Kamiya, Kamp Kounselor

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Chapter One: Meeting the Campers

"Guys, guys, guys!"

The other boys groaned and rolled over in their sleeping bags.


Matt rolled over to face the yeller, his face etched with sleep and irritation. "Dude it's…" He checked the clock. "12:30 PM! Why are you waking us up? It's so early!"

Tai, who was, in fact, the yeller, grinned. "Well, today's the day! We're leaving for the camp today!"

Willis sat up groggily and frowned. "So? You could have waited for another two hours!"

"We have to leave in forty five minutes."

"WHAT?!" Davis, Willis, TK, Matt, and Izzy screamed simultaneously.

"Just get dressed," Joe sighed as he passed the open bedroom door, "and load your stuff into my van."

The others groaned but obeyed.

Tai left the room and went to load up the girls' stuff into his truck. This was going to be a summer he would never forget, that was certain.


"And last but not least, in Site 8 are counselors Tai and Sora. Guys, your campers will be Takeru 'TK' Takishida, Willis Turner, Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya, Jack Barr, Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, Miyako 'Yolie', Virginia 'Ginny' Blackstone, and Lara Peterson. Your things will be up there when you arrive. Have a good week, everyone!" The camp director rolled up her list of names and with a wave of her hand, dismissed the group of campers.

Tai got along with Jack immediately.

"Hey, don't you think that the lifeguard with the pink hair is hot?" Jack had whispered to Tai, pointing Mimi out.

Tai laughed. "Yeah, kinda, but she's got the hots for the blonde lifeguard. His name's Matt and he's got the hots for Sora."

Jack struck what was supposed to be a dramatic pose and said, "Alas, we love what we cannot have."

Tai's happy look softened into a sadder one and he whispered, "Yeah, we love who we can't have."

"When do you think dinner's gonna happen?" Davis asked, rubbing his stomach. "Dude, I'm, like, food deprived here!"

Yolie rolled her eyes. "You just ate four Big Macs. What is wrong with you?"

He shrugged. "I have no idea."

Sora shut everyone up and led them across the street and up to the top of a very steep hill.

Tai was panting as he said, "Well, here we are. Site eight. Boys' cabin is labeled boys; girls' cabin is labeled girls. Meet in the boys' cabin at six o' clock so we can head down to dinner."

The group split up and went into their respective cabins.

Tai laid down the rules for the boys. "Okay, no TPing the cabin, no blowing anything up, and DO NOT got into the girls' cabin! Anybody who fails to follow these rules will be severely punished."

Jack was blunt. "Dude, you sound like my father! Lighten up, wouldja?"

TK shook his head as Jack got a verbal punishment. "Jack, Jack, Jack. You are by far the dumbest 14-year-old to roam the Earth." He re-thought that last statement. "Second to Davis, of course."

Davis turned to look at TK. "Did you say something, TJ?"

TK clenched his jaw. "My name is TK. And no, I didn't say anything."

Willis was laughing, though he was trying to hide it.

Tai had finished yelling at Jack and took out his pillow from his bag of stuff. "Okay, well, I'm taking a nap. Wake me up when the girls get here."

He grabbed a bed and fell asleep.


"Okay, ladies. You know right from wrong, I'm assuming, so I'm just gonna take a quick little nap. Wake me up when it's time to leave," Sora said, smiling.

The girls nodded and bit by bit came out of their shells.

Sora fell asleep to the sound of their gossiping voices.


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