Chapter Eight

Inside the house:

Kirk had gone completely over the edge and all he could think of was that this bitch was the cause of his son's death so he made it him mission to make her pay for what she did. Every time Serenity would come to enough to try to beg for him to stop, Kirk would start yelling again how she caused the death of all of her friends, her mom and especially Derek.

Then he would begin to either slap her of he'd punch her with his fists till she passed out from the pain and she was a bloody mess. Then he'd throw water on her trying to wake her up, till one time she didn't wake up in fact her poor mind had shattered into a million pieces and she was deep inside her own mind trying to get away from her demons that this bastard had caused.

Outside the house, the police were waiting for their backup and when the other police arrived along with the SWAT team and the Captain and Chief they stormed the house when they heard shots fired inside the house. Inside they found Kirk dead from self inflected gun shot to the brain, Miss Serenity Wheeler lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

The Ambulance was called and she was taken to Domino Hospital where her brother Joseph Wheeler was informed she had been taken. When they brought the body of Serenity Wheeler into the Emergency Room the team went into action to try to save this young woman's life. She was a total mess, her face looked like ground beef and she had sustained sever trauma to her legs, her right arm was broke and even though her vitals were good she was unresponsive when the doctor tried to talk to her.

Seto brought Joey and Mai to the hospital and he was there to give his support to both of them. The Doctor came out to talk to Joey about his sister's condition and as he explained tears ran down the faces of Joey, Mai and Seto. When the doctor was done, Seto asked "Is she going to ever come back to reality?"

The Doctor closed his eyes as he told them "I don't think that she will ever come back, it is like that madman completely shatter her poor mind and all we can do now is pray and maybe by some miracle she'll come back I can't say." The he left to go back and check up on her.

Inside the house the police found the video's of the Gym and how it exploded and they threw up knowing that this bastard used this to break that young girl for something he did. They all said silent prayers for that young girl to find peace from her tormented mind.

Seto sent Dennis and his grandson Derek to Europe to try to help the young man get over the tragedy of the party and what his father did. They could only pray that someday Derek would be able to understand.

The parents of the kids that died in the Gym either moved away or stayed to help the others try to deal with what happened. The town of Domino came together to give emotional support to everyone that was affected by what happened and they eventually did rebuild the Gym and it was dedicated to the ones who lost their lives there along with Serenity Wheeler's name.

Joey goes to see his sister everyday and he sits there and talks to her and silently he prays that she will find peace someday. Serenity is paralyzed from the waist down from the beating she received from that monster. She sits by the window in the sunlight staring out into the light and she doesn't respond to anything or anyone, once in a while a silent tear will roll down her face when no one is around and deep inside her mind she begs for help to get away from the demons that are tormenting her.

The institution where Serenity is at called Joey one day and they told him that his sister had passed away. It was exactly six months since all the horror began. As Serenity was sitting by the window she heard her name being called and as she looked there stood her mommy and she held out her hand and as Serenity took it into hers they walked towards heaven.

Serenity looked back at the broken shell that was once her body and she said "What about Joey, he's not going to understand."

Mary smiled down at her daughter and she said "Honey, Joey already knows. I talked to him in his sleep and told him that you were coming home to be with God and he smiled for the first time since this all happened and he said "Take care of her and don't worry I'll be just fine."

Just then the door to the room opened and Joey and Mai walked in and as he walked over to where his sister's body was and he put his arm around her he whispered "Be happy sis I love you both with all my heart." Mai reached out to him and as they stood there with tears running down their faces they both knew that now she was at peace in heaven with her mom and God.

Serenity Beth Wheeler was laid to rest beside her mom and dad and as everyone said good-bye her brother and his new wife Mai smiled as they looked towards the heavens and there was the most beautiful sight. The clouds parted and from heaven came the light streaming through. They both said their good-byes and as they walked towards the limo there beside the grave stood Serenity and Mary and they smiled and waved good-bye then the went back to heaven.

THE END…………….

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