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Chapter One

What started out as a childish prank turned into something that would change their lives forever especially for one young girl it would mean she'd never be the same again. This is her story…..

It all started when she came to Domino to live with her brother after the mysterious death of their mother. Serenity had always loved Joey no matter what her mother tried to do to make him look like a terrible person.

She had just turned thirteen and was in the seventh grade and she was a very smart young girl and some people in her class didn't like that. It was almost the 29th of October and all the kids were getting excited about the Halloween dance and about going out and getting candy because they all knew that they all were getting older and soon they wouldn't be able to go out trick-or-treating anymore.

A few of the so called popular girls decided to bring Serenity down because they were all jealous of her because they were all really dumb when it came to learning so anyone who was smarter then they were needed to go away.

Debbie was the so called leader of the "Popular" girls and she hated Serenity the most because the boy that Debbie liked was seen talking to Serenity and that was not right, not right at all.

They tricked a boy by the name of Derek to ask Serenity to the Halloween dance and so right before lunch Derek asked Serenity to go to the dance with him and not knowing that it was some kind of a set up, she accepted.

Serenity ran home so excited and when she told her brother he was happy for her, but he also had a really bad feeling about it but he didn't want to bring her down so Joey didn't say a thing that was a terrible mistake that he'd have to live with for the rest of their lives.

When Derek got home from school that day he was in for a real big surprise, his father has come home from being away for the last four years of his life and his grandfather was arguing with his father about why he had to come back at all?

Derek ran to his room slammed the door and laid on his bed and turned on his stereo full blast so he wouldn't hear the arguing. He still heard his grandfather ask "Where the hell have you been for the last four years of that boy's life? Why come back now?"

He heard the front door slam shut and his father's truck start and it roared down the road like he remembered all those years ago when his father left him the last time. Derek got out the only picture he had of his mother and as he looked at it tears ran down his face as he whispered "Why did you have to die?"

As Kirk drove down the road he knew he had to find someway to get his dad to allow him to live there with him and his son because he had to be near that bitch and make damn sure that she never remembered what happen four years ago when she still lived with her mom in America.

Joey was making dinner when Serenity came out of her room after doing her homework and smiling she went to help him and as they worked together Joey still couldn't fight that feeling like something terrible was going to happen but without proof all he'd do was start a fight with her and he didn't want that, so he decided to stay quiet till he could find out what was really bothering him and he prayed it wouldn't come to late.

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