Hint: Bao-Dur Uses the Force


The Mexican Connection

Sam was awoken by Cooney sitting next to him. Sam was about to make a move for his knife before he analyzed his surroundings but his reality caught up with him. Cooney must have seen his alert.

"You're an edgy guy aren't you Fisher." Cooney said in his high not quite young but youthful voice. The voice annoyed the hell out of Fisher.

"I'm not edgy I just don't enjoy annoying kids bothering me while I sleep." Sam said, a little groggy. Cooney didn't get Sam's drift. He just laughed at the comment and said,

"I know exactly what your saying Fisher. I hate it when people just ruin a perfectly good nap for you." Sam groaned silently and stood up. He needed a drink wherever he could get it. He also needed to get away from Cooney.

Fisher squeezed his way out and started to walk toward the mini-fridge that was right next to the cockpit. He crouched down and got a small bottle of some kind of alcohol.

When he stood up the doors of the cockpit opened right in front of Sam. Sam saw Desmond walk out of the cockpit.

"Fisher. Wanna grab me one of those?" Desmond said almost cheerfully as he walked toward the cabin. Sam grabbed an extra one and tossed it to Desmond when he looked his way.

"Crow says we're about two hours away from Mexico. So sit back what the football game whatever." Desmond announced to the people in the plane.

Not every seat was full in the plane because there weren't that many men. Fisher finally counted and there were seven men in the cabin. He was sure that wasn't it but at least it didn't make the cabin a tighter fit than it already was.

"Fisher maybe you better shave. We wanna look better than the Mexican dealers when we get there." Desmond said as a half joke half insult. Sam looked at himself in a mirror as he stood up. His hair was growing longer and his beard was growing thicker.

"Maybe that's a good idea." Sam said almost to himself. He walked to the end of the cabin to the bathroom and set his drink down on a table across from the bathroom.

Seth Brooks was totally awake and alert. He thought he had heard someone go into the bathroom so he got up from his hiding spot and went to the wall of the bathroom. Seth pulled out a small drilling tool and quietly drilled a hole into the wall to see who was in the bathroom. Once the hole was drilled he pulled out a small snake cam and put it through the hole. He then looked on his OPSAT and looked into the bathroom.

There was a shaggy man in the bathroom that Seth couldn't see his face. He was shaving at the mirror. Seth saw this as his first kill of the day. He went back to his hiding spot and pulled his bag open.

Inside were too cyanide pill. One was for swallowing and the other was for poisoning something. In this case it would be a drink. Seth pulled out the pill and slowly crept to the door of the cargo hold. He slowly put the snake cam under the door to see if anybody was coming this way.

Through the screen on his OPSAT, Seth saw nobody near the door or looking at the door in the cabin. He retracted the snake cam and slowly opened the door.

The cabin was warmer than the cargo hold and brighter. A bottle sat on a table across from the bathroom, just as Seth had guessed. He grabbed the bottle and unscrewed the unopened bottle. He watched the people in the cabin very carefully to make sure nobody looked his way. He placed the cap on the table and with one hand he had the bottle and in the other was the poison pill he would put into the bottle. He dropped the pill into the bottle and the instant the pill hit the water it started to fizz. Seth smirked in achievement and waited as the fizzing subsided.

Suddenly the sound of the door unlocking came from the bathroom. Seth quickly put the bottle on the table and jumped back into the cargo. The door closed right as Sam came out of the bathroom.

Sam was half shaven. It was hard with only a pair of scissors. He was used to a razor or a clipper. He came back for the drink. He grabbed the bottle and brought it back with him into the bathroom.

Seth calmed his nerves and walked back to the hole he had cut. He put the snake cam back into the hole and watched the man finish his shaving. He saw the bottle had come in the bathroom with him and Seth waited till the man in the bathroom was thirsty enough to take a drink. Ten minutes passed and not one sip. That's all that Seth needed for this bozo to drop. Seth realized he had forgotten to put the cap back on the bottle but it didn't seem to bother the man shaving.

The man finished and washed his face with some water then he grabbed the bottle and exited the bathroom. Seth cursed once the man was out of his view. His patience was running thin. He went back to the door and placed the snake cam under the door again to watch the man walk down the isle again and put the scissors back where he found them.

Sam walked back toward his seat. He opened the overhead compartment and pulled down his bag full of his equipment. He pulled out his old OPSAT. The wristwatch-looking device had been deactivated when Sam disappeared from Third Echelon control but Sam managed to reactivate it for his own use. Originally Third Echelon used the OPSAT to track Fisher but Fisher was able to switch the frequency and use the OPSAT without tracking and give Third Echelon the wrong location. Fisher changed the frequency to point at Langley Virginia as a practical joke aimed at Williams.

In one hand was the OPSAT and in the other was the small bottle of alcohol Sam had. He strapped the OPSAT onto his wrist and put the bottle on the armrest. He then reached down to his bag and pulled out his five-seveN pistol, checked the ammo and cocked it. Desmond saw this and said,

"Fisher, What are you doing?" Before he finished the sentence Sam put his finger to his lips. He stood up and hid the pistol from view of the door to the baggage.

He slowly grabbed the handle of the door. He looked back to see Desmond had stood up and had his hand on a pistol at his belt. Sam put his hand up as if to stop him then he opened the door.

Sam felt the cold air of the baggage hit him as he opened the door. He slowly entered the room with his pistol drawn now. Suddenly a hand was brought down on the pistol. But Sam was expecting it. With his other hand he grabbed the attackers outstretched hand. But not expected to Sam was the foot that out stretched to Sam's stomach. A man emerged from the baggage and pointed a silenced pistol at Sam. Sam didn't waste time. He quickly performed a Krav Maga pistol disarm move. The man that emerged from the baggage could not stop the disarm but he gave Sam another kick to the stomach and Sam dropped the pistol. Though in pain Sam jumped up and grabbed the sides of the light fixture and kicked the man back into the baggage.

Sam was almost a master in Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat but he guessed it was the same for his dark opponent. He followed him back into the baggage where his opponent had gotten up. He pulled something from his waist that Sam wasn't sure what exactly it was but he figured out when it came towards his stomach. He caught the knife with quick speed, disarmed the man of it and then brought it around and into the man's back. There was a cry from the man as the knife plunged into his back. Sam gave him one more swift kick to the stomach and the man fell back. Desmond came running in with a pistol in his hand and he looked down and saw the man.

"Who is he?" Sam looked down at his hands and saw that they were covered in the man's blood. He wiped the blood on his shirt and said,

"I don't know." But Sam did know. He saw the goggles that the man had on and recognized his fighting style. This man was a Splinter Cell.

"Give me your knife." Desmond said. Sam looked and him and said,

"Why?" Desmond didn't give an answer. He reached down at Sam's belt where his knife was sheathed and pulled it out. He then walked over to the man and said,

"Who are you?" the man winced in pain. Desmond knew he wasn't going to answer so he grabbed the man's hand. He then put the knife to the man's thumb and said,

"If you will not tell me who you are mate…" He then pushed and the knife penetrated the skin. "Then I will figure out." The man cried out in pain. Sam watched with a face of stone.

Within seconds Desmond severed the thumb from the man's hand and walked out of the baggage.

"Watch him." He said to Sam. He handed Sam the bloody knife then walked away. Sam knelt down and wiped the blood onto the carpet then put the knife back in its place.

"Fisher." A pained voice called. Sam looked to the man and saw him looking straight at him. Sam stood up and walked over to the man. The man had a balaclava mask on that had a stain of blood from the man's mouth. Sam reached down and pulled the mask off and he saw the man's face. Sam finally got a good look at the man and he realized he recognized him. His name was Seth Brooks. Sam had worked with him before his involvement with the JBA and now he was doing the very same job Sam would have been put up to.

"Just another wetwork job huh?" Sam said meeting eyes with Brooks. Brooks gave a disgusted laugh and choked up some blood.

"You're nothing but a traitor Sam Fisher." Sam first looked at Brooks then back at Desmond.

"Whatever you believe, you won't be able to tell them." Sam said gravely.

"I didn't expect you to let me." Brooks said softly as Sam walked over to the five-seveN on the ground. He picked it up and pointed it at Brooks head.

"You know if you kill me…" Brooks said just before Sam pulled the trigger. Brooks was silent in a minute and Sam lowered the pistol.

"Yeah I know."

Logan awoke as Michael tapped him on the shoulder. Logan was exhausted from the situation with Bates that he slept the minute they got into the jeep to drive towards Laredo, Texas. Nathan had dropped Michael, Isaac and him off at a Rainbow HQ in Texas then they got the jeep.

None of them had weapons as it would only raise suspicions at the border and Logan didn't want any attention of the Mexican government until they had Philippe Ortega in their custody and back on American soil.

"Logan," Michael said almost whispering. "We're pulling into Laredo. You ready?" Logan nodded.

Isaac was driving. His title was the rookie because that's exactly what he was. A few years ago, Logan's "rookie" was Jung Parks, an operative who had had a few years under his belt but none as much as Logan or Michael. They had an operation in New York. A small time terrorist cell entered a business building and took en entire floor hostage. Rainbow went in and quickly killed the terrorists but one of the terrorists ran to the roof. Jung went after him. Logan wasn't quite sure what went on up on that roof but Jung attacked and there was a hand-to-hand conflict which ended in both of them plummeting off the thirty story building. Both of them died on impact.

"So where is this Ingrid we've been hearing so much about?" Isaac said from the drivers seat. Logan examined the streets of the city they were entering.

"She said she would meet us at the Webb County Administration building. Head towards there." Isaac nodded.

In a span of fifteen minutes they finally reached the street next to the Administration building and they saw her. Ingrid stood on the corner of the building. She wore a black suit that had to be warm in the heat of Texas. Isaac pulled the jeep up to her and she entered. She knew exactly who they were.

"Captain Keller." She said entering the jeep. She extended her hand and said, "I am Ingrid Medina."

Ingrid was not Mexican but Spanish. She had long black hair that she put back into a ponytail. She had a very nice tan. When she entered the car, Logan noticed the briefcase she had.

Once she took a seat she put the case on her lap and opened it. Inside were a lot of papers.

"I have all your papers and passports right here. You all have alternate aliases so take some time to study them just in case the Mexican border guards start asking questions."

"Where's the safe house in Nuevo Laredo?" Logan asked. Ingrid grabbed a PDA and said,

"Its under landmarks." Logan grabbed the PDA and clicked it on. Once the screen was on it was a map of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. He looked on the bottom of the screen and saw the button, landmarks. He clicked it quickly and a list of landmarks came up. One said Rainbow safe house. He clicked that and in seconds a red dot appeared on the map of Nuevo Laredo. It was a few blocks away from the border.

"Is this far enough to not bring suspicion to the border patrols?" Ingrid looked and him and nodded.

"I've tried several times. The border patrols don't give a rats ass." Logan nodded and shut the PDA off.

"Isaac get us to the border.

Lawrence Williams stood in the observation room of the medical bay. The doctors were starting treatment on Enrica. She had swallowed a cyanide pill but the doctors believed that she would survive if they could extract the poison before it reached her blood stream.

"Mr. Williams?" a voice came from behind him. Williams turned and saw Elton Brown behind him. Williams gave a professional smile and said,

"The doctors say that she's going to be fine. As soon as they extract the poison we can go in again and start questioning her. Elton was nervous about something but Williams didn't see it since he looked back at Enrica.

"Sir." Elton started. "We've got a little bit of a problem. " Williams looked at Elton again and his smile was wiped away.

"What kind of problem?" Williams asked walking towards Elton.

"The subdermals on agent Brooks went out a half an hour ago. He's dead." Williams was shocked then angry in a span of two seconds.

"Damn it!" he shouted. The doctors in the operating room below looked up. The observation room was suppose to be sound proof but if you yelled as loud as Williams did they could hear it.

"How did this happen?" Williams yelled. Elton stood firm and said,

"His last log said that he was in the baggage section of Desmond's private jet sir. He reported that the plane was on route to Mexico."

"Mexico? Why Mexico?" Williams asked himself.

"I already ran a check sir and I think I know the reason. Captain Keller of Rainbow 6 was already on his way to Mexico to apprehend a Mexican bomb maker by the name of Philippe Ortega. If you put two and two together there might be a connection. I've already notified the President on our situation." Williams stopped at this news.

"What did you tell the President?"

"About Brooks and…"

"You told him about Brooks?" Williams yelled.

"Well yes, I needed to…" Brown said but Williams interrupted and said,

"Well I need to explain a lot to the President now. Thank you so much Elton."

"Sam!" Desmond called. "We are landing in Mexico now. Are you ready to go?"

Sam was still in the baggage. He grabbed a tarp to cover Brook's body up. He didn't feel any pity for Brooks for the soul reason that Brooks had tried to kill him. But there was something in killing a fellow Splinter Cell. It didn't bother Sam that much but he knew there would be even more consequence now, but that didn't worry Sam either.

Sam stood up and looked at the covered body. He didn't expect it to get a burial at all but Sam knew that not many Splinter Cells had families. Sam did but they all died.

Sam was ready to go but before he left he looked to see if anyone was watching then he snuck a quick salute to the Splinter Cell. It was out of respect for a fallen soldier.