Dear Sincia,

I guess I am the last person in the universe you expect a letter from, but I felt that I just could not not to write it. That would be inhuman, as some of you consider me to be, but it is not true, and has never been.

It's been a long war. It's not an excuse for what I did. I do not try to excuse myself for anything. Everything I did was wrong but I will not excuse myself. All I want to do by this letter is to say I'm sorry.

When I first heard the news, I couldn't believe it. My first thought was that was some kind of a bad joke: Saber was supposed to be larger than life, a superhuman. His death is, believe it or not, a great loss to me- I lost a worthy enemy. I will never be able to swallow my pride and admit he was in many- too many! - cases right and just simply better than me, but I am not blind: he was a good man, better than I ever could be.

If you or the children ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask: I'm sure he explained to you how to use WX008 com-link, so when you need me, enter the last four digits of the zip code on the back (and, sorry, fake) address on the envelope. It could seem dishonourable to accept anything from me, but knowing the support the government provides for the families of the war veterans, it would be wise. If anything can ease your pain, do let me know.

He died a hero. I can hate him –alive or dead- but I would be an unforgivable fool to close my eyes to this fact. He died a hero.

No hidden agenda,

Jesse Blue