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"Father…Father stop!"

"Shut up you brat!"

"Let go of mama!"

"Don't boss me around!! I'm your father!" the man punctuated the word with an abdomen-aimed kick. The boy flew, a small cry escaping him. He hit the ground with a yelp of pain. The man was on him in an instant. The boy curled up under his father's fists, trying to protect his head. He heard a short cry, and he recognized the voice as his mother's. He opened one swollen eye to watch her leap on her husband, trying to pull him away from her son. With a new target, the man turned and threw his wife off. She sprawled across the ground and tried to crawl away. His father seized her by the hair and dragged her head back. He was screaming now, screaming in a drunken rage. The boy stood shakily, and then leapt at his father. He tore with teeth and nails, while hitting, kicking his father. He had to stop him from hurting his mother. But the man simply grabbed the back of his shirt and threw him head-over-heel against a wall.

He was against the wall in an instant and he felt pain exploding all over his body. He screamed in pain, ashamed of the tears. He might've heard a voice crying out for him, but then darkness closed in.

He groaned softly. Someone was gently prodding his small body. His eyes were almost swollen shut, but he could open them enough to see his mother bent over him, binding his arm. Pain, big greasy waves of it, kept rolling over him and it seemed to be coming from the area his mother was bandaging. "M…momma?" he whispered hoarsely.

His mother was silent for a moment, and then she smiled at him gently. "Hey baby. Are you okay?"

"My arm…"

"It's okay, baby. You shouldn't have done that for momma. Daddy will just get mad. But don't worry, honey. Mommy's got a plan. Mommy's gonna send you away, far away from here. It's okay baby. Mommy will get you away from here."

"You planin' of leavin' here, my love?" His mother quickly stood and turned to the man in the doorway. Did she realize that her hands went out, as if to block her child from view?

"N-no, of course not, dear! I was- I was just-" he stepped forward and she flinched. She never saw his hand, but it was locked around her throat before the boy could move. She clawed at his hand and tried, so very hard, to drag in air.

"You're not gonna leave. Not ever. Right?" Her body rejected, fighting for air against his steel grip. The boy tried to get up- he needed to help his mother- but his arm felt like it was on fire and his body refused to obey his orders. His father raised his other hand, and the slap resounded in the air- sending her sprawling across the ground. She choked and coughed, laying a hand on her throat. The boy breathed a sigh of relief. He'd let her throat go.

"N-no. No. Never!" she gasped, trembling to her feet by gripping the bed. "I'll never leave. Never! Please! Please, just go. Just leave Ghoon-hahm alone now!!"

"…Are you giving me orders?" Then there was pain and distant screaming.

"Ghoon-hahm! Ghoon-hahm!! GHOON-HAHM!!!"


Ghoon-hahm sat up with a jolt, a small gasp escaping him. "Ghoon-hahm. Are you okay?" Ghoon-hahm was still gasping when his hands shot out to protect himself- and he encountered a soft, firm chest. Hands were laid gently over his "Its okay, Ghoon-hahm. It's alright. You're home." Ghoon-hahm's vision cleared and he stared into Jung-woo's eyes. Jung-woo sent him a small smile. "Hey."


"Yeah. I heard you screaming. Are you okay Ghoon-hahm?" Ghoon gently pulled his hands off Jung-woo's chest and placed them over his heart. It hammered unnaturally.


"Was it a nightmare?"

"…Yeah." Ghoon raised trembling hands to his face and covered it. "Yeah."

Jung-woo frowned and reached a gentle hand out to lay it on Ghoon-hahm's upper arm. God, he was shaking. He had never seen Ghoon so scared.

Then there was a click and light spilled across Ghoon's bed. They both turned to see Que-min in the doorway.

"This looks bad." Jung muttered. Two men sitting on a bed in their boxers, connected by one hand that lay on Ghoon's arm? Just a little.

Que-min colored and quickly slammed the door closed.

With a hiss, Ghoon shoved Jung-woo's hand off his arm and stood to grab some pants. He quickly tugged them on while Jung-woo simply blinked at the door. He finally stood and grabbed some pants, joining Ghoon in tugging on clothes.

Ghoon-hahm leapt out the door with a yell. "Que-min! Que-min." he quickly grabbed her arm and spun her around. "Hey, that wasn't what it looked like!"

Her face was bright red. "Um…it's fine."

"Hey." His eyebrow twitched. "What's that face for?"

"Nothing. At all. Really." but she was blushing fiercely. His eyes narrowed on her and he noticed Jung inch out the door of the apartment they were sharing (wearing a pair of Ghoon-hahm's pants).

"Hey, you." he pinched her cheek. She giggled and pushed his hand away.

When he reached again for her, it was to wrap his arms around her thin torso. She was surprised, but wrapped her arms around his neck. He held her gently in his arms, as if he might break her if he handled her too roughly. His lips somehow found hers and he kissed her lightly. He ran his tongue across the seam in her lips and she gave a little shiver, but opened her mouth to accept him. His tongue explored carefully, drinking her in. His arms moved, running up and then back down her arms. But, at her armpit, she broke away from him and lowered her arms with a little giggle. He smirked, his lips a centimeter from hers.

"You like that?" his voice was whisper rough and she shuddered lightly at the sound of it.

"It tickles!" she complained cutely.

"Oh really?" his fingers lowered to her hips and danced across the revealed flesh. A laugh bubbled up in her and she broke away from him, running around the end of the couch. He followed, but she ran around the other end. They faced off, each on one end of the couch. She moved from left to right, trying to fake him out, but he watched her with a predator's grace. She faked left, but he was better than that. He leapt as soon as she did and, realizing there was no way out, she ran up the couch. But he grabbed her hips from behind and threw her to the side, onto the couch. She shrieked playfully when he leapt on her. She writhed under him, trying to get away, but that only made his heart speed up. He watched her move with hungry eyes.

Que-min's legs worked out from beneath him, rising up around his hips. Her arms rose to grab hold of the armrest above her head, trying to pull herself free. He licked his lips before he lowered his head to her throat.

Ghoon-hahm started at the pulse line and nipped his way down, stopping to soothe with his tongue. She still writhed gently beneath him, but it wasn't so much to get away as to get closer. Her arms came down to wrap around his neck and her soft moans vibrated against his lips. "Ghoon." she whispered his name when his hands ventured lower. From her shoulders they slid slowly all the way down. She gasped when his thumbs brushed her breasts, and again when they touched the flesh revealed by her midriff shirt. One hand stopped at her hip, massaging gently, while the other slid lower. It ran over her hiked up skirt to her knee and he gently cupped it, bringing it up behind his hips. The movement rose her up so that her body conformed to his. His mouth lowered to the line of her tank-top and ran across it, dipping below at select intervals with his tongue. His hand released her knee and slid beneath her lower back, raising her hips up to meet his. She moaned and her head fell back. Slowly, through the haze, her eyes slid open-

and she stared directly into a pair of dark eyes.

For a moment, they just stared. Then Que-min shrieked. Ghoon jumped back and she quickly sat up. "What the- Ghoon-hahm!!"

Ghoon's eyes rose to the window and he stared wide-eyed at Jin-lee before a hand rose and grabbed the back of his head, dragging him down below the sill. Ghoon growled and leapt from the couch. He was out the door before his gang could do more than fall over and scream.


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