.. Long time no post, eh? I'm very ashamed of myself. Even more so because I'm not updating TWYD. But .. I've been playing KHII like a madman (er, woman) recently, and AkuRoku has conveniently taken up permanent residence in my brain. Axel has been poking me incessantly, and he's been a little bitch the past couple of days because he hasn't been helping me write this at all. -glares at Axel-

Anyway. First attempt at a Kingdom Hearts fic .. and an AU one at that. I shocked myself with that one, too. I've come to realize that my Axel is turning out to be a lot like my friend's Reno (-insert shameless pimpage of Business As Usual because it is GOD-) and it makes me happy. Because Reno wins. At life. And so does Miya. XD Thanks for being my beta, love. -cuddles- Um. There was a point to this author's note, I'm sure. Oh yeah. This is going to be fun to write, when these boys finally stop being stubborn and help. Yeah, like that will ever happen. -headdesk-

I, most unfortunately, do not own Axel or Roxas .. Squeenix does. Lucky bastards.

When he entered the bar, my first thought was, There's no way that kid is old enough to be in a place like this.

He was so small, his thin frame easily lost to my eyes in the crowd. The only way I could really keep him in my line of vision was to watch for that shock of blonde hair. It completely defied the laws of gravity, spikes pointing in all directions not unlike my own. It made me smile, and not very much could do that these days.

I absentmindedly flipped my Zippo open and closed as I watched him make his way to a barstool not far away from mine. It seemed luck was in my favor tonight. Now I could get a better look at him.

As I watched him order a drink, my eyes took in the simplicity of his attire -- he was dressed entirely in black, from his button-down shirt to his shoelaces, with the exception of a black and white checkered wristband decorating his left arm.

His outward appearance shouldn't have drawn my attention the way it did -- really, he was the most normal-looking person in the place. No, what initially attracted my attention was the way he held himself. He had an air of cocky arrogance that surrounded him, and it intrigued me. What could this boy possibly have a right to feel cocky about?

Normally, I tend to go after the submissive types -- not so much because I enjoy that sort of thing, but more so because I'm lazy and have no real desire to put too much effort into the chase. I have no problem whatsoever with the occasional challenge; I just don't make a habit of it, you know? Don't want people to think I care, or anything.

Naturally I found myself pondering my instant attraction to this unusual phenomenon. Was it really just because I was feeling a bit less lethargic than usual? If that was the case, then I might as well abandon that train of thought right now because there was no way it could possibly be as rewarding as I wanted it to be.

I threw back the rest of my gin and tonic, preparing to take my leave now that I had made the decision not to waste any time on the blonde. As I turned my gaze briefly in his direction, I caught a flash of blue that stopped me cold and made my breath catch in my throat.

Those eyes. They were as clear and bright as a cloudless sky in the middle of summer, piercing as daggers. He held my gaze, unblinking, with his own. Was it a challenge? An invitation? I couldn't be sure. The only thing I was positive of was the impending brain damage I was bound to inflict on myself if I didn't start breathing again soon. All too soon he looked away, and I was finally able to force a much needed breath into my deflated lungs.

I sat there dumbfounded, flipping the Zippo open and closed, open and closed as I tried to figure out why I hadn't left yet.

No one should have eyes like that.

I twirled my empty glass on the surface of the bar, my eyes unable to keep from wandering to the prone form two seats away.

"Could you stop that? It's really annoying."

My head snapped up, emerald green catching cerulean blue. Shit.

"Stop what?" It's always been my experience that playing dumb is the best way to go. People tend to give up quickly if they think they're dealing with an idiot.

Too much trouble, right? And I thought I was lazy.

"The lighter. Flipping it like that. Do you have OCD or something?"

Oh. The lighter. I'd thought for a second he'd caught me staring at him. I stuck the Zippo in my jacket pocket, offering a semi-apologetic smile. "Sorry. Nervous habit."

The blonde shrugged, the action so slight his slender shoulders barely moved. "Thanks. Now, could you stop staring at me?"


"I'm not staring at you," I said incredulously. A single blonde eyebrow crept ever-so-slowly upward. He looked incredibly mischievous like that, and my brain had enough sense to register the fact that despite his young appearance, he may not be as naive as I had originally perceived.

Score one for you, kid.

"You're not, huh? What would call it then?" he asked, breaking my train of thought. He was leaning on one arm, empty glass held loosely in his left hand as he studied me. I chewed on a corner of my bottom lip thoughtfully, keeping those iridescent blue eyes of his in my peripheral vision as I stared off into a dark corner of the bar.


He made a face that conveyed the assumption that he wasn't quite sure what to think of that. Score one for me.

"I don't think I like the idea of some random .. nobody .. observing me." The blonde motioned for the bartender to refill his drink as he said this, keeping a wary eye trained on me as liquid was poured into his glass.

I smirked. "Random nobody, eh? I beg to differ." That blonde eyebrow quirked upward once again, this time followed by an amused, if cautious, smile. "Who are you then?"

I flashed him my trademark devious grin, green eyes sparkling. "The name's Axel. Got it memorized?"

Mah. So short, I know. This is just a .. prologue of sorts. It gets better. Trust me.