Chapter 1

Yellow. Folds and folds of yellow. The starchy fabric lay in the girl's hands, making her sensitive arms itch terribly. She eyed the folded garment in disgust, her olive eyes sending fiery daggers to the abomination in her arms. What was she supposed to do with this anyway? Was it some sort of costume for a bad play? She didn't dare move in fear the yellow stuff would come to life and jump up, attacking her and forcing itself unto her and never coming off.

"So? What do you think?" Her father's voice sounded by her ear. "That's the new school uniform you'll be wearing! I enrolled you into the new high school here."

Looking up disappointingly she replied nonchalantly, "What's the school called? Loser high? It must be in loserville, too." Typical 16 year old.

"Hm? No, it's called Ouran High School. It's the best in the vicinity! No- the country! It's where all the high-class people go. Besides, we can afford it, and that's all that matters."

Sighing, she hung her head. Why was it always about money? Or rather, showing off? Okay, so they were aristocrats, but still!

"Oh! And Pumpkin! Don't forget the first day is Monday! That's tomorrow- be sure you're ready!" He closed the doors to her bedroom and walked away with a skip in his step. Though she couldn't be sure he wasn't excited to have her out of the house. She'd only been back in Japan for a few months now.

"I know what today is…" As soon as she was alone, she placed the dress on her bed and stepped away quickly, rubbing her arms for comfort. That thing needed to be fixed. The school most likely wouldn't appreciate a torn uniform, as it was a probably a preppy place. Chewing her lower lip, Pumpkin held the dress up carefully and placed it against herself, examining it in her full length mirror. What did she have that would accurately accentuate her punk/rock style to this evil yellow mess? It came with white stockings, so she couldn't add her own, but- she did have leglets and anklets she could add. The shoes it came with were black leather Mary-Jane's that had been polished to just the right shininess she could see her blank expression in the reflection. So she couldn't add her black knee-high lace-ups. Looking over the dress again, she realized the sleeves were long with white cuffs at the ends. So bracelets were out of the question. Ah- rings and makeup were alright- and she could add a belt to the waist. And her hair- luckily they didn't have a hair code that needed to be followed. But.. perhaps it would be better to just leave it as is. She could deal with it for her dad's sake. Placing the uniform on a nearby lounge chair, she left her room in search of some food.

Pumpkin Sagano was a sixteen year old democrat. Her father ran Kyojo Foods, their main source of income being Kissin Noodles and owned most of the soup companies in the region.

Native to the area, he grew up in a wealthy family and was soon passed on the business. He married a beautiful young entrepreneur from Germany though it was short lived. She had her own company to run, and his control soon bled into his family life. After they separated, she moved back to Germany and took a young Pumpkin with her. Although her mother hated her father, the woman encouraged Pumpkin to keep in touch with him, and after graduating grade school had Pumpkin shipped back to Japan.

There were many issues with Pumpkin's father's company. Slowly, they were losing money but because of the man's pride and control issues refused to accept it or believe it. Frugal with his money, Pumpkin slowly learned his habits. She wanted nothing more than to rescue his company, perhaps before he dies, and run it without any debt to anyone. She's slowly learning how to deal with money and how to save. However, due to money issues they had to downsize their home to something on the higher end of the commoner housing. At least it was a single family home. They'd even given up the driver.

Opening the refrigerator door, she scanned the freezer for her one weakness: cherry flavored ice cream with gummy bears. Shoving the dreaded frozen spinach to the side, she looked in the back and saw her beloved container. Prying it open, her heart sank. There was only enough left for a few bites. Closing the freezer door, she wandered over to the low table and sat on her knees, spoon in hand and slowly ate her stress away.