My name is Sam Fisher. I am a Special Agent for a Special Branch of NSA called Third Echelon. First I would like to send out my deep appreciation toward Hisham Hamza for carrying this message to the following eyes. I would like those eyes to be those of President Bowers, Secretary of Defense Frank Mason, Colonel Irving Lambert and Director of Operations Lawrence Williams.

For the past months I was undercover with a terrorist organization known as the JBA (John Brown's Army). A man named Emile Defraisne led this terrorist organization. In my time undercover I was able to gain the trust of Emile and the other terrorists. I'm not very proud on how I did that but it was all in the interest of my mission. I have murdered, stolen, tortured and committed acts of treason against this country to maintain my cover and in the big picture get closer to my goal of bringing this organization down.

This all started when I was given the news that a drunk driver killed my only daughter. I threw myself into a self-destructive pattern from that moment on and I finally decided to take on the most dangerous mission I could. I was put into Ellsworth Penitentiary alongside a terrorists associated with the JBA named Jamie Washington. Washington and I started a prison riot and escaped. This was my first act of good faith to the JBA.

Washington took me to the JBA headquarter in New York City. Once there I was forced to shoot the pilot of the helicopter we commandeered to prove my loyalty to the JBA. His name was Cole Yeaghar.

Once I was in with the JBA they sent me on several missions one being a task of taking over a Russian tanker in the Sea of Okhotsk. There I murdered the entire crew of the tanker and took it over.

After that I was sent with Defraisne to Shanghai were he was meeting with allies of the JBA, Massoud Ibn-Yussiff and Alejandro Takfir. I was able to listen in on their meeting and find out exactly what they were planning. I uncovered the selling of Red Mercury from a man by the name of Dr. Aswat. Once the deal was done I was ordered to assassinate the Doctor. Of course I complied to keep my cover.

The next mission I received unveiled what the JBA were plotting. Using the Red Mercury they were sold, the JBA built a bomb. I was given the task to plant this bomb and arm it on a cruise ship off the coast of Cozumel. Of course I informed Lambert about the bomb and he allowed me to remotely disarm the bomb. But I let the bomb go off. It's not a choice I am proud I made. I could give you the excuse that it was to further my cover with the JBA but I would be lying to you. I did that to ensure that a terrorist and my partner in the JBA, Enrica Villablanca's life was spared. Had the bomb not gone off, either Enrica or myself would have been at the mercy of Emile and his mercy isn't much. The Cruise ship exploded. I'm still not sure of the casualties but they are, unfortunately, on my head.

My trust was almost at its highest when Emile took me to Kinshasa where would once again meet with Allejandro and Massoud. I was able to bug this meeting as well and figure out that all three terrorists had bombs like the one I planted on the cruise ship. During that meeting something happened and Agent Hamza's cover was blown. I was given the task to assassinate him. To say that the thought of following through with the task was totally out of my mind would be a lie. On that radio tower with Hisham's head in my scopes was not an option that I discarded. But I decided against it and fire on the Congolese rebels that had him hostage. Of course I covered my tracks and made it seem like Hisham was killed in the explosion of the palace he had been in which in reality I helped him escape.

When we returned to New York it was show time for Emile and his detonation of the Red Mercury Bomb he had. I knew I couldn't let this bomb go off and that would mean I would lose my cover that night. But I wanted to keep it for as long as I could but that was challenged when my superior Irving Lambert was captured by the JBA and Emile gave me the task of killing him. Again the choice was put upon me. But I turned the pistol on Washington who was in the room with us and I killed him. I left Lambert and I only pray he survived.

But my cover was blown. All the members of the JBA were after me and I had to defuse that bomb. With the help of Miss Villablanca, I entered the labs below the headquarters, found the bomb and defused it. I also killed Defraisne when he resisted surrender. But before he died he told me about one more Red Mercury bomb his muscle, Carson Moss had. When SWAT came in I resisted arrest and escaped to go and find Moss.

He had the bomb on Ellis Island where he intended to blow up the Statue of Liberty in a final act. I was able to kill Moss and disarm the bomb. Your reports will say that I fled the scene from where I disarmed the bomb and the truth is I did. I don't regret any decision I made over the course of time I was undercover because everything I did was in the best interest of this country and our security. You defiantly disagree with me due to the continued pursuit of law enforcements I have seen everywhere I go. I don't plan to turn myself in or bargain for my freedom.

And in closing there are some people I wish to give my good byes to, first to Enrica Villablanca. She is probably in US custody by now but I would like her to know I did not use her, I did care about her. That is the reason I kept her alive.

Secondly to Hisham Hamza and my gratitude for delivering this message to the proper eyes.

And Finally to Colonel Irving Lambert if he still alive, Thank you for all the great work we've done over the years. I will miss your nagging in my ear and the smile you would always give when a mission was complete. If the Colonel did not survive that night I send my regards to his family.

This is my final debrief. Good Bye, you will not hear from me again.

Signing off,

Sam Fisher.