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Author's note: This story takes place the summer following "The Journey", and though it ignores the comic's continuity, I'm using Fang's real name, revealed in Bad Guys #2.

Chance Meetings

Chapter 31

by Remtar85

"And here you go, Fang," Una said, handing the mutate a plastic bag with several small packages inside.

"Thanks, and sorry about the American money," Fang said as he took the bag. "Can't exactly go exchange those bills somewhere."

"No worries, one of our human employees can do that for us. I'm just glad you finally decided to buy something," Leo told the mutate with a friendly smirk.

It was the final night Fang was spending in London. Sevarius had announced that they'd be leaving early the next evening, when Fang wouldn't have the time to say goodbye to his new friends. Friends that Fang was making sure Sevarius never knew existed, as it was by now very clear to Fang that Sevarius's client knew nothing about gargoyles in the city, and thus neither did Sevarius-or perhaps, if the client did know about the London clan, he had not told Sevarius about it. Fang felt relieved at this, and surprised as well, realizing that it was true what he heard from both the London Clan and the humans he had interacted with; the citizens really strived to keep the existence of gargoyles in London a secret.

Since it was his final night there, Fang decided to spend it with his new friends. Desmond, Cecily, Leo, Una, Constance, and Constance's best friend, Staghart-a jovial, white-furred, deer-like gargoyle with feathered wings-alongside a few other gargoyles, had been there to patrol while a human employee took care of the magic shop, a patrol Fang joined in on. Alongside Desmond and Cecily, Fang had patrolled the city for a while, then had dinner at George's restaurant, where Fang bid farewell to George, Glenn, and a few other regulars who got used to him going there during that week. Eventually Fang returned to the shop with his friends, finding Leo and Una already back, the other gargoyles having said goodbye to Fang before heading out on patrol or back to their home. Fang had been having a very enjoyable evening so far, deciding to cap it off by finally buying a bunch of magical goods from the shop. Other customers had come and gone, the store currently empty except for the gargoyles and mutate.

"With all the cool stuff you got, it wasn't easy to decide," Fang admitted to the couple. "But I'm pretty sure my kid and his friend'll like what I got for 'em."

"Those are some of our most well sold products among parents for their children," Una said. "I'm certain they'll enjoy them."

"As you'll probably enjoy yours," Leo added. "Simple but effective, that's why they sell so well."

"I hear that," Fang chuckled, for he had bought a few of the talismans that allowed for a perfect, uninterrupted eight hours of sleep, and several potions that cured the effects of drunkenness and hangovers in mere minutes. "I guess I wouldn't know what to do with the bolder magical stuff. Or, y'know, I'd be too irresponsible to handle 'em. Anyway, thanks for this. And, well, for everything. It's been a blast being here with you guys."

"And it's been great having you with us this week, Fang," Leo said, extending his arm and hand.

"And if you ever get to come back to London, we'd be happy to have you visit us again," Una added, also extending her own hand and arm.

Fang smiled and this time got it right, grasping Una's forearm as she did his own, then the same for Leo. "I sure hope I can come back. You guys are great, I'll miss you."

"Likewise," Una told the mutate. "Desmond and Cecily are upstairs waiting for you. They insisted on escorting you back to your hotel so they can say goodbye there."

It was no secret to any of the London Clan who had met Fang that he had especially become quite friendly with the two tiger-like gargoyles. "Alright then. You guys take care of yourselves."

"You too, Fang," Leo said, patting the mutate's shoulder as he stepped behind the counter and towards the bookshelf door to head upstairs. "Call the store sometime, let us know how you're doing."

"You got it," Fang grinned, patting the bag of magical goods, for his gracious hosts had put a card with the shop's phone number in it as well. "See ya, guys!"

And with that, Fang stepped through the bookshelf door and closed it behind him. The two gargoyles smiled to one another as they heard his footsteps going up the staircase, with Leo speaking first. "And there he goes. I'm gonna miss that loudmouth, he's a fun guy to have around."

"I'll miss him too," Una said. "He's a nice enough person. Though I admit I won't miss his crass sense of humor."

"I will," Leo admitted with a playful smirk.

"Oh, will you now?" Una asked with a smirk of her own.

"Hahaha! What can I say? It's a guy humor kind of thing," Leo said with a hearty laugh, a shrug and an amused grin on his face.

Having left the clan leader and her mate tending to the shop, Fang headed upstairs and straight for the room Cecily used. The door was closed but he could hear his two friends inside talking, so he knocked a couple of times before slowly opening the door, finding the two tiger-like gargoyles inside.

"Hey guys, I'm coming in," he called out.

"Hey, Fang," Cecily greeted the mutate. "Just getting ready to head out with you."

"Packing up my little gift, right?" Fang asked with a knowing smirk after closing the door behind him.

"That's right," Cecily replied. Indeed, she was just finishing taping a box shut. It wasn't very big, but would need both hands to carry it, though it was low enough that Fang figured he could fit it into his suitcase. "I packed the potions all here, safe and snug. They're labeled too, so you don't confuse them, even if they are different colors. A dozen of each, quite plenty for you and the others."

Fang nodded. "Thanks for that, Cee. I figure I'll wait till I'm back home to try it."

"Fair enough," Desmond added from the side, carrying another package of his own, from which he brought out a book that he handed to the mutate. "I hoped to gift you something as well, my friend, so I packed in a book series for you. I have more copies of each book, so I can spare these."

"Oh?" a curious Fang asked as he grabbed the book and read the title. "Modesty Blaise? Who's that?"

"A very cool, very badass lady," Cecily replied as she finished securing the box of potions. "You told us you love old James Bond movies. Well, Modesty's sort of like James Bond, but more fleshed out. They're these cool, old school espionage and secret mission stories."

"It's actually a very long-running comic strip from newspapers, but that would certainly be a touch more difficult to find for you. Thankfully, a good number of novels were made," Desmond added, taking the novel from Fang and putting it back in the package, closing it. "Cecily and I both enjoy these, and we hope they keep you entertained during your travels and when you're back home."

"Gee, thanks, guys," Fang said with a smile. "I really appreciate it."

"Thank me a bit more," Cecily said, a playful smirk on her face as she glanced at her rookery brother. "Desmond wanted to gift you other books."

"Ah, indeed," Desmond admitted. "I am rather fond of classic literature, which I had hoped to gift to you, the likes of Don Quixote or Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe. But Cecily and I talked about it and agreed on gifting you these instead."

Fang suddenly started snickering before Desmond had finished talking, which made the two gargoyles stare at him in curiosity. "Hehehe! By any chance, is this Ivanhoe guy German?"

"German?" a rather confused Desmond uttered as he set the box of books on the desk. "Ivanhoe's not the author, he's the hero of the story, and he's certainly not German. Why do you ask?"

Fang snickered again. "Hehehehe! I'm sorry, but he sounds like he's German and needs to get laid."

Desmond looked rather baffled at this. "I beg your pardon?"

"Hehe! I mean, Ivanhoe," Fang said with a big grin on his face. "As in, 'I vant ho', he's saying he wants a ho. Get it? Hahahaha... Des... Des! Come on, I was just kidding! Come back!"

Even Cecily laughed now, for Desmond had left the room in an exasperated huff. A few seconds passed, but then he returned, frowning and glaring at the mutate, who flinched a bit. "Okay, I know I'm immature, but could you stop looking at me like that? It feels like the glare of a disapproving parent and it's making me feel guilty."

"Good. You certainly should feel guilty," a still frowning Desmond spoke to the mutate in a firm tone, his eyes now glowing white. "I try to be a kind and caring friend, and yet you see it fit to pounce on my good will with your crude, uncouth, sophomoric attempts at humor!"

"Come on, Des, I didn't mean to..." Fang tried apologizing, looking and feeling awkward, up until the point where Desmond's stern face broke into a grin and the gargoyle started laughing, making Fang sigh in exasperation, which in turn made Cecily laugh again. "Seriously? Again with the fake-out thing?"

"Yes, again!" Desmond replied, still laughing heartily. "Hahahaha! You're not the only one who can joke around!"

Fang grumbled under his breath, then sighed again and smiled. "Fine, fair's fair. Damn, I'm really gonna miss you guys."

"We'll miss you a lot too, Fang," Cecily told the mutate.

"I'm most certain you will, sister," Desmond interjected with a knowing smirk.

"And that's the only time you get away with that one," Cecily told her rookery brother with a smirk of her own, then turned back to Fang. "And I was hoping to hold you up for a few more minutes, Fang. I have a camera here, the type that goes off on a timer. I was hoping we could all take a picture together."

"Is it one of those cameras that pops out the picture instantly and you wait for the colors to settle and all that crap?" Fang asked, and when Cecily nodded in affirmation, he smiled. "Then let's get more than just one."

The three gargoyles exited the bedroom, each carrying things that they set aside, as Cecily fiddled with the aforementioned camera. As she set it on the table, the three of them stood together, smiling, with Fang in the middle, Desmond to his left and Cecily to his right. The mutate put his arms around them as the first picture was taken, and then after taking the picture and setting it aside, the group took another. Cecily took one of the pictures, headed into the bedroom and put it there with the camera, then returned to the others as Desmond put the picture for Fang in the small box alongside his books.

"Well then, I do believe it's time for us to get going," Desmond said.

"I'm ready when you guys are," Fang said, following the two gargoyles as they opened a door leading to a balcony, and after closing it, they all spread their wings and took to the skies.

Their trip to the hotel Fang was staying at took longer than they originally planned, for the three took a few side trips to let Fang sightsee one final time, as well as just get more chances to talk to his friends. Eventually they decided they couldn't burn any more time and headed towards the hotel, landing on the penthouse balcony upon arrival, where Fang opened the door leading inside and gestured for the others to follow.

"C'mon in," he said. "You can help me with putting all this extra stuff in my luggage. I'm fine with throwing away some of my clothes to make space for everything."

"Actually, Fang, I believe Cecily should help you with that while I make myself scarce," Desmond said as he put the small box of books on top of a table.

"Wait, you're leaving?" Cecily asked.

Desmond chuckled and gave a playful smirk to his companions. "But of course. I shouldn't be a third wheel tonight. It's Fang's final night here, and you two should be spending it together."

"Oh, thank you. That's such a sweet gesture, brother," Cecily said with a smile.

"Considering how close the two of you have become, it's the least I could do," the male gargoyle said, then turned to Fang with a knowing smile, extending his right hand. "I guess this is goodbye, Fang. I do hope we may meet again."

"Same here, Des," Fang said with a grin as he and Desmond grasped one another's forearms in proper gargoyle way. "Gonna miss ya, bud."

"I will miss you as well. But you have our store's number now, so do call us every once in a while," Desmond told the mutate. "Safe travels, my friend. And I shall see you later, Cecily."

Fang and Cecily watched as Desmond walked back out of the balcony's double doors and took off. The two then turned to each other, the mutate giving the gargoyle a naughty smirk. "So, I got a really comfy bed in my room. Wanna have some fun before or after we check how to pack all this stuff?"

Cecily chuckled. "If we don't help you pack now, we may never get to it. So simmer down for now and get your luggage."

"Awww, fine," Fang grumbled, though he still smiled at her. "Go ahead and try denying that you can't keep your hands off me."

"Am I not doing precisely that right now?" she asked with a smirk.

"Whatever excuse helps you sleep during the day, babe," Fang retorted and grinned her way.

Cecily retaliated in a playful manner by giving Fang's backside a little smack with her tail, the two laughing as they headed towards Fang's bedroom. Once there, they set to work on trying to fit everything Fang had acquired while in London into his suitcase. Cecily assured Fang that between wrapping the potion bottles in newspaper and putting in plenty of packing peanuts into the box, the potions would be quite secure. The items he had bought at the shop were also well secured in their own smaller boxes, as were Desmond's books, and the two worked on fitting everything in Fang's suitcase. Fortunately, despite the suitcase not being big, Fang didn't have many clothes, so they found themselves able to fit everything in after Cecily showed Fang how to better tidy the whole thing up.

"That was easier than I thought," Fang said. "I can keep it up till I'm back home."

"That's good, then," Cecily said. "Speaking of home, have you called your son?"

Fang's smile faded at that question, the mutate sighing. "I did. Nobody picked up. I get that Danny's got school, but it was the weekend. He's probably just real busy with his mom and his friends."

"Well, why not try again?" Cecily asked.

"I dunno," Fang mumbled. "What if they don't pick up this time either or something?"

"You'll never know till you try," Cecily encouraged the mutate. "Come on, go ahead and call again."

"Wait, you mean now?"

The gargoyle smiled and nodded. "No time like the present. Besides, I'd like to say hello to Daniel if you can get him on the phone."

Fang was quiet for a moment, but then nodded and motioned for her to follow. The two made their way to the living room area of the penthouse, where Fang picked up the phone and dialed. The phone had a speaker option, which Fang utilized, and they both heard the ringing loud and clear. After the third ring, someone picked up.

"Hello," a man spoke, Fang's face turning into a frustrated grimace as he recognized Richard's voice. He was about to hang up when Cecily stopped him.

"Yes, good evening," she said in a casual voice, not bothering to disguise her accent. "Is this the Miller residence?"

"No, it's not," Richard replied. "I'm sorry, you got the wrong number, this is the Parks residence."

"Oh. I apologize, sir," Cecily replied politely. "Thank you, and have a good evening."

"You too," Richard said, hanging up, Cecily doing the same.

"There we go. I figured it would be best to just let him think that someone called the wrong number rather than just hang up out of the blue," Cecily told Fang.

"Or maybe you're just too polite," Fang grumbled, looking away.

"I'm sorry, Fang," Cecily said, giving one of Fang's shoulders a gentle squeeze. "I know you miss your son and really wish to talk to him, but you'll get another chance."

Fang sighed. "You know, I think I'm just not gonna risk it anymore. That's twice now that calling doesn't work out. I'm just gonna give up and wait till I get back home to see him."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Fang nodded, turning back to the gargoyle. "I really wanna talk to my boy, but maybe it's better to wait and be safe rather than just risk his mom's husband catching on to anything weird and making a scene. These travels we've been doing shouldn't last that much longer, and as long as we're back by Halloween, then I'll manage. I've been looking forward to Halloween for months, especially after finding out that Danny's my son. I can finally just go out to the streets without worrying, and I can take him with me."

Cecily smiled at this, her arms going around Fang as she embraced the mutate, resting her head on one of his shoulders. "You're a good father."

"Thanks, Cee," Fang said, putting his arms around the gargoyle as well, hugging her close. "And you're a great friend... and, well, also the closest thing I've ever had to a girlfriend. So yeah, you're pretty much the best gal I've ever met."

Cecily smiled and kissed Fang's shoulder. "Why, thank you, you flatterer."

"You always know how to cheer me up, babe," Fang told her as he nuzzled Cecily's head and hair. He then smirked, holding his index and middle fingers together on both hands; he brought up a continuous, gentle surge of electricity in them, then pressed them on Cecily's back and started running them up and down, applying gentle pressure.

"Oh!" she gasped in surprise, then smiled and held the mutate tighter. "Ooooh, that feels so nice."

"Hehe," Fang chuckled with a surprised grin on his face. "Not just for zapping goons, eh?"

"I've never had a massage before," she said in a low voice. "Why did you wait until now to do this?"

"Honestly? I didn't think I could do it right," Fang answered truthfully. "I've been practicing the last few nights on getting the voltage as gentle as I can till I felt confident enough to try it."

"So, there was always the risk of you zapping me by accident?" Cecily asked in an accusatory tone, but she was smirking at Fang with the same kind of snarky smirk he often gave others when he poked fun at them.

"Uuuh... why don't we just focus on you enjoying yourself, darlin'?" Fang said in a cheery tone that did nothing to mask the fact that he was blatantly avoiding the question.

"Hmm. Yes, let's," Cecily responded, having teased the mutate enough.

The two moved to Fang's bedrooom, the mutate locking the door behind them just in case. The bed was large, comfortable, and very untidy, Fang never bothering with it. This did not bother Cecily at all, as she comfortably laid facedown on the bed, resting her head on her arms as Fang knelt next to her and started running his fingers gently up and down her back, emitting that gentle electric surge. The massage session lasted a good half hour; the gargoyle was all but putty in the mutate's hands, which did wonders for his male ego. It was not long after he discovered that massaging along her wing joints got a very positive reaction from her that clothing was discarded and the two became much more intimate. And once more, Fang was incredibly grateful that, out of any gargoyle he ever could have met, he met the one that didn't follow gargoyle tradition and wanted to have casual, intimate fun with someone she found attractive, even if that person wasn't really a gargoyle.

As it was Fang's last night there, they wanted to make it last, and that they did, the two losing track of time. Their love making was very passionate, and they cuddled together for a good while afterwards, showering together as well to freshen up. Unfortunately, there was only so much time Desmond could buy Cecily for her rendezvous with Fang during their patrol, and the gargoyle had to take her leave. The two did not realize that it had begun to rain, and after escorting her to the balcony's door, Fang sighed, giving her a firm hug.

"Really wish you didn't have to go," Fang told Cecily.

"Likewise," she said, hugging him as well. "I'll miss you a lot, and I hope you can visit again. Promise me you'll call."

"Babe, nobody'd stop me from doing that, I tell ya," he assured her.

She smiled, then with a soft sigh, she broke the embrace, gave Fang a gentle kiss on the lips, and waved to him as she stepped away.

"Goodbye, Fang!"

"Bye, Cee," he said a moment before she ran to the edge, jumped off the balcony and spread her wings. Despite the rain, Fang immediately followed and looked over the edge of the balcony, watching her glide away until he couldn't see her anymore. His mood grew somber very quickly and suddenly, and he felt a heavy pang in his chest. Frowning, the mutate growled and shook his head, turning and heading back into the penthouse before he got totally soaked. "Damn it, Fang, what the hell's wrong with you? Getting all sad and hung up over a chick? That's not my style! She was just a good time in bed, nothing more!"

But try as he might, Fang could not shake off the bad mood that settled once Cecily took her leave. Grumbling to himself, Fang went to bed, afraid to admit to himself that he had come to genuinely care about Cecily beyond the more intimate parts of his stay there, and he just couldn't deny that he'd miss his new friends, Cecily most of all. And in the process, he felt a sudden surge of jealousy towards Goliath and Elisa. By now their romantic relationship was obvious to anyone, and he knew some people didn't really approve of it, including Elisa's father and even Talon himself, and Fang also knew it would be a huge scandal if it was ever made public. But here in London, gargoyles were mostly accepted by the populace, and Fang looked like one of the London clan as it was...so even though he tried not to, his mind started fantasizing about what it would be like to be able to remain in London with her and see if anything would develop beyond the friendship with benefits that they had developed over the last few days. With many thoughts in his mind, Fang didn't sleep well that night.

To Be Continued...

Author's Extra Note: Well, that's that for the London Clan and Fang's time with them. I just really like them and the concept that the populace knows about them, accepts them and keeps them a local secret as thanks for all they do, so I'm glad I used them in my story. Also, well, I wanted to indulge in one gargoyle breaking tradition and acting very like a modern day person would, since I wanted to give Fang a lady to get attached to, and as we see there in the end, he got attached to her far more than he expected, much as he tries to deny it. Now it's time for Fang to move on to their next destination. Thanks for reading, everyone!