Blends Life With Derek with concepts of Nightmare On Elm Street. I know, I know, I have too many thoughts. Basically a way for me to use my favorite characters from NOES. Same characters from the series, though I'll attempt to put my own spin on them. Uses the "Dream Warriors" concept, so that's not mine either, and I'll be tweaking the NOES background storyline for my own purpose here and their dream powers will be revealed in the story. I own the plot though. Nancy, Casey, Rod, and Joey are all the same age. Belongs to Canadian Television and New Line Cinema. Story mainly takes place in the third season of Life With Derek, while Max and Casey are dating, but other than that, I have no clue what's been happening, so please, no comments about it not being accurate. All capitals are intentional.


Thirteen-year old Nancy Thompson could feel the energy flowing from her fingertips as the electricity enveloped Fred Krueger. The man screamed.

"Nancy, keep it up! It's working!" Rod Lane shouted. Casey MacDonald leaned against Joey Crusel and they all watched as the man who had tormented them in their sleep shrieked, and then disappeared.

"Is that it? Is he dead?" Casey asked.

"For the time being," a woman's voice answered. They all watched as an older woman with blonde hair materialized in front of them.

"Who are you?" Nancy asked.

"I'm Kristen Parker. I was one of Krueger's original victims. No one's ever actually defeated Krueger before. Oh, they fought him, and seemed to win. But you---you're not just Dream Warriors, you're Dream Masters," the woman said.

"What does that mean?" Joey wondered.

"You four will guard the Dream World. You will keep Krueger from taking anybody else. Remember: there's always an Elm Street somewhere," Kristen told them. Then, she disappeared. With a gasp, the foursome woke up.

"Whoa. Weird," Joey breathed, as they all stood up

"Let's make a pact, right here and now. No one besides us knows about Krueger. We don't talk about him, we don't think about him, and we don't dream about him. No one besides us knows about the Dream Masters," Casey proposed. Nancy, Joey, and Rod all nodded in agreement. They each stretched out a hand and laid them on top of another. Then, they moved their hands downward, sealing the pact.