her. Of course Yoruichi had to have another uniform commissioned since Soi Fong had decided to adopt her previous style. It was black and white of course and the top was similar to the old design. Her chest being larger than before, she didn't look Rangiku, but the deep v-neck showed off her perfect cleavage and left her back uncovered. With her deep dislike for clothing in mind the skirt of her uniform came just beneath her upper thigh, though in all fairness she did were a pair of black skin tight boy shorts underneath. The bracing on her legs were the same as well as the specially enhanced shoes especially designed for the fastest being in the world, spirit or living.

Her captain's cloak, when she decided to wear it was designed to look like Ichigo's, it looked almost like a business jack that came just at her calves, the only difference being that hers was white with the 9th division insignia. In short her uniform was even more eye catching than the one she'd worn a hundred years ago.

Ichigo took a moment to admire her luscious breast before plunging an erect nipple into his mouth. The woman in his grasp whimpered, as he slightly nibbled on her aching bud. Arching into his mouth, Yourchi grasped his hair holding her lover's head in place. Her underwear and shorts drenched with her feminine juice, the only thought was to have him inside her, and now. Wanting his mouth, she yanked his head away to cease the worship of her breast, and devoured his mouth with her own.

With his patience nearly spent, Ichigo grasped the backs of her bare thighs hoisting her up until his hardness met her center, their bodies grinding into each other as his rigid cock threatened to pierce the clothing.

"I'm gonna eat you." Ichigo's voice was harsh and hot against her ear, and Yoruichi could only nod while wrapping her arms about his neck, trying desperately to feel more of his hardness. "I'm gonna make you cum until you can't take anymore. You'll be begging me for mercy." Moving further into their flat, Ichigo cleared everything from their dining room table and deposited his precious bundle on the dark wood surface. Moaning from a particularly hard thrust of his hips and brazen words the goddess of flash rained kisses over every inch of his face and chest, gripping his bare muscled backside underneath the silk fabric of his pants.

Mindless with lust, the human soul reaper pulled clothes, underwear and shorts down the length of her body in one swift motion, then pushed her back against the cool surface of the polished wood. Forcefully parting her legs he jerked her bottom until the part he most wanted access to was at the table's edge. Tossing those long chocolaty perfect legs over his shoulders Ichigo move in swiftly. If she'd thought he'd immediately strike she was sorely mistaken. He took his time, slowly kissing her inner thighs, breathing in the intoxicating sent of her arousal. Ichigo could only smirk at her irate growl.

"You great fucking tease!" Yoruichi seethed through clenched teeth, so helpless with her desire for him that begging actually seemed an option. His cocky smirk made her huff indignantly.

"I learned from the best, love." Her angry reply fell from her lips as Ichigo trailed his tongue slowly from her sopping slit to her clit.

"Oh my God!" Yoruichi half shouted, trembling bodily, hands gripping her hair and anything in reach. The years that they'd spent together and everything he'd learned displayed at that moment as he licked her cunt so lavishly that not screaming wasn't an option. Dear God she was close already!

"Oh please Ichigo let me cum!" She whispered desperately, near tears from such mind altering pleasure. And it was that utterance that proved to be his undoing as he pushed himself away from her heat. Standing, Ichigo gave a frustrated shout while struggling angrily with the ties of his pants. Freeing his cock, the red head fisted his incredible length while moaning.


"I'm sorry baby. I promise I'll eat you for an hour later but I'm gonna explode if I don't get inside you now!" Youruichi's mouth literally began to water as the hot tip of manhood his nudged her opening. His body was burning with lust, so much that it made him feverish. Her own body had to be in a similar state, she could think of nothing but him the whole time she was away. Waking in the middle of the night, hoping to cuddle into his hard body only to find that she was alone.

With a trembling hand, Ichigo grasped her hip. Instead of plunging into her quickly like she had hoped he slowly pulled her towards him, impaling her minutely. He wanted to take his time, though they both were so impatient.

"I wanna enjoy this." Completely sheath within her heat now, his body shuddered completely. Ichigo couldn't contain his growls, she felt so wonderful. "Oh god!"

With slow deep movements, it felt as if the tightness of her cunt refused to release him. With both hands on her hips, and past the point of self control he began to pound her against his waiting member, completely unable to keep his movement slow. He had waited far too long for this; he would not be denied such pleasure a moment longer.

His strokes were long and deep, and nearly enough to drive her insane. When her orgasm crept upon her, every muscle in her body clenched. She couldn't move she could barely breathe. She screamed for their entire complex to hear, riding on the cusps of passion. Ichigo's movements came to a halt and just when Yoruichi thought she would get a slight reprieve, like the true sexual sadist that he could be her lover slammed his hips to hers again. A shocked yell ripped from her throat as unearthly pleasure exploded throughout her body and she came again. Hot tears leaked from her eyes while silently praising and damning her love for her state.

Releasing her hips and leaning forward, his body covered hers, grinding fiercely into her now. Ichigo's body was tightening now but he couldn't relinquish full control. He had to hold the hollow back, keep it at bay. Body straining and held back. Her lover was fighting down his spiritual pressure, she could tell.

"I'm not afraid of it Ichigo." His thrusts were hard and relentless now. "I want you to." He stopped looking deeply into her eyes, checking for any uncertainty. He found none.

"Why'd you-"

"Tell me you love me Yoruichi." He was trembling with emotion. Looking away she could no longer met his eyes. With her legs still hooked around his hips, him still hard within her, Yoruichi had never been more afraid. She given him her body, time, and devotion, why did he need her to say that?

"I" She shook her head. She'd only uttered those one words to one person, and said person discarded her without a second thought, leaving her young heart bleeding and broken. Like hell that would happen again! Not for anyone! "Ichigo I can't-"

"I tell you constantly how I fell!" He closed his eyes, angry at himself for needing this. "Please, just this once. I swear I'll never ask again." He rested his head on her chest as she wrapped her arms about him.

'Please don't regret this.'

"I love you Ichigo. I swear to God I love you." She whispered then received his desperate kiss a moment later. Grasping her shoulders, he moved recklessly, his manhood plundering cunt while tongue similarly treated her mouth. His spiritual pressure exploded around them as raw emotion bodily pleasure coursed through the lovers, flooding their living space. Eyes the color icy skies, Ichigo moans were equally hoarse as they were loud. I maddening heat burned a path from his testicles, as they tightened almost painfully, to the tip of his cock. With her inner muscles fluttering wildly and her heat slick with juices, he knew she was close to.

"Come with me." He said tearing his mouth away from hers. As soon as he said it, their bodies claimed it. Almost too soon his white hot jism gushed forward, his roar almost deafening. Yoruichi clawed his back viciously as her walls clenched around her lover's intruding member. Her voice had long been depleted, but that didn't stop the silent scream that tore from her throat.

With his upper half rested on her top, legs threatening to give way, Ichigo rained kissed over her chest, neck and face. With a dazed smile, he asked what was on her mind.

"A nice long bath, honestly." He smiled again. Yeah, he could arrange that.

In truth they were both thinking it. After such a mind blowing, life changing sexual encounter, how could there possibly be more?

At the moment Yoruichi really didn't care as she continued to impale herself on Ichigo's impressive length. The water splashed around them spilling over onto the floor and he stared at her blissful face as she rode him recklessly. A chocolate covered nipple lightly brushed his nose and Ichigo found the temptation too great. Taking the hardened peak into his mouth, he suckled her gently while his hand teased the other. Needing more friction, he grasped her hips though continued to lap at her breast.

"AHH..Ichigo! It's so good!" Her hands gripping his shoulders, Yoruichi couldn't stop if she wanted to. Her orgasm rushed forward again causing her to scream out her pleasure. There were gonna be some very envious neighbors, and maybe a few complaints to the landlord the next day. His completion was just as fierce if not quite as noisy. With her arms wrapped around his neck in a tight embrace, they shut their eyes while steadying their heartbeats, and enjoying the closeness. After what seemed like hours, she finally moved from her straddling position and situated herself between his legs with a relaxed sigh. What a wonderful night!

"You never did tell me" Ichigo asked after some time. He was washing her body gently with a sponge. "What held you up?" Damn why did he have to ask that now?

"Just business."

"What business?" She sighed dejectedly.

"Clan business." He stopped washing her.

"You spoke with your father?" She nodded. "And your clan?" Another nod. "What did they say?"

"Can we do this later? I just want to relax with you tonight, Okay?" It was his turn to nod though he had a very bad feeling. She was hiding something. How would it effect his surprise was yet to be seen. "The water is getting cold, let's wash and get out." After a quick wash, Ichigo dried his lady, then himself. Donning a silk lavender robe, her favorite, she weaved wet purple locks into bun a tight that sat atop of her head. Trading pleasant conversation with her lover, she offered to help him dry the floor.

"Why don't you wait for me in the bedroom? I can take care of this then we can order some take out." She consented, completely missing his smiling face after she'd turned away. Walking into her bedroom, she noticed a small black satin pillow in middle of their immaculately made bed. Her heart sank upon catching sight of a small velvet box. With a trembling hand she reached for it. Yoruichi's whole being was taught with anticipation though she did not fumble when opening the box.

It was so beautiful that she nearly cried. A modest diamond set in yellow gold. As heir to one of the most prestigious clans in all Seriety, she was use to having finer, but this ring would be cherished far above any of those past pointless trinkets. It was the sentiment, and the fact that Ichigo thought enough of her to give her his mother's ring touched her in ways she didn't know possible. The floor boards creaked behind her and Yoruichi whipped around to see Ichigo staring at her from the door way. In his black terry clothed robe, damp hair falling into his eyes, he looked at her expectantly. She stood there breathing harshly as he slowly made his way to her.

Using both hands, he gently slid the box from her shaking ones. Dropping down to one knee, the human presented his intentions in traditional fashion. Neither needed words at that moment, their bond spoke for them.

Yes, her eyes and heart said as she looked into warm cinnamon orbs. A dry sob escaped and her eyes filled.

'Yes! Oh God yes Ichigo!'

Moving forward, Yoruichi took his face within her hands, placing a gentle, lingering kiss on his forehead. Rising, she slowly let her hands fall away from him then walked out of the room, his mother's ring and their future still in his hands.


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